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Glob3 Mobile (Mobile Map Tools)


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but I think it's and now you a new name is more not technology because of the injury Mikey Suzanne how long as we are now in efficient that we have to it a man and his mother like didn't patrol the n people the look what this is look through
1 1 not to know it a without using the to be there a hopeless it approach to the tall before it well we have to win 1st of all we had an we have a lot of open source API but this is so because here and 448 ions we bill native maps Ingatestone that Johnson and realize a the and so we have we have developed Our anarchist attitude to to have high native ABA in on the platforms we have we have that is a k cross-platform and you can do it very fast are innately maps applications on also is 3 a our repository is In
this year the man about license
these we will use in our video analysis we you now are these the of 2 clauses on now we way to change to a API and that is the same as the lexical interchain because little to that gives condition this is our souls goal of our proposed and on we develop deity our we have a thousand branches that is where we are improving on that and our main branch is the development of if and when I went
to to to try it is there was there
is then add them Lois we With this approach 2 yes so uh we talking different things about the moments are the more underlies the festival was the fragmentation and these problem and what I supposed to everybody that there'll be modifications now out of party these about these these broad on this priorities is an everyday is is lost because we had that the a gender devices the female with different screens different uh different procesos different memory on also different abrupt systems a really every day we have a new for co-funding for a we have the same broad with with roses are now every rose has a different genes on so we have all the problem with that our daily but since they all these ideas but this up so details but for the little man is what that really have to freer screens are but this is 1 of the biggest for for therefore developers either from information with face it in this in this fact all current is the performance of the and in Italy follow we have and they have talk about the problems with a wave and that this this furthermore as moments him on the yeah like the bonding also means a maps are a high performance applications a day we need all the sources of the mall lies on dev roses are working better and better in the last in in the last time slots foremost obligation is not off on a we are trained to everyday more complex application online on the performance of these is a famous of absolutely important I'll we absolutely performance opsis and we are working on in the performance on an hour robes works very refined in all parts of it or was case honorific of AIDS where we have more broadens but the performances of other priorities usability Tandy's everyday on them alive a at a really now that they have a solution of that all my finger is not the same that there my mom's we on the Malay using on that we can't uh make it's more of application of policy and I'm going to war in the same way and the more light on from the beginning there we have these signs or IPA sinking use of it on the acidic old how are we 1 and 2 can have good publications in very short period of time but at the end of the day what we have had the very same API In all platforms on a on somebody I understand what you shares so 75 per cent of call when you're developing obligation on beaver family wave with a job native the reparanda developer or i is the and to have found map with a rope is 2 lines of cold after that it and you need to they do it you need to argue functionality but it's a normal under force and or highest tonight for the and then just is complex but for the the doesn't mean because of the that he has on native API so this is our
architecture is the way that we have are our our acidic all but forms a because we need we to to to called uh 3 different on our solution was we're we have developed our core is the best class where manage all a more important thing so far artillery around we were in in the core we helping you on all the Kompas stuff underscore is translated we
found without a simple translator to jump on the that moment we have but I Java JPA on also after that we translated the morph diamond we do but took it out we have our eye to the modified application has and would what appeared is developing job their publications a word and survive shows a lot of a lot of school on the is the complex but words we find on these he said to maintain that the binding is our we have better performance our own on does they call this rent this thing because and when we have a pro-Iranian there ain't 18 and 5 or on the on with fix it in this best but power there and all of the whole solution is simple and we for another is I Improved ideas solution happened at the same time but for the at the end is the same as always have a always has an active and it Fabio now we are a we are S we have a suppressed + curve we can add new platforms where are they now we say graph the it OK well this is
the difference for so after that
and now I want to show you that there will be there there all working this is on
the the 1st i has only with for the buildings are now
our through although more women the there this summer will last work and will
last on this in and in the world a we
have different there would go do no more with different views where you had that will do you have had our our view that we call center you that is simply out of part of the terrain of books in our case a scholar sector but also often work add
