OLAP Operations & Queries (02.12.2010)

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OLAP Operations & Queries (02.12.2010)
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In this course, we examine the aspects regarding building maintaining and operating data warehouses as well as give an insight to the main knowledge discovery techniques. The course deals with basic issues like storage of the data, execution of the analytical queries and data mining procedures. Course will be tought completly in English. The general structure of the course is: Typical dw use case scenarios Basic architecture of dw Data modelling on a conceptual, logical and physical level Multidimensional E/R modelling Cubes, dimensions, measures Query processing, OLAP queries (OLAP vs OLTP), roll-up, drill down, slice, dice, pivot MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP SQL99 OLAP operators, MDX Snowflake, star and starflake schemas for relational storage Multimedia physical storage (linearization) DW Indexing as search optimization mean: R-Trees, UB-Trees, Bitmap indexes Other optimization procedures: data partitioning, star join optimization, materialized views ETL Association rule mining, sequence patterns, time series Classification: Decision trees, naive Bayes classifications, SVM Cluster analysis: K-means, hierarchical clustering, aglomerative clustering, outlier analysis
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So I had the pleasure to welcome your back their where housing and that mining lecture cycle in this way determined and in the last lecture we were talking about bomb petitioning of that the highest should be petition that between different service between different resources are also like like a hot this not brought up and we were coming up with 2 possible ways to politician basically a horizontal petitioning over the proposed a I'm that easy view of the topic of for everybody wants to get the blade insight into the to topic of Distributed databases in which we do a Elektra public next semester although not not not like some of the most off to the next 1 and think so basic that 2 ways to pump petition that was a horizontal petitioning sold a road-based petitioning reattributed state together and you can read Rosemary easy on the eye as a way to go petitioning where you group there was at attributer without together and very and whenever praised posted can work on helpfully on non on 1 and only 1 table only and that is exactly what happens to you you need to join the tables for the AVX brought the result queries of Justin Baltimore tribute band than you put in the in the petition table Whitaker's very costly operation on the joint of expensive and so you should always look what records are really used to be a something like like of record that can be distributed by year erasing nobody attaches dresses the OMX records that are more than a year old or something or your new work with of the records of the last 3 months there will be a good idea to petition horizontally and it is a world that they see the Department based on some key Altman's only other customers and other interested in all the information about the customer and some departments on rest of my life like says figures of some and only interested in those perfect and Group petition vertically will also are concerned that last week was to allow the use of cause of materials to avoid a wonderful thing because it immediately gives you will be aggregated results that you might need for on during the period of the break up quicker cost way of appointed where on the other hand how the mature allows you to calculate and as the changes that a warehouse materialising everything becomes prohibitive because of of the of the combination the possible combination of oil the dimensions in order to different agreed geisha granularity a is exponential meant that will lead to a large number of you that you could possibly materialise basically it will lead to two knapsack problem a wary of to decide which 1 line NHS and which ones are not as or so you need good cost function here are to to decide which 1 should be materialise which should be maintained out the maintained them so every time something Rodolphe every time some things updated all of 1 today or something that we are talking last week on and was about to and the influenza what should be group together or to what should be joined together all what should premature that are clear and that is something that we are going to talk about 2 days of the sector is a bubble and talking about it is that a where housing is as somewhat different than talking from from simple as he of the of and in relation of the on because we really need is for the power to close and elliptical believes that executed so that you can face the decisions on solid that from the dead away and has called on the UN and the processing so hopefully but it doesn't quite work in real time yet but many vendors like like the safety of some of of the dead where housing companies out work on the real time into racked with bat that during the year the company from hold today will talk about the typical operation that happened the and we will talk about 2 ways to implement those figures which will be at 1990 and a multi-dimensional model that has some proprietor of use of Microsoft products so you just want to introduce a them but in the following an thing about the way are the period who can 1st are that that definitely be has not yet typical inserted into table all select from table when they misjudgement of its rather you look through at home will be a lot of data so you really dress many dead record new that away and fuel address many times attributes many columns in the the way that usually only so update of a red and are basically done through the each processes from the go into the details of retail processes 2 weeks of paid unexpected next week will and so it goes to the details about the beauty of closest next week and I'm still those trees are only read the hot difficult and make the likely they can be pretty difficult to enable the joints and from of the urge to relations have existed to and that the but the big problem all 4 of the demise Asian and joined pulled 1 of the things that it would cost most time when evaluating was really really it and interesting factory and the author of The redundancies of that in the dead a warehouse is a necessity if you want to get close to real time interaction with if you want to see the results of a period of maybe 3 seconds five-figure funny and and so we need to do it as used in each of index is that speed up certain kind of trees and we were talking last week about the noble as the must still Stawski must not fixed the month low which 1 their for for which are free about the the to go tricks that are bound thought when when when working with the UN and the US at purpose is ready to analyse the data and the key where he is on the line and the directly in front of the computer the indirect was that you create the recall to interested in and use that as a firm foundation for you to later it and that that actually some of the market fall for that analysis I'm solos some people just don't drilling found that of of companies using data mining group to to find out what it's what was happening company what's going a wide and and and the mostly highly paid job so that kind of interesting to all of the things they were and by old friend the automatic savings received any way out said that allows inquiries icon of a kind of Big and left some operations that are not typical in Indian only of of Momo askew L as the implemented in most commercial databases at least until a couple of Hughes and I'm the 1 that people to so I'm was was basically the interesting things about all of this who needs to run the railways refer to the 1 that will always prefered to is receive the oldest gas Saree's saving and by had a slice of orange with says the if to do something the
You can now get and from yoga and the cost goodness so this Cerullo gnawing up the Mahmood I'm W that she would be yet all the weekend that the Government bash
