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Secrets of Testing Rails 5 apps

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and the red and blue and the blue and the Fed so related with the coach which there's a is that my name is that image of that
and I will put a big binary that
the binary and there really is considered in company we also specialize in the act and the new so if you want to talk the top with me about what is reacting to again discuss it later it so
next goes and to do but I would differently on this because then you can't the only those tickets with them and they used to goes to the out and it's but I like to collect stickers so this in my hand up and that this long and often
stickers but if you have some stickers
then find the community because I wanted to make it a bit so I also had in maintaining this state would be I . com what it all started by just anyone who are in the morning you got the tubular water and this site helps in late I did in this type of video open source of contributions so if use of state is they do in your e-mail of it some issues on data and then you can start contributing to open so so if you are interested in starting point wouldn't open source this subscribe of again also this does it after my talk if you are if you want any more tickets so I once supplier of this issue so at as part of that is just an idea too bad issues so if you know when it is issues of the issue of how you might find the community there is the additional along the value then I might know that also the so don't excite orders by a there's so many new features slate action given you just add all summedup aboard action given what we say that we have a bearing yet of you have to be 2 . to support on the so all of these things we just means we are going to the
school teachers say so we need to know who did this all of these new changes and there are
enough genius of distance also so basically of everything is by a downward just many features but there are also changes related to how we test our court how we learn our tests so that I'm not a significant in this little that's and also of the baby like this so great views see all of those changes and you see what things are changing how we should go about right and this so we'll with 2 other leaders of how we are how we should run these vectors and then in the 2nd part of the talk of the how we should write this again so let's start with 2 so before I talk about Award awarded the wouldn't this and there a list of some the gaps so before in spite of the only way to all the N-best was accounts take this and I'm only when the abode of the audience before it this time that comes with it so I'm not going to talk about as they got any other group that is about after Michael which is going to go over in the real world aspect and is fact so by the following of than our best of using the test it just ones on the test in a lot of applications and if everyone on some specific displayed and all those models then you have specific tasks OK and then if we if you have some other point that if you have about this when it goes artist services began extend no that doesn't get labeled on what it does and so there's a basically almost as but what if you compare it with other Western booths it has some limitations basically the limitations are around how do how how we learned that and that this effectively so if I looked at if
I have this city which is on the sparsity of there is no need to basically have anything that this basically I just needed to like this and it was passed so there is no need to do anything but that is not the case so what happens is I did this that best fits the knights on board then that this process and then at the next is so that is the common tool that we follow in all of the degree of of what and this is the example of how we learn that this before this so that is a pendulum and testing that and added brings the all i so if I'm able to use the of would good under this idea obviously that will help me do improvement distinct local so this means someone of would you about which this phase and I can see that bit of from user and a lot of of the this from 9 and 1 minus the but if I'd like to use this information to in the face is it doesn't work because of that is another way to understand exactly how this how who of you in this and this was the photo of this but obviously so who are worried and so these sort of these kind of problems and limitations of a slave had introduced at so this this and will help us in region that as it will help us our in our having a proper workflow fall out of notice and this and can be used by then is this so this is an in this fight or if we do all of that is n minus minus and then you see a command for what is this and obviously this is different from that the past so it is not actually a test basically the the proper executable of each which have proper support for automated arguments it also has a document and have insulated so this is a of Gulf of the news this all this by you acts we can see you know that it has been is that there's and there's nothing of nothing significant yet but we will see later how it improves things so let's see how we can be on the snippets the so the same example that we can use that a test and a predominant best but here we know what we can see that it has been dead which best as they would delay number but it it also has a command of it so I can just copy that we this and of a word that this that is very active adding only that of particular line then I with only that it's so I'm able do basically copy things and then only those states which are free it and it also has good documentation so before of before enslavement me on the irony that additional rate things like which arguments this edit this method is that it is kind is going back so there's no better way to do it there is also an orbit that we grew faster than humans because they had some really know who are getting that on if you want to pass on human story properly so that was also 1 of the boys of ideas and this and that picture your have proper documentation and it should have proper attracts a proper documents so if you do all of