and began at any kind of data but we don't have developed passes we only had developed out what parts of for 4 days on when we need we that we change the we change their performance on 4 0 we had some problems with wave hated more 3 molar formats because they're not no standards at the moment but we're waiting for all we can put in days on Preston information a point cloud and again data a
son of the Catholic capabilities a we can work offline or online a and have always said then there mn always solutions the moral obligations are always at tradeoff between several development on try and development on with phase that we have barred by the things we would make a certain part of the things we make on the on the client and also has developed a server for for Oracle rectangular sockets would have meant that the server and works fine we would kind of pollution we asked and information on on our applications are we managed to catch it there a two-color were absolutely of flying all also denied we use it as the lead that could be shared between the platforms on now are we reality support for and times I and you can manage company the cash you can't decide if you want to cast for a time that you want that you need for example a job making our application you want to catch you already have had to say to their to in the Phoenician of that idea that you always want to refresh on this for 5 we have Chembrammel this animation us we have a and you can 2 condos to the of for the applications and the to the application uh Juneau need to move the camera boss is the application that you can't move the camera would you walk on concept ask a lot of things a lot of of so the efferent on and moreover we have on the for those utilities class and the API now you need to to develop applications for for example or a weapon implicitly tasks because in their basement vessel honesty synchronic environment on the BioSemantic are synchronic on most of the time you need to to taxing back in background on to that we have but it is we have classes start the make that developer that in mind I would that we had the better half things but if you ever had the middle . 4 for the glasses because we need to to put things over the coming are we have up on several tools for other transformation because we went to the past and their tools that we use for that normally is using an R. Irizarry with there is because that as to information is 1 of the things that we have at the libraries and in a market a
very last thing that we don't we have don't use for example out today's is this is so we have
around is reasons that that's all the is to have we have file-server paradigm cool monarchy and but and he said
on who there would for
the precipitous tailoring we import did that that we want to to provide the parameter
in a policy ideas on we have sense of how adapter says odd that build up right and means that parameter's said you just simply by that could be consumed in over ideas for in our in our In our very in of course in our is very very easy to to consume only you only had 2 to indicate which is the ways that the server on any you can't boot depending on where you want to use our tastes like the rest the glider Freksa parents but introduce on what's new in AI liaison in our client lost very very nice number fast knowledge 1
of the last thing that we are the we are doing is that our system is solved by clouds of points out this is seen absolutely better our 1st personal to this ago but I want to show
and this would point out that there is reasonably blow a part billion points and we have reduce the sampling that the golf not here we have 160 million points what this use it to
move it up there with your person I have their day on bus to working also on the important thing here is that we are showing up a mean of 4 points on the point is that we are showing that our saving the shape and here we are showing and all 40 points for 4th on these points are not territory artists starting with 2 and within a shape that we have to we have to it I mean OK you
can vote the where where near the points are common and of course well the welcome to the for to so
for the person with the most of the people and what they say the the goal of this work and do you know what but about these 3 namely lack of the the only thing you think works out fish but
in the end date well the script the OK uh um of by
these library where that we are and the moment that now is working on the 3 platforms on top this we have to prove that we have to prove that their performance probably where so that we have money to the 2 tool to improve their we have a process that in Boston interpoint Gulf apparently on we're in important that all of the whole over the whole word point clouds armed with parameters from parameter uh with parameter how we won the they or the point cloud that we want to show 1 we have out server part for for this and finally we have a server that the us point out this training pattern that knowledge veil depending data where we are on the point cloud what what points have to to be fast on and all other points our there with equestrian works really really nice there we have a native support home on or on the whole world to know from this this release to 2 other point cloud on but say before the cosine shape our of us as we say present
OK so I have a known
known it's war
what world it can
be have you on you know what
you means is of working in the form of we I
have the intimate connections for the OK but have the
coping with your own life from wanted to know the I for of these ants review I want to show a have different things that the API can and do is I repeat it with no mom with the normal speech this is that they go from 1
