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pyModis: from satellite to GIS maps

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pyModis: from satellite to GIS maps
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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One year after the first public presentation of pyModis at FOSS4G 2013 a lot of improvements have been implemented in the pyModis library. The most important news are that each command line tool now offers a graphical user interface to assist inexperienced users. Furthermore, the MODIS Reprojection Tool (MRT) is not longer mandatory in order to mosaic and reproject the original MODIS data as GDAL is now supported.Hence the most important improvement was the reimplementation of existing MRT component to use the Python binding of GDAL. This was basically driven by the fact that MRT does not properly perform geodetic datum transforms as discovered in the daily work with MODIS data within the PGIS-FEM group leading to shifted reprojection output. With the new GDAL support not only this problem has been solved but also the installation greatly simplified. pyModis is used all over the world in academic, governmental and private companies due to its powerful capabilities while keeping MODIS processing workflows as simple as possible.The presentation will start with a small introduction about pyModis and its components, the library and the tools. This part is followed by news about the latest pyModis release and indications about future developments.
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hi everybody and then Luebke and working the this that's and marketing attained Tony today it's a private company and working more with the public money we have quite the under the employer and the that the research center where I work and I'm working the GAS group and image sensing will be aided by Marcus matters so before start my presentation I have some questions for you just a simple question do you know everybody know what is modest OK as some of you already used by Matisse OK can someone so few was the last year in Nottingham at the condition of by modest because there is something of that they already presented last year and this so it could be some modification for you so what is their orders here we by Matisse is a vital library to work with the modest it the it is that you cannot do analysis for right now but you can never managed than downloading passing the the metadata their combat them to which a get form of 2 other format or other system the pressure system so you can easily not all the data from and they're not not an animated in the uh repository full of long repeated all orally sometimes you can then really ever up of shafts to set up a your download system and the put it in their education away so you can create these these sums eat and putting their con job and every day he's able to download the missing there by and so you can keep update your dataset then 2nd you can read emitted after 5 each it should a 5 as an XML 5 to store information about the the the and uh which by Timor-Leste you can easily converted your exam at the top tool a text file or what you need is able to all mosaic and with viking modest died because uh Matisse I provided by type and you can download more than 1 and you put all together in a simple way easy way there usually we use the MST software to that Marta I show you next size that we change it to be to course yeah it's possible to get very act uh money's data from a single so i . reaction to all the G . supported friction systems before with the MST because it could be the negated there was I think 10 or 15 efficiency but the system supported by now using G . we can convert that with every kind of production system policy we can also convert is yeah format to other kind of format like peace order Ganges you want to show on his some feature and In the next 7 years you be able also to check the quality data in the modest product that is a layer could call it that quark quite the analyzes layer and you can we can use these want to track what are the good pizza without the but peaks what is a has told you before a by money set free and open source software so we have some I and me contribute about there are other people that contribute in the past the some of them had the some received this specific topic like adequately and these either on feast so far so my blog because mn human people person and I can make a mistake and my English is not so good so someone could check all of the the communications 3 ingrained code and the fix them and uh by Monday is easily is the uh with the GPL version 2 or at the meat of the city of by modest and when they are the infinite and remark what was meant mentally uh would with uh more it up and that he has had a lot of a bash script to download the tightness them in a con job in automatic way and dual is not really a good choice because it took a lot of time Bashir was not the so customize it and some open issue was done more than once because you have to pass possible there at this at the time it was the FTP server so uh there was a lot of trouble and I told him we can do something with Python could the should be fostered than now and then we can also make it easy for everybody because descriptor was really adopted for our interest on the 1st UK so the 1st public release was only there by 2 and the version of the best people market you was able only to download the data from piece as a but in 2011 I apply for Google Summer of Code photographs js to create a module could add mice tool In book downloading and the input deity there data from an did not us service this to graphs and they had to do that I I Improvement out of uh by Matisse had couple 2 was I can get a reaction they appear in the data the the so after from 2011 on the a few months ago there was a lot of improvement uh the last version was it is I think last November spend and because there was some changes mass or the change at the FTP server with 2 to 80 the piece as a so I have to win of the Tower of vintage our module for to download and the was still uh we have some improvement with the quite a data and a lot of Bob but seeks no with the coming version Bassianus would be there 1 . 