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so a yes and my is stressful of our software genius for and indeed that from this is that I'm familiar with indeed where a job search site were the number 1 job society worldwide and and it was indeed for 4 years uh before that actually this would school you receive a lawyer the line I here yes cool awesome you knew there and the had had been working for a device for use in last year and a half I've been working on in these news products called deep mines and and so on is of little bit about that later but but right now is when talk about something that we can have a lot of us in this room have experience which is recruiters inventory messages and stuff like that so I just a show of hands who here has gotten a message from the fear like daily weekly yet yes go ICT gets an engineers the also again so a show of hands who here has gotten an awful protruding message from yes OK call CS and use the room yes so this then this is I actually talking with some of my colleagues about some of the messages that they get and 1 1 of my colleagues said that she would have a recruiter contactor once or twice a week but always after 10 PM an acid and you will sampling the Tokyo was aware was there a time difference was going on there and she said no actually he would be for voicemail messages because he was
drunk and these were these drunk Inc. messages that is America allow after you and I really mean should work that company and had another coworker who have worry here depicted here but would
get content by 1 recruiter got a couple messages the 1st message was something like a wannabe sigh resonate with 2 could be great for the company let us know about respect to us and my colleague didn't respond after 1st message the another message of laser anyone with military reservation you be grateful for the company to stop was fightin it's still than response 3rd message from the current pay 1 don't mean to bother you if we need to step 5 attendance at the time that the great thanks and so does this is don't send an instant company probably maybe 1 would respond to the only problem was 1 wasn't long actually Amanda and so
they got the name wrong and they got the gender on not really arbitrary what kind of message back right of how cold calling a bunch of people also if you look the Rose may that much time to get the image of and and so the other thing that happens with tree
messages let's see you get a good message you might have a low quality companies reaching out to you right up to the middle ear and and so what makes a company will quality could be several things they could not be able to afford you right so I had companies contact me give me offers that were half the salary truly making the I unctad recovery and take that they cut and then we also have companies that are just too cold calling right so there you just 1 of the 100 engineers they try to reach out to you I'm so that only the look and see if you're match of you have heard of friend is a game designer and he gets contacted by like finance and being companies and has nothing to do with his experience once again because of this whole column right they don't care who you just engineer and the next thing that happens
is you get unresponsive companies in this to happen at different parts of the pre process right so but what happens to me is how the message from a recruiter is actually a good 1 and our swung back and say hey I'm interested in more information and I think that's when they go and play like ping-pong edited officer
something because they never respond back and so I just did that unresponsiveness which is a huge Chernoff rate and you can also get a unresponsiveness later on in the process so a colleague of mine right before he started for indeed so that through the whole process we interviewed from string everything with that and was told that he was get an offer couple days go by his hear anything sizes and the message they don't get back to him couple which still by necessity for another job right now is that even within the amount by his working for Indian and he gets contacted again by this company and they finally say old sorry by the way we do have the budget to hire you I was when he's just he's like that's fine I work for the company right 9 years and and so there is this problem I was her with recruiting messages right
now and because causes a lot of years to have to sift through all this noise that unhcr envisages low-quality companies unresponsive companies and is really hard when you're actually trying to find a job as actually being a really awesome candidate for indeed uh he great resonate and he knows she wasn't working where the different time so as to me we do right now and he said this is what he's doing is he's looking for a job looking for a job as full time job right yes so many folds means in interviews and e-mails to respond to that it's just too much and so there must be a better way right so I work for indeed and indeed help people get jobs so a couple of static thinking you know a lot of us in this room of the engineers in this room especially we don't really have to apply to a child is likely to go find jobs we have to start paying attention to the Korean messages and figure out which was good that's talking to us so let's make this thing will call it indeed prime and let's have it helped top talent get jobs and that's the slightly different so the most basic level d-prime connects top talent and with top employers so but we were building that was trying to figure out what I wanted from from from up toward plotted like this I had a keep in mind a couple things so the 1st thing is I wanted an easy applies what I what I hate writing resonators are here and profiles of any of you guys like it but I definitely not so wanted something records give some basic information in someone somewhere we do work for me I also wanted uh a portal with quality employers wanted it places a wide have to worry about low quality companies reaching out to me or unresponsive companies reaching out to me I also want transparency messages so I did context tree messages that are really cryptic good we want a junior developer with does have a company name doesn't have any any other informationally whether at these don't want to get my foot in the door had you respond back so what transparency messages 1 where you are and kind of what you offer it's um and then I also wanted an easy way to reply to messages so what I am interested in I did get an e-mail or something 1 easily is interested or not interested so these things I can had to mind so by the way and really status but that actually the 2 finding engineers for deep so I was the 1 final like keep all this in mind as going from uh so how do we deal with is easy apply for wall what I did was I builds super simple like this give your basic Romania e-mail information and why don't we just created habits team of people whose job is to basically create your profile and and work with you and and do all that for you if anything using deep media like also take a written thing of your profile and companies that review what but and in possible team that is the work that works with engineers have to to make sure they're getting pushed on the process as well right so they're they're helping you build a profile in gallery offers making sure you have been stuck anywhere in the process of the company is is Austin quote from user of prime that I love uh so he says I really love the coaching in monitoring from the primaries just knowing some ways in your corner helps a lot and I think that's something that the that also hinted I read for indeed would benefit a lot from so I want to find him sitting like looking for a new job just someone to help me manage all this so that we sift through all that noise the and so quality employers have equality employers and it's actually really simple just back constrained all the employer's right the exclusive and so that's what we do we we we don't just like any employer your profile we'd better screen and then we also have a team that works with employers specifically to kind of uh make sure you're not getting stuck in the process so let's see the concept of our company you're interested but we we go ahead and we we work with the employers and hey look of Rebecca's really interested she has a couple other offers on the table you should really push for along get that from screen that the interview and and that helps a lot of the unresponsiveness that we kind of get a normal trading so then transparency messages uh that's also reasonable right so if an employers can reach out to you let's make sure they give the company which is automatic and let's make sure they provide a salary some information they can provide a relocation equity relocation we're optional because not every company offers that but that's great so now I get messages of knowing exactly who I'm talking to you what company is intent on what the based offerings right and they're using this thing on a prime candidate in on the great engineer so they can be should be able to make at least a baseball yeah and the next thing is that 1 the easy replied that I want to basically expressed interest or disinterest when I get messages from from the recruiters employers and so that's also true that we really simple let's just when the e-mails that you get out through prime but we just add 2 buttons at the interested not interested simple as that I can easily respond in and say hey look come and actually listed and so all this together leads up to this 90 per cent response rate to 90 % of the time are candidates for responding to employers which is also I I get so many recruiting messages daily weekly I respond like 2 per cent of them if if at all actinides that is amazing and there's this quote from that I really want
credits you which is uh at the end of the day a single indeed find believe your request is worth a doesn't traditional applications and they get excited and every time I see 1 in my inbox which is exactly the part I want to build in 1 have to sift through all this noise and and what I have to do with all this you know have to evaluate this period of a recruiter a good company and this is this is this is the part of working right death so I'm really happy with wide open you get a toll we tried out but we are going to have a bruise the scenario and infighting check our have to see virtual reality set of super super cool I'll be there I can tell you a little more about the deep texts that were also have another session on Friday and died in a little more of what indeed prime is how it works and also some resonate tips as well and have is a bunch of us in this like blue shirts so feel free to reach out to us if your 1 sign up at his office information so yeah things have a great rails conference in May the force be with you and if you do if you want
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