Mappetizer Tourist- and City-Info and Mappetizer Travel Diary

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Mappetizer Tourist- and City-Info and Mappetizer Travel Diary
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Paris, France

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Mappetizer “Tourist Info”, “City Info” and “Travel Diary” are SVG based web mapping applications, which directly can read GPS data (GPX files). As Mappetizer “Tourist Info” and “City Info” are for public use on the internet (whether municipality, county or city), “Travel Diary” can be seen as an application for everybody’s use. But the philosophy and technique behind all the applications are the same. Main goals and ideas of the products are: - Quasi-direct import of GPS data (GPX files) - Displaying of any information based on geograpic data, like points (= waypoints, e.g. hotels, schools, places of interest, underground stations), lines (= tracks, e.g. bicycle and hiking tours, online guided city tours) and polygons. - Extended scope on descriptive information about the tracks and waypoints, including text, pictures, links, addresses, ranking and rating. - Support of multilingualism. - Analyses of the tracks (e.g. length, duration, elevation). - Not depending on any specific web server technologies or database. - Not depending on Google Maps and their terms of use. - Full control on layout and design. - Expandability and flexibility. All web mapping solutions simply bases on open standards like HTML, SVG and XML. So they can be used on a local machine, published on the web or be given away on CD-ROM or DVD and be viewed within a web browser.