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Trusting the Crowd in a Geospatial Crowdsourcing Application

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Trusting the Crowd in a Geospatial Crowdsourcing Application

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Trusting the Crowd in a Geospatial Crowdsourcing Application
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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Crowdsourcing is known as a way to gather information and data from the general public. In last few years crowdsourcing has become the cheapest and one of the most efficient ways to gather data. With the increased availability of smartphones and smart devices, the general public carries a communication device with increasing computational resources, which can also carry a lot of information. With Web 2.0 the access to internet has become simpler and easier.The crowdsourcing application, we have developed is a rating system that incorporates trust into the application. It works by gathering data of the busyness of hangout places from the crowd, specified in terms of a rating of the busyness of the establishment. The data gathered is shown back to the public using modified ratings and the trustworthiness of those ratings. Ratings are shown in real-time and on a map. The end-user platform for which the application is built includes Android and the web.HTML5 and PHP have been used for designing the main web page which works on any end user platform. JavaScript is used to display base maps from OpenStreetMap and Google servers.PHPMyAdmin is used to manage the MySQL Database. Java was used to program the front end of the application.The dots on the map range from small to large, with a small icon indicating a quiet place and the largest icon indicating a busy place. The trust rating shows our confidence in the rating of busyness, using an algorithm that produces a result ranging from 0% to 100%.
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mining synchronization and down from the universe of Canterbury New Zealand honors from the Peking University in India and then you can talk about a project that on move undertaken and all Siobhan was an internet online university at the this year so we don't amendment in a trust model in a crowdsourcing application so start an instrument because I'm halfway through just introduce it and
so a an applications developed called rate it's from a crowdsourcing application and which right the busyness of establishments establishments like pubs balance restaurants and then this racing also include the trust rating and trust rating of the writer of the past who provides a rating until a gets some since so symmetric of of how and have we that rating is and to give you the context and so so crush its head a very big earthquake and many people about 10 thousand more than 2 and half years ago and and so landscape the social landscape of of pressures this change dramatically specific % of our and the city is gone and which is beginning the rebuild flying so it's quite dramatic for a city of 400 thousand and so on so the the the the idea behind the application was maybe think about how we can support and people of finding the new places the developing a popping up around the city because that's changing and quite dramatically over time when traditional established places for people to go to have a party order you know the base club the happening place so the call the complex Italy faces a changing quite dramatically so long so we developed with application to allow people to write how busy certain establishments with existing establishments or an identifier highlight will notify us of new establishments so thinking about the trust
aspect of this so there are well familiar with OpenStreetMap as 1 of the main to crowdsourcing and special applications out there and the 2 key in key ways that time of treatment thinks about sort of trust and 1 since trust as 1 they have some automated routines for checking the validity of sort of special features of a put up or too down where you can have you have neighborhood wardens of people whether a monitoring the new editions of data with the war for particolare spatially region so it will William L. King interest from a slightly different perspective thinking about halfway from automatically assign a value of trust to an individual who producing some spatial data and with the victim no knowledge of the individual because all we have is maybe a username and a little bit of information about the location from the GP different for
just another view of how works true omega through the technical details of how such to get all the bits and pieces but just to give you the bigger picture the Heaven of place a proper borrow some and done individuals can the option of rating that that place and you can write it from building with graduate course came from because to quiet and that's and when someone provides a trust will provide service and use special denser and more we have is information about on the username and their little information about the location and so all of them as the boats and to the application a little bit of some the trust model which looks at 2 key character sets and 1 special so when an individual creates a racing they found that that at the location and how far they are from the the location of the place at the right and and the distance between that and gives us a measure of trust so for example files and crush and as I was at and that the busy establishment should I create a rating that would be a trustworthy writing if I'm writing a from here in Portland given location that we can get from a from GPS and now the cell phone there be a report and untrustworthy rating the other aspect of the of the trust model includes a temporal on character sets so if we have time and we would with looking at some trust ratings of time and if we have a someone writing an establishment is very busy at at 9 PM and at 9 0 1 PM at that rate as required at the time difference between the dramatic change in ratings and gives us the and the notion of trust is so just again Monday
we use just a from the graduates asking just quiet average busy that end of edges can use to write the data so use so we
just tested out the day at the um the application and crush itself on just using some data we have recorded sunk would still come and um and we disagreed and a number of datasets including and basis of existing establishments with the view that we can also extend that most people find new establishments so the so the data was derived from of Freud goes in move and that is on board into site act that is that was converted into my Stewart on of the debates are so that they will stay gotten boarded the Maestro database what do these maps followed up from will maps and listen listen I'm using MapQuest because of this problem in on the limited map lord's day so on and the wallet application is if anything in each game and 5 so it's it's an Android application of the diaries and the development of mud the application is not needed application softer I'd literally move after this later but but the B coding is done so it can extend to the database and then there was doubt them the Dallas repaying and they seem 5 holdings of pushed onto and back from the that platform and I'll iPhone as well I was start from so our and these are some of the tools are used this shows the bead arrays which as need the tables are the ones which is that in 40 stores the bases data so dies of bases around 4 thousand find bases all around using on the other 1 that is still people upbeat leader has a
