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WPS Benchmarking Session
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With the interrest for OGC Web Processing Service growing, we need to know details about the Open Source Solutions available. Various projects implementing WPS designed individuals from their community to participate in this talk to introduce their project and summarize their key features, they are the following: 52¡North WPS, Constellation SDI, GeoServer, PyWPS, ZOO-Project. For being able to provide good quality results, the tests should be run locally, so a server dedicated to this WPS Benchmarking Session, hosting OSGeoLive environments, is accessible to each team for running test procedures defined through discussions. The results of the given test procedures will be presented during this session and will compare implementations from different aspects: capabilities, compliancy, ressources usage and performance.
Keywords WPS Benchmarking OSGeo 52¡North WPS Constellation WPS GeoServer PyWPS ZOO-Project
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so good at on anonymity and Jonathan off home once you and I am here to present to you see faultily dead by you as you are doing this here to try to present to you some kind of WP is benchmarking edges so all we use a some kind of history of boats of WP is benchmarking so it started that in Boston and I don't know if you remember but don't offer less some talks in Barcelona and there were some spikes because we were not involved in the tests and was aware 1 blog posts some failure for many open source projects z aware even though ones and blockbuster unclear and if all mode WPS and the modes woman posso colleague in United States made by poems and when we can macadam Zeno into southern 11 had in Denver was is a as of WES without much without maybe by Hjort again and then after last showing the 1st 4 imaging and there was a WBS wander needed by yeah kinship is sky so there was a question if and is so this year I am association style so I am winnings of WP is benchmarking so what our algos an objective is to make core forest testing and performance testing was indeed already in the past and open it is thing so I am mainly focused on the 1st 2 points for conformance and performance testing so it's all about so and so to be able to on this we using 2 0 so that it can be better to point and infrastructure for each project for being about to set that possess the WPS implementation optimizer WPS implementation if required so we call a we bought Jobs company my company but the this summer always the specification of that we give to was shows the summaries will be available until after 2015 Caladan single WPS benchmarking should stop at any time each true law all of those a year off this way also WPS implementation can increases can the announces the implementation and fix some tolerance some issue we can they can face when looking at the site so we provide analyze your right going on for each project to set up so obviously we have some limitations due to lose the was related in his as you know is working on the and filtered to be on amount and well using show that only on government as we don't have any formed to users walkways simply created short them on amount which was far simpler to and the 2 in so what was the implementation which we're willing to participate we have as a project of using which purports was to ones of the repairs been trucking thanks to came which give us a measure if the then there were other 52 loss WPS by WPS which is unknown is your labs where what when always shows a project is an was you project in incubation still just ambiguity our project of was you the we didn't want to participate we only interested this and then we're the constellation is the from socialities company said they will participate but as you can see there is no link to any some of so there's not much to say words as they were willing to participate but that's the incident so far being able to on the test we pointed some kids that the 3rd which is available online so I get that as I told you it's everything is about conformance and performance testing so we could the projects simply testing should we mainly use to be similar to to validate using the same elements tours of from command line and we use up edge benchmark which was probably a bad choice but it was the choice we made at the beginning of this story is stuff that in many earlier this week and the slide you are things there also outputs of the testing should we provision it so we were stuck to his get is tests we will have some class so don't take too much care was a lot but they couldn't mainly of and and all the quest specimen so we're allowed to kind of tests for the gets get middle has payment of reducing you ball of case for parameters and also the post sequence and we will send the values kind of request with 1 missing parameter always 1 1 value parameter so as you
can see it as a means of society we will have you will have always has a project 1st the 1st slide of it it would be a modes of hundreds of someone will be about 52 lost so will be by WPS ends at the end it would be easier so well that follows yourself the guy which made set up the yesterday during the lunch dummies that they didn't do any optimization because are scared when I saw the number of the requests answer I was 1 of the we're still willing to participate so here is result of those who project so you can see 1 7 7 and request specimen you have the attitude and 50 most of the the RE 7 something the quiz specimen then you have followed up by the 140 request epsilon and follows yourself so we have 6 requests possible so this is the only way as it only as a 3rd of the other 2 have to modify the a configuration and 2 unknowns the number of further so we did they didn't do anything about it said the only system so I
had to go that test this morning so I do apologize if some slight of between the so then there is a 0 so did history course which is almost the same OK so you can see the laughter enough reserves the other thing
which fastened this is a response time so if you want us and this is
a half we don't include the usual set stuff so those of Siam implying a black line after by WPS and you cannot see anymore this rule 52 loss which are themselves be sure
all go to the pose the question I was surprised to see that by WPS is walking pretty fast using posts than using you as you can see if they can on the 1 so some fall on bodily quest epsilon value when you send a post request it covered it is but only 1 and and something for when you send the cavity requests anyway so all so it was always or under 1500 something because around so you can see here so that's fossil wrong temporary jury quest without taking busses response code is very the early outings as part of the WPA specification and we are also checking user OWS exception the plot is valued begins at a specific shimmer and we are checking the message container was the court code and the coactivator even if we so today's thanks to the site this 1st so that we may be wrong in saying that so that you can be right so anyway you can see that we are under about the subkeys southern something the for
