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The DiscoverTotems Project: Social Curation with Mapping

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my name's diane dealer and um I'm with Red Hat I'm not wearing a Red Hat today and I have a red fedora but I also and the open source and community manager for OpenShift which is if we will talk a tiny bit about that in this presentation and but this is my on 1 side project and it's called the discovered terms project and it's how I have been working for the past 4 years about teaching skills to use 1st Nations youth from high school kids the little junior high some college-age kids above so secure the rules all of the roles of social curation on cloud technology teaching about mapping and data privacy issues on on the web and and I you will find out very quickly that I am
incredibly obsessed with total moles and why but I just came back yesterday from my honeymoon I spent 2 weeks up in the height of why the Queen Charlotte's I'm getting a GPS locations of on a whole another series of totem poles that we're going to add to the project that I'll tell you all about the the it's a I've soon
army evacuation route it's in the middle of nowhere and and so you know that my dear sweet spouse must love me to go on a honeymoon and track them down so
today what I'm gonna do is talk about them and have a conversation with you guys a little bit about social media on the convergence of mapping technology cloud technology data privacy issues and do some show and tell so and I am not going to talk about a geospatial server and going to talk about how people actually use this stuff and a use case for some of the work that you guys are doing and would love to get your input on what I'm doing and maybe even course you because that's what I do as a community manager into helping me with this project in the Internet of
Things and there are so many tools and devices and different servers and things that I could use on when we get to the point about why I'm using 1 and using you will understand who I'm working with I'm
working with a generation of kids who are um not only are they 1st nations to their native and but they are also very digitally fluent and they have lots of tools and they want to use those tools and so
1 trying to enable them to get the skills and use them in productive ways that I can integrate into their own curriculums in different ways and this uh project can comes out of a number of sessions of mine maps I love maps always have on i you may or may not know me from social media I have at least 6 Twitter handles on to hold all by different of sessions I'm I'm a Python developer so a Python DJ I am I have discovered tones I might have on you know like that like a dozen or so so I'm also obsessed with the social media and working with that and I work for Red Hat on my work on both of object and on OpenStack so I do the infrastructure as a service and Platform as a Service layers and I heard cats for a living and I as I said before and obsessed with totem poles and I
love maps and I'm sure you all the 2 because I'm 1 of the things they do is they filter out all the other chaos like so there's so many things I'm obsessed with maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive but they allow you to focus in on a single thing and some of the slides that I use the same slide deck slightly variation to teach kids so you're getting a little bit of what how I teach the kids and young university students you don't really have a lot of technology skills but also don't really understand about mapping and how maps do give meaning and they don't understand the importance of mapping on there's also a lot of big
revolution going on in Canada which is where I'm from British Columbia I live in the north of Vancouver in a little town called c shelter on theory right you Whistler is it's the coastal side of that is a mountain range between me and was there I can drive there I take another ferry to get there but there's a whole armed revolution going on in
the 1st nations communities where they're taking advantage of social media if you can many of you have heard of the idol no more movement in cross the mind in come down here as we say in Canada and so if use search under the hashtag I'll more see this whole thing that happened when Stephen Harper who is our Prime Minister if you know that part from he wiped out the negotiations with the 1st nations around water rights and a resource rights and everybody was pissed that these women these 4 when 1 wants a lawyer moms and beyond just ordinary people started this hashtag I'll know more and it went like viral there were protests and it was it was it was amazing and it really at the invigorated of the cross community cover collaboration that between 1st Nations people activists and people who just ordinary people who were just stunned that this happened behind behind closed doors in parliament about there's another 1 that's going on
right now but there's a lot of and so they they using social media more and more and taking advantage of it there been a lot of the aboriginal missing aboriginal women the think the highway tears where on kids are he taking home and they just disappear and there was no investigations into this big uproar and someone is using a young when you started using this hashtag in my next and it's now going viral across the so there that kids about and the 1st nations groups I work with are incredibly
some savvy about social media but they don't really get that the intersection with things like maps and cloud technology and when we look at maps and you can look at the map that George Vancouver in this city Vancouver is named after he named everything up and down the coast and they're all after you know people like and seamounts Stevens inlet or things like that they're all very British kind of names and things like that and and those a lot of the stock but once they start looking at the 1st Nations maps it looks completely different and so we start in the curriculums we're trying to do is teach you know how important it is to own than on the naming and the mapping of places and those skills so we
use that in here but I also we where I live in what's called totem-pole nirvana and this is in Stanley park which is right downtown Vancouver there are the zillions of totem poles the there in front of our eyes high schools in our civic buildings and there are shopping malls
3 of these workers there in my little town of C shell worker by a good friend of mine tony Paul on their in our airports how many of you
