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Bridging the Gap between designers and developers

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so I said so so when it started but when dry up and you are all here to bridge the gap between designers and developers and which added made a keynote this morning but apparently he very started off whole bridging theme with PHP and rail service literature were dead the office not allowed know about that now so you know I figured start off intelligible above the back story of a car where I've come from the and maybe some the things that they want to experience observed that kind of led to this idea the it's about 7 years ago I had banded together with 2 business partners to start agency called rule so as we wasn't infant form so I was a desire so basically I was designer John was a developer and Mark was a business can so we had that try factor and you know went out and providence do great things and what we did grown to the priest sized agency now but through the journey have gone from being the only desire that we had are to spending my days today writing mainly code front-end and back-end and in all their forms so through a journey and through working with other designers and developers some of which were great some of which were not too great but you have learned a lot and you know see a lot of things number 1 being you know kind of the the rift between designers and developers the but the fundamental split between the left brain and right brain today curiosity how does not like people would consider themselves mainly a desire here that's still happen if you have a balanced so you know would it be it'd be an unfair fight for like splitting we are actually the Braveheart thing but but if the idea is that designers are are creative and they don't really get with developers and developers can feel the same way that the desires to really feel the pain of sites some comp or meeting some weird expectation needed desirable client or the even a cost so is the thing about this is a akin know it's interesting because it it's reinforced constantly big given little comments like this that the other we are showing exactly how different the designer developer but the core level there really the exact same almost I they just have different tendencies so you know as a continued to think about this you know the kind of the divide and that exists as a keynote really all we're doing is distracting us from the 1 thing that we want to do which is to build vacancy customer experiences and others probably kind of a mixture you were obviously I'm here from agency perspective because that's what I do every day that I'm some of your with product-development and increasing your to but which are in the often that but the idea that they were all focused on doing great customer experiences whether it's for client or whether it's for your Caribbean customer aid both design and development working together in order to do that however we keep putting boxes and and In suffering so much so that as I was talking to a Jake this morning about this stock because again others there's really kind that that dividing lines of silently King amplified and even with our own office so our often as we started to tire creatives and hires developers even refer to creative and development department I was slowly found out that you know everybody kind of existing these pods in there is literally a wall between design and development in our house pets but and you know that we need to configure turned down in order to do things better so we we gotta talk we good created a great customer experience and how would you that uh well it all starts with a kick off sometimes moral doesn't and in most worlds you're going to have an initial meeting or something or somebody came up with an idea presented suggest to you that I how we get that done I don't know what's talk to this guy and ultimately you get this kick off everybody leaves the kick off the excited that they have ideas we're going to go work to do maybe that's action items of a formal plenary the project managers you take all that stuff you may have a defined process of something like this I literally just google web development process the and everything looks like this and then I I laugh because it I've shown this to clients before but not this 1 but the branded version of this and you know the idea is that you know there's this planning process where you know you come up with the project management plan and the timeline and the the risk may be really complicated go risk management and all those sorts of things lots we have that figured out we know exactly where the players thing there's definitely be the ways of Swedish trade and design where we do those wireframes favorable to prototype things using some like envision like a hot link of sort of prototypes know what's the desires done with that going handover over to development developments can be coded theory hopefully tested and then you know we launch it everybody's excited about you have final testing and then there's just mean and so on going forever but you know everything falls as whether it's an act of its website whether it's a web application some that morality is the work that I had it never works that way but there's always something that pops up there's always these blurred lines where you design and they have specifically and it's just not cleaning can handle a flat photoshop of often expect that I you know what it's created is actually going to be something yeah so that's what I don't think so I like to talk about that is to look at an example and so I made up an example that reflects were embodies a lot of the things that I've seen happen there are sharp 100 times and so again following a process well designed and just for the sake of keeping my own thoughts together we're saying that we wrote a desired in coral and was tasked with greater design for a cooking class really wants to go with this like contemporary simple design I was still you know how can a creative where something with a strong CTA to call comes up with with this design super proud of it but you have a design and them and often Jonah developer takes over and she says yeah this looks so spot I think we can do this so called those about me you oral columns on to the next project uh that is on has plate and John goes to work on this site 3 weeks later and coral years in the website that you built for their cooking class that launched its up and stop again is a cop cool omega checking out suitable commits life so hopefully this word and to commonsense 11 that pulls up in the browser looks at it kind and I also yeah is not really what I thought I was gonna look like which is weird because it looks exactly like the Photoshop call that we just looked at so Karl goes over to to Jones often like a what's going up like this looks nothing like I intended it to its used it's very flattered boring there's nothing going on why is that we talked about all these other things we could do with dinner the she bought a flat but Jones also pressed because just like what you do we mean by even gave you at the school rollover effect which lost most but the back of you know there's a the button roller affecting like and stuff chooses them why why would the he say enough Khalid include roller effect and p is the Joan and infer that income with the extra mile there's you know they're both so the man with that because you know they feel like John feels like she did was she was supposed to do and Carl feels like you know the workers can under and represent so you know that just creates this
giant war you perhaps they're going back and forth they're trying to figure out how to fix a whatever