has my 3 of I
Hey yeah I the
people stores might just 1 that is rich comforts who runs inside a database it by the Dutch more as the main things distance dying and they use a gun so we count the number of users based on readings so once a user rates of the Donbass discounted and it's it's in the there is which then goes into our so that the use of a well and they signed on to the limit that is the people in the world which also on but which does the functional so that just sitting as our in the beeper there and here's the the as we how how we store of data so we get Latin long from the user's or Wi-Fi all of the and the moon by data so there is are we know the location we so
here good to enable so yeah 1st I use to to standard navigation from about that to where they start and 1 states and
stored the users to play games on the
application and this is in both GUI which are did you work out to expand you while the application works then there's at this rate in order it's been rest a day
to day on the view that ubicada images which I used and this is hollow and it automatically assume single lapping is on the basis of it so if the user is asked to see these are hard on you Christer so that these and a window that
and here I a self readings on and you have to zoom out if you wanna see other basis the this feedback within which I'll go to 0 again after some time
this shows the T R 2 things are it's quiet and the Musée images is down and its body of its reasoning and I'm reading someone's if someone's dates as standard 0 as a someone if our rates it as busy it it to our government and busy if it's quiet quiet and it's average on average
so I've used the same on good on so this is a little Yale mom Maps API was in the so does is involving the which shows might be its name lists are the prosody which goes up or down on basis but I have lasted is also going to bed with DTW on and the guy on the day and the users to select 1 of the 2 year things yes so that just sitting down this from 0
on the bus and based on the things and I was the state from the from database we have this
feedback whether which also I I have included got lose yet would so igloo forms in so it once a user topics on the feedback within it's
not business redirected do a feedback form are a user can update the order and this are this this shows that the thing so use again on often in the form and then something they're will by we can embedded on in a day or 2 and so this some works
add a new B is the same thing that you had
is this some about additions which are good on the forms as well and this
is our leader based so we get all the bases they mentioned in the lead the lead it funded areas so we have
a small site be dazzling to the placed on when so when did not know that reason from that
but these are the points which are around thousand finer points are shown on the road map are from the database here we assume that
the user to kind of a on the the feedback system was values will because we have will form it then goes into when sheet and because of that those copy and paste from there so the I like to include some
features is very like certain basis on bitch do this is they want good to I so yeah we have meaning good and that if we also going to update it of is because we need to add new base is as it comes up is taken I they had the limitations on the that 1 has to have a mobile enabled it is I it and I I have mobile it is like having been looking at a connection at the places on the the the dots mounting the size as and there's is a problem in the Golan Monte BA some of on that as and the other person sitting can depend upon it up on his own conception because 1 candidate the base as of busy if your she finds it all around in here she needed but if you as a as something yes it is thank
you I I just compare masses of masses in your from India any questions or and yeah the said that updates the couple of business right to shore up why that long out because it I got here using a manual system which is a renegade they dongle then we updated on that is why it's along back knowledge long Lambert Buddhism so we manually I so for that with the updates every thought about implementing special like for delete so if say 10 people within 2 days to this place is near ago ahead jury of some kind of threshold Our sorry I've numbered aggression so you said you're saying that if someone something people said the displaced so it's the United good that is of me you could look at to help automate so you don't have to do all the mental updates in and it was the story you started with a mention that that this a research would uh come out with the Trust-level tried to write up I missed that the victim Indians showed that this it's a thing about the trust level for individuals in this yeah stress level of of individuals and some of the individual as they produce data that contributed to go out that we do we trust waiting to be dangerous to to the context the individual and rather than it is to this because if you can tracial attract people who do more of these ratings you could also in some greater profile but but you're not doing that not that something that would be great to see it in the 1st place you wind up giving rise to this to this ability to to that would be another reason 1 of the reasons we consider that was because of we want to make a lot when you want conflict registration process so that's the template and just that and the last just the username especially interested in the time of this writing the expected to be a good thing know the we don't want complex registration process we that the whole the things that the basis of some of the other things that you know to and and the specific are ideas for the restaurants and bars and everything so you begin based of the users as well from that once we assigned the yeah the thank you thank you for your burden and say congratulations fine-grained enjoyed presentation I understand understood the on the geographic distance between the reporter and what to reporting on but in quarters then the Temple of cation of that how that fits into your trust model so he could only the the time between actions consider the changes in the way of this 1 so something in someone and they had a rating that would the the you and I want you to Thailand and the substantive change in the way that many of these so costly or conversely that they can and the in what is the average at insula questions users on the same face of what he said because it's not the actual between multiple reports from individual user but it's between users sequentially correct any you have like a time window that you use or is it just compare the last 1 of its so OK that's a lousy as a whole is nothing but it's not the user it's just OK it used to be busy now it's so we don't that was much of the data that are underneath the that's in and the last time you have nothing needed and that is our country yeah the so but but probably in some of these cases people or maybe most of the cases people just reports no once they are at home when they have a facility to to the reporting order to you when the lesser time like right so then they report about OK 1 hour ago it was the free busy in in that particular facility and or do you assume that they report right away all my more well that's that's and the people around you think you that the time that the idea is that it should be given to you because the price changes quite dramatically changed over time and you don't want a whole time all right because it may be something different to what is known so you want to present as they have yeah the that and