that is the minus 8 of his the the documentation of this command and we can see that it it does a lot of things like I can read and the impact they can have faded fast I can see the back this I can do for the output to the end so a lot of things that yeah
and as of yet it's all about how this adenosine this but we can also only 2 but this so if you want good on this front of 1 model of user modeling postmodern that is also possible to just past of each arguments like that this and that number and it with a properly best from unencumbered 27 from my user at this and 42 from posters it would also be able to figure it out OK I want good on this from particular for this so you then passed a and almost as it and it was just all that this from these 2 forces for the money to make basically all meant that a new product us if you want to add and this from specific and you just have 1 command with 2 which can learn all the best in the B that you want to find the parameters and the cool thing is you can also do best at the time so you can pass the the main most of this by separating them with women and how it was done in our group as at the same time of the new feature that united the to to back this so before this by we have 2 parts of the environment variable for the back so basically what this does is that it doesn't show you the exact accompanied Baptists off your fate awarded does it uses its on that this work that you and will initially that 11 things but sometimes we want to see the actual of what what was you for the status of because if there is any of the related to some gym that we're using we need to see the exact like that of course for so now we can see that we're discussing minus the so it will show up at the back vectors a very the answer to fail fast so we can just past minus that and it will stop by default stages so it will not only would this week it will stop by the poster you and printed on on the kinds of so here it just means are interrupted an existing and we can see that it has only 1 of 4 if it can be done on the entire thing so it does not run of the tests a but our most 1 getting how we want our this output so that is also present here and that is sort of activity by before it so when you understand this by using this new test and you will always get economy of you know who I really passive flag write something at some quantities in fact it will just work out of the box and we know that is not this recipe is actually powered by many so underlying library that is useful that this promote that comes with it it is meters and it has 5 has this up magnetic addicted which allows you to create buttons which actually will be the Bermuda sport and they can customize the output that comes out of interest so this fight actually uses this capability of leaders who also provide a custom report which will have the standard of form down on the features and it also has a fall of providing options for all of these things make it past the flow for back this interesting so this using this many test of plating out addictive of display has added this distance and you must be wondering 8 all of these tools on he just another thing I think they do that state everything that I showed only what is known and meaning the they can be nothing new in this so obviously yet that installations and this is inspired from us they we need as a mechanism and other groups but the point is that it always say that base if something is good then it is only as part of its you get things as part of this ability for what stack and you don't have upon the good things of which which would reject we don't really work so basically following that pattern now starting from this point you get the best and that's part of the default is step so if you're starting a new display that you don't need to configure tender friend of the testing that resulted in different things you have all of these features are in your that basically unity of the box from it but so this was on a boat of and that is now women from 1 to the 2nd part when the working the change of OK right candidates and of the significant change that happened is related to the end of the how a different so this is a bigger than the best of from this full of the just instead they are my article is getting know I I pause to create action then passed arguments of of the article times and then I take with the and getting the dedicated to go I think of new article they don't In this file if we scaffold than this that it would look like this so there are there are many genders and you go and by 1 incidence of reading the article about the action we have because you are OK so we no longer than along the reading a particular action that that all OK this is the adult cell but that we have in other parts of course in our application port values in back in the context of this talk then interrupt within the band and so by themselves they're passing them as if you're not so if you see the previous example he had the patterns of past as it is the ordinal keyword argument that we use to public funds but now we have a keyword arguments for passing the perhaps and international significant changes this but also that this is no change it is no longer the action going at this case and the reason is for that is for that it is now action despite indications OK so this is all of us it goes up and the best with you on it if it if we generated in that by no why this change of request so let's see 0 5 this single so combat of that this case from this food and this type of Donaldson basically what we are tasting is not just a single article gets created and you get the dedicated to build a new article page so this is sort of almost and there's not much difference in what that I'm going to what they're trying for best known you difference is how we understand what is the mechanism that we are using protesting but I this is a sort of significant difference and that is indication that stuff so we already know that they we want our best to be fast and