A Complete Multi-Modal Carpooling and Route Planning Solution

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A Complete Multi-Modal Carpooling and Route Planning Solution
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Sustainable transportation is a nice idea but can be hard to apply in real life to your daily commute to work or school. For many it involves multiple transportation modes and it can be a challenge to combine the time tables from multiple sources in order to plan the most efficient route. We took the challenge and worked with stakeholders from the Saguenay region to build a portal that provides a simple yet really optimal way to get around in both urban and rural areas be it by bus, bike, share taxi and even carpooling or by combining multiple modes in order to promote sustainable transport. The system built on pgRouting, PostGIS, Django and OpenLayers3 allows users to register offers or search for the best available match in existing offers, comparing and combining as well with city buses and all your other favorite transportation options. It is a solution that will help and inspire city planners or city transport organizations to bring all their transportation systems together to get people moving the right way.
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thank you come around and thank you for coming to this presentation uh I'm usually a similar quot working from ideas uh we're raising the Quebec
Canada and assign a region and we are as open source when mapping or GI especially as I we we work and the rational and this project that would show you something that we are really proud of because it was a project that 1 of the 1st project that we did for a of science and because we know what the work and there's an international these so in and the Atlantic Ocean is uh and uh the bigger organization called liturgists a and it's uh transport demand management center in their 2nd our around on Oct 2 hours north of Quebec City in Canada a then get this mission is to Anchorage active transit and multiple occupant of the relative to single UCB and transit uh which means that the try to promote the alternative to cars to the people In this again itself is 3 times the size of Portland and
under quarter of but of its population uh it comes from the fusion
of tree main centers so we have 3 down style tree downtowns and multiple suburbs and the region in itself is either on the size of an Indiana but and the population density of Wyoming so it's really really spread out and it comes uh to be a real problem when if you want to get around a without using your car
and a car is not usually a good solution because cars are costly end in cities they are not add the fastest way to get around a bicycle or bus routes are often the faster way of getting around in the in city centers but in rural rural areas of active transit are and sometimes really hard to to to had to use to to get around and the trans solutions are not many so we have the transit or like we saw in the previous
presentation will there's open Japan area that is an the 3rd and the open source alternative solution to good friends there there are services on the web that you can find but they are mainly uh perform understand strips or you can use your smartphone lower or GPS to try to get around a lot more quickly and to try to find a solution to those problems get
uh started project called it's as single into to all the resources and provide a information on the out the transportation from city to city and also provide options to carpool around the region the key feature is that and tumbled intermodality aura multimodality of the system so it it is combining multiple mode of transport patient together to give you a single point of access to plan your trips there there are several components that we will see in the the following
video and that and
story which
and this
and this and this and that and the other thing yeah yeah
yeah and welcome to this presentation of non Treasury that CA out at this website allows you as a user to play in a transitory search for her drivers or passengers and
only few of woman you can access all results look on the form is in the form of a quiz that was used to create the limiting step by step in order for them to to
understand what the heck you can remember just fall all them into the fields which can be used to do all the things that you can choose which intuition that you want to show the user and the and and if you're right it was often sheets because we used to evaluate the license the beginning the political with this is that the and so on and do the work of a I all the must accept the terms and conditions of the that's linking it to a molecular and this is the case and you know 1 of the simplest of restriction you can enter your e-mail
country lies in the the the top of the just click the link
the and
and you know all the time and
that the during the 1st this is you will be asked to complete the 1st nutrition you for such as having a
vehicle in the 2nd order so that at least 1 destination quot this information
the symbol for the use of the website the interesting results for the system supposed to and and and and
and and what
the an example who live in trees other
persons 2 moles of transportation the consumer search to look at the public transit compared the in the in the in the book in which included having and this and this and you can find the post of
for the post in the fall of
the form
and you're willing and presented to the user and the outside the screen this is the time and
and a and
B are and it's
a standard format you like we can
proceed to communicate with the person I quickly and what to say and writing an e-mail by calling person 2 inches whose support has
confessed students will be available in the short like this concludes the presentation of more reduction for tuning in and here I will talk about some of which the the I understand
