ZOO-Project 1.4.0: news about the Open WPS Platform


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ZOO-Project 1.4.0: news about the Open WPS Platform
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Fenoy, Gerald
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FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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ZOO-Project is an Open Source Implementation of the OGC Web Processing Service (WPS), it was released under a MIT/X-11 style license and is currently in incubation at OSGeo. It provides a WPS compliant developer-friendly framework to easilly create and chain WPS Web services.This talk give a brief overview of the platform and summarize new capabilities and enhancement available in the 1.4.0 release.A brief introduction to WPS and a summary of the Open Source project history with its direct link with FOSS4G will be presented. Then an overview of the ZOO-Project will serve to introduce new functionalities and concepts available in the 1.4.0 release and highlight their interrests for applications developpers and users. Then, examples of concrete services chain use will illustrate the way ZOO-Project can be used to build complete applications in a flexible way by using the service chain concept, creating new service by implementing intelligent chain of service through ZOO-API but also by taking advantage of the publication using OGC standards. Various use of OSGeo softwares, such as GDAL, GEOS, PostGIS, pgRouting, as WPS services through the ZOO-Project will be illustrated by applications presentation.
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the the the the the the the the in the the the way ch ch in the so the Italy and I am sure from life forms of the visual arts company am so excessively and as you bomb number board of directors or I am presenting is this topic was my name but that they would like to loose ends of Sony covers all from the same company and think of this free event homozygous at university for making this project opening Indian if we go back
users of project history so there's already came in 1st 42 to southern 18 kept on we were at about how we're not a list we discussed within inches and racing 207 that GS is an amazing greats to increasing 207 that it is wrong to to implement everything from scratch for every module you have to implement so a single set of that we want a black box on top of was a bundling libraries such as the that Austria jails stuff like that but we don't want to learn how to use it to her we just looked at 2 of a black box which can let us know what is the application of innovating get out false monkey is the Zen we would like to know what does the input of a given application I want to use what also put they can expect and then shouldn't even the list after a few months that's maybe WBS is I want and indeed it was and so was then after 6 months of work we presented in the 1st 4 G 2009 insignia correct me if I'm wrong then the 1st phase was made in 2010 infrastructure vessel the following is a code that always you will give us is a privilege to be the workshop so we had a faulty from these things up at the 1st Workshop into southern 10 abuses of the project was not asked about as it is right now but people enjoy their usage and finally if you look at those who is and the year century so a version number is of fitting pretty well with the you know passing over the so into so isn't there and we do have version 1 that's 2011 for forceful G 1 the 1 that 1 version then song incubation in me in some 12 you probably all as as there were no forceful G to southern 12 so no leaders of the project is then the project 1 . 3 it is in force for the 2 and searching and the project will be at is the infrastructure some function so and that that we are in force for 2 to survive forfeiture but there are many phosphogen of those orders you it seems an exercise and you can see a
mere my balls 0 in no think get this I have an equal an idea in front of deep bond in Sydney the so the I would like to present user what because of time because we have a project texting committee we are material into we are transient noise projection integration we have to strip off their that we show you we also to birth and so animals which allows a force for G and force field open source library cause indeed many of you can sing that WPS is made only to use GAS stuff but we don't care we are using them at UPS for doing everything so
all let's speaker images with high Vatican City if you take a look twice at this list you can 180 organized as there is this always you about number of nodes so those Massimiliano cannot my serve and Jeff making as you as you President so all forms inception there is also a 1st logic that they sink everybody know which is malleable Video and your familiar she from Japan so you can see also is country we are walking ways we on war white or presented which is a guy which developed a busy watching the pituitary library just like Ireland markers that is in the PSC forms inception markers that there is just a gay which developed because js then it uh we welcome during the 1st 4 gene Bremen on general source Congress which is not all number of focus here we part of this and obviously was the big Montoro was a rule that forms a project which is Venkatesh on and which make up the story perceive so obviously you know you know these readings a project that's you have to know who paid to make is project and so you have a half we have 5 company sponsor also that's with a timer saying we realize that it is found that the 2 of knowledge but now an only money co-sponsor will apply do on the money when knowledge but not camp alright you see off you might also see they can put 1 student a PhD student working on a project and using you've software and asking you question and make you and unseen your software so we source of 12 so this is only designer which were never new websites with confines a website is already on his way so in support is a is free different pulses of WP a cell so which is presented here like a cheetah which is based on C language and which is about 2 on the you request and tool on your so and then return so is it to the client the glowing strudel WPS services what we could social services and then you have the WPS at TI that we will see later on which which is a JavaScript an API which lets you uh implement services in JavaScript and we and see how important it is can be so as you can and a parent is WPS fulfills implementation feels implementation as we saw to isn't sites so what you see there is some issue it was released in and of MIT calls license the exceeded license so if only French and indeed we would like to use it in some popular software so we have to use limited recently somebody's fair enough cause many of us after using it's such like but telephone instance of fully you have a tool on on every platform which is existing and so close to I don't want to