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Update on new OGC Standards: GeoPackage, OWS Context & Geosync

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Update on new OGC Standards: GeoPackage, OWS Context & Geosync

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Update on new OGC Standards: GeoPackage, OWS Context & Geosync
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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This presentation presents an overview on new OGC standards and developer tips on how to build your own implementations from scratch or on top of existing open source libraries that implement them. We cover GeoPackage, the new SQLite-based geospatial data format; OWS Context for describing a group of related spatial data resources (e.g. for map composition); and the emerging Geosync architecture based on lessons from CouchDB.
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which says start I start day uh so on high everybody my name is Lisbon was I work for the OpenGIS spatial consortia mn or regionally rushed scene was going to give this talk and he and his if was able to do it now because he's not part of OTC fortunately anymore and so these became a low priority for him and I also broke the title and so property so the original title was you back all do is context and you think I'm not going to talk about using the as I thought that in 20 minutes was too hard to talk really good about the 3 of them some to concentrate in your package and all the rest context thank you so how many of you are familiar with your package so why are you here at this so I will talk about then um and although his context also I now I see where you're here it so how do we share you
spatial data the and and I have here some
ideas good ideas maybe by ideas and no 1 option is well this threat to the shared files right as you're from a which have files you need of multiple files is v very populous 1990 there's notable information they can cold you have limited in how you use the characters maximum 10 characters for the field names 1 geometry per layer here and so on and so forth but is very popular in for simple maps is due now there is there I Technology it's like file gdb also from is is a preparatory technologies some folks have done some reversing your efforts mn world this is here no as bad as he's a contributor to GDL and he has tried to figure out how these things words in order to not have an API and provide supporting details you will say well we can share with caramel sensory solicitation calling you can aren't really transport us our really a vector data with field at tributes in a way that you can play with them the you can filter for example by attitudes and so forth and also we have sort of a limitation on the size because we can upper leg after about and I came that will be ridiculous to will say well maybe
others you can do spreadsheets where you can know provide some information about you know for example points of interest in the you provide a location or comma-separated values yeah all those sounds like Lydia but what we want and these I got from block
intranets are not standard was well can we have something that have SQL like container right that that is that you can interact with like if it was a database that we can use a simple features which he's a thing 1 of the most used data models for vector because is very simple and also that can support roster on the called tiles for yes so most of you
know as I said that he knew about your package and but that's the deal about you back it and I'm going to talk into detail about what's behind your back so you but is 1 file and these based on
SQL like see of we use as feel like between code you buckets and his feel like these are not saying it again small fast and reliable let's see
the definition that it's on the website so as well so good stuff right is self-contained you need multiple files you need to have a server right you just interact via not is to a sequel calls but no configuration provides Redwood falls has transaction even you know like trigger transactions is its dual 92 compatible to you have all these groups you know joining some views and and these widely deployed save you search is pure light and Ward you guys are using pure like you will find that folks but the Android what's you Apple adults guide are all using so it's been proven so know let's use
now they're all the good things as well it's what's the maximum size than that 1 of the biggest advance this is that he's 140 terabytes which is I think that's awesome it's very very good and you can do the calculation there description about pages in bytes and so that's 1 thing SQL container is the light is very cute and that's why respect art and said that's users kill this talk about simple
sister so if you know about the database that OTC has we have an implementation that obeys the all right should start and before anybody knows what OGC's OK so what does knows about the disease OK good so we have an implementation database where East so it is self registration so in body that has an implementation of any OGC standard can go there and register right so here we have this is a screenshot it took some weeks ago so you can see well there are total 494 registrations for Web Map Server 1 . 1 1 that's like the number 1 but implementation we have you know see but you can see here and in 4th place you disable features SQL we have let 92 implementations and 57 products that are compliant and I will talk about what compliant means in a few seconds so it's widely implemented so again you here and attacked yes it's widely implemented is a good choice tool use simple feature sets to L so you package that is going in the correct direction another good thing about simple features as
square it the sequel is that is not only a naughty C standard but also an ISO standard save you know OGC has some agreements with a lot of standard development organizations such as ISO and an OGC standard can become an ISO standard are we just need to reformatted but it's the same expected you know he's you will get it for free in ICT will bite that is the same thing so it's widely recognized good 9 a circle you'll
beat about and then this is maybe too small by the geometries are supported the new package so you will see that this is based on the simple features SQL specification us so we have geometry point-line stream bowling on small viewpoints Malta multiple appalling as an geometry collections so those are you know the basic types the basic geometry support so what else