so the the the the OK now that run as the sun stuck in their head the like was I would end that day the platform is a tool to help people get around that the city or the region uh many Bikel calling for now uh you can select an originated and that this nation add some filtered and uh of it's to have some details like if you want a the smoking right or you can specify used gentle and you can also makes all your mode of transportation the and this mixing of uh different modes is really a key feature of the platform again you can add it makes uh different well be the carpooling with the busses and the active of trance uh transit like walking or biking this system will automatically calculate optimal trip uh by mixing all your moves and will help to get around so you can walk to act cop would pick a point then uh get drop off at the bus stop and Walter your destination 3rd a bus ride the platform has been also else people to come communicate to to a charter by e-mail by phone and SMS is coming as a driver you can ride or so far passenger as a passenger you can search far right or yeah or plan and the dome about but there have also another key feature in the system the organizations the organizations are drinking the key to generate interest because often big enterprises lighter uh instead of the institution hospitals uh oral reading and of the companies uh will we need to find a way to L there were members or and Louise to get to the office every day because they will have uh a parking problem and ideas that in some of the region's not inside me where we you we tend get our parking bigger and bigger each year because we have so much space uh so the altogether member get organized again and then get there are more efficiently so you can either 1st used organizations to filter your search to be able to on the uh carpool with your coworkers or a to use the organization died as a died of trust to the trust systems a dessert and the answer to an existing organization or it's possible to create 1 but here is the key to monetize the system its organization that need to be in the system because they are the ones who want to or they are to 1 who wants to organize their users when the user wants to be added to an organization you can . de the administrator of this organization can be validated manually or for members of the Kansas uh we also developed and that of deletion apart system in that that this perspective each organization using that it's also possible to have a single sign-on system connected to or the organization extranet or interest now and the other coffee servers the and nistration side of the system that we didn't see in the video but there the the staff of the catalyst and many age and contact users or organizations that they driving licences a began gets that stick on the offers on the usage of the system on the rise being offered uh and a source for users or foreign origin and destination it export everything in in their C is the format so they can cancel the the condition in Excel here we have a
do then into the
presentations you we have been told
where we can search for example here I I search for uh what tried to get to the center of the downtown Sangli every day of the week and where do they come from so we have set stick on the can gets that stick under under cover different community people are are doing and they will be able to L. this is the uh public city the city public transport agency to to be able to offer new rides for a more optimal transits forget get back to the system what the bad the way
back to the platform can also be use of our bastion dozily can treat match between people
if you see that for example when we launch the the platform back in August we we saw that a lot of people were going to the university
and coming from our town that is around an hour away so where the staff who was able to cut cut back those people directly to our proposal uh matches or to be able to organize other means of terms a petition light and direct um I know that um shuttle and uh so now let's get in there on the good the technology we use in that that form so the system is built on on Django and uh open their Sri Google Maps did your thing and always and data there's the Django framework for the user for management uh general seem is for some of the static pages the map is done with open their street and there's a lot of Google Maps in the system as well with mass is used as the map of the base layer but also we use also the domestic I to geocode uh all the address that the the user and enters in the system and we use also the golden map rooting and trying to calculate all the the union model rooting uh so by if you the user want to have a trip on the by car all walking or riding a we can use the Google enjoying for that it's their customs and it's model or intermodal rooting engine that was built on the rooting especially for decades so it's an algorithm based on always and they that 2 reloaded we currently have all the provinces data loaded but it we could extend it to the world it's uh like we saw to presentation ago at the 10 uh it's possible to have a huge network on the filter on the region you are a so there's no performance problem unfolding more data as and we at each request we build the graph that the user could use so the graph of the or stand tall pooling options are on hand all the bus trips and the walking trails and everything
and that uh we calculate that as fast as possible the performance is quite good we are under a 2nd for each user request uh but we needed to precalculate a bunch of her of information around the point of interest for example that are static we were able to pre-calculate and put in the database of some caching of the the the network the the result are are then uh well before the completion of we the offers bears user prepare for example if the want the same sex driver and then we will a that there there are today offers that do not match and after post processing we wait all the result to uh offered in order so where do we wait under different Rosaria for example if you want to be under 5 dollars and that the person is offering you are right at 10 dollars a year it will get a review will get the result but it will be further down the list of results we always try to give a result to the user but if no results really corresponds to the the the search with areas we inform the user that we couldn't find a better match for him uh on the always and signed there was a lot of work done to to clean up the data in rural
