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The Future of small languages

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was a home
DNA a home uses the time in the bone of ion user the
dinner no OK so think the
of the of the reason that we can
manage objects and they you know
trying to move in and around and around the world
very low only what he wrote
in the started you end with it
and the only thing that I and I
think in the in the
in the food
and the
the collection of
we use that to
the end of the
life of the language and you
know you lost the will bring
and the people in
the world of
the the of of
of of the of the
you know a lot of people that
have over I work on a both
of the things that you
and I have sharing this with the
I so our so why don't we get the things out our this
is how it is the only useful and late so I went to reduce
storage of unit that that generated the
revolving history alternating between our questions that have
high order and he really asking
questions just do it other than that of
my brothers that off saying
how to do this we need to use this
thing called images small languages or
that means you and why
I can only describe your
languages the whole language and the
i the security the to me
and I would and then it was
within an hour and a this
small and its context and in the
station's knowledge the knowledge that you need the
and then in and you
know that all aspects of the game is the thing that
is to say about the feature of 1
of the in the 1st
2 I yes I was thinking
I was looking over the list
of was like that of the court of last
time and another way the
and you kind of data that
was used as well not forgot already
that I think will and you have to do to get this action will use inspiration
1 of the the last 1 of
the of the of the of
the of the
of the theory what what what the
next few lectures was almost exactly and that was actually designed to you know that
that was that was that was happy accidents
so so I think I think of the small
languages like that languages
articles that have to have all of the
you you have a language that designed
that I don't have the right to life
so this this list lots of
design questions of about where the
line between like having what features
there's small well I think is
a they're just because they have to
write it out of more don't try to
work with the space they have a lot of people
and on same and rely on
the well in and then
the time more metalanguages you will have
of the most of the reported
word is about the type of
function to become a part of the
of the huge that is not
something the I other the the
virus Biological it was
originally the use
of the this year's going to be
a lot better than what
we would do you have a lot of
people but not all of the artist we got the right to use
the the it gives us the
library and extracted from the
top of the roof of the social volatile and started which you know
right now is to show you the direction
of which is the the the the
1 with the about where I had
understood the meaning of going from the beginning the of the of
the of the so I mean so
I don't think in high seas
ruler in the interval between the
2 is nice and I made it
goes the better the to use very
much in the way position honesty is
small and has always been and always cited a
barrier and so it's this was
around in the small
thing you will be mind you know it was a
small and you
use the data it is
not a solid areas of the world
the the we use this is the
nearest artifacts because the and
actually existed in the base and you made out of out of
our major interest in
science in contact with skin
toward the logical inference of the
columns the variance of and now In
the rest of the 1 of
the things that was the image
of a of the
the the and
so if you think that something which is a regular languages that you write
the it has a
lot of the work and the 2
in the in the in the
mood to make in the lecture
year in go I and think that
want to do not exclude that part of the and and what you can
be and language and then it's
going to have a small language that it's useful and many of you have
nice and if you have a
case the making that things and
people will use it and this
White Face suggest the time the the line and have the in
the gold trade that of 1 of the areas of of the
same name and and has this thing on the other
hand if the barrier and then will have
this on society which is the opposite
side which is being seen as fighting
so people can count
users and company this so
you need to figure out how to get around
you can the kind of I I
think think some points the musical sections
of it due to the time language
may seem like that some people that 1
of the things I was like that like the in
the form of I have here is
a list of so that the user going
UK are all right so you get your
when signed it and
read you get rid of
the of the of the of the of of the of the 1 that is
that it is the that's light
again from you guys that like as the rest
of the future of the future of
valid not becomes more and more people it from the from the lack
that both of them both from the all
the vowel and letter
communities that you look on the other
hand that to work because of
utilize the remainder of the there's a lot of
people work and I like really that
device that the course of
the language of the of the
of consistent and look you
are useful in all the things that you
would not know that the light was using
the real key remaining from language for the sole beaches that
I don't know the future I like to see
and I think it's a lot about
you that we like to see that the
letters remained smaller that x is
around its the role so so that's because more and more we the people do exactly
same and instead that will start
and will likely were members of the
project and then eventually they want
right by the whole divisions possible rule will be
the leg and if there are enough model around the feces just like
1 of the ways to get a focus on the
back of a lot of time and actually want to select
the just 1 the way that doesn't matter if it came along with your you know just
by that is let's say it was hard to
sort of sample and also comes with the whole but
the kitchen sink like 1 of away
the the game with the result
of all not so I think that's the way that
you would like to go the
book whether or not part of
the and the
being and the the
water of the the you
know the growth the the with the
status of the of
the of the body gets bigger
and more and more
of the so we don't
want to by the use of
this of
the the the kind
of the work so the
do apples you to another barrier to
find out what what the
most likely is a very good 1 is
related portability because of the source
of all for a lot of it
NCC this is all written in
so you do something from the stairs
landed on the on the on the
line no like all this stuff that
would be the 1 exception
the cost because 1 of the greatest
will which is going that model the there's no
you know all the all models
loading in the language because in this 1 exception because this 1 is actually know
everything about so so these are the 1st
of all I set theory which also
live in the region of high growth of course
this is a being of small languages in
the embedding quality of our language features the
origin and of the successful and useful
I think is this is the beaches my
successfully people in my environment that
is by using the
divided by the that you really call
out functions you know what
this is all very well so that was 1 of the things about
which enable readers much down during the
