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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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The Open Source Geospatial Foundation does much more than hold FOSS4G each year.This talk will look into what makes OSGeo a software foundation. What software foundations have to offer members, software projects and developers.This talk is structured around the "incubation" process by which new software projects join the OSGeo.If you are new to open source take this is a great chance to see how OSGeo evaluates software projects and how these checks protect you!For managers it is especially important to understand the risks associated with the use of open source. Understand what assurances OSGeo incubation offers, how to double check the results, and what factors are left for your own risk assessment.If you are a developer considering getting involved in OSGeo this is great talk to learn what is involved, how much work it will be, and how you can start!Come see what makes OSGeo more than a user group!
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we wondered way back OK so I'm here to talk about all this Baggio incubation except that's not really why anyone does you incubation were actually all about making a
difference so this is a little bit of who I am I'm Joey Garland I work and with boundless also work for a number of open source and foundations and also I work a little bit with the Eclipse Foundation of this is the too
long been read my talk time always 2 incubations kind of the Welcome Wagon where here to welcome new projects into the organization and we just have a couple things in contract we actually want check that the project is using open source and they know where the code came from and so forth the and the other
alternative talk for this is how the program and public you know embarrass yourself so I didn't put that on the program and this is
really about public safety safety you got a little bit of responsibility hidden program and public we need you to play safe both for your own sake and for the users and soft I'm just a little
bit about poster itself and its open source Foundation was founded maybe 2006 sever right a few people not in there is international it's got a bit more of an educational focus and and it's got a few tracks on the development of the data as well as an in terms of what we offer if you're a developer poster was really focusing on well if you're lonely we've got a community of your peers have people understand you we do do the occasional cold spring and and we're good source of experience for building community around your project the the other thing were a little bit less
good at is if you're feeling a little better and threatened to of and in a legal context we are we can help you our review your codebase sure your code is actual open source and we also have a healthy body of prior art particularly was some of our projects like grass they go back to the dawn of time and can be used as a new defense that said we are not a strict like intellectual property and machine that we actually have serious questions will tagging and some of the big groups like the Free Software Foundation and ask for help and if you're confused as a developer all this mapping stuff is pretty darn desire and it's good to have an contact with other developers were in wrestling with the same concepts like why is my map sideways and you know which order to the axes going yeah
of are you broke out and it's important to note that participation in our students free and it's the organization's actually funded by sponsors you can get you to sign up to an e-mail list and get started and who pays
his responses to gain thank you guys very much a few
up so to sum up here if you wanna get back to coding Austria can help you with your lonely threaten confused and it doesn't cost you anything um and it's funded through sponsorship the there are a few other organizations
getting involved in this area of the Eclipse Foundation has the location tech Working Group and the Apache Foundation's also starting to look in this direction is an Apache and information that spatial information system do you have to change was
no you don't always chill was really here to help foster open source mapping and if your projects looking at participating with another group we are here to help we don't mind we don't mind that you're working with what
so in terms of of the Austria brand is offering for users you list your brand is given out to projects after we've done a little bit of a sanity check the brand says it's open source that says there's some documentation they say it's open involvement have the code ownership has been checked a little bit might not have been fixed expert has been checked and the the project has a measure of legal protection so in terms of
developers we can help you build community we do have this incubation process is also a wide range of collaboration options with things like OSG alive Open Data standards education committees and so forth it was still really has a mandate to help your project grow so do come and talk to us and finally for the
foundation of were here because that's what we do and we only ask a few things out of projects participate we need a project officers to volunteer and talked the board the answer but we have about divide this towards myself doesn't help but the the testing just look at some of the
checklist so you might have heard that was to incubation involves a project signing up on being accepted when we found a mentor for the project and the major bit of work we do during incubation is work through a checklist at the very 1st thing we track
is that a project is an open and public and by open I mean a couple of things and we need to have an open source license there's another group called the Open Source Initiative that keeps track of what of licenses are open we also really focus on having open communication channels so e-mail issue trackers and so on we want that to be a public communication we don't want users to sign up for a project and then later realize that all it's really just a vendor funded project all the decision making happens behind closed doors or and just as a small
round I know we talked about forming Steering Committee and you don't actually have to form 1 it's just what most of the projects are doing as long as you decision making is clear there is public and in the clear we are actually happy in terms of stability this is a really
difficult 1 to me and if you project could be really wonderful but if no one's using it we can't really help you there but we want to see some good collaboration between the developers and your community of users so often this occurs around the release process so we really like to see release candidates being issued and the community being active and involved in testing of community active involved in the issue tracker is also good another difficult 1 for projects to get through is a long-term viability we wanna make sure your project is to vanish overnight because that would leave our users kind of high and dry so you might have a wonderful project but it's only you when you go out of business and yeah the users about sort for a little bit stock this is also occasionally referred to as a bus number we want your bus number to be relatively high and copyright license this 1 goes by pretty quick open source license we talked about the documentation
license is a little bit on we really appreciate it if I'm Projects Grant our readers of the documentation the same privileges we enjoy as open-source developers the ability to remix the content and for their own purposes and training material so you might noticed at the top this these slides are Creative Commons by Attribution this is an example of a Documentation License alone in terms of actually