flown through Vancouver BC ever it is the most gorgeous airport in the world I love going home to the airport there is just filled chock-a-block with great 1st
mentions of art and as well on our money this is a very famous time statute that's in the air of copy which is male or that Bill read a very important high artists are carved
so how did I get so I stopped that started in this on the normal way the geeks do I started geocaching with my family and and because I was playing this game geocaching I had hide some totem poles that some geocaches and I decided to do them around totem poles and once
I started doing that I did my first one in go find
it at a barbecue at Tomahawk barbecuing west and north and there's 1 in there and I started hiding them all over
place I got about 12 and I realize that you have to
maintain and I also had tons of data the so in Vancouver along the over 150 totem poles I had no idea right like I did I start you see them but you don't see them like stop signs you see them but you don't see them now let me just go through them and get tickets so am I started thinking about ways that I could share this information with some people because I want other people to point out new ones to me and I started looking at things like creating a off good friend of mine created this total holes of Vancouver facebook page on but there were lots of issues around this in terms of a number of you had to be aware of where the total was comp whether it was on public land or private land or band land whether it was really something you should be sharing a lot issues in BC with people stealing things like going to a cliff and chipping off petroglyph because you know it was in the guidebook and stealing taking some and this happens so there are a lot of issues around privacy that we had played when you start building maps of things
and then there are also issues around the I really want coffee on you know or across Canada selling ads on that the sites that I was supposed to do so and when I'm teaching this and I'm also using these these this lecture to teach kids about privacy a Facebook issue huge and the 1st nations communities they use it like we use text that it's everywhere this time that it's very there but very few of them are really aware of who
owns the photos what they're signing up for it's just a free service so a lot of what do in the teaching is talk about who owns that may capture people look at the code in the leaves and make them walk through all that Facebook and Instagram in even on Twitter time so I get to teach about privacy
attribution giving correct attribution 2 things 1 is on Creative Commons how to share things had the accurate about this and talk about ownership and respect respect for the totem poles for the carvers for the memories from in the stories that have been shared about the tone poles so I would really started to thinking
about besides my meiji geocaching fetish that I had on how did I share that information in a respectful easy to explain and reusing get other people to help me build that's what I started calling is publicly accessible map of all the holes in the world and that works post be public so I started talking to my cohorts and
started thinking about how I could use some of the New World Order of technology you've all seen k diagrams and cloud technology but 2 kids this is new and it's a great opportunity to teach them about some of the underpinnings of the tools that they're using so on the way that I
described platform as a service to them is it sort of part of the layer cake is the piece that allows them to quickly deploy their applications into the cloud and
of the main phases of that many faces of OpenShift is the project that I choose to use and 1 of which is when I'm working with 1st Nations are folks that have to have everything behind the firewall so they were creating map for them to use it must be in band or in mass at the height of they wanted just ax accessible to them we can deploy OpenShift Origin the open source project are more open should use open should online but keep it all behind firewalls still too much of which enterprise unfortunately
and so the way that I get started this is some minimal viable projects for the 1st time I 1st iteration this project was a Python Django app and on it was it was interesting was beautiful very nice great you UI but I couldn't on it wasn't reproducible enough so that I can handed off to a teacher to use the next semester so it was complicated and I would get phone calls and you know this didn't work Oregon apply this patch or something like that so I looked at using tumbler for a little while trying to get at is easy purse and landed on an area and I even tried 1 point using Drupal cause I love Drupal sorry and but they they wouldn't take that so I ended up using WordPress then we created
a public site so you you good at ww just discovered tokens are you can see the of a website that sitting up there now and hosted its doesn't have all that I think we have over a thousand data points now it's just a few of them it's an example site and any get wiped out in a minute so I can do that what
we ended up using and and developing was when leaflet came out it saved my that I've been using a on a news feed George Murphy George I use speech Georgian it disappeared without a Wordpress plugin and that was hosted hosted the GeoServer the geospatial server and it and they just keep couldn't turn it into a business model so it disappeared on me 1 afternoon and but leaflets solve a lot of problems and was very simple to use and and I'll show you in a minute a few that where the get repo which for the plug-in we created and WordPress and OpenShift online kinds
of stop for a minute and we doing for time K and going to try and show you on what I teach kids how to do so this
is OpenShift online and the great thing about object online is it has a three-tier so it doesn't cost as the teachers anything the stuff stays up for as long as they want the kids can stand up their own so they just create an account on which online in year 3 freak years and I'm not saying this is great and if you're a non-profit and academic or an open source project we also have a program that you can get free hosting to so if you're looking for that talk to us in the booth it's really pretty cool but not quite down but
kind of broke this morning an add an application
here and this is how quick up my session continue
working and you think sign
the yeah the
try and understand type in the class but then I can actually get a 13 year olds to do this so if I have a 13 year old do this the yeah but the the teachers can do it and 1 of the really important things that I learned was on what's important here and I love all of you