He stood in the way something more than a 3rd of the field to a return Owusu was management from the subgrid decisions of all within the company but also caused government is very interested in all the that can be derived either from from exactly taxes from incomes from demographic information that allowed to 2 separate different groups of people to find out a lot of part of the population are concerned about and the scientific databases and and unstructured they to use databases and from an early queries especially for aggression and that the system of stuff like and in any case you can see that in most of the information on the current humour the time it takes to build a ripple wants to see is a crucial step so for scientific evaluation of you might have a day or 2 to wait for the results of the cars you on the results of some point to be ahead of the single photomontages especially in management area for a very quickly because of the market the something of a stranger of something goes a white assume they you detected the more all greater will be the possibilities of a and this is real money with talking about it still seeing things 1st all seemed in immediately is this is a very good idea of the sort to be banned and the takeover request that that might operating in your company want to be the tightest compressed have to decide can either in West up a business mathematical that can be invested in a new markets in Asia were enough the to compel to get a feeling which investment would return investors moved off a return on the investment side for example things like to show me this is a region for this year and compared to that of the previous week to identify what happened so Mockett growing among the train gained I'm Hobeika MP editors obligating on me and the and the stuff like sentencing are multi-dimensional ratios so you could have something like OK I'm not consider about certain items just considered and and and the autumn that I'd have some geographic location and what has been sold between 1st of May and the the and put put some arranges full of that and been and just interested to see what happens on not the benefit of ranking statistical profiles so for example you could say I'm 1 the means all be averages all the standard deviations typical under statistical aggregation's functions and as well can also introduced ranking they update my 10 most profitable said all 10 most of the bookstalls like this Mullen them all of the 10 the profitable stole psychic close abdominal of Stalin advertising campaign for the stalls old whatever it is that it might but need the inflammation and need this information and other thing is as cost consolidation joining the income statement quota of the last 4 Cueto's full multiscreen operation which has agreed a two in different ways from the new that she can all of Bob shoppe double the size high charges and then I can't see what happened at least get some data to find out whether you sufficient suspicions were found to do that you need some operations that are typical fallout but not typical for and basically the for operations of computer last response rollout which means to move from more details less beating the opposite of growing up as drilling downed moving from less details for more details began slice and here that you will do not interested in some things aren't just interested in and it and the single program irony the queue full prop just interested in the same size slices of couples from the ice and the last 1 is promoting of rotating which basically means that you make that she of all of the the for easy consumption and in the and perception of what happens in the operations like aggregate functions set us a statistical aggregation's like regression analysis of variances all means of the median computational something that can be pretty annoying and and ask how they can be built but it said this kind of complexity and time consuming for having aggregate function beyond what of the assignment talent and and average that it is a good idea singles for ranking functions told him in the top 10 most talked 20 of something that was a good idea and then up to less in Bolton drill across all good through idle to and to keep the Leicester on the 1st 4 million planned operation that happened in every day and the 1st trans-Colorado throughout the some people also said drew which is kind of these are because you can read into something but you come to the UK if it so that the year that so I'm but it and in any case the rollout takes the current aggregation levelled the current level of details of the data that you interested and and just moved to a higher level of the 10 best paid some of the damage for basically 2 ways of some rising but that you interested in what is really climbing up a hierarchy and moved from from the days of the information to weekly information to use the information in at and losing details basic this world called hierarchical roll up the like just say where I'm not really interested in all the different products and having each where you per were product but where the product is just tell me what to say the word and the losers will them engines and happen of this called mental reduction and and that could have cost the any makes between the quote at the same time engines and the rules of the level of detail in some of the data and and basically with the summarisation off that I'm getting the bigger picture of the said the 2 possibilities from the said high rocket roll up will consider you some of the time mentioned that chosen Elizabeth
Like that the 4 x of the year the of the location Diamond and then my career may be concerned with the city's that in lost and was told and everything that led to move during a Hockerill out a move for the district and published for a move to the region and for much of the possible and the aggregate that account see what happens every city but I'd have fewer values because I'm only just in the regions can happen and the 2nd thing that can happen is that the demand Journal roll out what happens here is that for all the time engines that you have to just dropped 1 of the for for example climb on not interested in the climate he will just a cricket over clients those which funded again and losing inflammation getting the brought the bigger picture and Jim understood
Difficult to understand what happens when when you really up at the top for so you on the highest level of the on and on the early basis what happens if you don't like to stop rolling up again that were basically reduced well the same number which means the single factor of effect as sales everything you sold everywhere for of everyday products at every time some is just agreed gated into 1 of the number of mobile number and this is the same number of describes your business in a way you could say that you can't get too much of that but this is basically what but what would happen the and if you if you can't stop it said some product level and aggregate agreed aggregate and and end up in the sections of and the and the apex found them basically you have lost the statement that it happens to be on and his its off though role the real downed on until the that a look at more detail level and very often also called dominant because the Royal Opera would only after her death at the aggregation operation as 1st you have to see that when introducing new dimensions of your not interested in the and in the city's any more you interested in each individual stop you got ahead of added to the you can not dreaded on below the level of your time engine Edem engine is built on days when you come have a lead and a new dimension this belonged weeks when you come to the death of really depends on Monday how we build how you plan to do well house and it's a across the matter if at some point you will notice that you need more details that and I don't like walking away and leg at the the estimate of the last 20 from British of calls for more Didier at the way the because the wealth of the book cost an assist trade off again and you have to decide as the bill of the dead allows you have to decide what level of the conceded for strategic decisions and how much would it cost to actually get the said of the 1 and stops based on the other hand in time for the revaluation of the of the database called it usually used to prop who agreed to sell to show you how those 2 principal of growing up and drilling down can be combined with look for example at some of of alcohol businesses are so we have a table that as well as set off by losses Jose Boston and the roots of what did they sell on per week so for example lost 3 weeks of my final for example in the 1st week the Alito's will really well before adding and and and kept so and so full week I'm for full last 3 which sort wasteful told before my the show on the other hand the only Journal seems to be going down her like and see a lot of things in the step of for example jaws might need an appetite for the more cost up it was this information on growing up and not at all in any case who has studied what my sales over all the different parts that our interrupt abide this is done in roll up because of Toby losing the by inflammation of the bowel so idea aggregated all the data and a concede that while my business of all week which this a kind of rather state of of depending on the location to the information that justice soups last week for a week is lost can only see what happens in aggregate and hour might be interested in well so well that types of drinks to self walks well produces about talk to to get the re died and process said the profits I'll do drawdowns by the brand that is that another time mentioned and stay with the