when it failed the 7 passes on something for the 5th to do not 1 in southern 7 something followed by WPS you can see that only so as to TP unit don't is not valid but who cares uh Samer
false yourselves spongy I mean when I was a exceptionally spots is of a term is hashed it'd be coder the should not be too 1 but it should be formed I want you felt it should be 2 but it is you know 1st babies so as the thing looking use all and so the federal no 1 in the WPS wondered yielded until specification it is right and black on white is that it should be determined 5 is it all 1 called when the request responded all I'm pretty sure OK so
here is always a foliot capability you can't see it obviously on the last slide on the internet you can also have some details on the beauty is benchmarking on the Wiki of was your because we do it do we are doing everything using the
original infrastructure and the weekend so then we have to this process so we 1st knowledge described process for all you don't to share so let's say we want to all orders that is always the described process of course so it is really about Xenu last with only 1 on to share and then you send the same using the post requests as before we will send the wrong requests we is 1 missing parameter lines and with 1 wrong but you the so for this process we have a similar is used as before so 1 and then something falls will
false but there's something strange
going the usual 52 costs WPS implementation is not simple things they don't fail on and on so that's why it is not there is no slide here so we you cannot compel resist this high process with the next 1 you should compare this 1 was the next 1 so this 1 is 5 so on 5 and 500 something and therefore a
52 loss it is formed by fossils and cinnamon but something by
WPS we from some issue I think aware when you ones that this paper automatically something fairly in the XML validation you're really found by
fills file well you can see what where on which as a short fuses way WPS implement UK and fix the issue and so then you lose this useful
by the appears so by the word appears far disciple societies is only on the 6 sequence passing on that 1 not just under this to this so maybe they
can they can announced by modifying the profusion of the cell or then you we are usually we have just have souls Finland something for this hypothesis by request several 100 and something for a star carry people is only 1 so identifier so far by
the repair 6 90 something
shown 52 its fossils on 1
more time for was a project is 5 so as on and 5 and I do apologize for the presence of a project and I would like to say is that they tried to make the test as far as possible but unfortunately use banalities wheels of
distances but as I said we should ask to do a better set up of the I W K simple addition I mean at the beginning
of the period WPS benchmarking to be 1 and look for some colonists would you we was the last but then we announce the coda we along the way we set up the cell lines and finally we finished 1st but remains the same test again without any effect present or anything like this it was topic at
the Saul what to similar there is a favor southern affiliates a success in a different process precedent also
freezes 5 something 5 and
what something for 50 to not 1500 fault by the UPS end year strangely
photo so we have on our 5 suddenly quest 2006 and other requests which friend but I don't know you have to take a look at missing and the cell specification so maybe I can't find something
wrong with so that i from something wrong with so if I do it and you ask in fact we already fixed this between didn't fix a slide just too far and something wrong to say words project so we'll return uninvited Carter and the use of a w is there is no exceptionally particles the when you send them to fail which is not existing as we still training this hypothesis on to describe persist not but exploded strong so we have to fix
this it would be fixed in a 1 . 4 of rational so you can on
temperament invited the tool under test on the on as it will it will automatically created the slide is and we just never and they greatly aggregated skip to put on the slide together and to be this kind of slaves it is a so maybe I should not put by the European sums of slides on officer it scales so i is that we cannot see the implementation which here then we would like to have some kind of request analysis but to accept the those yourself which of the point the service is that that the is a services is idea spoke about earlier so I made yeast in me a motor version you'll be CSSSC man function let's say under section 1 in your own and effective stuff like that of a simple implementation and I escape of participant to develop this services and we to of unusual someone's of objects which already before they think so services but we cannot ask from console was also well WPS someone condition to spend too much time as well with that so much time on all quality so anyway follows a acutely question knowing the word appears as a you can these acutally quest synchronously all psychology so 1st the 1st this was to was learned using a thankless was requests so the 1st test will be to 1 buffer so the anionic on that states by sending just some value inside of the post and then we will have embedded inside the same as the GMM value directly we test free reasons of we sends a value by an if else using an extinguished then takes 5 we'll send the value as the film's as GMM using post quest endowment pose the question that the WPS-Plus requests and then for big 6 we'll do the same as this 5 but we really present is used as so for you are not there I wouldn't have bet Walter suitable project even if it's already fixed in the as the and so for executing so if you in Seattle non salts benchmarking can be so 1st I tell you it's Abuja some duties on correct so it can the 1 so so far on than some things and we have the same
service using she manner and we would have 64 bequest assume so what is a conclusion Jewish assignees from that of the far is the 1st of 2 is the new leading Jim so it's quite easy
to understand you may have some of our family question 1 another request on the effects of 5 at the beginning we plan to add the 5 suddenly present but some some offended that so
we prefer to stop as at 5 and other in fact every time you wings escaped you can define along much request you want to 1 and 0 much control on the quest you want to out so you have a 64 the quiz passive the and you always of also the visits so so that the number of 1 2 3 so freezer