integration that's already very slow so like functions and America's and that's what we were doing what did they find that what that's what you're going to have been the leading it is awful but indication that some no longer assumed that now comparatively ask Harstad you're comfortable doing this and that is due to the work of idea so she of what a lot on our integration testing last 1 year and now the deviation does that almost as fast as the constant and the Americas so significant later if you consider by speed there is no significant difference in the output that you get from having a function under the test and invigoration does so this team decided to just make it began even the test in favor of indigenous and it is obviously close to the image so because when we test of the ability of function at this we have not actually running it like that like what happens immediately so basically functions on the test or don't have before the middle of the stack so it does make a if we don't want the polarity does but what it does is it just that magic and additive loss the bundle of but that's not what happens in the end when Indian word what happened to the quest comes in and goes through the enactment of that's 1 by 1 and then it it hits the but that's sort of what is happening in case of a function under this before and so now that most of you would be we actually mimicking what happens in the because of adequacy response cycle and so that inside generates all indication the test by different when when we do what is the scaffold something it would have a integration contributors are identical in structure and function this but we also have all that they are in order that we might have action and the test is those of functional under the is so what will happen to those of order this is so that backward-compatible basically the change is only for that so if you are upgrading the existing it is up to this fight or you don't have to wait your test will continue but on adjectives is so they will not so basically if you generate a new resource in your for that which is up there good despite that has been to get involved in this those will be indicative of what your existing under as there is in a way that it's so this changes of backward compatible and all in
that is 5 . 1 this action the best guess might be moving to a new gym so it might be more from a little more from the holidays and it will be moved a separate GM and then we can use that blending or using this so is so we don't have to actually change of existing artists we begin use them as it is what all the new best those will be now aren't an indication as though this change looks a bit symbol but I I said that a function same division that's almost standard and the same thing it's not actually doing the same thing at highlighted so that there are some implications of this change of each of which are important to understand because of violating artist so let's see what are the implications now or in this invincible of this is that because Candlestick up that would you like of the user and and the sign that is generally if you're using the waste then you have signed in and then you want to use the word that we want the same but in indirectly it does this internally that of assigning a book actually 6 of session session of the the nineties it was something and then I then you under test your test has access to that session and then your tests in the rates that is that's a not user but now that we have to do the integration of the known only have access to that position so we cannot access the station and that we have to actually login the user so before trying to create an article I have to Singapore stick with login user and then send out of that of course because to the again OK so this is all make if you use that that are in the other tools you might notice you want to have a make before before fit and that figure but before block that you actually assigned the user and then you or do whatever you want the best so similarly now we would have to add this set of blocks that we cannot use this session dedicated not accessible in the integration tests so this is 1 gene and that the agreement with our by making the new this then of the view and I would like to the head of that it would it would axes and assignment and changes by just accessing them as that it was workers and that is also a lot of possible no because indigenous of that don't have that it that it access to those areas so we have the possibility that as explicitly as you alignment again Soviet balance of the Council passed word the header that we want to have on what it was this was about what they call the implications of that was the way to writing the integration does now let's take a step back and see what we actually distinct when we are testing and moon and the election of you out so again let's see article example of that is for test of yet again I thank the idiotic and see if it if it gets created properly or not so here we are testing the things
they're testing which action on the rejection that used to be ejected so they're testing the fear that we are also investing the instance variables so in our analysis of the US we create they use the instance really act article if it would like in new and we posit patterns so that in that instance variable gets assigned we also best water water of the status quo really Cassidy dedicated to so they're really find that will give you agree that it would approve the new what can be so we can best of status called in order tests we can also test our template began to dedicate my index template but landed so we can use acid and the end users who test which template but rendered and obviously we can this award will that stimuli that of this of this request so I can actually use of acid select and was too if I that game I don't think that was what was that I was expecting it had this particular period it had this particular of forest and water so I can have also this the actually generated HTML
but there are in this fight but there are some changes we cannot just all the thing that we were testing the useful so this is the example of that is focused he
