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Ian Murdock

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the good deed in and around I would like to know if the words from marching become mired of baby in project leader and and and subtracting the coming Israeli is recognized as a system of linear to remember Ian and the free software community was was shocked shocked and saddened and to here and that you have passed away I'm just before the end of the beginning of the new year and you Madam is of course best known as the the founder of deviance is that the files that you have the and for those who
don't know that year is the year Indonesia and then in the naming we would always on the and I think 1 of the things I'm by thinking about what to say on 1 of the things that I just had to think about it this is how much debt and and and Young's work has influenced our lights on the consumer it mean here were being involved in that the and and all them many of you that induces and and even know I wasn't involved in that project when it was started uh when I think about it year has in some way or another half of my life no my life would be quite different without deviance and so this means it is something that really resonates with me and the then we may be you know things would be quite it's the key but I think everyone here can agree that the ended year and murder you know really had a big impact on on our lives in so many different ways and then there there are a lot of good things to say about a year and I but I think I'm going to highlight and free and the first one is that if you really had the foresight about creating a project that based on community and so I have a number of quotes that it really shows like you know what he was thinking in and of all of those things are very hard to understand now because they seem so all years and but you have to see it in historical context in a vector and the next distribution was quite a new thing and it was done in our by like a few people and even really said you know we want to do it in in an old open way we want to do it in a in a way that the community the people of different people involved in anything that really shows a force I I I really like these calls on so that was 10 years from after what that after you started deviance he and he said that the biggest contribution in it's it's not the software but it's it's really about how the software is created that when he started the project he started the project in the with community built in there was always the idea on that he sent out the to do it that way intentionally you it wasn't all I'm gonna start a project and suddenly became a success and all those people came she actually you know the sign the project in a way to allow for that 1 and in a particular like the quote at the bottom where where he says you know if you remove community from open source free software it's just software and and I think that's so true for get here only when I think about and I mean all the distance and the end of the day you know it's all the same stuff you take a Linux kernel you take some other staff you Freud together should the technical differences what's so unique about the idea is the way it's developed the the processes we have in place and then the social contract and the philosophy behind it and if you removed all of those things from that and it would just be bits of software but he wouldn't be dead and and I think that's remarkable you know that that Ian created such a thing then and and later on you and trying to bring you know that community idea 2 scenarios in and out of the details but I would imagine that it's much harder to act community later on instead of having to and it's interesting when people think about the idea and what they're here you know the innovation the deviance brought a lot of people think about the packaging system and and it's true I mean just imagine that you know the old days where you would just unpacked popholes you wouldn't know which files belongs where whole which packages you could not great stuff independently so the packaging system was but true innovation but again sees things in a very different way so he says it right it's not about us in our technical stuff it's all about collaboration and other packaging system what that allows is to have experts who each maintain their components and to integrate them into 1 system and I think that's that's really all innovative idea of how to structure things and and when I think about it here and I don't think about a CD-ROM on when I think about it here and I think about community that's really what what defined step and thanks to and and Brandon Robinson a former Devin project leader who worked for you and for many years I think he also said very well it's it's about individual empowerment in the social environment so he said it's not about taking responsibility while sharing responsibility think that's a really having that sums it up very
well on and that's all thanks to use force I I think the the 2nd thing I want to highlight is just to the Shia community that year and showed and you know we will have a lot of readers these days of your leaders for life needed to say I make decisions I know what's best but if you if you read this stack of the the and again to put things in life a lot of this stuff I just said about community you may say all she'd that sounds a lot like open source has been done to date you know what's new about that but if T is to realize you know it's over 20 years ago that that even started dip here and in all the money will be used for us now but it certainly wasn't all the years when you started the project on and and this is actually a print out of the announcement that he made and he had to printed out because this may quota was 500 case so you could save it looks like but it magnified 500 K and and and I'm sure that some of you in this room when the ball you know when you had his ideas so the 2nd thing is as I mentioned the community that year and displayed so when you read this called I mean obviously he doesn't talk about it but when you read this called this is saying no I know what's best for users I'm gonna give you what you need he says we need different people from different backgrounds we need users to be involved in developing the software and then I think you know being a leader and showing and telling people I don't like everything that I would have the answers we need all those people who have nothing that really shows character and and everyone I speak to about you and they say the same you know how down to he was in and I think we can see those in the pictures in in the with your later on just that you know he was he really liked interacting with people he was just such a nice person to talk to the and and some really interesting anecdotes someone talked about and there's a book published about how he had an interview with and and said hey that's go hiking the the next that's is very very very interesting I mean also someone told me that he e-mailed me and to ask for a short video to show it to the next meeting and and he got the from reply with the with the so again I think there's something really to admire and the 3rd thing I'm is actually related in that year and didn't didn't set out to be the leader for light of deviance and he didn't say a long gonna be in charge forever but he actually said and I wanna designed the project in a way that the project is need me an hour and that was his you know test for success can he step away from where the projects to the arm goes on and and and and Florida's and and and and again I think that that shows such a strength on such leaders you are from that's true leadership and if you can actually say in or about of the project is in the evening and because I see a lot of leaders who you know actually known to project even or maybe they lost interest maybe they you know they don't have the time or maybe they're not what the right person but year and was different no he said the project should exist without the so there are figures so many things to a minor and so I I think initially there was an idea of having assigning a book from but in debt and we like to do things in a in a virtual way and so there is an e-mail address and where you can send your faults and your condolences them and they will be shared with the family and and if the family which is they will also be published um I would like to thank our 1st to allow a off and on and on the the low organized everything behind the scenes and I'd also like to thank the less you brittle who put together the the we deal with initial and and it's based on photos that various people submitted some family and also in the next edition of the Debian project news there's going to be a highlight about Ian slide that we've of links and to blog posts that people have written about a a year and so if if you wish you can you can read some more about you know the person anecdotes and and other things that people share it so again if if you want to express and your your false you you can do that on until the middle of next week um and even though this is about a year and some and we we should remember it here and I think it's also good time on to to just reflects it seems that with most of the great minds recently arms so please take some time to thank the people you admire most and 1 is still around and with this time so we have a short review of prepared
left in the in the in the form of the data and the lack of a better so that the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the you have to have a better and in the back of the the the the better the performance of the of the of the of the of the of right the title of the of a a a a value of the the of of the of the of the of the of the in the in the book so let's it get gets what you and
you have to be thank you for coming
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Titel Ian Murdock
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 78
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Michlmayr, Martin
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DOI 10.5446/30994
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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