2 0 . 0 I jump from this set 0 that 7 2 1 because I can see that now there uh soft is quite the stable there there are a lot of new features and this so I like to have a big step changes before a hundred here as you look 7 about 4 in 1 of the most important the improvement was due does In my colleague Markus Matt's is looking a lot of weak demand is the dumb discovered the error is small like in the MST Software and so did the up produced by MST softer are shifted of won't be so and so we discovered that all our dataset was completely wrong and we had to order to her yet a professor a gain to . to 13 thousand maps it was ready and out of work and so he tries to the use g died With this some uh 2 was he used the G Dazzler T 2 create a mistake and
after G . water to convert the toward fight enough to idea and embodied in the graph J so I and decide to add the kappa beta fish . but what is so using nearby to manage a dialog binding I'm able now to moves I ended at 3 x in the combat all did it should yeah 5 in but better way I think that MST I only at 1 problem right now that the 3rd for some malaria is not so clear what is there no volume the reading the admitted that information and so for some media uh we are not able to provide and didn't know like you would put it out right now I hope to fix them in the future maybe for the next release but it's not so simple read the user to specify what is and what value for some and the I improvement is that all the script that are provided by the uh by Matisse are now intuitively and this graphical user interface to add to the people that don't want to around the from command line over the the the they usually feel the form and after that alignment without any problem uh they go we are ultimately curly created by a by bodies using this week's by out of England was done also in the documentation for each the we have a some example and also for the library I create just created a IPython not book so everybody has to and they can uh easily work with the library uh using the by my by pattern I by the model could uh just a tool on and a common thing there right seconds and the you can see what the what you can do by modest yeah there only to bit of stats of motor by Matisse uh there are 2 year to his contributed but the old to contribute to our 7 in In most in brought by doing this on the condition that out at the last and yeah so I show you I can beat How could do their work flow or what do we do that workflow the 1st of the using a modest downloaded buys keep to dump note the data In this got this example we have the the dies near Japan and after we what is in the psych we are able to was academic in only 1 data and you can see that the Japan is not well recognized and it's because the thing that sinusoid other reactions yeah but at the end we to modest convert we can convert because I think this uh uh uh latitude longitude reactions system and you can recognize the shape of Japan the did did not only being the rule peak said all do white to 1 there are count so we have no data because there is so we have the college the satellite is not able to it it up is a lender so to stress temperature and so is not able to recognize the temperature at the uh in in the land but the catch the temperature of the cloud that is the slow there's no sorry and we can do we have to remove it because otherwise me of grass and the and of the idea is the the cooler layer is able to say you can affirm the that speaks is good but not but if you find the summer really low uh value you can easily remove it because you are minus uh 1 and that the you can say OK this what would it the same is possible to do by the library so these are the these are some tree should go for they IPython not look example so we did a few lines of code and the people you're able to load the data you have to just to set a destination for the the time that you want to download you can also don't set the ties in the heat of 0 . multi all the data from uh from the 7 and that the day where you want to start you can also set the if the and date or as in this case we set the delta so here the download on the 1 day here we initialize the object after we have to connect to the server and therefore H T PV says there these could be avoided but uh we support to the FTP steel because some of the diving there have to be 7 and the other are in the http so you can we have 2 connected and after want to download all they download all of the data that you require it is really easy to download the and the 2nd 1 is in the box Boston is of so in this case we in the lines that object here passing the name of the company but of Frazier deified and after you can obtain the some information in this case is the bounding box and the some information about the measurement yeah we can create a it was like but on so the receptor there and they that you want to he was In this case there should be there and the temperature of the quality and and tremendous tool and the nite sample to and the quality of the nite temperature and the the yeah we set the output of name and from unary inferior the name there obviously gain where files is the least go for it should get fired and there we sat there output format like agility and they're on you it was like around and the name dealt name you are able to create the mosaic then you can also create a musical we were the 5 G . 45 using the uh faster than than on the as a duty formation it should be a fight so in this way you are able to create uh ever T 5 for each layer that you'll selected before here at the end you can see your results converting the from uh here there is no the could only output but we did have validity you can convert would've validify fight and in this case I come back the data from uh daily temperature for 93 you can see it here this is the shape of the day and he there was some cloud hoax hunterston and we can see that it
