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Web Development in Lua

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the information about the result is that you don't know about you but don't know the the the the thank you and so while I was in the panel a yourself problem not everyone was there someone those myself again this is my Twitter handle anchors on to talk to me later I am the developer of the I also participated in the last Google Summer of cold so lower are part a sailor was a project during its time also trencherman as something called 180 which is an indigenous initiative to bring more women to programming full 1 l and I'm also the monkey know of lower space which is a locally to black OK so the topic's OCR over the talker what developments in La Silla itself and the future come after
something weird about my slides because
they kid bills but the OK
yeah but it's so from my well why is new and interesting choice for web developments the thing is that is easy it is an act and a language that is ridiculously easy to learn it as very accessible at is a high quality piece of technology and has nothing to lose and compare and comparing it to all the popular languages there are currently being used in this domain such as I've PHP python java scripts Ruby and I and it's also
incredibly fast so here's the of the that task on a speed comparison of war and many other programming languages and you can see that the performance of a better word than all the proper ones and widgets which is a special on implementation of what is in the matter then our JavaScript consonant JavaScript ch so it's it's really nice 1 of the more the main complaints we have and the lower community all it's the lack of tools and the lack of environments to support what developments however this is no longer control I have been exploring and the lot development area of lower for about 2 years now and many things have changed so we do have the tools today and so let's take a
look so you're able to use lower with different web servers are including about she apart she has an extension for it's called what would that allows you to wrong with scripts Over the past server imaging and has a special distribution of open the so over a state is not a specific model is like a bundle of modules that together with genetics and it's really interesting firstly because it's high high-quality piece of technology and secondly because of it allows you to do non-blocking I old without having to write it in an event driven fashion so you can write from the procedural cold engine ants would will although that's internally and you don't have to do with things like uh back out to is for nice all on the top of that there the 2 observers mostly used so they're preproc flourished during the people that know how to use the service so this as this allows us and user and here to developing over another you're also what all the
servers so there compatible with lower and there is a shovel and seeing which is a pure web server and some others we also have frameworks of various kinds of moving micro frameworks and the Freeman of electrical of intonational piece which I would say it's the flask of lower so it's a really nice framework the documentation it's amazing all of it was originally built for small scripts which is alike and a language that combines 2 like cough script compiles to JavaScript the answer it's a really nice framework of we have orbits of that is pretty stable but it has been a little bit about of the there's only so I'd also like to call attention should love it so love it is up boards of node you have to lower specifically on except that it runs 2 to 4 times faster and save up to 20 times memory which is really impressive comparing already what will just kind of and it has about really out at it is willing does the volunteer people working on it like for real finds war and everything the downsides to it is that then pretty bad but you can ask before around it's not that it's already come from node and then the scalar so what exactly is the so like but that tells that a it is end of the few web framework and it is called Billy written in lower it is compatible with many of the service I mentioned before I mean a personal systems that amazes it is MIT licensed Woods's the I think the most permissive you can add a comforted and rename it but they know if you want and we're currently and the version of the book and the version 0 . 5 so we are all trivially easy but I'm really working very hard to hold the next release as 1 that we can claim to be ready for put the Chinese In any case you were wondering like
gas of Billings a reference
so what school about it feels theory there's a lot of things that in the 5th framework is supposed to fella has routines sessions of Motivational authentication models generate forms generates models that is integrated with with the ultimate that's but has something in particular that the other ones don't have which is the ability the ability to run lower bound the browser so the thing is when you're beginner in web development you have lots of things to learn right people used to say what the element is easy is a good error for beginners but it is very complex because you need to learn all this stuff into intimacy assassin service I language client-side language database governing for going to build something from the bottom up there is this is a lot to so 1 way you can reduce this barrier is to use the same language on the server side on the client side so if a beginner and don't know JavaScript you'll all half to and of course this has some costs it has performance scores because you're going to real inside of virtual machine that will also translate that to JavaScript so we have a talk later from Paul which you will talk more about this class I area of of a the CIA has a performance costs the but it is also interesting in conciseness because since we're using the same language you can share models you can ride In the validation wants and we use it on the back and and all the font hand and this is very nice formant inability so it will depend on your priorities are you're of course of you don't have to use it so but it is there what is not so great about the lure of course that things are not so great so like a sense of your sample released we're still in the early developments and there are many things are changing fast so I haven't been trying to do backwards compatibility upon some well I will struggling after it is stable it does not mean that there will never be a breaking change after the bad because I try to get the philosophy of lower more has had breaking changes over the time but they were extensively discussed with the community and award it was this breaking changes that allowed the language to withhold and and get nicer so so today in use of the more restrictive of them cited when deciding to the breaking changes FIL elect some features of course of the meaning of the of that what would land if we had some and documentation of the did these are actually it is a pre nice but documentation is something try to call it is just so all essential that all never take this all the this list because documentation needs to be constantly improving and you're always surprised to see all OK this could be there are explained in such the so how do you get sailor alone it is pretty straightforward you get it from the lower packer manager so just the sulci work and then you can create a app somewhere and then it comes from the server and it will speed