also because we are testing the request
because we are sending because that's what directly that testing that request we can also
test this data support we can take water of the dedicated what was the response successful or whether failure and also began does the generated a so we can write definitions of all of our and then generated but we cannot is the so that it was so here we would like to best of organisms that it was last signed in that particular and election but that is not known on the recommended in this place the other the down also best which template but rendered they're using that acid and put so that is also not recommended by it's so basically these 2 and personal repeated if you're using a science as a template your existing best then you will get a petition walking ring optical inside and when they're using these are signs a 2nd that help us we actually just independently that make what that under that was doing in that man of the debt and the lecture so you are saying something since we had ended in some template based on some conditions and these are the underlying them and it is not I like about the size of window is not depend it is acted upon but that not the result of the and that just internal parts of the country so this is no longer recommended of distinct in that is 5 and you will get out the petition 1 so that it commended the vapor best and in this fight is still at the end of the report of the end of that it was something make some estimate what auto order the status for that because water the response status code so low that the things that are now a community for testing and the beginning of this them are using our sort select and that is non distinctions that these 2 genomes of these young men helpless and useful of acid in water and then you're gone have has so we have no longer
been just testing up and elections again we make in this form you know they would protest that interaction and you're all sort of it would do best the internals of Windows but now we are testing the desired off your bond and you might OK so the value of 1 dollar of what is it it passes the instance variables to and then you get come by and you get ditched him so in this phase of this operation off of of lake passing the views of crossing the instance variable and data that review and that in the final estimate it's consider other that looks to have not allowed to make you model a commendable inside the black box and do something you're only recommended best what comes out of it OK so the best what comes out of the actual output which is the combined estimate on the responsible so that is the space of of
missing in the space between our how Europe and the US is unique view and of the foot spite of the work of like you adequately will out the best and Boeing said that a space and see what instance variables that would be banned passing from my and remind you what implied and ending but that is no longer recommended so this is this year that bundling
said underlying null space between you and the lessons learned what it so a bundle of you in that this is no longer recommended for best in this but that sort of I was trying to than just an implementation detail that that is the framework which has the implementation they offer implementation passing singular instance variables to your views from Europe and the only the best that you instance variable gets passed through your views using those signs and I do not just passed but it's so considered it just as implementation details and test what is that you know where that comes out of that comes at the end
but you might be thinking that OK you're saying so many things that would help this but I actually need to this instantly was and that is that some added reasons why I want protest minds since that so let's see of i've you actually testing goes on and on and on and while you might have DB and the maintenance of gets so widely best and by the best of science and that assess template we use it just made if I could get and that it it hasn't business make my Alexa myself doing based on my subdomain and deciding which template if my subdominant this then I want to render in extended if less of building is this down there and some the so the value this I also so under the divide that that it did that gets passed from my point to review so I'm a very fine dedicated I am assigning property instance variables and those that are that dedicated in our last review so I might you might this bundling them to just verify the stack so that's 1 of the as the instance we because that is the only way Gold Standard data from point of view and that is the most recommended to be presented at a at a value that in this is that it's at its present everywhere in all the documentation so we know that that's the legal standard up from our under the it's starts sort of not only its contract with that nobody is nobody has a completely redundant but is that we know it and that's what we tested reacted against the interface between you OK so before this of the let Istanbul things when you're writing and you also distinct workers coming out of that and don't like the intended as chairman response Gordon and other stuff and it also testing this interface between gondolas and your testing what was happening in that middle space quantal so best England dollars in this order debate in which is isolated from you do that you you you're testing this middle part isolated from your views is now no longer the common but sometimes we needed consider the case where you're are writing is injured and it is used in the audience of that and you are creating a bundle of that OK now you have your dataset which has the views which will enjoy that below basically those usually get ended from your country and he hasn't Anderson logic based on which of you your article you read it and it's your contempt and you have a conditional logic based on the of it that and the building that up the that of view and then that logic can depend on what date that it's passed from 1 