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but with the was you
would think that's 1 of the things that you have to be the units and I get more and more of the and as the the it was used and you you want to know that he was in a it was that the king of little or no and I you know and you get to the and and the the question is what is the meaning of you do it would I have that kind of thing and you increase the and the right now and the less the other and it led to the increase in funding you already using the power station the and the on the we use that among the people that they but at the and from uh about that and the other thing about the but what was the number of and what how to do this kind of of this also so money is ongoing talking verification and sold in the life of the agreement and the 0 and 1 and I think of the part of all the the of the of the of the of the content of this this is going to be all about what you should try to stay in you the solution
so looking out from the city of words that some people want to kick in and there was a lack of social definitions of some of the people who have different is the place of the of the of the uh me yes to that and so is in the year of the grid uh was where what is lot of properties that of Congolese from point 0 1 1 you know what it will do so at the end of people have been working on over a year is a 5 per cent of the the of the things 1 of the things others of course there are those who feel as a standalone server all the articles from the MIT USA the of to respond to that can be defined and this is what we talked about but in the replication so that we can we can only be used to the main publication masters and slaves that's the binary along general all inflections is the water air and the really long this is just an example of the history of his life the and they produce and the that's often that the provisions Cyprus so in my life and it was in terms of the of the planet in Alaska now we can be as multilateral the and holders of multiple files that can reduce so problem replication it's really new because it's hot and why is it hard because if you have a transaction parallelism very careful to the consistency so you have to make sure that the transaction runs in Harlem the slaying the same result as well and you were wrong in the past and it goes through transaction processing they'd all you like that of diamonds and results of data consistency is a challenging problem The and life is important and should include the encircled single CPU and things for some of you might remember so think of the original sponsors there but today it's very easy to understand with 12 cost 24 costs and 1 to what's used single those over to that also the 1 the find herself so that the only thing booking the and the support of our property is because we're pushing too much data base the application is not keeping up so hopefully with propagation of the believable to have our solution for those using the center and go back to the creation of a strategy is to write that many places and we have consistency she nature we're there but this is kind of a phones collocational the on the other thing lots of work some some resources to computer and you work through but you send them in words just think about late 1 there's to this and they want to send a single really the test only 1 of those this is working to conserve to read rest of the sentence variable so so propagation is important the story of how I will go through all the solution of long all of this is that the combustible 5 6 2 correlation they so the answer here is if you have actions that our scheme of gold gold so that only those symbols in the different things that conflicted with the problem of slavery that's a very simple idea and it works very well and my people by the influence so the last the tags the transaction with this you know they're touching in 1 on this goes this way and this slave then this patchwork 3 then worker that if there are differences here so if you want to use the room and you master the except the maintenance that you only like 2 once and and the slave is the role of worker to something greater than 0 and you will have to work so in the past simple as that or my sequel of multiple times that of the same nature of the fault and muscle fiber it might have a different view here a social to use the following have to consider all to use it so it's not certain whether there's an implication that is really important to understand is if you have section column this slave basins in the money coming in order is different from what the of the mask so Fisher transaction they want they to be you want me to be in the parade in the binary walls of the mass in this order they have the to leverage so this will be run in parallel with that and think that student workers and 1 possible coming over on the slate in a in a in a sense of if you want streaming onto to do will have they 1 a to a 3 D 1 and then the other features in 3 so so that is something new and we have to be aware that uh there's many other possible a different world and order and this is something new in as many impacts firstly impact of binary volumes led to different so they might have different to the from each other the meeting was the 1 action is faster than the other so the direction of the same order of 2 display and so the the laws of the user or not the collection analysis of the past so we talked a little about the doing black magic around a lot body becomes increasingly difficult to black magic roundabout indexes which is which shows like status will report something about what could be more so the position reported by actually start with this
