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thank you for your and that would be good and the I didn't practice before socio and so anyways mines rat Herman I'm with hired and by point over 30 is the unofficial name of the stock and get cell this is actually a higher shirt that I tie-dyed for the grateful dead 50th reunion concert if there's a grateful dead fans out there what stock and so in is once again thank you all for coming it's super super earlier right now at least for me and I know that you're all actually just here's the tender love but luckily my company paid you money so you stand up here for 10 minutes and talk about whatever the hell I feel like and it's super amazing to be on the stage after all these years believe it or not um I've been a part of this community for 10 years now almost bad 9 have technically the last 10 years i've status in the crowd and you know we can con freaks and see some of my programming euros stand up here and talk to guys like DHH got to stand in front of people like you it's a really
cool things like shit and thought and now I get do it today this is amazing I never thought I would give do this so and when I was asked to get
up here because we paid you I figured like 0 I just have to give you like some sort of feature all higher does awake so we know so I'm not going to do that and luckily some guys remind you already told you a higher does so I think I've said I I'm just kidding you were all friends we hung on drink last nite it's a big world and so on the talk about it what I really wanna talk about today
and pick anyways so our 3rd year
sponsoring rails come and we do it because we like this community we love it we wanna give back were coming it's built for engineers by engineers were built on rails we haven't since day 1 if you are hired outcomes laterals competences only have you can see and hear from some hundreds of rails engineers who already found their dream jobs on hired there's thousands more non reals engineers who have as well
if you go to get and you can check out or open source projects we got a ton of money in summer pretty cool actually not all of them are and a lot of the mark well tested but enough that's where you guys come and so the this is a community that I'm immensely proud to be a part of an even more probable to support it if I wasn't proud of this community and I didn't love it I would be standing here in front of you always from San Francisco on my 30th birthday at I turned 30 this morning thank you thank you often by me during later
and a probably called in sick to work actually so that I could hang on lost Park can dance with the robot dance party in
trouble man which if even the San Francisco you may know both of these people and so that brings to the a of it but I don't really like
applying labels but professionally for basically last decade I've been rails engineer new a full decade my entire twenties was spoke spent bit building software in rails and well with reviews well Sinatra in their whatever and I'm not always the best contributed to the community but I do love a respected because of all the brilliant curious people that many which are in this room the amazing feedback never-ending discussions in countless hours of work that we all put in there we built so much and we've made rail something like greater than we than I ever thought it could be when I started working with that like the 1 . 1 days the the community is also it can be a little annoying
sometimes story dia coffee script it's introduced the roles for commentary and and you'll see what I mean but said I love it so
8 years ago I dropped out of college like all the best such maneuvers have and at the time my only real dream was to be Kevin Rose a solver
Sun Business Week and I thought it could be made and
in hindsight not the best move at the time I could have picked a better role model but and so in 2007 I did an internship for a little company in Indianapolis said billing things in rails is the only thing that I never had exposure to outside of like a little bit of PHP and I won't even make a joke about that and so I decided by book in actually learned rails and turn this into a career and of course in the 1 . 1
days by the time I bought the book it was severely out of date and so I had no idea what the hell I was doing I had to dive headfirst and the rails community then all the message boards groups e-mail lists IRC channels StackOverflow everything because I needed help sometimes people were fossils and in 11 but uh mostly everyone was like pretty cool excited to help me I was just some dumb young stranger on the Internet asking for help and the reals community was there for me it was also because of this community and all hell that I receive as a of In turn myself in a somewhat of a real engineer start a company and raise over hundred thousand dollars a some friends within the next year we basically distortional them to a those
so I won't talk too much about that 1 and
after that I bounce around some companies for while consistently thrown myself into the deep into the pool hoping that I wouldn't saying can you might learn the slam luckily the reals community was there for me to say Mass pretty much at every turn and it helped mold term into the engineer landed a my parents like many in the
eighties uh I came down with a very nearly fatal case of disk of fear and that resulted in me entering the world uh when my mom and dad were pretty young I was told years old when my mom and dad were as old as I am today and that's crazy when I was like 12 I thought 30 was 70 the until
recently my perception of 30 was that I would be retired by now and instead I live in a lovely apartment in San Francisco I the luckily continues the are license
growth tho we continue alter perceptions of the world as we gain new wisdom through experience along the journey over last decade personally adapting growing figuring out what I really value of also had the pleasure of watching the rails community grow I watch rails grows a modern web framework and I've seen as mature and adapt as our own perceptions of the world technology we use who we wanna be and what we want from life of change the as we'll see
here this week talking interacting making new friends discussing technology learning about the future rails I really felt a sense of excitement much like it did at 20 years old rules 5 when I was coming soon today marks the 1st in my thirties those are 2 things they literally could have imagined a decade ago a decade assessment building-products learning and growing with you guys after watching Community framework myself mature over the last decade I can be more proud were today the last decade we along with our framework adult nuisances maturity stability and direction 10 years ago I was just kind of excited to build shit I was excited use rails which was the hot sexy new thing on the market you know I don't know that I was doing now I'm not so excited about that stuff I'm really a lot more excited about the mystery and experiences gained together that's what really helped us build great products anyways
I couldn't be happier be apparent inability give back and support this community its shape mean for like a set nearly a decade a lot of my heart thank you guys thanks for turning me into an engineer and I hope that I can give back more in the future and I hope the higher can can continue tribute contributes to the community as well and a ways of speaking at 10 15 and 0 1 g which I don't believe is close down and so can check it out of the way in a little bit about more about hired some of the features we have some and our basic their development culture and actually recommend going to the PAC 1 instead to that seems really cool but if you want if you are cultural soft I come with me anyways his next in years as tears but without thank much of what my was my mind so
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Serientitel RailsConf 2016
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DOI 10.5446/31559
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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