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GeoNode for Humanitarian Crisis and Risk Reduction

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GeoNode for Humanitarian Crisis and Risk Reduction
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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America

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GeoNode is a web-based application and platform for developing geospatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI).The World Bank, the European Commission and the UN World Food Programme are among the major contributors and sustainers of the GeoNode project and they are using it for spatial data sharing and management projects.Being extremely active in the field of Humanitarian Crisis and Risk Reduction they have deployed custom GeoNode instances to support risk reduction and post crisis need assessment.During this talk three customized GeoNode instances will be presented, focusing the attention on their technology, usage for emergency preparedness and response, their federation and the added value provided by Open Source technologies for geospatial data sharing.
Keywords humanitarian emergency resilience risk reduction geonode django
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I'm particles can I work for international law for program and the and we have to they together with the units of from work by and someone a myself from the European Commission just it's and there and they're going to will talk about the general project and now we're using them in the context of our organization do what any 1 of you is a already use that the General de just and you have and that not not many so massacre Layton journal and
his account management system for just partial information that they provide the officials for the use of such as the possibility to upload the dispersion of those at the and to publish wet mop up uh without having the people across knowledge In we will a 5th that see uh all of them have been a bad uh getting benefits from the general at the end of the NE C 1 in dialog with the same the idea that behind this story because this will get the of a basic overview of functional but in telling that you know what that the best visual so of it that we're using so awful polymer is that the largest in the nation organization and its main aim at bullfighter them and it was quite but some where there more than 10 thousand people working for the resulting session some of them are about 1 thousand that work in that quote that is this and in Rome Italy but their most of these people is working on another 70 countries in the world and that if some of their main aim of the of
program so sorry it is to support the in image system we we're using the up per hour unit I said yes for open-source but we also have a sample with the technologies of the so 1 of their own 1 of the my walk from without using it is to try to integrate the of that nodes in a system together the it we start with
that were about 5 you have several and thank developed the edge of Boston Massacre lead and when the reaction that could let the users much as a single obsessive toward just but on information and after some time where you will see where we saw that the 2 without amending the real it to work it would have been better to use an existing tool and then that we expect that the looking that included some of the culture that and that the world bank who was in its early days to stuff that and what we like more of the of project is and
that there is augmented the honor of stuck we also add the College of those that was based on open source that could but it was it was it makes much more sense tool integrate away books in the 16 community you knowing things like you can find some by thinking for much from the project so there website that make it up it was seafaring nation factor that were fishermen them the more site yeah we will talk about this system architecture later 1
of the official that we like more is there a possibility for the user to upload that especially not for this portion of of business affection solving was the general is that there's that direct emissions can go to war with former that we let into all approved the doctor to the special of the structure it it is also possible local give that mission to the information that is separate from the website as I was
discussing before we have a different technologies and we have also the they need them to integrate the system open-source systems with primary systems meaning uh as a UK shares of several which among this is possible because in the different the different extent of for example it is possible and tool for user and what services provided the my uh that could use a certain resistance 0 it's impossible to 0 user name and the next question that they acted JSI at that this variant of amazing because we're using the uh procedures form of
what should provide the user of a complex expression that is the infrastructure shortly after uh because it provides a web mapping Nanjing that user i just based on some and a matter of about and that is based on the on by the best number 2 is the middle of the week and so the default was the genetic program the summons ago when no change in it is still possible inuit Muzeja network of them in the government and thanks to the like effect on the is possible for the user to publish were this was to let the multiuser from monomodal model fits to edit the special benefit using that they have left that fast and section services and using that as an yes this fine such as huge some it is possible for user tool a manager and session model other but it was uh may thereby system used in fact the the London is the 1 of the uh user interface toward their by CSW all the server the server slide that you can see the form that let the user that that's the public permission to wear the button up Nelson and from the giant is
its center we discuss about the fact that is the evening in general but it should next hello everyone and slander mass so from the European Commission jersey have been the core core developers of June of as well as all that you see is that the European Commission analysis scientific serves as a news is the 1 that deals with all the thank you official think research of the Commission the headquarters of the season anybody in their feet the a there's some other road locations in Europe and a Q of the European Commission is obviously in Brussels Belgium and the jerseys composed by 7 institutes and each of them is divided in units and action I belong to the antecedent for the Protection and Security of the Citizen and specifically to the global emergency management and mapping actions and what do