position where everything the forest 102 and after some things might be connected and some being still running something must be you so this position here where n is going to before culture so our social factors will report lower warmer everything for so we have happened prosody however because crash-recovery was the transition is a few of them position different from this analysis is more complex so fast recovery is not as simple as before and back and you guarantees we can have an portables because of the gaps in the in the transactions effusion anymore but if you don't the action which and actually stick because we only have the power back ups and hardly if using partial to know what kind of legislative jet are the ones you know there's the model of the data processing and analysis that you know that you so there's something that something that we can use an multiple unsupervised through gaps if you're not using deuterium was policies that it might not be a fraction of a using propagation so it's a very long discussion remindful goes from last week a force that includes action 1st remove gaps and use a collapsing the condition to to ensure that you know which information is being and for backcrossed real conditions if you want to know where those docile supporter going to uh that they all the condition activation that only the design of collocation it's quite a hobby and there are the reading careers for our own picture of animal discussed we could use it all the charge on the I what that was the checks and check on his father is really so check on of this is from every body all we have in the 2nd of the Kyoto corner you will try to advance the positions of shows the status of the next transaction is still running because it's along the along all the people it will not be able to the system so take something like welfare of those in this link this means that when I'm old events that is position yeah and you have some kind of situation where it's like is a 1 8 2 was reading on the human all the transactions you the schema of running at some point in the qualitative check will start reading and and I will block because the long that you are and so on this point will stop at the things that are also solutions to increase its location on 1 group which is the land of the articulated interaction and we can only gaps and if you get big transactions and so imaginative action that is the 100 individual and this can happen what will the only few of the dispatcher students and control that sleep and increasing the delegitimizing of states now I will learn the the of year and there's 2 types of qualifications and and to this of the question said to no need to use it against that the reason is too long to explain that is basically this is a ghetto and in the other can be thought of as a learning the kind of 0 of order is basically the same ideas from 6 that instead of using scheme of things right is using it ain't that was be given by the version of his life and they going to set it to this thing is to session horrible crucial thing the wire domain which is which has been medical authorities who has a better than we to design using in at the end of this was this was and is also the linearity and 1 but you can burn your fingers because if you mess up using a lot of the main of you think those 2 transactions are not conflicting in the far in regards the different forms of men who are on problems like this in mind the answers so they it's more flexible so they can buy edges of the my people this says that we have here is that if you use the convention to different scheme that it will not run an in improbable bloggers qualification on on this dataset and in the same problem if explicitly out of order occasion so we have all this problems of the comedians gaps and shows the status of those things all the best thing about the cat in the yeah a little difference in my simple 5 6 shows the status is the position where everything is instance in the immediate is the position of the last and the conventions mostly fight to the death on 1 side and most them in a really good 0 that's on the other side which can lead to very surprising things if you start Europe SQL and you'll see in green line and a really long because it must be the unit step so it's quite surprising there's Bob around that the patches which actually connects uh forms of the the the full legal that in those 2 were there is a way to remove gaps there's always the transaction and uh this fact this dispatching algorithm to workers I will come back to that operates in the middle but there's also things specialties of online transaction the actions of just
as number 1 question here in the form of a question yeah it so far so good on the interesting part in all the prohibition on the scene so the concept here is that the coming together on the master can you the power on the slide so in the coming together of a massive slip so if you know I think in part so here we don't need any special the song in our data is from the law for all the difference here for this to work this works just set so the master quite well who commit transaction it will tell you that of the group and on the and the slope of the it and to to deal you in the so so also clearly has a role as an assessment worker 1st time slot so now the belongs looks like this the Committee by the hand here and so we have 1 group coming here we 1 group make here of 5 transactions so with digital number 185 185 to the lines of what session transactions in the same group and you can do and how we also transaction here that and along the master and we have another group here a set of interactions in the form of this so what about the group grouping those of you who think that there's something that you so I would say what all so instead of saying that the master grouping will happen while at the same and what's while some transactional being right and what are the actually you and so this is all there is it to if we don't think where we don't often that grouping happen because chasing doesn't happen so time to do the transaction or if things are really fast if you this is a battery is catching this saying is which back to the last you have to do this to a small moving will have group so if no small groups transaction the problem we have very few of which this so there's a link to my printer using 2 statuses log there and they all through the number of and the number of groups and the size of the then the uh computed by simple division of those and we can also talk to mind moving quite all this slowing down the master to speed up this letter so basically when the transaction is ready to commit this coming right now they went a little certain time for our conventional gene group and to make sure we don't wait too long if there is a there's a decent group size already once we reach belong and what you can we to from in without waiting so using that can optimize our group size and make sure that they will have a national product and so this is a good thing you see some things that doesn't work well and we have to be