geospatial servers to death and I love hosting a manner of shift online and and so don't get me wrong this is catalogs on it but it and then I great applications given that
prayed Wi-Fi God's nobody going Wi-Fi for a minute and it'll spin spin up a WordPress and I am in a few minutes so they should be something of it'll spin it up in uh let me bring me right into the dashboard when it's done I can configure it take a theme the kids can pick from the and they can do whatever they want so that the goal is not really to get them to participate in the social curation efforts that I'm doing I'm the 1 that's obsessed with on balls goal is to get them the skills to be able to use a blog embeds a mapping understand GPS understand uh somewhat longitude and latitude is depending on the age range and get them involved in the idea of using on social media effectively and using it on without breaching privacy issues for broached you know doing in a respectful manner and and that's a really is a really fun project because you go in and they they're absolutely have my obsession is really with the fact that a lot of little holes are up and I don't know who the carvers are you know I don't know the history is behind it and I wanna know I'm curious and on so the give back that up the thing I get back is I get to go into these remote communities teachable workshop for couple a days and I hear the stories and i and they share the stories with the and it is the most on inspiring amazing thing to get to be to have that information shared with you and to build a teaching the skills and of obviously this one's not gonna come up quickly some the
I'm just judo here if you go to this side here this is the is the little on node pass out leaflets plug-in that we've written element does 2 things it embeds state a map on the home page and it embeds 1 on each individual post so I will go over to yeah this is this is 1 that I I spun up a few minutes ago in all they have to do once they did they can take a theme
and themes we all know WordPress a little bit that parents pick being we suggest that use appliance because it works really nicely and they take a plug-in and I have already installed on this 1 and and they just bit anything has is a wonderful on young gentleman who is working with me on this project at the University of Texas and has held on builders and little plugin for us and then basically and then we had nature that's getting started and finished up there is it's done everything for me and I'm going to to the application page it's here but and it's indeed
pass the the that includes and people from the itself and right give it a e-mail address that it it OK as I know it's very well but it and I don't want search engines and 1 of the things that we really quickly realize that we didn't wanna use on Google Maps sorry if anyone from Google's here's because once you put those points into the Google search engine and it becomes Google searchable and we have such issues around privacy that in 1 of the sharing of data points with just anybody without consent and so the stop words yes for me in a few seconds provide a valid username I know that it it it but I know it's very weak but no the 1 from that I have running using WordPress success login mn it memory as I won't remember my own name you can do
this over the and so yeah with good wi-fi so what clients it
but at the
end of the fact that of the go on it but time is of essence really go back then the plug-in you just be uploaded from the it's about any
1 the load the which is a file but it was that the I that right now but it but different style and activated by the end of the but an which has the plugin is now activated and I want parents that it
yeah with appearances the good
and see if it's created from the instead with
that 1 finds in works with clients so that's why strike that from stop trying to do this here because it's really not relevant
today discussions back to the this
is this is the site so basically what it does
is it takes an image of put
another 1 and so that you think that would be everything I needed right so we got to the point where we can have these websites and everything was hunky dory and it all worked wonderful
but on the bible built the 1st website and
nobody came and I would go to the classrooms and on their like interested but not really they still have beginning monolog into WordPress and do that so that thing then then what happens went on this wonderful field trip with my daughter was there was 11 11 times to the Museum of Anthropology and the
teacher asked every kid in the classroom that you hear a that piece of paper and a pencil or in a pack and they had a right to paragraphs right about some object pick any object in this amazing place and right the 2 paragraphs that your assignment they wouldn't do it and this is
my daughter Hayley and she you when I had was this epiphany and also had a lot of noise on the
bus but she was using this app called what had America this 1 year what that's great what there you ATT PAD but they were all the whole time we're in the museum they were taking pictures and they were tied texting them in doing it with this is precept chat and all that but they were there are constantly you couldn't get their iPhones ions in the bus everywhere so what we did was we on created companion
up to the website all it is really is a hack of the WordPress on the their own iPhone app that we rebranded and took out a lot of that stuff so that they can make their own and I did that and we did the next course and everybody went out and they they had to we got
them they still got their their basic pieces there on this this so they had created and the