time that mentioned and are all this number of this kind of split into the different numbers found back from about of both the Indian can see the for example of a well published Popplewell tools to get a better deal on what I'm doing and some of that happening here is exactly the right without number from the book and adjust see the number in a more detailed level for the UK and the rest of the typical where you analyze the have questioned mind give cost in mind and on my planning and appetising campaign for 1 off for 1 of the the bombs which 1 should be Walpole Beatles and ash talk to some producer of the year to get a better deal which on should be named and wealth of the world so that basically end a relaxed about very often operating operation this slicing and slicing means that on view you cut the queue this with a slice comes from he takes slices because you are only interested in so many value if you consider the acute the movers beautiful in England and found you the dimensions here and there and cutting off single values basically means this week cutting out some slice of Cuba and you aggregate everything that in the light and the rest is just protected away the spot that some of interesting for you just projected with the basic to for for example you could protect on the geographical patient all NYTimes because you only interested in that a single part of what the whole problem and but a single public which means slice is to keep the full time engines of geographical patient time in every week 11 you might want but still it's kind of like the protect and on the stock and the time you need a full thing here and the amount for which the amount as the sales tax year and the new to the selection on a pent the basic to what it amounts to the problem and he is which spent the whole Cuba so he of for example that surrounds and here are the top of the world and you have out the slice the project the rest away await at the along this and you keep
Every of the damage this of slicing book a busy day of corresponds to the thousand and and ask of waves a when they miss my or of something like the same thing only multi-dimensional and and bassist very similar DIY's is basically a slice over a range of set out on only laptops and laptops and the South this 2 slices which makes basically a small queue for the type of basically this out and again protect all the rest of day but not what I got out is not a doesn't lucid and engine but still keeps them and in the summer of upon basic did it is arranged the select and that the selection has to be a conjunction of the and says something in a set of values of something a smaller than 5 all bigger than 10 0 something of between 5 and 10 not something that would in any way you can you can be fined arrange you can use this election the of a thing or the other dimensions state intact and again at the fact measure as as the central assistant and 2 here says exactly the same as full of life so dicing his multi-dimensional slice when slicing you the Diamanti enticing you keep and just use of range of the surf example you could do a house and a car as he slept on to them and try to and find a you want optical idea to be laptop and you want among flighty to be December I'm interested and laptops sales in December than eye will slice the and will slice the time with in December and the distraction of that in the UK and it's clear that the 2 sides the this section of that is that dice week stating the fact stating that the amount of unit sold off type laptop for the month of December Oka for this is a typical dicing get last thing now want to talk about as operation as riveting pivoting all rotating means that you rearranged at a full hearing purposes the best says exactly the same so you don't use them engine you don't get any details you ask that was sustained dead Ali sometimes 22 spreadsheets can be very comfortable to be able to rotated and away and and and say now I'd around the Boston by time want time by boss same information as a way of presenting the for the pivoting is just information presentation from the UK and so I'm basically the simplest fuath pivoting is taking 2 0 damaged and then aggregate the measures what you get is a stretch to go Exel types that she'd where you want them in the 2nd Diamond and other table fields are just filled with was the aggregated values of a match that is because people can agree three-dimensional that all 4 of the 2 would allow some ways to visualise that of still or most recalled that you will find are strictly become service to dimensional the to damaged to and a this basically uses of to be the way of doing it witches called across tribulations so you wonder across a 2nd dimension the table from the with all the match to the revived for example the fact table sales here and time engine 1 location diamond to time that the key relationship between the Prime and the patient and the fact that the Gulf of Thailand and I'm in the statement for the interest of not cross tabulation of locations her time agreed dating the amount of which basically the mesh that I'm interested in a sale that could do not act and give up on City and data which basically put the city on the excess here and that they don't ecstasy and if he although some that you need for a group of these of the basic amounts that have been sold on Monday in Auckland or something like that and you can see the way if you now say a wanted pivoted on day and see what happens basically is that this best she is 1st into this patch but that is exactly the same of 66 a 16 year it's just that the the access have been exchanged sometimes as easier either printing when doing the rip-off or full for Load perusing of the information so for I'm getting the information across to do it 1 way or the other and that should be able he should be able to do that and in the club's Nouriel without having to move the base of the for you need to have a statement that nothing happens to load that the same sort of those same things happening Saint-Denis just different presentation of a long dead and so when you expressed all up Co operation is very hot do do that and to which from by Wahl's talking about the scale because all you guys no less who your head Relational that this is what some even relation of the with things so so you can ride as the statement what may take the method of possible because it off and from the economic of scientists guess from any of them not to call to write a scale statement next to her at night it would meet the haka big the business intelligence helped but they get the business and that will be be interesting very difficult of something like that has happened this up is very often the and wildlife client in the faces of the view that the faces of that hideaway the actual implementation of called presuppose opposed to the way the actual at Yale statement order the from the use and the and what you get to suspend of something like that to store appalled we can see the numbers and the figures and and you just picks through and use all this slicing enticing been talking about for road owned by Caumont rather than riding the ask us at the very convenient to already and and in the next the to a we want to show you some of the tools and the hot to interact with them if you for bad about your S L and if you're a columnist solo with seen some some of the basic operations 1 needs tool government 8 comes full time people Processing 5 were selected here the lowest of 4 a softer Solutions which show you how such operation scheme to perform and how the graphical using the face looks like the 1st exemplary some crystal decisions that they have Road makes alive in the face publishing face where they presented
The engines for example Shia we have pulled out of a mention in the by mansion about their presented as expected 1 on the on side won on the road side is that the into tool to to perform something like this could probably all noise poem comics
When it comes to trade their Manchus things will become a bit more complicated disillusioned was OK we allowed but the them mansion are unlikely different pages on behalf of the 1st page with the 1st suppliers with the for about and dispersed the 2nd supply 1 to supply chain And though this way we can still navigate followed the about although it pays to buy a mention of the week and he used it to boot diamond Chen's again pretty pretty to achieve that move ahead of the have not damaged its for example points in the pound will which which has a buy mentions the road the supplier about strong and die if you want to rule and what I do something like this again pool of political them mention of space then you have to use some weeks like for example you presented the timing days as a slide in Dutroux's that the drug would be working on for example where all seemed a bit of from Monday