mindful if we have a very long transactions mass so the rate actions committed to get on the mass of 1 of those transactions ones and so on top when we run those followed the slave transaction 2 and 3 are finishing soon but then the other 1 that is monster that is only for a very long time so those monsters transactions are blocking the allocation of so you that supposes is the intended as a hundred millisecond those transactions thinking 1 us running that certainly they on the same sort of thing 102 nd in the and now involves thinking how would you say that because we have that monster convection is the whole talk so message social offer shall only I think 5 of the before equals 5 6 committee was expensive so it was with the infection now it's not anymore it's not needed to do transaction anymore because lexical 5 6 Marin 5 5 and then do a good job of grouping and those the transaction become back in front of it so avoid those but if you avoid those things fraction 1 site but then the 2nd still long compared to 1 used so a and the 2nd is of course for this thing so that you can actually to be from this will be the same issue of interaction is around the so that would have thought that uh so we'll see the results of the tests so that was a long ball with way uh politicians and the and the problem is intermediate-mass tree so if we use method and it's quite common Cheney thought about going on about it but it's quite common in our or let's see for transactions entered that's so on max for convection community there they didn't groups form and actually you know on Wall so on wireless that started to get the 1st to welcome its 1st and then the 2nd thing that you an insulating because they're not a society so I on seed not run in parallel all 4 of them so an integrated master you will slow the group for all of these people will bring the problems that can also kind of thing and that's about it was just that that Medium versions of that in the 1 of the last for of the original while this is called the the exactly as in information of our of problems from the last the so we could think about optimization here but it also its parts
and this is not the the sum of the areas and observed that on master file group size of 15 and 12 average on a master on this later on it and that it is like the group size is going on so we need policies in potential politician slave and that's labels Learning with 20 threads so that so it's not because the this was 1 of the effects of in and out of that that and holds that
because I want to say and this is due to take a take the action of the problem again a man the use out of order of efficient make sure that you are looking for it to each other group and it is true the the topic of a group coming last so on the on the of slate usually a single slavery and things of that you it in another in Maine and those things here if you write on the do you want every time and you take the cost of the plots in the transaction are in different uh globally that they can be on power but if they do not conflict this so this kind of thing on while way with all the it trying to teach you and do those things that I and so you we want the right to write the book to single like this and the that we also identified arrows on slide so the slave document section 1 after the other was able to find all that those conventions not can I use and how to do this all the way to the end of the that the center of the of the of the of the season being of ways that come in my hand right 0 and you say that it's you and also very these careful to avoid vote at the way you except for the question about that because it's quite and so on and so on and work locations we by the end of 1 so many of them as many kinds of propagation no of rotation only if you have to conservative with which was reduced to the problem which aims to use 1 of the nice thing in aggressive aggressive is actually just a more rational things so there's something and told you that most people and of Europe is unit transactions commit together slide we can only in the last of the so if you want to commit to get we could have the 2 year because the time he started if we all have exactly the same pages indexed the during the block you what uh training if the gene what you want the model it was waiting for them to the king to is waiting for you before coming itself because it in order in it so you get there and to solve is not guaranteed will convention to and provide you with this is that the doesn't happen often have to be a situation where things are really aligned with this is that you right you know that I have connections cited in 4 minutes I had read those in there so we find for 600 thousand transactions you see 5 times in this is really something that doesn't happen often but if it's mishandled what's so breeding on that it's a very good thing and kills the 2nd section but here we have a way to on optimistically such so what is the prohibition that's long everything that's not hear about conflict wrong and there's a conflict because we could transactions in order we will add that all of that here and will make products so this is the natural inclusion on most of the material and and this is called the rest of each so no need for me to come in the that's the only for conflict detection on this so do people to do the job that they do so by the time you look to see increases the power of the state of the art and science so it should be noted that the other thing we yeah but there's 1 thing is something that you can do all that so years we cannot rule that transaction my eyes and we cannot fall back so those things will belong to and the creation of quantitative something conflicts those while we can roll back the action so this is the problem of of each classical 5 7 8 in the very center of to and the based on something similar to this it's not exactly the kind value the calls we also have a notion of slowing down the vestiges of the slave and we have the same problem as we can see from the long before this action will not obligation and during the last little so the resumed along so we don't do that you know it's quite complex algorithm is all this is 1 of the problems that in some situations the various news substitution of this kind of and it's it's a discussion the that's something you know my sequel the fall in in the regional art so you get this and all