of pretty up so sailor comes integrated with bootstrap so it is not that only act out of the box but of course you going to use it but are included it feels it feels nice and this is the structure
it will have so you have a place for configuration controllers of models public stuff things straight at runtime that's seems gets so I'm going to give you an example of what a controller
insula looks like so uh controller insula is all 1 module meaning that it is a table with functions due next to it and this table is for try at the out and it's of it action of the controller is a methods of this module so here in my application I have this controller called of 5 . 1 what does this mean it means that if I access my application Lazarus the less fights all wars left side Flesch index it will run this function if I access my position addresses slash sites Les what not index you wrote this on the French and this will up which and this will be
the output here I have owned
the real examples show to go back here the last thing we're doing over here is rendering of the old so you're picking reveal and then your passing song monuments to it creating message here and passing it over dear and then we can access it on the field so of view also similar I chose Brenda ECML files where you can open what brackets so kind of thing so can print the message % was of course to have a small syntactic sugar for no have and she using print all the time it this will
be the output however well I do
have more examples not sure if
I have the time to go through all of them of
this 1 more FIL like this had before and a sailor had the ability to run called on both the server side and to ship that to the role of the full of virtual machine so how this is done exactly the lower case had villes poachers relational files were come open were bracket so we have this war as a repair which is that their fault so if shows lower there will be the same as the bold so this will run on the server side we have a lot of clients with runs which was at the client side this is what will run the browser Stanley evolved which will make a copy and role in both on the server side and on the client side so if you do this we're creating a message below the server side and on the client side we can printed from the server and we can do things on the Bros were like popping up and the lower mass original work creating active somewhere you signed and this
will be the output if we render that still I'm not going to have the time to
go from the models right now but while we have that they shown we have relation insist and that's pretty much own and
the future that is select set before I am planning to release a stable version that's fun as possible that these so it is that we lack tents at work the so for a long time has been working on this basically I this was actually a project I served for fun I was learning lower I had no idea what I was doing and I said I'm going do something and then I kept going it's and then it turned out to be sailor n and the sit back from the committee was actually what got me working and it and making it drill because as long as I had something completely ridiculous I posted it on the mailing layers of our at our identity and people started joining in signing in any given comments and allowing me to control and learn more morphing but basically and been working on it all for 4 days time now recently I've got 1 contributor that is going to merge his project with Sarah and I'm very happy with that that means you have great perspectives perspectives for the future this silly into implements more stuff because we my original plan of 4 was that still retain some sort of jungle or Ruby on Rails for lower obviously not as Bolter because I think that would go against the philosophy of lower the philosopher where exactly it should keep minimum at the same time I think we need to make available more tools to make about developments easy as ways array in is a language I think this will be just a perfect combination of blows the performance player I we need to make it happen when need to get the people and start cold the and the more things so 1 of the things I was thinking was applying so that the law to which raise girls Summer of cold but it is is not as of contradictory as it seems because well rails girls is obviously I a group from the Ruby on Rails community but this project is actually open to people from all languages so there is no issue with me applying our what projects so it's so what happens is that this is basically um like Google Summer of Code but the run by the ruby becoming and and then I I would have to mentor of it the new people they're learning the language there learning how to program into developing small features this could mean new people joining the community new people 0 learning more about what for the issue that I have right now is that a need to decides what exactly should come in the future to make it really on an ice projects of in the ring in the near future FIL I have made those surveyed so if you want to check it out I would deeply appreciate cell have made a survey with some questions to the lower community and other web development community about things they likeable word tools the you'll things it will like to see so if you could answer that I would deeply appreciate In all now I come to the end of my talk so frontal and know more about Sarah and this is the website it's still present but or not but I find everything on the track and so did of the call flesh a project the if frontal fun to discuss further but we have our Google group on our mailing is that it can so I can suggest design ideas you're more than welcome and we also have a gear chat Ford the same purpose except that is synchronous communications and other thing confrontation the I if you
want to constant is shown to consummate in well go to get home and take a look at our issues we have plenty of discussions and things that could be a worked on 5 want to go to get her disagree there's a star your also welcome and the stars and that's it thank you thanks to the of the of the of the so it is also not again against like what you say with more than about a Lewis and but not so to summarize the questions from my talk will be after the next talk and
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Titel Web Development in Lua
Untertitel Introducing Sailor, an MVC web framework
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 104
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Dalcol, Étiene
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DOI 10.5446/31019
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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