when you the value as the fails as and 5 you you get a view of the fall of T 7 the request precedent so you can understand that when you have to music circuit is quite slow
here follows a lot about 1
2 3 4 5 Prof testified
value as that fills us image using post requests we can undergo for 7 so same 47 saying the way I have 1 so an faith and other request of 7
so that the 1 1 to tree fall 6 7 OK beta the Department of service
we cover so you we could in young and
PO we could but fell because indeed in the using that this should you can specify uh all the services you want to use and I 2 and at this and all of so let's say there's some but walls modal so I will go to the last slide in this section here we have a bad year if you when you we have a 2 meter that that and the user of the quizzes so this together that to be stored on the server is over the Australia term as a longer of ourselves and undermined type explain we have to be the defending that that Taipei Kuala so is that the type of down that so
far as user services not
slide as you can see by that you have the beginnings of their well not so implementation of ever and I have 1 bad news photo so is
that I was not there were to fix minor off this kid's this morning because in the name scheme is the which is used the Bayes yourself you're using GTS 2 point and the name of the function and I am stupidly using said from command line using 2 . us apart of so use slash but I don't know why it when I tried this morning and so on I just stop then you observe the same kind of face acute using S enclose the question so you can notice that we are not using the NGN accelerate anymore we are using aperture because we have to admit that the 1st reaction is not talking when you are asking for us includes requests because we cannot fuck king so here we have fall under well request precedent for the 1st request 50 request precedent 56 so quite so anyway then during their lunch the
today we went out that the and we so who is down this to that they're speaking with Jeff ago to Israel and clearly cheating tool OGC broke down and so on and so forth and finally we discuss with rest and we spoke about his WP WPS benchmarking if felt we we where a and piping and it told does that do you know that there is already a site test the really almost site the infrastructure so we shouldn't be going there and we tried to answer some of compliance testing on the test so those who was able to so no default yourself to analyze user 1 I would have a sum some of more not side not to so far also so we have a fucking successful low said test by the word appears 18 that's a test and then think I highways 52 loss and I made a bad mistake I use 52 as a degree sign in my station name so I tied to the union and I cannot do any test anymore so the usual 752 lost you out and because of the name I gave to my session so I do apologize for it so if you have any question I'm open to any question you know as you know is this summer will be available fall into next year so I we can have a good time to together to walk again on WP benchmarking and we can presented 1 of those wanting hours a confidence so I want to science namely meager levels or voice participation yeah kinship secure via the drafted diseases which I think so by the a set that not must serve the and that's where you get measurement plus and Venkatesh argument which was which was of the conception of people's and I add that a shapes stock should bring it someone should be somewhere in the world but I cannot find it but I would give the share stuff on next year to bottom-up also fall into only the next WP has been tracking thank you very much at the end it I know those those not free quality tests but let's say we tidal best we didn't know which we can offer a better in 1 morning into and from the world of work is running idea of the light is the same presentation environment is there were only 2 implementation of it about so on uh
52 not between a string of can
to analyzes but up 48 52
fixed many polymers are unconditional thanks to the replacement so you values easily is it all my
slide are not that great that is used
coming out is WP has been tracking operates so thank you very much question the the but the I just ulceration in anything normally work honorable to and deployment I enerally don't run at all job in that aren't of running uh shipped from the distribution because crap OK and the mediator we have to install they don't get themselves off from their respective original sites because of something in their in packaging is all the ways in on yeah there and I was just talking with their we use a yesterday told me why installed as user Verona honorable into any was performed like crap using Java and and Tonka from there and they serve as a living and this is a mix of bonds and their main kinds told is an example from how Oracle and conquered from the web site and it was very very fast so that point and I can I ask the question to you and can you produce a set up again OK hallways this BC by trying to prop possibly having this is that the question how hard it is to install your benchmarking on on the machines of your server it's quite easy it's simply a shell script you need the Lib to poor and other such benchmark quaternions only use anyways Fourier good but I would like to suggest maybe we should announce next time because I don't know if you'll go to the 80 dental work in a black men but there's a use than those of a distance should so as a as a map of benchmark and they can send once on pilot quest so can simulate 1 symbolic prosodic
and maybe a bit of this is that was parchment shot which is limited to the number of particles request attitude open to which file so it is limited to basic units I think
but from our I would like to think of the general victory for the work he did because of the security for the 1st time that the result of of of dubious benchmarking isn't the presentation itself but the result of this benchmarking is that this is in self and here late put a lot
of effort into it so 1 more time
thinking thank you
fuse the use
of estrogen tell so far and hydrogen Benjamin ability link at least them as good as general at our command to on no also to say it out as you might see everybody's
above that so well this might be 1 of the
reasons for our sorcerers perform correctly what the response I want a
mailing list of so long and so on but as I said
finally is something we can work on the R there it's like no that line in front of us maybe force for
Europe for Linux Europe so they can continue and I hope holdovers from those results for an excellent yes thank thank you very much


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