elaboration of a and you have the
right or the the following a little
bit operations in in the that's a good thing the
come back to that in the end
of the picture of the most
interesting for me because this
always on the performance of these
of course by the program
so as long as you I want to go away
so that was what was there
a little I have setting the it
is the smallest of and
the this and the and
finally yeah the we will
work with you know the name I think the the the the
the the was time the guy was
going you can see the world we this
is something that that's better still have
great institution so the 1 with
the vertical and over here and I think
it would be equally in
understanding when degree of apples and so on
imagine there's also finds out language in
the small publishing news
library and how much the external libraries and
course of all of the time the external libraries thing
and that's the reason why I mainly at
the start of the library is because of the challenge of having a kind
right so what what are your views
on package that should be designed by languages do your package management
or on each state which inhabits own or should
it be you know more like about the
distribution of the rest of
the world you then
I have been thinking about that and the use of the thing
is that have already been both
sides of the state the you before
it was more of the ball with the
with the distribution so I have half the lack of sufficient I and I
think I know it and have
the impact by qualified people
so the thing is conceptually
agreed that management operations
the problem is the problem of
estimating October packages and you know that
your consistent and and you actually will let I have come into
the leader that that's just not feasible
for 1 reason that scale and the
scale not scary words using the tool that
actually that managers of laughter I'm done
research on this and the oversight part of
the the the numbers of
packages knowledge of linear and here we
have over 100 thousand back I
realized that already know that I know
you were so they thought the uniqueness of kind not because because
that some point numbers for only 2 years the yes yes because the core of it is
that we want to and
romans of again about 100
thousand light regions of and
60 thousand nodes so yes
let now on the
way that the model of the
just the sum of the of the of
the of the the numbers are very close to
that amount of models and and then from there
that the number of dead advantages that no
and all that you have that goes into that
of the and the fact is that of the matter that I have with this you cannot
make their there's for every model of
everyone of the and and then also
think of what was there also the
also that and also to
reread it more the time every
time they have the right to do
that so that the larger the words of the
language that is part of a fact
which is like the 1 in
landslide there are a lot of work for a lot of people from the because
of an artifact of the fact that we
don't want it lies in
the use of the heart is
the cell that have been so this so
that the signal models the language and you know the
name I might add the generally is
also doing a lot of
the size of quarantine
then obviously if you have
Casey our countries and models that
have species of which was when
the set of people in a half class
right so have models that the
learner for getting the class
is about the start and end to the 1 of the the other libraries that
everyone decides to write their own
class library and then you know which
classes of which hold the need to
be just 1 of which reach model
this that's all we can know
the state as a binding chance this
was in the war with good friends
he was the best of the year
the power this is part of
this work was like the model that
we use the library and the of the use
of of the the the of the and get the of lives and
to replace models of the whole time
and so this is the
kind of some of you
will recall that I was
in the interest of the book I think
it's a language but it also
the other users of the
expected on the other of the
that was but the
progress of the the people related to
the genes and so
it's going to be in the the world and
you have to do with education
and the use of the location of so thing is the
a good to use it
right that is that some of
the things that lead to
me the user
and the idea of producing like original in
the the intelligence
and so on you can also
think of the body
and soul of the the
same year that you will be in
the form of a prior the
world there was a reversal the
new year and so we can
bring the hold to
to it should a there is a lot
of the work so I mentioned in
the form of a system of if
you think that in the
guarantees of the of
images and the during
packages and you have a higher
using have of the goal of
the user really like the use of the of the the size
output of the the the article
that you do get a unique
solution to the old like that the long the the
at the scene and the cold war was not
of all of the user
and what has been
somewhat at the end of a line from the
from the knowledge and
in 2 and in this in this kind of statement about and I
is this list for a
long time and
thinking so that was the last
grade like other languages development
languages is so as I mean you don't feel
that I'm stuck with the old industries
proposed and that 1 that you really
do work on the language these
and no I don't think a
huge difference in the numerator of the combatants
the 1st was but I you but we
have a solid and like all the
like this thing about the was 1st of all
these 2 rule to a data
only what he of so this
kind of of what we're going to have the action of
the except when were different islands
and then we're switching off with
what it is that we should have 1 and
I was left was of the mind of
the sure there's a lot of you
at all so you see that all
7 or has this dual
tracts of large language and the
small languages wondering how you how you feel
about that's where that sex is a small and
during the small and you know what you
results not in the form of
the digital and analog images
of the thing that you
the problem is that
this really throughout Part I have
think what you have said that the
way that during the complexities of
the world are you going to do our
out you you have I each want
you to feel about other way which is the
the fish that you that you might
hear about other initiatives that
I have a major impact
think of something that that would always in the
guise of the of the of the of men and
all of then time
and so
and the lecture
on the training and
there are many things I of and
the last don't among other things that the
the the thing about
the government using these products
because while kind of
spectrum of the community with
the the nature of the so all
of them in order to retrieve the people
like you the the the fact that they are not
in the way of managing I'm really
excited there should be some people
the it was
the role of the of
the world and it was for me
in way that the
any the of the of the of the power
of 1 or more than that
in an
energy that rather than to the fuel
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Titel The Future of small languages
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 103
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Wingo, Andy
Webber, Christopher
Dalcol, Étiene
Muhammad, Hisham
Courtés, Ludovic
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DOI 10.5446/31017
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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