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Lua: language for the Web?

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it is also a form of theory federal them when this poem by on the phone and developer sororities and usually write JavaScript that's isolated for a gaming company and the use of a lot to say and I a pitch up there and I'm still of death and I want to use it everyday there and since the more ways than 1 can run your in the browser best and like it would be but this is of of the of the party so trans because the they say about the main memory of so from on another project which is the mean shine another little credits day but it's it's a family that runs your by in the browser and so you you have to take your you're carriage compiler it's process that compiled by Kate and adjacent Jason and then run in in the browser and has imitations you can't run arbitrary and that might you a cage in the browser and have because interprets the the bike at at runtime it's not benefiting from the from the digits the browser and assailants good today against took out my new project is starlet and which is a and the translator from from lower to you carried 2 up script or more specifically and 6 and or
yes 2015 as this could now say I'm a successful manner the story of stars stars was that the 6 once again that really sort of like 2 years ago when I came across a a 6 and this time they just analysis of sees him between and why use every day and why would want to be using a read and and so 1st of all the generators obviously this cooperative knocked much tasking it's it's very similar to something we know already she is guaranteed
and the syntax is very similar and those other this this the spread operator
that said takes an array and and access into its individual parts and very much like table to unpack
and the evident differences prior to unpack reserve released and with the 5 point a In 2003 and so that's 13 years has been in the amazon you just got to the browser which business bit planes a context and in 2003 I I had a state-of-the-art mobile fear in the eyes of the time and there's is an orange SPA run Windows businesses in your life in spite of the how the camera which was extremely advanced the had to carry around the year employed in the Boston so those 2003 and a series of pages there's the rest operates in a a 6 and which obviously is box
um thought was
released with 2 . 5 in 1986 when replying very 64 and
of features a proxies where you can define an object with certain properties and when functions and then apply that's objects to another and had conceived the events on objects very much like uh Mister tables the what
fullbacks as they were called when the 1st introduced in 2 . 1 and so that was back in 1995 when we
had user suspects Einstein's toy story and of course sale means you can really and the glossary destructuring
assignments were familiar with these and which returned values and so Block skating by the let keywords and saying yeah they all came out of the
initial version of the viewer is an inversion Rome evidence 1994 these 2 year the England Student qualify for the World
Cup unfortunately that's all it so said different figures in international law and the World Cup and they allow this fossil for 21 is 21 years now and so as a whole Justin Bieber uh and and so we have and we
have the ability to do these things in the browser and the Edward to this particular begin to buy it I was busy when their success came up and say I don't I so these things and I thought so what else is going to see this these dissimilarities the we're translates all right and be great and I always a year and a half and no and no and mainland and say as our tag on an ad and by the end of the free time and
say agree to start and of the the name comes from moonshine to solid um was it like when the 2nd week of
commitments in and the it is like an I give but in this case here in script tag with with type and you includes into style library and which will take the the tags with the modular and execution of age-related if you've got if you got the switch and it does translated 6 which some browsers dating lot lot browsers don't handle a 6 just yet seeing is that for now inclusive a local will browser plug it and and that's a pretty weighty that's that's a very honored K and this looks like say that approach is not going to be around forever browsers were taken 2 at this point in doing and so how do you how do
you use I had to figure and begin to figure how the the standard out and is directed and both say this is true of course and you can and import your job scripts carried trust functions into the new environment and then just moment the and from the that In sailor and
benefited from having more Jews um so what this this could top-k block is that what you would name reading status it's pre-loaded is not run straight away and then you can be referenced using require the scriptwriters this has a dominating
of he nearly jobs go because really from the donor in the browser and you say this uses the same API as shine it said everything's package to the the window and stress so prefix everything with when they and that is also a we need extract which will and extract all of these functions out and they're willing to face that's we would unintelligible no it's time to and whether you will have to use the Cayley syntax for you to give the context in which and of C that's great but doesn't have identical front end and a written script my applications in script tags in the brought in the page I I I used from
all scope for web back and seeding do the same with the With this never Wheeler scripts and in integer structured and and that the time just additional together and and it's pretty
simple got source the destination and again we need so we need to use tables to translate that 6 to something we can use today but eventually get rid of the this
and a and there's still is a 6 months old and it says that it stood in development and see reverberate map uh but the ion nothing would be good the women Nogueira messages but you don't get line numbers or any context which is that part get their Goecke task and use the source activity on script tags dozens for that we the of the beauty and their employment system is that it is desirable because there things I readings and generators they on a one-to-one match and there are some issues and you you need you band restricts how use k meetings in order to get to translate that I'd rather not suppose natively and having a plug-in when you sign up to to these this knowledge say has kind of an early and what i'd love you to do is to users and report any any issues you find them with which and I had to hold a team of lure developers will that would tell me wearing long time am I don't have any will say and I need the feedback and and and to when my documentation is is lacking designer is um but but is it really just introduction mn many times the 1 of the colonies that and it was a of the have question which I have some wires to work on and on and on of which is just the the meaning of the word this whole on the role of the of the of the of the yes the sorry I shouldn't I shouldn't bother and yeah at the Starlight takes the descrip tags with with the learner and and then just translates it discovered that part of parties no upon us and tends as like a generous sitive to that say that the ice tea tree history and and then just to create some jobs script of 6 carried that said that the demonstrators is running jobs search left the of this test to the point of the culture of of the junk so yes or no the you would have probably won't be a problem of course is what we want to use much then well to true genes in that they have a lot of benefits especially in and been backing gaming an animation heating and a time slice things and see others the benefits using treating that I'm associated it doesn't matter 2 2 generators that so we have the ability of pressure was the sons what all of the the whole of the an essay and my prudently that clear and the to carry went for for the plug-ins and I want to get the carotenes namespace in applauding tennis player system for there is a reading of quot and the and possibly when they don't see this the debugger library that is very implementation-specific say that's not going to translate and and things of arrests and it an end of file system you can can look fast so it is not a language None of the whole is that users know on the basis of light and all the power of the size of each of these are like the this so the we will want to answer it and searching around I follow much time and then I think was the sign of the times the management problem the moonshining case I'm cold and then once this the proportion that was the problem with that of whether law over which it because they lack all generated is commonly different so we will enable it you to to that so I all because the working all the time and then the whole action is the only thing holds the should and let us start with a sort of know something to do most of you it's yeah distributed the questions what is the use of them in the event of a few
Prozess <Physik>
Program Slicing
Formale Sprache
Familie <Mathematik>
Kartesische Koordinaten
Gesetz <Physik>
Metropolitan area network
Vorzeichen <Mathematik>
Prozess <Informatik>
Gruppe <Mathematik>
Translation <Mathematik>
Skript <Programm>
Umkehrung <Mathematik>
Figurierte Zahl
Nichtlinearer Operator
Lineares Funktional
Kategorie <Mathematik>
Güte der Anpassung
Kontextbezogenes System
Arithmetisches Mittel
Generator <Informatik>
Ganze Zahl
Projektive Ebene
Ordnung <Mathematik>
Tabelle <Informatik>
Lesen <Datenverarbeitung>
Proxy Server
Nichtlinearer Operator
Physikalische Theorie
Service provider
Open Source
Physikalisches System
Modul <Datentyp>
Skript <Programm>
Generator <Informatik>
Leistung <Physik>
Matching <Graphentheorie>
Plug in
Physikalisches System
Mapping <Computergraphik>
Objekt <Kategorie>
Wort <Informatik>


Formale Metadaten

Titel Lua: language for the Web?
Alternativer Titel Lua the language of the Web
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 101
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Cuthbertson, Paul
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 2.0 Belgien:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/31015
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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