what do we need it seems our main mandate eighties me to intervene for the rises and assessment we adopt base had together all the data and related to that is the act to the exterior uh crisis management where users salaries and on our school meet they share their data with the collection of opinions and they have a unique hot where they can uh like group all these data together in an efficient way so we decided to use and and the soldiers use and which a sexually and uh uses uh quite all so what happens is that the workflow that underneath and the oral GAS expert human use his right technology they created date there are the data from remote sensing analogies and from other sources and then upload these chips bytes you know and where and these they that they create thematic maps and the maps group over the years so especially that they got on a specific location in the city and this case so the users have immediately an overview of the situation on specific areas where the donors the other 1 that the money for the project and then they'd have it at the end uh they can they can both upload some documents that got the meeting sort the discussions but also see the benefit of their efforts because they see that the that that comes from uh the money that so disease day and
on an example of online and mapping system and the the maps created our uh data for a specific situation on a specific location and advanced search engine which has been modified the be for these generating things follows to immediately search for the Italian specific location that would you know
means the hear a nice features of GO he's the permission system because in our case their general these an public accessible but the big thing battle private so there are no publicly errors and so I user that lands and you not just see an initial page and all of the news about the Philoxenia we see an around 8 layers and thinking that 35 documents and a lot of contributors the permissions he's in is nice because ELOs to the users and allies the the managers to define grant permission and then based on the users and set of users and so for example outdoor market just see deadbeat dad and for the topic that he is interested in and he's a lot of and in general to win for which is the next release and you're working on that would be a more granular permission system you know which we don't know both the permissions and mora bag of formations for example a user will be able to just below the data but not 80 or just you we can know the lord or the me at the back and style separately to at the beginning and so we
used to customize or installation which is customized both in terms of look and feel but also from functionalities like the search engine and other other problems we can modify genetics and we use that as a jungle project which is a general template and we which we host and you got the keys used to customize your without needing to modify their underlying geo library so what would be his hair we customize abroad in the 40 and eat up on our data of that there is a a and that means the lead people to take care of the Italian also due and all the dependency the country varies the nice also the nice feature of this approach is that it thanks to the German system we don't need to write all that then plates or different tonight that we just override their what is needed in the themselves of CSS for GMM blocks or a Python functions and by the way diseases valid incest centers uh although the community provides and you would doing style founder it's also quite easy to install on samples once you have solved all the needed underlined dependencies this despite
a that these be uploaded the but they are just shape without inside so what they do is they use their general ordered mapping guy an insider to do uh draw the size of and back to the browser what happens is that these values it's automatically converted universally in just over it as it's quite time consuming at the beginning because if you went to worry very side means that an escape must have different and the variables and strokes uh talk we 1 our but was used gone mad Raphael library of deisotoping even reuse for either the bastion after they wanted to use so in its and that's it's a very low salary it's pretty much completely just add a head and a few times to Hey manner guesses into server through the administration panel back and say that for the 90 per cent of the needs the of style which is based on the Bayes and energy explorer which was open and to and it's enough
and the mobile the collection is actually an extension that the the recent experimental feature uh and these are those to get data from all by forms the point the gun a space and 3 components the 1st 1 is a decay collect which is an open-source tool that these is a fallible on on the Android and forms when he dies he reads an XML form from the web and create star-forming interface the mobile the user can fill the form become the location should the photo and send them back the result to the server the server that is format which is vitamin open source as well and it's has system translate XLS forms you x amount for the web the manager of the analyzed creates an XLS version of the lake here with all that would slow the in the form of that would be the layer becomes cut layers what is that a lot is a middleware between and format and you're not for every a user submissions from the feeling that the market and out the errors in the genome back-to-basics on positive and policies and I also thinking the fault of it will default on the photos that were taken to the mobile phone he still an experimental feature but since in general two-player for that would be another feature that is called dynamic more uh which we create a jungle boulders bounce from every year we update the the extension to use that once they had all the makings of there's implementing now and at the end hopefully hopefully will be officially released as our general model all backing but what
is especially and I mentioned before that it always we're building also other kind of data Gerald as a document application which he told local non-spatial they got like any kind of document and get the chart the video or whatever but some of these documents are are related to the special because the government of a general so when the user uploaded documents can be communities document to date 2 layers is document will also gain this special extent of the layer and you also sparsity searchable in the general search engine of course document can also be uploaded without thinking them to fashioning these these because documents are just related to the entire project this is what the Donald as as but like almost every layer here or every man and kind of reports and link it to them and when you look at them and they're dictated beta mapping debate you also get a list of all the reports that so you have happy to complete picture of what's going on in few for a specific situation and all that and that's the formulae there were 2 audio from the bank text