areas and to add the walking and biking lanes there was more dense uh 6 on pronunciation that
look our something like that in with them in the region it was done by a student uh over summer so cranky uh the platform is running uh we we have a lot of good feedback the battle was launched in
August 21 it's still got better because we are missing the same in Spaulding transit and uh data uh it's a matter of time frame the couldn't provide the the data in part on time but it will be done during the the uh the next season before the end of the year uh we will also finish the response of so it can run on a mobiles devices uh and support communication In the future it will be also possible to nodes other the types of the transportation based on G DFS for example we have a X the service as well that will be integrated we could also integrate a it takes your rental cars uh points it would also they hope to be able to concede that are also 40 and of the year a thank you very much of a 1 and if you are interested by this platform to get this is open to the idea of sharing the platform to water and system like it so if you want to have more information feel free to contact us and we will to you touch I have here some business card to provide
you with your interest that presence out from multi-agent was the the per on the part of the
staff all of you mentioned that the in the in in AP there's manual repartitioning by Stan so is it
possible to automate that in the algorithm it will be possible to automate the reverse uh with the data the RPE algorithm of you were thing but that's Trenton that something that they are interested in because the uh d do not have enough traffic for it yeah it's so it's 40 it's to the user to search for their own routes right now ch honey title the using all the Google reading engine for some things but you rooting for the things that was really exactly clear which parts get done by who and what may be the challenges where in integrating the responses but it and the Green map city I was used to provide the base layer in the maps so we have a go lira uh 2 2 of the I rule network but we also use the gluing maps you rather to would you put all the addresses and the Google rooting enjoying to and a to calculate a new model trips um there was a lot of work done as well in the Google Map Maker to correct the the Google's data in in region that needed the adjustment for that especially with the uh biting lines and in some the villages that were the didn't up and the true they have a street units of quest of this you have a question about the pre concluding will used spoken with about pre-calculated grants of using the shielding of and how did you can you talk a little bit more about yes the port of interest and it was a fairly complex challenge but in the end it was that the pre-calculation was a solver for pretty easy and what we did is we use a uh built-in where it's all good function to do a thing we didn't modify every anything but what we did is we took all the point of and the rest where people could get pick up or drop off from carpooling a transit and we use the uh the jury thing driving distance function to create act network or a the OPM all the possible connecting points in that the centimeters radius of each point of and the rest and from there we can then no what are what is the distance between each point of and the rest that are the In at emitters register and also the the time it takes or the distance or by who uh walking or driving from each offers to each point of and the rest and the 4 from the start and end address of the passenger to each point of interest as well so we we save a lot of completion computation time adjust by taking the output of the driving distance function and putting it in but they putting it in that table person but it that I think that it's difficult to so uh to 1st that when you start the service you have no user so you have more success yes and I hope how do you motivate users use the system yes and is it actually is at home you have some success rate to how many how many this right here on the people actually met to find a person joining the car a and the we are quite happy with the response we have we have that so far uh this service have not been up for a month yet and we have a martins and red user reducing it actually using with a resisting offers an and our demands a all the didn't uh was quite simple is the day uh the dead the cadastre organization beyond more tragic as the there's 6 or 8 members organization so cottages universe the hospitals all did have institution or enterprise and generating a lot of traffic so those those are institutions like the courageous for example have a real big parking problems because uh inside we have a uh had big car conserved to get around everyone has a car and as soon as you get 16 you get you get your 1st car so every student as a car to go to the coming age uh so the it becomes a real nightmare for them to just manager parking lot the the IRA the it during the winter the IRA and people to to direct a student to empty spot because they don't do not have enough space sold those institutions uh really want people to start using more pleasure so the idea that they are promoting actively promoting the platform to their users so that's where the traffic come from and it also uh when the the year of the people that drive an hour every year they to get to school really want to to get people up with them on board or to board with someone to save money on gas so they they are the 2 main incense incentives more questions but thank you i'll by uh got your interests on knowing more on the technologies
or the platform will the point that CA order solution 2 with a single occupant transit the garage you