spirit of the count on WordPress site on and then they had to take a walk around town and take a picture of something and then they were able to do that if you turn on geo location in the WordPress generic at 8 grabs whenever location you have you taken picture and posted it as part of the blog posts and so very quickly we realize that having the tool the toy that things that they all loved was the thing that made this work and in classroom settings and so if we are working on the Android version of it as well and the moment by the so there's there's 2 versions of the course I teach I teach to kids to use to teach them and they incorporated into the English classes so they have to write an essay so the teacher who was trying to get the kids directive paragraphs now can get them to write tons of stuff you can also take it out and interview their answers and angles to get the stories and post those stories securely in inside of hosted our website for the classroom and it can get shared across and we do presentations link it to do presentations in front of their and and uncles moms and dads and everything and it's a great way to cure and learn about curation skills and then it's very simple to actually deploy so on the big take away from me on this was on it's not always what you bring into the classroom like your skills your laptops in Iraq you know that it's what you leave behind if on you leave behind a very complex geospatial server that some teacher has to manage and deploy an update on it won't get used it also won't get you invited back to teach the class again so I've been really cognizant of teaching so that people can get into the next semester wiped out the database and do it again and that's where WordPress and leaflet and this simple technology can work and then the next step is to do something like you has died I or something much more complex and you get them hooked you get them hooked on maps to teach them the basic techniques and it's been pre a whole lot of fun
and it's also as it is really it's not really about my passion being totem poles that gets me to invitations to go teach and hear stories and do this but also teachers they will leave the classroom with skills to create a blog to create their own content to do their own sources secure so social curation whether it's about dinosaur footprints for snowboarding or you know Mom biking trails whatever it is you give them the skills to use that effectively at a very young age they can start using this stuff and learning and understanding how they can interact with it and it's been really a lot of
fun 1 of the great big fun things for me was I'm you not Canadian and probably is but Roy Henry Vickers is like I don't know of Montana of Canada or something like that he's a very famous 1st versations artists I was on on fear and I started getting slammed because I created a little icon for my Twitter handle for discovered of still using it and he's like is like you can't use that that's like not really underneath the iconic a version of how you do hide artery everything and this guy on
in evening like 1 of the most famous 1st nations artists on the planet redesign my although for me and gave me permission to use it in like an afternoon and I was like you really Roy Henry Vickers you're really talking to me
so I usually in this class and for this talk with where is the nearest town involved the have any idea I have 1 that I am pretty clear are you guys to point to this gentleman here uh Pioneer Square and it's that that is the closest 1 it's attained poll that was raising Pioneer Square and that is it's in the map and and
through that so the Discover approach project is is a work in progress there's on lots of things that were still working on the Android app which is just a hacker WordPress ending and Larry with other datasets is the guy from Environment Canada here very Canada is just an awesome group of people and they're going to make some of the data publicly available and 1 of the things we wanna do is things like wire the totem poles in the locations they are like what human or natural resources are there that made people want to live way up and height of what you know why you know why did people end up being so we can start layering this data on top of it and that's that's where I then have to get into something a little bit more complicated and leaflet jails and have other geospatial tools and really trying do a multi-site 1 so we can have all that data being and leveled off into the top side but also have 1 for each Indian Band NBC one-click installers is 1 of my goals for OpenShift so that that would they don't even have to do the appliance theme and install the word but that's but then it occurred to me that all this stuff
and anyone is that an academic project on a nonprofit for an open source project and can get hosted online Univision . com the plugin is available in my repo for this he Hampshire you get all probably instant right something just as good and better but if you like to take a look at it love contributions to it to make it even better and you can follow us on Twitter the and that's
my talk and I think I did that can exactly actually have crept in few say if you have any questions or you wanna read some of the information that I brought up here come on up and checked out well I get the sine and anyone who is in 2 leaflets loves me
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Titel The DiscoverTotems Project: Social Curation with Mapping
Serientitel FOSS4G 2014 Portland
Autor Mueller, Diane
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/31728
Herausgeber FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Sprache Englisch
Produzent FOSS4G
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Produktionsjahr 2014
Produktionsort Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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Abstract I will discuss what we learned when we built an online mapping community for Native & non-Native youth, educators and community leaders. Our Pacific Northwest First Nations Totem Poles program teaches community members to collect, create, map, and curate content using mobile devices and an easily configurable content management system.Social curation helps our First Nation participants preserve their culture, language, arts, and writing by engaging participants across generations. Because how content is collected is just as important as the content itself, the program leverages social curation to build communities to harness social media and create "digital repositories" of cultural knowledge.Geographic data is a key social and technical component of the project — participants use GPS-enabled devices to 'tag' the locations of totem poles and to associate photographs and histories collected and written by the participants. The data is then assembled into both event-specific private websites accessible only to participants with the ability to push content to a public website Ð The project is designed to be easily is designed to be re-deployed for different semesters in educational settings by non-technical event facilitators. Think "hack-a-thons for totem pole trackers"!In addition to describing the lessons learned, I will also cover issues in Privacy, Copyright, Security of Online Content, and how we leveraged Open Source Geospatial & Cloud technologies to scale and manage our new "digital repositories ".
Schlagwörter online mapping
community mapping

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