get it hi everyone from that is doing is from the World Bank of or the other day was to I will tell you a little bit about you know but also share with you how of the approach of using open-source by big organizations and instead of just hiring companies and to to work on open source which is obviously not a good idea to also have core developers within the units so they can learn a lot from the rest of the the you can then you will also help guide out where the product goes up and I work with this acid was reduction so at the World Bank of the Global Facility for Disaster Risk was reduction I we have to use cases for do you know the the you can replace you know therefore up simply a spatial data infrastructure or from glorified USB drive for your sake files and duties and the 2 use case our predecessor and policy sources my colleagues they work during the resources and but but the world like this only interested in prevention or helping out afterwards in the reconstruction effort and for prevention and we have had an experience in believe you where the was a national law God said that there there had to be of a nationwide of system for you know keeping the datasets that could help with preparedness army and then they have demanded to implement it and they had the budget but they didn't really know what to use up because that that the world bank for help with that of and we we held in basically you will 1st try do you know the 2nd of city now have a network from different ministries of health in in member because the Spanish and translate the words of military but geography institutes of Health dies the quite the whether they had no all the geospatial information of the sensor mostly pages he needed display the prose of many different stations but the also had decided to set up not only 1 is the i but basically 1 very per unit 1 pair the out for 1 of those the department so you know it's really hard for us to still have 1 and they were playing to the Federation of 1 of the nodes goal is actually try to help you with that but to have 1 in a is as of June overloaded data and to provide hoax be out see services so the oldest and harvest even and make it available and that explains was really interesting because there was no but prices going so and the guy so they suffer minds and they see just looking at the morning to facilitate the only thing we can do now is prepare is because you know the no other place the no flows of nothing going on around the right around and they do that a huge network what really big network all JSI analysts around the country on behalf of the information in the started to the warships on to to the data collection and and he says that the chili nukes after the from a sellout means providing some server space for them to play with with the 2 year Notes and that by the time this ambiguity about 2011 an by the time the 2013 floats heating believe yeah but it's actually a pretty nice because the already knew what that they had not been hadn't finished that you know that there's a funny thing they hadn't finished at the product to the interconnected thing but they had that's you know the cell phone numbers of all the ice and they just get a colon and then get it sorted out really quickly out while they would continue to build the long-term geospatial that infrastructure and but also of the Cesare charter the activated if you're familiar but that satellite Michaelis passed out for that area so they could get a recent afloat only goes that also went into that into the median of and the OpenStreetMap I the humanitarian overseeing the was engaged of whole out for volunteers to help digitize buildings and that also went on to the G a node and that information is still there so that's how a using it I offered at the
busway flights so here you have we're using it as a tool for preparedness at the for its instance of do was after
the company thinking Haiti and that brings us to the 2nd use a 2nd use is post disaster but when they suffer going on the follow links with other the different benefits dropboxes our you know leaving just files into Skype but only receive a very small group of people and and you know that's a being a a really good tool to collect those datasets and also help with the report with a post-crisis prices report that the people are to take the information about how to How to we color and since it's facing down been on the can be treated as a thriller website for the most part and then you only have and the source of many where you have the the layers and under that a catalyst you see the I
the of this a picture of them prepared misleading Bolivia was the 1st meeting of those you what's chapter there on and I don't think the was the 2nd meeting but has but only as well you know the CDs there now to will grow and live in fear of you also of just
being around talking about open data and platforms that can host that geospatial and open data we have had a chance to introduce a lot of people to the nodes that they have you should before said you know this'll web server memory studies web-based surveys are little sense to run even in infrastructure that's more likely to be out of for longer times of soul were given than the packets basically we call Music a have you to lessen the next to be able to decide computing and that's useful for things to but there are many countries in the developing world there you know looking at the guy's um open-source basically well 1st because of the course but also and not having to depend on empires somewhere else so and they're very happy I will 1st the units and 2nd it is a test abroad also quantum jails for example and other tools that that that come with their you know with those GeoPackage and the site's I worry and are happy that they came to a token we invited to that you do the order but it's really easy to all of the far poisonous getting people to give you the data are bad I have they would be at the some of you might ask the questions the the it context of presentation at quick question for a it's open to all 3 agencies 1 of the benefits and you notice the ability to share data has there been any activity between the 3 agencies to actually come up at a master set of because what we see on from the developer's perspective is 3 sets of of data which may or may not be the same thing so I you guys work together to come up with a standard for some base layers were were symptomatic such should be standard standard across 3 so what are called was a difficult question are specially because every agency if it if you take it to a simple thing like country borders for place names and things like that gets really sensitive very fast because they need not the energies of publishers of is supposed to be some tower although of authorities are better than they do for the UK the world like is saying that these countries is in a country or that the limit is here at the US each agency has a big progress it worth defining the limits so labels on that said
all and also we went just symmetry ginnels here do will be there to 1 year see an unknown b but the 1 that up there on the program that are working on the Open Data for a it's actually you know they're like for the notes in different parts of the world other you have been planted seeds but they are owned by the by the governments on and other sensitive issues if data is given by the world bank then it's assumed
in the UN and it's for development then many countries would say OK this is by data that's your data from that that the decision this in your dinner can collect my data and then it wouldn't it later so do know is right no basin discovery but we haven't had that you know their approach to Satan let's do the let's go with the size of you know you and datasets for like all the anode some implementation OK thanks
again if the