than there are various ways to in cold these vector data and there's a thing called well-known binary geometries right that encode these in political blocs were binary large objects so this is an example for example how you in cold in cold point in binary so it's very good because we are using you know I think that the best way to encode um so it is very small footprint end
up in the the we can support or packets can support I linear to the geometries with optional elevation and measure values you can have in x y x y z and x y z and for example the he's also screenshot of this simple features in tables you will see that we have a 1 geometry per column and another advantage of using a skew light is that we can also for example use are trees that allow a spatial indexing for example where you want to do range queries and the then the altered the
3 at that point that I want to touch base ease their support for roster and tiles and so the demo was implemented based on MB tariffs specification and at the scene filed that if you package file can store all the information that you need to understand a roster and also the tile permanent if you want to have tiles in different tables and views about so solids recall or a little bit
about what we mean by piles I remember that when we are and we have a map for example we discretize the space into bias whom levels right and then um for every some level we have a set of files so for example here in in these and green part we show or doctrine show area of tiles for the 2nd there so we want to be able to capture all that information the package so this is how a pragmatics
looks like so you have all the information for example that's assume level what is there and metrics with the metrics high what is the tire with the pixels that dial height and OWL what are the units of those pixels in the tiles so that's description of the tire matrix then you have the description of detailed data which is well that is some level this is the title of a column tell row and detailed data which is this dropped I was talking about now for faster I we have the free information that we want to capture and so we can capture for example the elevation coverage and we can provide here in image photograph of the area and we also provide the admitted it right In order it had been so you can process it's you can capture information about why seed or rectified erupt to rectify out where the ways of the blocks what is the minimum maximum and the location of that roster the no so now so that's about you package at do you know word document he's anybody Ch
so some of you may say well so it leaves inside the portal you need the membership can't no so we have
changed a lot of things you know you see annotation
gatehouse so maybe some of you already know about it but it's really open for everybody to see it to commit to comment I can get cool example you can see the latest draft it is really really really very good for the whole community now only makes a decision about at the end what pull request or a change is going to the final version is is the working group but at least we are having the open is for everybody to participate and and no expresses comets save you see there are a lot of folks all DC members and non-members that participated in them when they're draft was being developed thing I want to talk about these ipodc they implementation standards we have something at the end that we call an abstract test suite which is a set of rules a says well if you want the best for example you back at you want to see the header contains these number of character that have this kind of information and so forth and we want them to create an executable test which is an implementation of we do that we use in job I using test D and when we have an executable days we
can build that appears in the old EC testing facility how many of you are aware of these testing for what are not aware of this testing facility so OK very good so I said something that was new free so this is a free for use everybody can use freak that's in facility where you can't there's WMSs GML 3 point 1 a the human prof files of GML deliver if this tool can male and in the future we hopefully we're going to have you package and we use that it we use also these and 15 website tool provide certification so whenever folks passed the test I want to get the license that we have proved that the pass the test so where does the
executable testsuite couple months ago this western the old you see is the n repository and a lot of false we're always having problems that anonymous is not working because we had only 1 branch as being open well now all OGC tests all of them are indeed have as soft tool weeks 3 weeks ago although not only there in the hope by the end of the next nice in Spanish we cite we mapping the Englishman Gemini this and most of that there there were doing now are based on testing g which is based on data you is is much simpler than what we're doing before there would using were using something called compliance testing now which I was based on excess T so now we use testing our open to improvements all always and so if you look at you know um so you will see that has a been a structure and then you will get to the actual code that that implements the assets says that I was going to talk about that I talked about so if you want to know more and you know will make these available and I will take about them in and 1 hour so so you will have all the slides available forsaking will have been preserved by the reason i is where we know that shows how current project whose Japan is we are implementing knowledge a package so it's very cold and this is a document link and this
is this PAC number not part 2 I think I have at 5 minutes no nobody's monitoring have 21 sticking out
so that the next part is how do we see share when reviewing right that's 1 the critical thing don't take it back because in winter Cabanas but but let's say and viewing cool map have additions have put together some cool layers how can I share these have multiple
layers from double the menace I can never
map with Jamal annotations I can
have a map with as the G annotations and to
and then I want to speak to do uh skip like so let's say we have right this guy that have created for example these nice map that come from for example W T S I will cover surveys right animal in the cloud using Web Processing Service then was able to handle big mannerly hate this is the path of the Curie king and the critical time is and the sky so these you'd have spent a lot of time doing these map and I want to share it with you this guy now I have all these data have annotated I will send you out but you do say you use now previously we have an instead that was called map context how many of you were aware of that OK so where using right now is all ws context which is very similar you have the document that captures all those links and references to the services and were actually got the data plazi mentations I can said that file for example via e-mail the other guy gets the file and then east able to open because we can use reference to get the data so that's what we'll do this country's about now various that couple of cool things