go deeper into because it's a bit complicated together is about to pass you request that loaded in dynamic module which forms he can be a shy library you know memories this library and you will be in the function inside this library we give the coffin with configuration Input Output you just have to fulfill the output and it's the image so all as you can see writing a service further is as difficult as the free lines which is here and with these 3 lines you can send the obviously you would have to remove the angle formed by time but with this simple service you can appear British whatever as WMS WFS WCS depending on you that thing but so for instance if you want this service by sending it as it 5 containing ship inside then you will have a note put uh w MSL WFS request that you can use and we you can use we will see later on source sink we can say is that it's very simple stupid the so obviously we could use that we use the support I mean which is so user support during which was was set to 0 so that the heat is wrong to use only 1 programming language because if I have a 1 byte and cargo one-fourth Hong Kong which is walking from 20 was should they have to implement arising from scratch I don't want them to the amount of missing from scratch that's why we use a greedy implement is because areas over which are based on the so we are supporting you can develop your language using all 8 Paul learning languages so since superstitious bite on your was a choice between by 10 to the 7 and 3 if you model of fall Concorde and given as a web-service because we have a mad madam mathematician which occurred info company want is far from cut to 1 as a web service so can we do sample images from from Color no just on the default home and put them into a low sequence then you get fish about job bottle gossip about JavaScript's apart and no they will be support from the new version so obviously you can't grades that yourself can be used by many kind of polymer up on linger values kind of programming languages supporting values kind of plumbing which is is great but speaking values natural law which is even detect this way you will interface can be translated politically so we are not supporting English French and Japanese language and this is also an effect of the Barcelona on the left it is almost impossible now workshop since there's no matter fall every service which chemical which we I thought that the all hostility between you don't have to write 1 line of code for being about 2 provincial politically you used as wm as the reduced so you assess the bonding to the effect so here is an example of the use of WMS fuel-efficient and we will see later on that the few of those examples which of the dozens of clues as 1 way also of support forms 8 cinchona boats Socolow's request you know hobby that them appears to that in order to uh the web user gets that his request but we think 207 gets that this is a really great Kappa BDT for the repairs and finally we find a way to 1 thing rethinking WPS wondered field until it's easy you just have to send us status location to a gets that use quest and in fact puzzles and using the request gets that is which is not existing in WP when the deal to deal with integrated the service name and it's that and this is the distribution so you can board and other non going and ongoing is that use information and since the new version you can also provide some kind of messages so this way you will have I hopefully in your web application you have loading that which means something it's upon you so then you
have some services social services also measures of all walks so anybody can develop his own services many people develop their own services but they never of contributed back anyway you just have to move as later do we have some module which can be loaded into the memory and so on and so on but obviously we have sort need that up so we use that that is separated that the information from the decoder but that is about so we have to find we have your shower library for C for instance and then you have a configuration file which define what can food which is better the font within a foot put to support that what a photo which you can expect so we observe configuration file and hopefully since the new version we have yeah meant support so you can even write you took a few Russian finds its way using the same it's syntax so 1st to speak freely about available services are so when is that they can much system and so we are mainly using get out of here we even have an endowment of using a donor support for the languages in as a physical we can to be Scholes wizards the as WMS WFS the weirdest yeah so maybe I should mention that we are using maps of ours and the and to provincial that the using WMS WFS WCS where we should them on something which is already existing in owning pretty fast like much the problem so we just for use much the same for the analogy here so we're sort of glass thanks to so it can give us all the WPS implementation can take advantage of the glass after by using the WP is because of bridge we do into which she developed some years ago we're sort of support for Seattle to do some few all accumulation delimits simulations we are not CAD GASP people we just using the library which are available all over we also have some p dewetting series maps over is offset which is not something new icing during this covariance we also the model the services because indeed we are using legal fees as a set of L z we have some smart services z appear is available on the mapping services so you can use it in your on softer and we're using even refuse to do some adopting saying indeed the real phasizing everybody's this will fuse servicing that since the creation of OpenOffice when you have OpenOffice in your computer you can learn it as a sum of Zenica News what's it but you know the universe and the talk bit to communicate with the server to say to ask him to open a file structure something in the fireplace this this this stream as a source of training you can lead this when he made very another image you can create new graph simply by the user using solicitor from a script query for instance to print you'll go off so it is an example of the services of rotation watching so it's also the better legislation I think of the usage of the automatic prediction of WMS and WFS in this case we just have 1 series which is ever to compute the shot the sparse so the to the to this pair the shot the spots on the map we're simply use WMS requests sent to us details on your height we would simply use a WFS and to compute support feeder we don't send the Chairman gaming out of a get future requests from the which is available on the right but we are just sending of the films cause obviously and WPS again sends of cells so in this example we can say that we use the same is used 3 times once to display on the map he was a time to of the pairs and then we just send to get hit you request obviously is that are stored on the same set of so to get future request we don't really fast broccoli so then we have to what we