it you know they were just kind of sitting with little shitty prod product and I know we have to solve that so I was all the all the 1st step is admitting there's a problem as with everything and in our world there's lots of problems but just looking at the web server just writing some some down the we've all sorts of problems we have you new things like web GL that were not really sure how will works yeah with the capabilities of our we have no animations we've got parallax stuff 3 transforms get design aspects of those in your design principles then there's also the technical side with limitations things again and export rules of everything gets no you know so these become problems and you know how we have a desire and portray that they want to use some fancy would yield factor had they portray using 3 transforms the have even know what 3 transforms exist at no 2 years bizzaro problems the 2nd step is figure out how to work together and overcome those problems yeah the and you have to do it together so thinking about you know where had a high you do that in that you know where can you work together cause it's kind of a broad brush them a standard process graphic which is you know something that we used to can show how everything continues through and ultimately most people probably following a similar model was grown is a cool thing that everybody's excited about but where there's some sort of tacit you're doing the some sort of weekly cycle or monthly cycle or of quarterly but uh the some sort of deployment there's a feedback loop of some sort so they will you know we think about this feedback area so as getting feedback from stakeholders oftentimes it's like customers clients executive excited whenever really think about there's the internal stakeholders so you know we look at this is a perfect opportunity here to bring an internal stakeholders through the development lifecycle and designed life cycle In the great thing is we already have a spot where we should be doing it anyways so it's easy to discuss connect about so it's a lot like but you know there's a few keys I think to having this successful feedback loop number 1 is airing was a plan so so it starts at the level of planning to have those internal feedback so touch points but then in those you have to plan for what you're going to do if you if you just have a meeting where guy in Eritrea progress in that set the correla designer may not actually know what is supposed to preserve as potential problems they show up and say Alex was like that ultimately gets the and do you you have the exact same reaction but which OSHA some of you have experienced where you asked for feedback along the way and that number is given in the and it's still the same situation so you have to plan for the type of feedback yet the coach for of you know looking for effects looking for making sure that you meeting the design intent but they're looking for and vice versa designers In the feedback process the to solicit feedback from developers to say you know we as people who write code I know a lot of things that affect the customer experience and all to affect the design output by the desire to still know about perhaps or exactly how it works so being in that mind set of providing detailed feedback and and direction is important so you 1 asking questions all through the you know I can't count the number of times that you know through a develop process of I and Didion think you know if I just asked designer with why we have 5 different font sizes In this I could have saved quite a time hassle my and because the reality is a get to the environment and acquired using slightly different and we want to consolidating 1 font size anyways because in Photoshop it's really easy just to cut we got stuff by pixel sought to enable realizes the same is true on the design there are things that have you perhaps a desirable trait if it's something into a nice neat little box because they know that the so we like to use bootstrap for the grid system or something and it's just kind of not working I think about like five-column layouts er like 5 boxes side-by-side doesn't work with the standard we shop where the but the reality is of desires says hey I need 5 service out of you that I to this at a much care so asking questions in keeping that P. open dialog between kind of design and the crew of and support and lastly i think you know going the extra mile if you know this a little a cliche I think that you know as you progress into the project I think remembering that everybody has the same intentar desired output of Greco customer experience of going that extra mile and searching for something to bring something up later in the process it is important to know that the whole idea that I think the boxes of designers and developers being very different people along with that whole process can often lead to a developer thinking that if something in the design phase I don't need to worry about the fact shouldn't worry about the the reality shows we should go the extra mile care about during design process and the same is true when it's in development you know you you move on as a desire to your next project income herds this 1 for memory would ultimately in the example that I you is exactly what happened coral moved on to his next project out because he was done with the design piece it moved to development per the little circles it's never gonna come back to development for so the and you know that by never checking and there was never that gentle knowledge to say work come off track here we bring it back to so the the axes and all methods that at all I tend to think of another step as you really it's it's all about working together in kind of those 3 principles of having a plan asking questions in going extra mile through your counterparts that uh this truly important and if we do that here we can help to bridge that gap over the so underlined and you think about what could have happened to the exact same project I had we done that so we started off with you know great kickoff everybody's excited would create a plan to you have a weekly review so that in the 3 weeks that it took Joan to create a simple page which were beside options but perhaps there you were points where those 2 were talking to each other and they're actually looking at the how to all coming together and so
the that area
so as you can the other organizers looks fundamentally it looks the same I will get the space for reading heat effect which was ultimately something a coral 1 of their 1 of this the subtle effects we
also get a little perspective shift as announced so take something that you know user to very minor little features that the designers are looking looking for you know perhaps found that that's all somebody else do the mouse perspective thing like that's pretty cool we could do that with this because it's really simple dynamic movement and you know a little bit nicer feel but whenever checking in never actually you know where would you Jonah dental much so now you always take the little pool Polish the pool little bit of a sense of the concepts that have history have you know so there at the end of it you know I as I think about it In a designers and developers Art really all that different that were all people who have a common goal of doing great customer experiences the and you know we use the tools that we have at our disposal to do that the designers work in Photoshop sketching developers work and give them an a million other 2 editors so you know I think if we understand that we understand that you know we can contribute to each other's work heavily I think we can can break down some of the barriers and person their work so that ph my my
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Titel Bridging the Gap between designers and developers
Serientitel RailsConf 2016
Teil 65
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Autor Hughes, Ryan R.
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DOI 10.5446/31498
Herausgeber Confreaks, LLC
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Every project...well most projects...begin in a great kumbaya where everyone is great friends and has high hopes for the future. About halfway through the project, an epic Braveheart style clash begins, with designers firmly lined up on one side and developers on the other. In this talk, I'll share some of the things we've discovered over years of working on projects for over 100 clients that have helped to better define requirements and meet the needs of designers and developers throughout the life of a project.

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