who is using the pairwise OK Our Phoenicians using their everyday payment is because we don't know the every day we have some bash script and download uh NST data from Ford Europe and instigator data for another makeup and DVI for Europe and some other productive they're University College of Court that he is a guy from the university improve the created quite the the uh uh uh library part and the discrete it is used in the incan that there uh Institute for is like and they he is the Argentinian that's based on agency of and the higher working with 2 by modest to make some OK to is enough to make some analyzes of about the vector of disease the is there there is a tutor in document went in Japan the annual for it to be but the 2 year ago and that was posted in Osaka to the being cut their share professor and that he told me please go to the talk because the people that you want to speak with you I you know I think and the show me some new communication that there that they provide to their Japan community uh um government to apply for a project and the was using by Matisse and class and there was a was really up to see that there are some university student In that using adaptive root mean and they they make some uh uh box seats and the other stuff but I'm not getting in touch with them so I don't put their university because the noise she's a private toward co-word University 1 quite them which with its own as in the water and actually he added at that you know before I using by much these in the world employ someone as you will begin next here this summer have to sit say that so this guy because they had me in some way and only the channel marking the 1st is the of course treaty to develop the have open through software uh by Matisse is 1 of the block but our main businesses developing the glass JS so the they are very after really have persisted that they give us the opportunity to develop 3 of the of that so if you have any questions and he our and a host of thank you so much time and be maybe we will we 1st thank you very much for your presentation of my question has to do with somebody on the not from the of modest it can you give us just a brief overview of while the data is available if it's just temperature data what the size of the pixels on what you use the data for the holiday uh there are 3
and out of products from minus that we are using quite fuel their lands of surface temperature there NDI productive or did the up up to constants and DVI and other indices uh there is there's no college and the fundamental thing that really a lot I tried to show you the pages if you will do it
and was there mn the solution must be said on the different depending on the water you on for for example I some
of the product but there are other in other website the only the out of and that this all there last to return the rocket did is they already analyze product but there are some other that are coming from uh data from the satellite and the you have to use some of the specific tool like Monticello swap sort of tool use them and the to extract the data so these are the final product coming from the another set of satellite and the knowledge base not up to now you can see the neuroscience of different solutions depending on the loss for example we are is is 1 of the
our best product is there and is data for all the Europe and then we start from 1 kilometres dissolution map of honesty we the old uh being by the college and do it the summer analyzed we are able to and this case is to 250 meters and the 2 we move or the count so we have a completely that a set of a temperature so if you look in since last week also for another man yeah and we are going to provide the not all the dataset because they they are more or less 20 terabytes of data and but 2 or some product for example the nucleons uh I don't know
where our OK but there's something to where you can download to be agreement and some other productive need human loves we are going to put would produce some web services we already have added WMS and WCS for the Buchanan data and going this usually the title was so adept it there the to do think that's platform could be used for other senses like winter or a I I don't know all the food this summer was organized at the repository where we could take the data from because in and demand is not of beauty in that good they pointed to the our work on the uh um organize it so you can find the data and all the guys they have the correct some correct name we to the Thailand everything could be possible also
for the stuff but I don't know if if it's possible the do not cause just wondering if it's possible fall for you to download the data not from the not so to I mean if I however location on a superstition station for kind it is just putting debt and local of 2 p is it possible to pick it so that it has been predicted to from the 2 people if if you have the same structure of uh now as i . 3 yes because there you can't Saturday date would allow and also the that bottle area are going the importance of that to you the created god the did that with the dead the young Marx and they divided by a doctor and inside that you have to do name or a lesson northward the stuff but if you have your own data set and you provided the HDF 5 you can use not due to download biology that pass all the combat and that other tools you don't need to the download it we need to denote because we are not able to look at we has no there had and the this is derived in this instrument to receive the data from modest but if we have these we should not to download it the it's also so just wondering if it down the by what this is going to on think put it into core into consideration know what the state is not going to like comes the mission is almost getting more as long as I did know because they are the starting to produce a version and the 6 now we are at this national 5 and they have some plan to move to new Russian and that it could be uh the process all the data if days stopped the nation and it is I would be not more of a the the and thank you all very much of the