the things that come with gaps and we don't have the patience to actually use in using 2 digits there's a parameter things in order to this city and for that's uh to the the integers and the and lots of which part the way most of the persons will so and mostly to go faster come to enable prohibition to become resistant eradicated and you have presented so that that's just the instance of these is that the 1 want on top of the tunnel was like we used to get the and it's still not crash site so I don't understand is there's no gaps things are committed in order not crash so in that situation shows low status and just so something that's not such that the duty in this university and hi I'm certain minutes left to talk about out well it performed so I did that probably and 0 about 1 5 6 tendency again so those are test for that and that will be discussed in the those are the environment and that 5 7 thousand as I say to so it's quite hard to test the potential without the much so the way a human tests and so on and so on and watch and the environment of the different masses looking up on our production last they're running my sequences that's here I will marry the girl slaves the 1st 1 is set to 1 and this 1 here is slated to committing identifying was an ideal in Sumatra for that so I'm start with the and then with my last slide on what you want things from a small columns because of the work of which so group community of his savings it has very interesting properties it
can go from not a lot of transactions per 2nd 50 to much more than that but I don't know what this is because all these the summary that
0 minus 4 environments what I'm doing is I'm catching up 24 hours and so the ones here in the 1st and that's the also about and in and the size of my group and that's the end year so something that varies in the thing about thought in average so this is my 1st environment the 2nd round here lowers the light intersecting groups of and individual
becomes action to environments I told you don't go and true so the results
so this is the speed of 5 10 20 40 tracks is the is the slave with firing on top of that of that age you either abilities and all you people want if you want so the speed of a little less than 2 of the trends and we can know think so the models of the equal to if you're already running low the the we can to see that have 1 2 and this is the this graph this is misleading because age singletons the power and energy is 1 hour so this is actually much faster than you have good speedups with loaded with Cervantes and the result different way the here is the speed of the agent and the this about of hydrogen the and if you're already running with both of you can say that if you run with high durability and you want to get there and enabled of verification and remove the so in 1 year or less than to speak about was this 1 time during the year so the 2 is an environment order research so in the 2 state of 2 2 . 4 1 then this is the POS expecting a little better I drew sizes and uh so really expecting 4 or 5 of my and my expectations were writing hi and so in this 1 to you about it is it's really a slave from the authors even in the fall the of the 1st and last year we review recent method for only still faster while this I can have the manager of a lot of books so numbers them however there was and were the 1 that's going out for or a data set of result so here this is consonant with the the 0 on the 1 much and so this is a religious I'm going to be to here again with no durability this is the argument what's there that's the 1 of the half the time and and more than 1 of the things the 2 so again much the 384 customer we were were bad result with mobility and 0 here and now they're much and this is useful you comment on the on the chest not use this is this and using it as a so we have some chance of getting the and of the so this is the 1st part of the reason is that the institution of power because of scheduling problems are of actually doing replication using reflections of because those are not so if you look at this time was something will 1st the good uh speed up to 3 I this is on a little more than 1 3rd of the so like this it's and also this is really 1 of
so summary based on my understanding of that growth is the tendency of the order and probably 1 of extrapolating has limitations on the action in that so if you do that In my talk I think that was the without hearing the pressure on the other the solution needs careful attention on the old people and so it was not much of the little importance in the and of the of the which is more flexible and more flexible where you not on the and that's the end of his life the cost in the long collection of actions and while at the end of this meaning and
the the question of gravity and you have 1 and for 1 thing that this would if you have not of this nodes on this you think this is going you will the end this so that uh and because of this thing that we were the master to you some things to this lady and do not on those induction problem because I think that so this Voorhees deadlock understandable by mostly so often the this is why it's not aggressive while on phone and not sure of the variance of 1 intuition tells me that it's better to play a role that is not that expensive but not enough on this thing is that in fact the robot is much less than the 2nd so a conflict is was the cost of conflict much of it is is less than the gain of infection that data and of the 1st part of this intuition about what is or is it on the confrontation on this side of the question the the 1 we think of the that things this and the only thing that you have the more the region on the note of this this correct heart that is there is consistent of this thing is just running transactions optimistically people they need not and in the conflict the main role that which you costs CPU but my my intuition here tells me that that that rollback on spinning is like getting the data 1 and the fact is that you might think about 25 per cent of all so I'm probably with the use of the view of the fact that I'm I'm sending more hydrogen he did this and this is it is the which the I the other was into it and it will be
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Titel MySQL Parallel Replication
Untertitel Inventory, use-cases and limitations
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