For stone about and that can also Bari mind my measures to see my board more says by the and so on so different kind of on to use these tools for to the mention of space again just easier and cheaper streaks another solution which is also used by the end here again the system decisions on using next next nesting by some extra for example of I'm going to want to to know him he could organised might provide on
Measures by the new and cost and and club The brought again like can also slide told over time their mentioned here with an another on told could led school pulled the idea mean frosty edged the video wedding in the face again you can choose their mentions during distant integer poor example of came interesting industry that mansions and camel also did they don't hold this them engines and I'm interested in the time their mentioned by that delivered in this for a liver and part time gram editing by 1 exactly these 2 meshes measures will be shown and then I'd get my 3 point here against a nested solution and they can only be pressed on Oconto like this 1 and the lowest my information and maybe get a vision of a Norwegian O'Hara might be the sea but the and not very complicated by the operation can then be performed by going into the diamond Chanel about books in choosing defending these of granary and poem to the or months and point before the importation I follow on pretty easy staff by uninteresting pool pummelled Blue again for for the idea and it is doing good use the word about the 1 can also performed and that not least because they became so public vacancy or Cady's is how did the evils over time the files on and again game knowledgeable Ivanoff some some of the events that have happened happening the full like for example something happens there are some big city for on the new shoppe and there can be no question that this were I'm handle came moments my says and other interesting though the plotting to is the Biotechnologies Blue will computer model completely multi-dimensional and integrated into pulled into Microsoft except that they part Dynamic only points this is an accentuate where you can pick in the sector measures about mansions them and it is dynamically the found use each year we change graphics will be tested this is why you actually this only works with with multi-dimensional save of they die without because it eye would have 1 of these I go in and then we went to press for press on the year and Iwunda says for 2 thousand and this is not what the alliance in the right way and a need for weight and then as seeing what Hepburn's when went for the ball point is storey a saving and we have to wait for 1 of 4 minutes and makes it wakes up and Scholes me this is not nice with Biotechnologies it works because they have everything they are drinking where they can do it for me to use the but as I've said its great integrated the Nextel and for this reason you can you can see the results of my 2nd you can the from of the Dons for example Shia the of what it means to live on the other here she Campo example choose your from the example of the city's Board of was Morning and songs and stop myself but and Paul about performance clients for but he is the 1 I thought for example and so this is how all out graphic their faces today but it's not something extraordinary but this is how the face looks like this is what the business and the City
That and the next thing is how doesn't work with talking about the operations does not that of cross of very important to see that this has to be brought down to the actual underlying system was set with city to underlying system that are possible because I just the something that a multi damages that this sort just started as as the bunch of Lions that you can't get through was that Kerfalla who would couple where the in relation of the place and if you have a multi-dimensional database the good thing is that the author had to face and immediately work on the multidimensional representation of because everything with a gradations or there and you can you can immediately that if you are working on of racial that based since a slightly more difficult because you need erupt well Relational up some that was actually the calculation basically transplant the that period that you have into Relational way of expressing the period which basically is ask you out and about and then the front end of the presentation interface which is something like like that you just showed man Mahmoud ago Blake and get into recklessly that are also see the recalled built statistics out of them graphs also pipe pyjama what every need and costs that we were talking about the the High Road approach with basically based on the new racial that they system but there was some men multi-dimensional of representation of at least the aggregate of some of the interesting that and then do a kind of a mixture between them so if you need to go down to get the bad directly from from the Relational stole some of by chaotic amounted to working on aggregate forget directly from the large dementia database and the horror of basically I'm to to coordinate about what is going on which Donegal's where income from where a pick up in any case the user just sees the presentation and just intricate on the presentation what happened it was lot into faces all public whose before is usually not what the use that Systems the ability to pick a client survive detected a big database the peak where houses and you don't want to work on these where because of everybody would do that it would get any information with just cost too much time with 2 choices you find displayed a canny the beef and ship the query get back to that for presentation world you could find device that they should general curious get a lot of back agree gave that are on the line divide and and present at full of protect which advantages of clothes off but if you do aggregation of client device service some all less loaded good idea of the many people who currently uses survey on the other hand you that of the network the bottleneck of and having declined to say what we could do it again but the trade off until the autumn the environment in a new company to walk what actually I'm in any case the client devices devised the many palatial and the work with the that is done because of the scent it said this kind of a and the and the ball at least in the early this kind of firm and and active Croesus really a dress the that and and then stop drilling dialogue and diamonds all take out time engines just as he information each changes as the the information that you into changes and this kind of some on the right and device invoking the old up operation to the survey on the other hand is responsible for providing the data and and should be the immediately aggregating them just shipping them so they can be equity from that clients provides a highly exit that this is is provided depends on the on board to using the using multi-dimensional potential hybrid all all 1 of of the owner of the All observer is definitely of a big engine but so it should not be the bottleneck otherwise you decision making all your decision suppose systems will get into serious trouble specifically designed supplanted operate on a multi-dimensional that structure the point here is that sometimes the structures that we know from the base of the work the for example that the bigger discussion at the moment going on about whether column straws all roast also tradition of that bizarro stalls you you have to the table and you just below every wrote if it wouldn't be my sensible to spread columns and so that the death toll ones at tribute should be stalled together and then the next which is 1 of the largest demobilisation that you might find in a life so basically every every at tribute it is its own table the links to the of that of course is if you do it like that if you have that kind stalls you can't aggregate very quickly because it will be just a stand for them and then you know the average of the media of what interest where in and if you still of red or white guest jump below records and find out what the depends on my mind what I actually doing the best does a lot of of interest and a lot of new development at the moment and the technology for the and they will go into a column engrossed also the of next week and would be ready so as optimized for flexible calculation of transformational the that based on the relationship that are given by the old or if you want to prolong and at the moment if you go into more detail if you want to grow up and I just agreed gated of summit Apple used Proactol will have you need of the race but there may either physically stage to damages information which would be more about it has much to them and that it may start day in relation database and stimulate the mighty dementia exist to the dead for allow their basically makes it somehow the hybrid of St and so when but asking the 3 out the work we have to distinguish between the 2 things