demography OK so you depend on that really what you depend on that in the case of passing data from quantitative so this is sort of all values is consider the example of the ways which provides some of the ways to they we used to isolate the subclass from the device controller and then on the behavior gets added to all of them and all also that renders of you that are present in our application what kind of its present in the Western so if you want the best delays we want to have some mechanism to ratify that it did i is getting passed from the western the OK we just cannot tested in isolation so some density is needed on to way fight who are that somebody in the face yeah and this is the example of and the writing of underlined obviously better ways to go around this also without using that assigns African if you want a lot of lake or have a and of which is outside of this happen if you want to stay best it employs some devoid of you that's a and dependent on active that instance variable to be passed from like and the review and then I can add before viewing my engine which will ah depend on average with and there's something there's on that happens instantly and then I can at best of it using the assets late daughter is done distinctive but if you don't want to do that and up and tunable artistic using the ordinary you have teacher so that are signs and assert a template helpless are removed from the school and put it into this list and the distinctive so if you include the gem in your test you no longer the the deduplication allotments any redundant to all around Europe this and I test in the same way as before but it is not recommended it so this sort of all of the changes in the group and the workers now we will see how good this APX so this file has introduced at that and begin on the them using minus 1 is it there is a minus sign is it and it was created it down and now we see a whole group estimates so at the beginning and at the end of the at the only need do an exam Riyadh don't believe it actually what is of what it simulated and because we know that the and we only generate and additional excited so all the unique this water and what it is that we have there remain the same there is no change in the review test tools for it yet but there is a change of floor are testing a low abundance so in the US in the because of it that we would have something like this yeah creating and in article but this time we want to send so this example is full of actually singing engaged made it up because of its you see the example of this and we hope to lot of things we have about the latest work and then they we have also been would that just before class so we cannot pass we have to actually can were that which is so we have all same the format of this particular view of producer so that readers will understand that OK it is just an incoming request additional so all of these things you have to do in is but in this phase we have a b of make and a like we have a bit of importing that so if we want to standard is the most we can just as this to OK in board this request as environment and it will take care of all of these things like and what your answers and then taking the proper ahead of a 2nd apart like this and it will take care of all of these things so we just have to specify the encoded as as so if you see it and just passing the bill in order that I want to use as system and it was of the wall of the magic behind the scenes who consider this request of the user request do dollar question putting said that operators and everything and was saying that this it was properly currently we only have on a and border there is no more than an order that is present in the corpus right now but if you want to have a little boy and what it takes them and then we can use this will religious studies and then we can find a sparsity does addicts and so
this is useful in wouldn't expects to think about the way you want to make it past the avatars and of 81 departs is the body of the response so if you buy these 2 things that it with the use of that an ordered with this board and then we can use it in our case the other thing that we want in our API test is a passing the incoming response so we send a request something happened and constant and we take that value some of all the time because now if you use the base of the food is so far a batch of most of you will have this benefit but biologists and in your best and perspective but like we just passes the lake it it just additional fast response point so you might have seen these kind of and what's in your textbook what it does is it just passes it as is so below avoid this passing in the best of this will have no and but a point that's not supported which can be quite on response again now this cell but what do we do with it you figure out that I will send ideas from the west so I I should buy these bonds as distance OK so if we call this a no API s then it would probably figured out that I want to fast I'm expecting the response to be of the past as addition body so it was just a part of the data it can complete it properly with the expected answer obviously this requires that addresses and we passed so these kind of things are held in 1988 as effectively because they sort of thing to use the boilerplate port and jet acquired for of which was acquired before the before now let's look up look at some the other genes so yesterday how many of you attended to talk about active job OK so did he talked about the us ing and after that he added that is right and now that it did you find out what your development and understand order that wonderful so before this you might be using cited for the approach and modern what you're development and test environment was not using any of us ing benefit you might be using their development like what is what the in and out of that that comes with that is that of the default for the artist in much and if you board is dependent on something sort of singular but then you're test might the basically they might give you false positives and your order might do differently in Bergen