Blockchain for science and knowledge creation: An intro and overview

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Blockchain for science and knowledge creation: An intro and overview
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Blockchain technology has the capacity to make digital goods immutable, transparent, externally provable, decentralized, and distributed. Besides the initial experiment and data acquisition, all remaining parts of the research cycle could take place within a blockchain system. Attribution, data, data postprocessing, publication, research evaluation, incentivisation, and research fund distribution would thereby become comprehensible, open (at will) and provable to the external world. Currently, scientists must be trusted to provide a true and useful representation of their research results in their final publication; blockchain would make much larger parts of the research cycle open to scientific self-correction. Some claim that this bears the potential to be a new approach to the current reproducibility crisis in science, and could reduce waste and make more research results true. Here we will provide an introduction and overview. Please also see our living document on this topic:

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till I'm going to talk about the extent of science but could also name it looks at all and science uh life forms disentangle and books influence and I'm advisor the books and help and associated research at
somewhat Institute for Information Society and both OK so let's start with the introduction the when you go to like that conferences and people are like giving
introductions about books and the use the of succession or on the sets of books and I'm going to ask them questions you won't you understand about the or care of a pixel and its and so I think this kind of question learners introduction but that's all I mean it's like as asking city invented of few times there's no many aspects of many things so it's slide because the blockchain where in the beginning books
saying this section is shown blocks and it's it's just a stupid data structure that also described in the early nineties you have a data block and you have a link to the idea that a block but has so all if you change some better at some of the data center or the other other books as well the it's kind of like a very exciting and not very useful in my 180 life and state the so I didn't even mention it here but this was an important comes from when it's used as lecture in Bitcoin that tasted like by free
because like who onstage Podkoren and let's of a coin is that finding a consensus has something to do with its done in blocks so the minus that of securities in uh created block and then they link it to your audience so clearly but I rising
a better division is boxing is a new computer protocol involving could talk of that have to be the water content and computer protocols in both the top of the is 1 of the boxes but it's a new way of looking at databases and that there is right every time daily life but pages specimens and so on and I
think that this definition is like also it's
like the best for all use is a sociology good Chrysler economic
political evolution of evolution the energy of the so many aspects of our societies although I always think about money always thing about fast and everything like extended and evolution revised maybe revolution that's missing and nothing is many of you have maybe solvothermal books his disciples Fisher side and this can be
achieved true because it's the 1st the 1st technology that has a interest there's there's interesting being because they're like all this tokens like corn for example the serial set testimonial enabled to name a few that are
block trains and if they are not mentioned in the news media the value increase but the strong it does that that's a good context about convex sets then is mentioned in the increase of values or maybe has an intrinsic value all things into the interest of being higher than on the other side I have a lot of that saying so if there's something like good this in this into new blocks it could like many people look into blocks and maybe even black bear have led venture-capital moving to the box in space by the 5 of so it's not just about thing like high become notice OK so it might be a good thing is about to kick start lots books the 1 all
his all so like another the only real bookstore know like today using computers 1st databases and we know that whoever like controls the hardware and the models OK can basically technically at her the content also computer servers at entirely as he wants the trust and not the result for example you trust the banks not just all accounts the trust ebay but like change all like monetary value of the thing we have 1 stops at 1st like scientific publishers or like data repositories not to change the dominance of the like submitted their all the data that we submitted it so common for us there's no other way of like of the 1st and the
intracellular provider not to change the method that you induction word is different you have extended by a so also at the reliance on computer
hardware obviously can everyone might in our but on top you have like computers other services that provide cryptographic call 1st throughout this this so this box in the serotonin external portable way
and and is like a certain condition is fulfilled meaning that these are not compromised or light on a certain percentage of these being you can like all that this is starting at at the time and as soon as it happens the connection put like monetary value in it because you cannot just change in excess heat warms image better because you have to use the system make