Relational 1 and and multi-dimensional on on the other hand in any way out what you presentably users allways multi-dimensional self these the slice of the pie in the face of that which assault that will smile to damage sometimes the but my complexity like a basically comes down to about how do you a hobby of these rights freedom before the mental 5 them all that spreadsheet the different that diamond means that this kind of difficult to go work with the but still exceeds the MoD's dementia information basic rate comes down to is the kind of huge of classic comes alive in dispute with of of these slices of the of the season so far for the folly and rising purposes of the debt should be presented in a full that makes it easy to understand the to see what the basic point is all what what what really happened of if you want to create that we need a clear and left is the gruelling which for up comes immediately to mind as said that 2 ways the multi-dimensional way and the police away so the relation and of course at the Ellis the ruling beauty and has helped to 92 is not able to deal with the with most of the of the AHL of all the only the restricted sentence will see a couple of examples of a man that the as them that has been extended for skills real of 1990 the 1990 most of the concept of a full of became part of the skills that have sought world the different vendors beat Oracle Deby 2 old side Sybase what about not off multi-dimensional function for the 2nd possibilities and I X the of language that have been designed by Microsoft I'm full expressing was damage the family life of for more about all grown up boss so this kind of approach which but and generally there is no
The theory language for this is a mix of was there already from the look from bullet go couple of clients are so 0 1 the introduced new functions such as the break up of looking at the group use we can say that if they are in the scale with find very difficult to see what they should do so what does the scrutiny before find OK he is the fact table these obviously Dom engine Louise and humour is the 1 that demanding that kind of restricted by some value of this would be a what operation and this will be dancing exactly and we have the second 1 he said to some value which means as slicing exactly and we have group that operations he said and we have some every degradation functions so that the 2 could understand what the saying actions that surround its that it's much easier to say OK on size it wanted a sit out of the Atlantic attracted from from the from the S K out so the idea is to see that by a tribute to of the men's all ruled attributes of them engine bigotgate some of the functions that deal that that you need I'm and this can be for the pre a difficult functions so for example statistical function for the media of a standard deviations of the lot are definitely not part of the ethical standards are not yet provided for and and as it was but 1 of the the cost of as he on 1990 for Popescu full of the sort they introduced some new Kamaz grouping said rollout up to bigger come unstuck you would find in any time or 11 when they also added some new agreed functioned like the median load water and lost but all the talk a tide of very simple for of Sri time if we look at Ascot 0 9 2 2 EST go to bomb for a minute we will find this a Sahaba impossible to express multiple aggregation compressors all the reporting features that needed for and when you try to do it he would immediately before a penalty because during the function needs joins need set applications from and their off work well correlated use all of you here is that have to be built before and so that the things that we learn about the British on the basis to make up for the most time in on the 1 hand of period of Optimization on 1 and Freda Execution of most of the things that really terrible hold under an of Chris you don't the statistical functions need by almost a 3rd looking at multiple aggregation and as the 2 World Trade to damage the spreadsheet that shows some of sales by and call order for for that every step of the way to do and also here it's separate agreed a so to get this to be the creation to get this has to be integration Korea to get this to be a completion in the same year and then wonderful the apex for everything that he has said different serious I'd have to say that the media select Mahler makes some from the amount from sales grew by model make that mobile that union 1 of the functions of the big for for most of the time but then I'd do the same for tomorrow's only for the make only an order unions the results to be at his side to a fine of up to a week huge before most penalty as single for comparisons what happens if your computer's but if you compressed of it they seek the different that this selection compared the results of money Monday's from 1st clear for the 1st you that accused for the other users and then governor of the differences all W due to appear at the basic needs self-taught you create a view the basic to give you the possibility to do to get the aggregate Italy's group leaders and then you go through that you say view by saying Okeyo in this year and all of the next year and this is how you get the averages between the what happens here is a self drawn between 2 instances of the year the current year of the last year but basically a relaid the sales from the current year to self over view that this is not materialise evaluate every time he off the Maori feeling this again parable before a bad idea singles replacing features a nasty of 92 How do you do ranking just their how do you do and how so the top 10 per cent of the public when it was published by P off book something you just can't do it qualify for 5 billion called him economic application just look easy to express media
After doing a period in 1 of the bomb in 1 of the ratio that of what exactly well off people to ability to build the novelist your period that with Calculate the media very little people actually got the right statement that doesn't and evaluating the statement took for each of the dead idea to do that over a abide of that the single celled arriving photos moving averages cumulative total and the science of of not supported by the other 2 to somebody who would want to have a moving average 0 3 day windows of doses 42 product again you would need to be reviewed 1st that the basic agreed Asians and and then new which have to consider a sale trade over the view over the basically take the and time from on view of the smallest autumn from the other you and the and time from the other view is the smaller of the start of a two day get 3 days window basically and Group by the time that will take him to the screen a window basically again it that drawing over here and will be still be sales and you have to create the view the materialises or calculated every time like this is that terrible before selected people do not die are some endued functionalities and databases that can do you a book reporting and some of the functions of the great cricket stall procedures and stuff like that and this is a tool of has been done aimed at scale 1990 out there have been a set of grouping operate as that have been added to the steps to the mix and these are basically extension to the group by operator that are very often used the group except the roll up and the and with that would make are operate that made it so that it cost will which you can add questions had set by what extensions led to allow a valuable for doing the actual pull up the creations that we need to to do and a said that see the extension of mobile grew by operator of of the scale of the proving that the real up and the actual queue so I'm the grouping said replaces the Syrians of union curious that all only use to agree gave the subtotal of somebody of something like like a selected public name and that all the doctors title and how to stop for a while to count hominy each job title thought it might be possible for a union which from with the job but that actually have a could also use a grouping said that take those of the aim of this is basically the job title accounted for by the public as a group and the bomb and the union or the inefficient thing to do because it is a sad based operation this statement was the grouping said can be very efficient evaluate I'm 1 thing that happens however is that I'd into the use of some of the cost of at the time for some of the drug by 1 of these Novelia's the intriguing basically they are the subtotals all place told for of some of that can be Calculate the problem is sold as a way of not overly in that don't know hominy of some job title they are in the fall was the total public computer total amount of early just take away the lawful Goodacre possible maximum all for put it and that is 1 of the problems that can operate itself up by just looking at the life of the so that could be another