application this application could be the roles on the player or on on the iTunes Store uh is this a big issue we use is obligation to show that you can do with their with uh API on a they call that produced these all these things is on the positive on if you want to have the application that uh Air deprived where you flew only have to door often the paucity up I use aren't you guys see how we will make this much this arrest amounts well my maps system
of books we down we can put
any restaurant right for a with with that on we have 5 I kind of like calls temporal data and the end and where you can't phonetizer and you can use any damping down the the search were ups working
out no snows presented you can put 11 of the of the whole course of what you want the this is our this scenario without to
remote the FIL yeah my hometown this work is what understanding honors works in the same way on
on the with the host hard the we have
vector a victory and this is due dates and this an effective writers number picked of arms we dugongs beacon markers on the guy has all the
normal things in the in a victory we have file available for symbol regularity on and so interesting 1 and
1 of the themes of half library idiot conceive arise in this in this way is this varies due on on face a 4 on a space for performance this
kind of similar you shapes or or wave roles the the the disappoint out
but is this point cloud is not like the other this but plot this offline by clout case in there and lights a we can
show that this this same density of points and we streaming but at all I did have the lots
the point clouds potential this
set out 3 more than we're we
with a task and for some this
this obligation to start a level that
we may for an hour and this is the this we we get the data from
the brain instruments a the brain is giving us all information about all the position of the plane our date all the things that the the brain is doing on we would get the brain
and is sample and up 1 of the this will you Bengal arms and there are a lot of use this is so this is a idea for their maps into the plane for Fourier future where the company is probably going to have an internet connection server I intimate connection in the planes and the status of most of the companies
have intimate connection when you look is not normal this is not the norm the but
a be out here was that they all it ties the versatile was on the plane and our little server small server on a limb movements this with spruce within the airplane instruments
on you can go where you want with we we did a print will be long
I think it's it's so I
knew this was just this a the
point for the point clouds are you reading native . gov formats are you reading all the dimensions rejust xyz and treat them that way a we can do it but I'm this moment we we get i last point cloud armed with their i in the remember the name of the tool with the same to XYZ Tom to inform but it's not a big deal to really different performance yeah the program is to order and all that stuff by but we think that this not is it's not very hard to to that I'm love not the moments it will count for these things like like all the things about 4 months we don't develop anything we use all the readers that there there are a lot of the market on the force not have a questions I think you're right here if anyone want to question me something 9 everyone who aren't afraid the but it


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Title Glob3 Mobile (Mobile Map Tools)
Title of Series FOSS4G 2014 Portland
Author Calle, Manuel
License CC Attribution 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, adapt and copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in adapted or unchanged form for any legal purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.5446/31704
Publisher FOSS4G, Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Release Date 2014
Language English
Producer Foss4G
Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
Production Year 2014
Production Place Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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Subject Area Information technology
Abstract Glob3 Mobile is an API for the development of native map applications on mobile devices.The main capability of this library is the Multiplatform approach, it have the very same API in all environments thanks to coding translation.Developing with Glob3 Mobile you can save time and resources when you face a mobile development having all advantages of native development (Performance, UI, Access to disk, sensors, etc) and the simplicity of an API thought for GIS developers.During 2013-2014 G3M has been growing in capabilities and is now a solution to face the development of any map application on any device.In this presentation We will explain the architecture and the main capabilities of this library and we will show some examples and demos and use cases with the API working.Glob3 Mobile has been developed thinking in the usability and the UI of mobile devices.Currently Glob3 Mobile is working in the next platforms:* iOS* Android* Google Glass* html5-webgland it is planned to add others like Windows 8 or Java Desktop.Currently also g3m has been used as offline AR engine for wearable devices.The capabilities list is huge but the main are:* Raster data* Vectorial data* Point Clouds* 3D models (Buildings, cities, vehicles, ...)* 4D Data* Real Time* Simbology* Offline - Online -> Cache Handling* 3D- 2D - 2,5D views* Scenarios* Animations* Cameras* TasksDuring 2014 Glob3 Mobile will become part of Location Tech (Eclipse Foundation) and will change the name and license:Glob3 Mobile --> Mobile Map toolsBSD -> EPLA different use cases of Mobile Map Tools.Vazz: Galileo: http://galileo.mobilemaptools.comAero Glasses:
Keywords Mobile
multi platform
map component


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