about it was context 1 their wrap the atom feature to this this think cannot be better for the whole community are used to pass up and feets is is very and popular so we did the experiment when we put this information and not the and we just to open with Google Maps
without being anything right I wait open suspect that works with green technologies right out of the back and
said all we affairs offering example will use here or there is no friction then you describe the operational we use the gate that they read these which is the 1st the enter point for the deliver services and then the actual uh get feature in this case so in the anatomy of our contigs document is well extend that the maximal format it contains these entries that are offerings OGC services but all these offerings can also be files and and these files can be references be a URL or it can be in line the OGC service offerings contains 2 things that get capabilities and also the request to the data right so if it is a Sensor Observation Service will get observation or if it is not the with festive future and offerings don't have to be spatial so we do not agree that put any constraint on the following also the same as the as but how we are
treating our GeoPackage all Bruce context documents examples tutorials they all the pinky so we are also welcome to going participate comment for pull request do whatever you and the executable testsuites because we need those 2 provided the provided the testing being their web testing facility and also for analysis that want to get certified at all so it leaves in the house it these are
the document links an important to note here you see well there is an older this context conceptual model then there is another these the same document is out of its context atoms encoding standard so they are and it's a different document right and then we have a 3rd 1 which is b ee opera to spending EU nearing report in that in the near report is going to tell you how to use days which is the the next thing that we want to do 2 we feel to be this context OK
so I have final thoughts and want to to use a lot more time so if you are interested and this is really a call for you to participate or talk to me I'm very lonely here's hooked up to me and that only so if you want to advance that there's there really really really need help we don't have anybody in OGC doomed the test so the folds are helping with that those are in kind contributors because are not the sponsors before that test sometimes they did but is very hard to get around to get funding for test so you said I found very useful to have a testing facility to does you back it'll do this context or the others for example were working a double the MTS test that is taking the 80 minutes and then because somebody did they give it to us that is taking very young and we have people working in it because there is no so if you want to participate and see the other terms that we have a duty C and no please welcome from many of you know about inspired inspire reusing the testing facility so it's generating a lot of of the maintenance of the of the tool that OTC hassled by I welcome you to participate in that advancing the test 2nd up we have reference implementations that what you see and I know people have sometimes a definition of reference implementation that is 1 is that the 1 reference implementation save some if anything felsted is looking to that and it is copy and follow these what know and it is it we have several and that's good because we have a stake and we have several reference of limited dish implementations that all pass the test so you can take a look at you know the 3 of them if they all part that this from me the reference implementations and I we have made also at this constant reference implementation they do need to be open source at the just need to be people available for exercising but all of them the ones that we have our open source so anyway and if you want to contribute to the specs you know how to do it go to the document go to get hot blue is very easy to create a comment and then you know some made that change the working group will take a look at it and they will act upon and any we have Emile other ideas you knew knowledge that is a school to bring told OGC or whatever this let me know reason why this is my e-mail and the use too much treated but anyway if if I did something somebody will tell me hey response so it back the so that's all thank you very much FIL any questions for In the GeoPackage can you
attach metadata like ISO Metadata inside the you know it with itself to the I know you cannot touch like at a nice emitted the record the and I'm not sure about it was I should be no why should be sure yeah I think so because he can them they have a bad really yeah I think so but for of that the of the in the string in the this is where the but like of on the same topic so what about the non non-unit spatial data because there is uh there is a tendency for most of us to think of this like as refiled GO GO due geodata is where you throw ever throw everything into and for the most part i'd wanna throw everything into my single GO GeoPackage file to give to my coal cooperated elaborated sending it to the plan just and just have that sort of open but we can you know you have this structure in the pocket that as meta metadata necessary feature classes and if we wanna throw a few other items you know shrug uh or would that become more part of the standard to tie into the question but you know the better better as I would like to also add meta meta metadata about minor not mine my non-spatial so setting there is a minimum set of tables that contains the information about what the file contains you don't need to have everything if you just want have for example you can put altitude as 1 vector data you can do it so you don't have to have everything to just speaking inches and now you can define your own feature data so maybe you say well maybe I can encode the metadata records in the table says that's a new feature net shoots up the question is if there is a way that are the you back to standard can can understand that I'm attaching an isomer data record or emitted at the so I know for there are ways to do it but I am now I will I will ask and then contact you with the correct response I think you thank you we will talk about the