year that is generated by the grouping function as subtle you that it could be that anyway and to be able to tell their friends about their as return value of the proving function which estate to grouping of dropped out of law for example which returns 0 for now in the dead of and 1 4 generated look competition as either not yet and on the 1 hand it's impossible because there are some lovely so that a new contract to of the lake is a possibility to distinguish between aggregated and generated between between dead and mild and generated by new regenerated the basic to what I'm with these grouping sent you can basic the duo all kinds of some of of of what multi-dimensional agreed patients and 1 after 1 of the operations that we were concerned about what the role of the Board of the Royal out of relentless basically I'd get them in the eyes good aid and tie Diamond and a the subtotals over the statement and in my dad separate Pettitte table by using grouping said that had additional lines for this October and the end of do rule out like and in a certain direct looms details of for example via the Beastie as time and the next step would be to use the information about aggregate all the dimensions of the Headingley was a as a group and the next step would be losing all the dimension of the unions and is also used information about the damage that will be the apex that will be the 1 number describes everything that this might my company up basically it as a group they are then locked Abi it means by taking the following grouping said into account and just look at with use the losers level of of information from the UK and is a put and elements in the role of set and that means and plus 1 group except all the different possibilities plus the and a not so that the old lady is really important because it was a see eye get this grouping said it its I 8
The 1st time engine Toulouse is a sight to see the back the seat and the appeal of a different way off of losing too that the diamonds knowledge he that want to roll up Oasis to be last to the list for the World and the direct and want to go so the information that want to keep long this is the 1st woman to be up at the a rate that was left limited and an example so we could have a real up and operations for example want some of the quantity quantities my measured in the fact Taibu and I'm interested he is and practise soak hominine cost of certain brand denied cell per year and the Duke of road out over a year and Brad but as a group we said basically do it introduces some new rose full considering this up total so the basic that he of the year and brand assist for 2 thousand 8 Eisold land 15 the seat and sold 3 and the and the and sold for 150 folk and 2 thousand 9 told only 50 machine and saw this a real that this uncompressed grouping set introduces rose that up the free defiant was was not overuse of of the Fulton was not over to keep the different both subtotals so for example if I'd escaped the brand which is the the last of my role of statement away at a role that is only concern was a year in 2 thousand 8 Eisold files costs not looking at the bright of into a thousand sold 400 costs and and is also a real the also you could loosely year I'm at the apex which means total sales of cost every year every brand is 40 account so the screen rosea eye introduced by this summer of clumsy union statement that we saw and have the full support of different subtotals of 0 0 that is then Calculate the actual some of by using the rent out here icescape the 1st thing I'm interested in is the year of looking at the brand and the year and the brand and not looking at everything the apex
The year and the brand of the Year and the apex APEC was basically all roll-up worked in named estimate yes is this table is the holiday will sell adding that said that the presentation layout has to work on something and has to work on Long aggregation off the us up total that a full presentation purposes so getting lace-up from the state that is it is a single pre and has said he was is kind of like the Nile values that integrated and if you use a reporting function this will come back as a one because created not and if there would be for example here and now because I'd just don't have that are for that this would be now and that up at everybody understood for these novels that have different later should write this 1 and 2 and this different now that returns of the 0 and the recording red-nosed with the return of 1 of the public and select can understand that of this line is subtotal on the green 1 and Blue ones are that time early contains a this also different for the presentation tools because they can cost for what exactly what the and 1 side after aggregate do a roll out of breath and and 1 to build the dam engine roll just moved the brand information single create list table and and lost all the dementia information about a product of the year and that a the new of and can be at the end can be anywhere so that snow has no role but basically at relations and in scale means a set which is basically on order but it really depends on only implementation number Banda a where the size of put usually they are put the in of 11 or sold going by a ride useful but that I'd get more questions eroded there were not too difficult self that next abroad are the last operator that we have as Cuba operate under the cube operation of operated is the building the whole cue from the way we did not was basically taking the dead office patchy and getting the subtotals for my erupted on information or by grown up for cubing along the whole that everything aggregated in any damaging being able to roll out and without into any damage OK would left to do with without basically a need for this 2 arose overlap ended in addition cross tabulation is basically welcomed the nation's of grouping said that can be put for much of the damage it has stop acute was an elements was and Nemanja that means have 2 to the power of and should be about 2 to the power of and different grouping said that not of graffiti at and the 1st of the 5 Hubei bisi freedom and he time locations told a book that means at the details that have the possibility to do damage no roll up in a any damage the baby uses seat is used the Beastie was the have the possibilities to loose to them and I think the and the 8th of his detailed data and highly aggregate took over a possible that it gives me the compete queue to show you the of the of the image if you that you are was basically down by the pupil Britain you create a possible spreadsheet to damage to create an all possible one-dimensional agree Asians and find the right note of colours you create the apex note that aggregate of the 2 0 dimensional one-dimensional Apex this is a roll of the fundamental laws to damage the car is a Brit out the acute to all the and the singer that arrested but to difficult to use and because it's really made in the end they all really put into the centre of the database Kernel its inefficient operation securing as much more fish and building of all the aggregate columns with the select statement doing reunions of self joints and and everything that is needed to do a pick up being in a set that was about the use acute Librado might from the fact that the you and the Branch and out 1 to some of the quantity quantities my measure from the fact capable what you brand again and again the Brooks of data having all use of breath to get a 2nd not need help to would and that beckoned was easily you breath losing the branch is exactly what we have by the grouping said you but the loo roll up over but not like of also use the loosely year and take the breath so what is are these rose Tonia they aggregate by brand and again the apex of or possibilities to get the information to get more detailed was a table like that any presentation tools can immediately return all the role of operation told the grid on operation 70 because all in the table pocket British crayfish to calculate quite efficient to calculate and very efficient that all that is basically that with the way at the next the to L and that look at some of the advance features for example moving average