then this but now that you have all seen that up in this inside of that is the default on up the for your test so are you you don't don't have to specify that in any competition for you will just have a dusting and that is the default so we are reducing the difference between your test environment then approach environment for acted we also have a random test on modeling and will buy the point so in the last instance gone or and by hasn't been that we talked about having the fastest and 1 of the ways you mentioned loss of having Pavlidis if there is any day of the week and how this learning in balance because obviously speed of the lower time you have this big getting finished in the list now if you want them to see if you might have the right to invest in battle using some gems them under the dense which do this and if you might and if you're best where depending on the printed on the order in which both 7 you might have faced issues of in a way that investors because it does depend on the order in which that and that is a lot of them not buddhist basically if you have them in some of the part of the feet so that not good and of before there's quite a bit of order that is uses internally during this was a noncyclic you know the 1 thing that is to say something it's but now it is set to 0 and by default so now they can go a step closer to having batteries but a small step mother who have this how many of you like pictures only 2 people OK so many of the Doppler testing this vector up is not complete without talking or something our so in this way there from the late additions to and affixes also and first one insight friction so how many of you actually have some Jason phi is in your best support for it OK so for the that is a movement now you don't even have to write those small was in your test and was for accessing the sites because you get out of hand but from its so you can still use all of those which suffice index at this official spies for that and then just use this template and pass the name modified and it was just how that have final and then you can read that and then you can now what are you want to read that object event with so again it was to reduce 1 more but a small hand but that you use routing artist and provide an even consider this part so by dividing both inside the artist Fitch just fights for the work you if you want to say something is to construct another change is related to are using the some active or classes so if you're using the legacy it is that you might have your modeling has Martin them different from your table and so an held postmodern but my table means something different reports and I have the money comming so if if I want to use pictures with this kind of set up that I have to use of it when the images the consortium and on the 4 on the model and use common starting so this set of what's find it up by I have been at core dedicate I'm using postmodern form at a cost of so the vapor ruled that of your was opposite this should said this using this sector should last and it was studied in our system so this was possible before but that there was 1 limitation if you'll this using using some of that the past that we have for ordering the scheme of it at the usual problems because it it was not going through that system was attested but it's in what's on the menu of and that is not renewed and this make us so you have rules on hacking debate around 9 to specify of what they will you actually want to use for that particular morning now all you can add a there was this reform on specific make about your future for static so this is a typical example you can just specify that my model class will be post for this particular fiction and will use that last for a node the data properly and it was ignored this piece on the specifics of the ignored by different so that it would not cause any issues with your actually but that is also a change in that who have witnessed a question but I think I'm almost out of time so stupid the school yet so
that testing thing is out is actually a
experience but we can best effectively we can write out integration test what
effectively focuses on integration testing and doing distinct rather than testing things in isolation and under the plus you it's
considered at the black box so you're not communicable inside that just as what comes out of the and obviously that gems of it you can use if you still want to use if you still want to invest in that they are so happy this thing I could this and how many stands we have
OK so it really is not the me
by May the Force be with you what I think
would best and may you use the devoid that is that that comes with it
but I'm fine with you as long as you like this so that for the next of which is given by Justin and read any of what views aspect with is OK and if you want to know more about
this type of the have nots these
so you have unintelligible blog right now present on this you and I for the specific things that are coming up in this fight so if you are interested in knowing about things in this very technical blog but they also knew that so and if you want to know what what happens in this in a particularly you can subscribe to this that and you will get Lehman and yet is competition of this new middle the what so this'll be reviewed it no 1 happens what happens with that and fj if a friend from my so
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Titel Secrets of Testing Rails 5 apps
Serientitel RailsConf 2016
Teil 62
Anzahl der Teile 89
Autor Sonpatki, Prathamesh
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/31556
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Testing Rails 5 apps has become a better experience out of the box. Rails has also become smarter by introducing the test runner. Now we can't complain about not being able to run a single test or not getting coloured output. A lot of effort has gone into making tests - especially integration tests - run faster. Come and join me as we commence the journey to uncover the secrets of testing Rails 5 apps.

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