got through API so the PID using fortunate to based on spider monkey houses and the eggs best this was because of the is the development of this we're PA stuff that interests us on 9 and I'm not sure in at that time the 8 was already available anyway In the name even in the names to z is mode Cedar Falls that and all of it's OpenOffice and because as has so it to be so complicated that because at the beginning we so that it can be great to on WPS locally of remotely constantly so if you want to learn something on your desktop the easiest way to go is polar between June on obligation to most famous application it is just Firefox so you can create some peaks become components that you can then the crew uh creamy and for much of a script language formula the step 2 crew look at the our it's become what you'd which can be implemented in ceiling by tunneling and there's the ozone which that's why at the beginning we so that we can bring this as well as an expectant conferences where you can on the same silly season tossed on the locality of the image into southern standards in the 2 2 sets and then we had our 1st 6 become component or ending zoo and we was about but then we just stopped anyway since this is this is this API you out 2 cholera also services so you can't anybody doesn't make sense to add training is this way by using an of plumbing languages because WPS is already supporting training I agree with you fully agree with you but obviously by using a programming language for ourselves and simple XML you can add the logic inside your training and I think adding energy can inside the training make of center so this is some example of those who were PUSH good in fact really you are all invited and the 2 more to see or as a MAP mean but forms wrapping platform which is on this screen shot the mapping by that form is 1 and all on based on WPS and even the user interface which is a a estimate page is all the output of a WP is requests and here you have some kind of classification of cluster 5 then we use some of which chain another service to to die the emotional if-else here and then we will use it it was OK it is a little example of usually the also module inside that means where we just chain I didn't phosphate and get a lot to show if else an image as you do from the common life we do on the web so so old what do you in 1 that foundation the no ringing fast fusses yeah we can learns and on energy next summer with either the 2 months ago about a the which make you or services faster as also the mode would start at the same time and the 1st 2 I would be the set to itself for us to be so you have CMS reportedly done that we added so Underwood value and orange definition just we can define more deeply indeed debt is what tells us about that value we have so what is the maximum megabytes about that for a complex that and I did endowment closure of tuples to 1 on the femur 5 using VSE members and private homes argue that library the the follow to services by now we just added the Voronoi and give adequate tool we're so a bit it's the best they thought in such way that they can be used in the same ways of the Python vector operation we select tool being contact reserve is them poject which was and if the 7 project which used so projects so for really soon you will have a longer list into services sensors up public on Monday project we also developed a client which is a client WPS it PA which make you ever to car you'll WPS services it is based on the GSN use most-est operates by using is all down organ technology so it's purely come on the it's an open that up project and F P 7 projects so a project funded by the European Commission so this project is based on rule by C the review of us on just 7 C can we have also as I told you already so mapping products which is 1 of the books on based on the when I say on a local some based on the rupiah am liar because obviously you know that when I and this brings a map am using WMS seldom yes all WFS of the ECS with them in answer set up on the interface everything is on most everything is w k the so all I have you as that as i to do only as as the many forceful G of the world and you are invited from 2 to 5 December of this year to come in Bangkok to see Polly is the same presentation again for the 1st 4 G as in through the great times and so was thank you for listening messy brought pressure Dorotea to the same as be fit is there any question I know wasn't context is innocent person in a Christian Mr. there 1 question that I can think no so the the the at but I but the the is the right it works I are their libraries as 4 were calling the BPS um in the browser I know that all hires has WPS clients and the north is working on 1 but in my experience at all in very depending on which um the radius of the event hitting our leaders murky and that'll In fact mutually our obviously using some kind of WP simply which is available on the uh to of but as I told you just before we also developed for of we can wonder project at a specific client interface which is available a sawmill on no has been so
so yes we are working on it and we are expecting to have some kind of model
builder betrayed and make you have to create new services by using postpone the JavaScript language but by using on me GUI user interface to die and up and says he says this is this output will go as its input so will there be a method to take advantage that functionally reuse after agree excuse me and so is this you clients purely at read project or is the nominal it's a busy clay owned by now but on top of this basic flailed or we are willing to pay and with good what we call into cells and 9 so kingship free in the finish this 1 the free we can do it I could probably give you comment about as well how during this this so that's pretty good implementation of the W P is service from . play in open letters both in for Europe this year in Berman this question was addressed by actually gospel 52 loss and the all agreed on that there is a strong demand for generic all the blue a adjusted library which is supposed to be default so to say again and you are more of them come to genome a link with the lowest you I think it's called so audible religious yeah so at least with you schools sort and very are discussing some errors I said something similar to OWS slip which is used in pipe substantially liberty for just script and for all of with services have and some people which developed of liberty Pierce inside openly I mean that these are involved in other she has library you're right so I shouldn't have and 1 and home and the various constructivist while the request in the standard in a two-day Jill itional 71 to pursue you trust show me for isn't in any other questions so so thank you very much thanks for your time if


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