OK so it's in the main function leaking of this code 1990 but the said for example that they say is good 92 is not able to local computer efficiently something like a moving average that high risk 1990 does something like this 1 or 2 close going to speak about these the window close which allows me to simulate removing data for my every to the idea is that they want a specified function which has performed well over a set of rules and that he would is over because is the 1990 is exactly the key words for of the crew was so 1 has to specify the aggregate functioned over caused and and it has the possibilities for a specified some subclauses like politician by to specify different groups were order the by closed or the the obligation function the example from the movingimage translates then in full of the image by since the window over the politician by its not the must but in this case have used it for the animal being every by region on the by a month and she a life of their own of individuals to the sold the last last 3 months while these include the discrete does it is affirming the movingimage by different regions of the last 3 months of the end of the season is out of the sky and the smoke also some spikes like OPO example Summers's when the school's start so for example when no on more worried a shopping is a great example when you really want to go before some moving average because all ways you see this binational where there were during interested in the big picture and not the colleague of the event by so you can do this with with his window cause another difficult past his ranking is we've said in fiscal 98 it since the laborious does my group introduced her some special Environment functions the baby doesn't have something like the seen as could 1990 King has become stunned but but that seemed to know the ranking just understand what kind of problems dysfunction was style was using the one on one functioned which basically the is the number of avoiding the table something intriguing this you can see children examples using the number of again with the Open causes a window we find 1 of the problems with the way it works with the UEFA political tone on something like sales number and so you have the feeling that they function also did the job I wanted out of the FA have a range 1 values that had the same data for example a few in the City or the the is the same price get the different things that you would say OK is not an issue doesn't bother me well if you have a distributed the where house technologically distributed 1 with the world record and 1 with something like it was code for the between you something in an automatic and you on banque function like this week that the number who gets the results dependent on the implementation so of the results of both on the day many staying in the same Implementation because they are dependent on the amount of heavy shoes you this is why you need something which Richard results and but a steep thinking the solution is the ring functioning this could 1990 with a particular version of the Passion functioned was to both of them were sent city's particular again ranked No 1 in the polls
And again I for 1 introduced some population order by investing in the same Sendak's wanted basically happens and then I'm going will to perform ranking all of the same is that would be Barrancos idea of lawyers for the biggest savers the number those in the 1st and 2nd round for 9 thousand through the ranks with the banque twice for the same number of sales and the 5th gangsta the conceded and get for is the same because 3 of the price for the last month but this is exactly what the banque calls we found not only if I'm not interested in in something like this and Green the 1 to have a sacred during Stimac camp and to cope with a such situations which can again she knew their use and then they can raise questions the interface levels of another possibilities due to the window cause is a group drinking like an hour but then ranking by regions or by some other part of the group's or sold which allows me for example to identify the most profitable of Chandos off officer for exemplify 1 tool to see how would or how ahead my says that it has been during a concealed came in this month both to thousand 9 direct sales have been written in February have been put ranked 2nd early in the month of March on the internet but is of his remains on again ahead of the 1st rank again because I'm going to pull population by the Channell so my is the channel and this is my 1st group this is my 2nd group this is my 3rd and between each of these groups my miring is stated 2 1 2 0 0 2 0 ranking functions they should have been out of it is that is is a bit of a special sold in Baidoa housing 1 doesn't know of the beginning gifted the powers and sold news becomes loans made for not having enough thought that has been created to obligations ranking copes with the with another visit taking them more on the same day you so news is equal to a mild is the same thing and it also allows for me pool seed and the of bring them out of the EU's 1st if I'm interested in seeing what he will live in my meeting in a big bowl of and is this obligated their thought I'm not interested in a panic and low use denials last grows and James den idea for example that if I'm going to use them now 1st close again see their around and containing a various year veteran of the beginning of the cost of sending has been of a new influence over the amount World News last
France again over the news that he was sending remains the same but the defence of cost that 1 of the disappointment of the disease now for the same Hepburn's also for the sending out a just behind her banking recording to the sold papers section in
Difficult if I'm not I'm going to do a proper thinking about the caring King of them are still need to perform their ranking function a sub-grid with the window close but I'm interested in for example the Sun's here is more than placated query and then high have the outside saying which is OK I'm only interested in the book 5 sold this has not only become stand up expected called indiscriminantly 1990 another issue is the 1st by the function and highly as it is called indiscriminantly 9 which is still not stand up in the world implementation so for example the Beatles has introduced but phones might think or of thousands for the basic idea behind behind the and is that it needs to build a bamboo equal groups of it divides the politicians into a bucket assigning the them numbers on the back at the forum size only by a Moxon in an awful lot 1 role
Mitzi and an example of the way for a growing tool performance and dial to the offered the since then we have to buckets want to entry and they are equally spread over of the day but this means that this is my 1st bucket this is my 2nd and bucket has with a maximum off 1 lemongrass involves a for example that could hit here for another 3 thousand which began to 3 and a cost it would also be possible to have something like it's still value having another 1 another computer wouldn't be valued because it goes against the and the definition of the difference in continuity of 1 record OK this was as good 1992 with its alone function as it supports in order to pull Cologne
Effort univocally Processing function and from the hunting will be local multidimensionality questions which is basically a good Microsoft solution for supporting such multi-dimensional preparations for the time and takes has become moment spread in the bigger where housing community of modern Microsoft had the epitome of my picture and it loan was able to to impose it's standard is not the stand but it was able claim was as the most used of creating which in the lower house where is not end but it is a widespread so this is where we should we should speak about in the sauce or by just 1 dimension to record also has something like this of cost base in the West there is Michael so technology and to be my own about doesn't have a name it's just 4 Oracle only and only used But the idea with the antiques is not worth it was difficult because the and in the face between the graphic along the user in the face a what uses the and the data for their system of costs by wanted development function 18 and powerhouse house where for example along the bottom for the day of each other so they believe that the set up is a bit tight technology so accounts the Programming into the into the global some more some the idea was OK will send out a long long consultants and they were right some big Squillari's this moving bridge link it to the graphical using in the face and while on the move on to make a point but the power of this is why they are the flexibility these query which The UN relays databases have said OK if this is becoming such a stunned were not allow also and so they say OK will about in the sea and the walks and will allow also and the and brought up but then we just need another named in which a bit of complexity and translate into a simple classical paramount stupid but it was needed because people start to working with them BigSim of the for new function made the it was easy to understand and they said they were losing clients we should be We should implemented so it seemed