sure that you can only change it if you have to key to you become more and this is like so this is like the box enhancing the blockchain is that is that distributed service to distribute and so there's no single point of failure the exceedingly can delete something or you can like centroid it is decentralized this is a means not as an Institute and you have a database of in that you can't change were like kind of uses for database but you can change it and the like real world meaning it's it's an EP and on a database it can only
like something and if you like change something or delete something you would always be the track that you change something like thing of it like a piece of paper and you can you can like change some columns so that all the cone but you always leave a trace and it's transformed circuit always he warns which that point if you want
to a transplant anything cool as that that you can only change it in a certain find that all the other interesting thing is like related to the block chain of smart contracts and so these are computer programs that makes you on on the box and you see him as a big very interesting example and they're basically unstoppable so as long as the same conditions are fulfilled and that I mentioned before the computers that like what about power you because stop his computer
program and the computer programs are unchangeable and transparent so that everybody can see like what's happening for example you can say like and so on so much money is in this account you give it as a court finding campaign tools like those of us who wanted to like go on a program for us OK they don't have to want the conference on paper anymore it's that also means like unskilled OK unchangeable OK so world the applications items like to 1st the life of mother like for after the 1st the core and Bob and I don't see the ball at the
moment uh the 1st become better the like centered and on Skype and it it well this is the kind thing out this have blockchain or like a good CoreInfo science so what do you want to do it and it just like check every sentence somebody distance to keep idiotic so it's like the new to unchangeable and you can always who cannot said that is also 1st seed of like blockchain environs and kind of organizing this of research side as our in this presentation your nose like premise of that so we have data like physicians unwilling to be new users to up and why don't you stores we could say that in the blockchain database Internet of research states and all this will result in
the collected data times and you would have a unit of course the data position if you don't like the date and you just can't drop it I daylight is most doesn't fit all narrative the Talbot today most that's called something and you can do that anymore because like in the future like musicians could ask us like why did you drops as well as all the like and the date the right but if you
do this you always have a fundamental problem that we have always intellect fosters and but so you have to like trust that in this Michael calls is Xia said that you describe all that is enzymes and measuring so it's stuff and there is a fundamental problem because you solve but I think it's like a big dividends of research like 14 as a father of Michael called in contrast to just slide collecting meetings is that unless you indexes she if it doesn't fit and our so there's a big difference there and then we have
like you can do all the data processing instead of all computers and all like the trust environment can doing the books environment the controls to the outside the way she did some data processing it is like so and then defined right so we talked a lot about computer programs why don't have someone on the box this will be the let's not constructively have my data processing so you can store on the books and this brings us to another thing is like can cause not evidence so why don't we
just like partners all his have conditions when you accept the hypothesis or like rejected on the book certain then collected data and as long as the light hit the certain conditions and I accept the hypothesis all we reject the hypothesis Scott interesting for like the pool studies you submit a conditions collected data on the continent and forward to the outside the
GHC have evolved into our this results in all his old looks invert could be the time as a new extension of open science 9 they
have like this time that signs that the light in the and publish the traditional lines of paper and then they have like likelihood to resist that studies and also we have linked open data lines we already published a final paper description of the data mining companies like all the data in the final data that that DHE
like like and the idea of religious studies lines of units submits a study at all and everything that designed and analyzed on light in the value of trust so just like those things and then become obvious that result if you would like more interesting like the blockchain Y and you would have liked block signified lines of this light goes through the whole time and you would leave a trail all everything and I think that the man that is like why don't the use a smart contracts to look at research data and we them that they only like we have like patient data and analyze it only in a certain way say on the release of results for example but pressure all patients in a certain condition is met said like results the privacy so this would be a good radiation
like and smart contracts to look at the data instead of the deciding the commissions like who will be able to like look at the data this could be a new way like thinking about subject privacy and they had scary for example and even in the in the is the dirigible lights the subject the uh identification is this in the data for example in they're like fingerprints that everybody has that is on the individual and you know all and face cities he just like have smart contracts that don't look at it only look at 17 positions so this of content in a new way of looking at the data and data analyzes then they have like of course you can