checking we do ask for a sanity check this is going through all the files in your project and maybe checking the headers trying were really trying to see who wrote this file but did you talk to them give permission to distribute this or are they gonna come calling later and saying hey what are you doing with my software give it back out and another fun 1 is we occasionally want to check that the sample data that's used or I hope that you almost project and they had some sample data they were using from a local municipalities and rather than negotiate to distributed we made up something about down uniform farming and that was good enough for the test cases so we wanna make sure why you know what you're distributing who gave it to you just as a small red this is only a check you don't have to fix the problem we are perfectly happy to graduate a project with known issues because you this is good advertising maybe some of you users care maybe some of you users will pay to help you fix we just want to keep this in terms of risk assessment we want your users to know what risks associated with using a project of in terms of contributors it's really good units polite maybe as a canadian to thank the people you're working with so we do ask you listed contributors it's also wise and if you have any paperwork on hand to 2 from the contributors acknowledging that they gave you the source code OK it's not strictly necessary if you don't have a code contribution agreement it just means that all those people still own the copyright and and that's that's a lot of projects get along I think posters works in that fashion in terms of the process how we would
really like you have version tended to much more to say about that was still used offer our SPN services thing stepping back from that but we also want an issue tracker and
it's really helpful for communicating with users post your does offer track if you're interested lot in terms of management were
really interested in that open communication we wanna make sure that your project is not closed and we want to make sure they are open to new contributors new developers coming in and having a say in the running of the project so there's several things you can do to help that public e-mail lists Iousy public meetings of the GeoServer project we need ViaScribe every 2 weeks of that calls open to anyone they just have to ask on IRC and then we pose the meeting minutes at the end and intended terms of
documentation this sounds like a bit of a tough asked we really don't ask for it very much we ask for is very simple quick start showing how a new user can use your software that lead most projects would have that on hand and in terms of developer documentation this is open source would like to make sure the DevR new developers can come and download your software and build the so a small red like if I'm looking at developer documentation and really wanna know how do I submit a patch effects and how do I contribute a new feature of in terms of a lease instructions do you just build a locally and put it up for everyone else to download and that's fine that's kind of testing using a user list and it's really nice if you write down how you make a release and it might just be doing a quick tagging in in get how it might be more formal with the code freeze were just trying to figure out how your software gets the how your project gets the job done then in terms of testing instructions it's all over the map some projects have automated builds in units tests some major a release candidate and ask their users to test and some people do very little testing like a smoke test and passing it out to the user list we don't really mind what you're doing we just want you to write it down and tell us so can volunteer follow your instructions and make a release tree insurance would you be comfortable with them uploading that release to the project site and pretty good for GeoServer I'm not sure would have a good process for you today it's a it's a difficult task for this 1 for yeah in terms of community and cat elaboration once you joined Austria there's a little bit of information we need have unique along with everyone the board would like a project officer this is of volunteer contact point and you can change that officer at any time they just 1 no 1 person to talk to the marketing committee is a
bit more demanding they would like to know the name of your projects the details it's really love a screen snapshot if they can't describe a show your project others it's very hard for them to promote you of and in light of the last talk we also recommend projects take part in Austria life but it's by no means a requirement of the finally this the system in committee they would have like to make sure you got a link on the project homepage they also are responsible for a lot for infrastructure like track and mailing lists and so forth know those services are available to you give you need the there are some
other Austria projects around 2 and we would really like to see some communication and collaboration between projects so as an example PostGIS checks that does it works about server induced over as part of the release process and we've got a few other examples like that we're not quite a software stack with all our projects in Austria but we really like to make sure the projects to work together any other
stuff or still does do other activities and these brought these groups here haven't asked for any direct involvement from projects but you told the welcome to take on any initiatives with it and public data or education of and join conferences such as this 1 so in terms of the incubation committee
so this is the group that helps to projects and we have very little news report we've got our marble virtual globe which is graduated in last and years old we number probe of projects the closest to Japan only 1 Rastaman is working on the the user list there really waiting for a time period where both the developers and their mentor already but I believe they done all the checks and we've got a number of projects the rather busy so these are projects that have joined our still in incubating but they're not quite done all the checks and GV sick is really closely done all the code checks and I think we're trying to find a new mentor for and got a few other projects matter CRS and there is you project and so forth all of these projects are kind of in flight so they've expressed interest in being part of a was still but we haven't finished working with them to check things over yet and finally got 1 no show so keen on the team engine is an OGC project and they've joined a was still like they've joined incubation but then they haven't done anything at all and so I'm not quite sure what's happening with that 1 any questions this is a fairly quick talk the stunned silence it in that I would like to know if you if you check to the software for arms and iii spinach codes so I mean I could imagine universities in certain countries be interested in uh bring into yard databases putting it in putting into the software also the 0 still ocean doesn't really care at that point and the code is open-source people are welcome to review it for many of our popular open-source projects they are giving external security audit several times a year so we get about 3 security audits on GeoServer year and sometimes those groups runaway frightened sometimes they report a bog and we can explain the difference between CQL and SQL to them out so it just really varies sitters that kind of answer your question the code is open source well those exo handling affairs security audit the OA steel Foundation doesn't pay for security audit there but it is a good idea we can ask the Board of just following if the year um I think that you said that the code is so but maybe you maybe executable code is most effective so I see what you're saying some foundations like the Apache Foundation has very strict of building guidelines so that each development the master hand over the code Killer tag and and the Apache Foundation somewhere in a black room will do a really clean built from source code on that there was still Foundation just isn't playing in that in that area so each project it's up to them to make their releases and put it up on the website and someone axially sneak something in we'd we don't know about post sorry about that user and to do so we we do have a built-in breakdown are leases around on the and boundless infrastructure and but you are correct that that is happening behind closed doors although we do have the full build log up there on the web server for whatever that's worth it but yeah that that is a concern but it's not that it it's 1 that's not often addressed in the open source foundations I think Apache is the only 1 that does it the other questions of well I have a question for you and I would really like anyone in this room to join the incubation to me as a member we do have lots of interesting projects that could really needed to use a helping hand I know we talked about a little bit about the consequences but often this is good fun you get to meet a new development team and needed to help I introduced and all the wonderful projects and people we've got to have in our community here and we would really appreciate your participation thank you which


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