The on how and the smoke slide this and that is assuming that is expected to be about is creating We still have selected from where 1 example find experienced like this and that country area of some of the earlier we can already see that the king the fewest with told the down is displayed by 1 to see all of the of information on a call found them I'm going over 40 presented and going to a presented by and a mansion and roles in a member nested in their faces with for their mansions today mansions and so on would have grounds and there was this is exactly what indeed is able to express their 1 based on quantity a 1 and goals by 1 these from the same school and I'm going to embossed some slice 6 3 restrictions for example on the time of the wanted to thousand 80 year paper and want all the point is pretty intriguing sold We don't own a bumper Civica's as well as difficult but this is why we will told to the basic laments which which include a full of which is like a script though it took its intimations of the men in their Renault's from the classification of the world can be a full renumerated we've seen in the previous loans will be generated the country area and something which would be here
Different from the what 1 mind is a collection of being see FYW on 43 interpreted as 1 c have to use of those crops of British much records A Case I'm also able to generate the lemon for example Higham don't want to write all the children over the country's level are not willing to write for example of the area are just used a change the gym and the imminent and these generates needles and a and and everything about which is and the children of the country and will again be the same with parents reaching again the country well and this is also very useful for the time of their mansions where for example like and see all the members of the Kuiper classification of whom They can also generated continuity generates said for example that 1 of the best and descendants of the United States on a unicity will based idea publicity these regenerate can generate about the descendants of a certain Joga Fi Cammell innumerate publicity for example of connected states and and France just generating the descendants of these children you might see the world it its lead to closer to the human language but it still really is classical script about something which ahead of the poll released into the and the graphical using their faces 4 0 0 or go operations is because the Nested than mansions for example scheme in order to create nested the made by mansions and willing to greatest close to run between the set and the same and the basic for being the city obtained the Saints and clay land based on the country in some regions although some see so you can see there is antiques it's not is not both by countries is by country regions and some see cities different of loans producers retailers and diagonal also use of another of their mention like for example time and roles this exactly the French Eichenried the Week which we need in order for to be such a good idea in the face is easy again it allows also realise selection 9 growing told if I'm interested in the last part of the buzz and the tide is safe and there mentioned thousand acres represent and won the last of the Thousand Days together last won the last but the because of the club but it is the smaller Grandinetti tee off of the year a record the time mention if I'm going for for the next year again just say to thousand Iain indicated that he had just won the next member icon also say OK firm want to jump to months time the world where the in November wanted to jump for months and again generally to thousand 9 around the world present but they began to thousands example thousand 9 is expected it will innumerate told the is the present the disease variant for them for for creating the in helps creating the face easy to find the information extraction in my head that I want to know for certain or what these I can might against or paypoint labelled the and what it is in the country
For a time the 1st leg told the biggest and ridiculed the founder undermentioned each year And I'd have of cost something that's a women's like the records which the hunt for a new life high and Holdings called in English said Beckett's OK who were with the taken Nike and I find myself for presentation and fixed interpretation is and the case will go on for so that it doesn't in the press that separate streams and across the globe of on Ricketts for of classical music choosiness codes called time going to have multiple with causes and Quinn Tuesday based on break besides the function and I think that this could not 1990 offers antiques also for something like for example the account 0 per cent and books on which actually very interesting but said that it wanted local blokiness reliable rank in a separate creating a my main and then iboa select and say OK I'm interested found that just the 1st 5 lemon Uganda the scene indeed just by using the book on which it can use the continuity locate in what I'm interested time for example interested in the 3rd over
In the job after their dimensions as the regions from Germany and I'm just interested in the book 5 is pretty using the same can be found with the same Teach for the sounds like a lot of some of the functions of game the function used is very interesting defy want PPL compute Bono work 4 different here so for example if you deserve a select function where they can confirm the turnover again in the regions of Germany between 2 thousand Britain to thousands he 7 to see if there was an increase or a decrease in the more than cities are also possible are and they are also very important for moving and the and the mentioned found them mention has a special place in the N based on which the iconic for example converted the words but the world's be of between the beginning of the quiet and the good and the The for example and then I'd get OK I'm interested in the States you can download going to say it is the beginning of the 1st the over the the which holds the for example that can also cut for is easy as as well as that of queries about and the view of where they say OK I'm interested in your the idea of the wanted jumped back and to see how the was blowing Shias called it can be done with just a function of a postal super cinemagoer functions like warriors senior integration and and correlation is a bit more complicated example sold a move that will be present in the home
But A Case another interesting evolution was an interest in the 10th over of developing an upbeat and and OR based on the same day that the idea was for the fed Linux and for highly or a accused played there was not has in the semi lucky dimension of similar which is actually a rapid on the and the it is based on the classic technologies for Web services so weeks and then aged the and it though is beneath allows the classical Prometheus for something like this would discovered and see what might have my data looks like and execute in order to execute decrees and and get the result but the before a lecture its briefly remember what I will be talking about the days so we were stopped and the start of the World by enumerating the lower operations is the classic global Paretian such the blowout which can come in different flavours like for example the firm willing to would get out the vote for a ban mention of what the people of up I'm going for the idea gave based on the grounds that it could for example independent and jumping from these 2 months and so on and so that mentionable up the flamboyant with his shake up of the whole of the mansion and say I don't care about the poor about I'd just under the aggregate again rose to the only is reverse up and its begin to lead the new go from a high of application for a mobile aggregation level of for more detail but the work is very important here is that you can do what you don't have so we don't have the data UConn the other classical operations for the lower house and were slice highest and the world slice gaining the with of this grilled by his with ranges and the and the vote was a for the cost of the nation operation into will be Phoenix
A way of seeing some example of photographic urges in their faces and the and how these operations actually of get through the day the solution of the Seas is expected to create a language is only did the classicalist grid 92 is not able to cope with the with a multi-dimensional followed the tussle for the firm it the of an expansion of the group in which it was needed sold this is why we have spoken about the script 1990 and the and the way in which it is good 92 with spoken about the coping set up and to operate the which allow us to grow and that because of the high level of ground memory these based of combinations of 4 of the dimensions and the and the with spoken about which is desperate like a following which is an escalating lay which it is especially used for more in order to develop a new functionally the and to bring people back in the face without in defeating the appropriate that he moved to of the storey And it was also implemented for but became reasons and for my taking strategies in pull up by making the food Esquel 1990 by their any questions regarding wanted discuss today than think of for the bench