explore all research data in a cloud and this can be done in the books reflect felt they don't have to trusted local while anymore they can I just tossed the decentralized systems it is like running on computers and the data is in constant nobody has a sense of data and is problem this whole a source problem all have so the thought of as a small set of all sites for example they should put up some money like millions of belong to like this was that there was a company's gone the exterior somebody like taking care of all the
data they do like standard contracts they're like systems object assumes form for example that put states on the data on the block the states all you can be sure that if this status to the other data will always be there in all books systems taking carefully no matter how started with all central entity like companies as that like the to new ideas alter
there like salt and I have like real go extinct told that can be used in your pretation systems that can be decentralized like designs marketplace you can compete for who do the analysis and so on and so on and is sometimes academic and Austin systems a single the impact factor in a decentralized manner you know what it is like like manipulated stop it and on and the fixity this formula thing is the thing about and publications why don't we
published research on new ideas and new scientists are like in the In the light constructs in writing environment and they might be afraid of like his new idea to being like to evolve major narratively keyboard for them said the current experiment visit but when they could like publishers in some blocks on and this in the 9th and never ever get money for the potential for the node is more but in a box and when it would be possible to total was the operational phase the idea and if you would like to get money for it up and you don't have to like do this on like solitaire translated companies that isn't that phase you bend it like a cup of that or that you can keep your anonymity and I was like
so my students at that end user blockchain but I publishers and this
mean and part is about blockchain use all box transform the scientific importation system then it will lead you through the lonely I side uh I saw as follows a set of lines on it and it if you would have a bunch of good knowledge I could like schools to use the money but then you don't have to you have to trust me that it wasn't in his life in band a sequence of so here's like it impact factors system based on the block trade on unlike so an Ising like this and in this
publication of good singular way this this is saying is that much fun once that like a science and monsters if you know the time so it's it's all guys about yeah like home for new states the but if you might enjoy task and like experiment was like saying slides and I all those means and I is the grunting and get money for it because like many like may have lines mean like faster results and the faster than all his or life see like that book samples and have
like the standard good that the signs read analysis and statistics by the time interval data acquisition post-processing that's not evidence you can I could do go variation assures subject privacy may use my contract and I hate to this line of research subject privacy transferred pull studies like fun you drops and this could result it could result in more aggressive and produce abundant for science and then you have like these are the kind although I suspect Phase and like but you are like in the show and have a new
idea but you might forget it but you cannot I mean why should I put it I would you know I cannot get any money or anything for Indian art and they can let's think about new ways of incentivizing research that of like having grants and application and you put this because like for the 1st time maybe that distribute research money according to nights at the moment you can't do it because we know that these people were like provides a service can just can change the light if they would be money on the right suggests that go to the the when changes in books have the all of the possible and they can exchange so entific incentivation system is usable system game once cannot
adopted they don't know what's next year's like incentivation as and if it's like the flies and is a lead to more innovation and more discoveries OK well people are what
follows means always books and I completely agree with you that if you want have a trusted there I could say so that that would provide a service and their agnostic all monetary value the goal so this is the man everything that is there is no problems that branches all things that I trusted Subpart using being able to say that as a result of this of assistant a company but it's like asking
for the linear time so being a woman might call for change that isn't good for everybody you have these aren't so we have like the bird is not covered in this so and the like to use to like
designed and long books and word because it enhances and it and then it is available yet that is like saying 1 has no bowling these is can solve because I'm doings that OK and building are a books and then it's like to socially could go along with the political evolution of course it's a minus the cost says it is rich potential and that goes along I ever ongoing developments like doll and I know all that concepts and books and load and goes along with slight that's upon all this development and another interesting sees a new business model it's called funding system as you also are developing and maybe they can be used in science through and then got trained in science is not high yet rarely grew in on and the too
remote for your intention and then the evolving on like a living document
and if you have like a diet like assault on media or like all symptoms it's like coming up the extent of
answers to other humans in single it as well and you feel free to let let me use that and I think if you have any concerns or if you like things OK century much for your attention but the world so good thing you