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Galera Replication Demistified

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this common United of the political movement of the hand right around the world and so let's start with the communities and the only during the French and so in parallel with the loan in the summer of when that the distance of so we got the word and there is a lot of of time and I just want to say that I started to move and to use their own students to read book and then when the signal to have them with the the
and act on so they don't want to sleep and the move here using the it really this is the mean on in this so let me show you know he's ready for all the of on the arrival of 1 of the the magic in the Lord's work on the right is the the and ultimately
anything about what you should see really really where'd strategy is in this is where a is more in the entries in the form of a lot of I usually have a total of most of the nation We must use the right so exists and is unique in the most solution and this is something called services we use we must understand that there are all
right with that as the the obvious injury so we don't have a the world lot of that you care about the loan for i in the futurist level what were you use the in this 1 thing that you want to use the Americans in 1 the you
dance the carol there also or not you really know for or for you and get a most of the work that you do so these just titles of the all of the basic rights of that's the 1 right and you can also like you to extract only the events that led to the kind of thing that you can label on
how you men and so what do is you application is the labor the right set of things that are going to to the nodes have the same alright said convergence and numerous numerous and all the nodes of knowledge about the rights then the generated clusters generate a deeply view of the global and used in order to actions and of the related the the 1st so if you not using the euro and wanted and just feel that started this to which the movement there's so much of all of us laughter and this is just a lot of Japan and all over the 1st 2 or additions to its normal people living there is much higher that so that you can use the highest in the world and we're right in the heart of the so list at what things you used solely on this side Sis as in the east but the thing is in social and this uh education to ensure that the quality of our are consistent the rights when they join this so this is the form part of the universe literally what this means is that you know where we are in the government of the right so land and those joined the closer which and overeating actionable on what the Government of action units you being sold where you start to get to the variance so where's my most accurate right and we can use the data and so I have to increase the most the uh that they serve all rules and so it's very simple we just started in order to Jefferson you guys and stopping and starting from that debating what version the of your using this in in some some version of the so some or all of the sort of like and you can use that represent this the a so we are here because they on the same everywhere and all of that and this and this morning you know the rest of the world cations and then there is transactions and so you know this from the action will increment this I just don't so if we compare them the the same but this is the biggest dressed in In fact 6 she's a server and the source several with their own you should use for several of the the education so the pressure and this is the possession of the process for us right so in fact 6 he did the right thing so we increased and other master so it's a little while dissimilar a year and that starts processing transactions so we change and we can see from there in data it's a direct was a single sentinel that gets the right movement and we just do it for the difference between this so all all us thank you so the the box is 1 of them in the case and it creates a from and run them uh and there's mentioned the matter and so we just replace after you find a look at it here on this is something formation we for words generated want see but that's the inside of the resulting that don't data on for and the sequence number this is 64 right there we generate during revisions as the mediation so when you do something on the right the communicator scalar and then inside what would be the next uh citizens and for me that this is a novel written which is a whole lot of this is the reason for a book I how can we have the diamond was saying that this is all site what would be the next so just go for it and on the radio and really somewhere in person of the so occasionals remember I said OK we don't care about the master was this they've because we again right anywhere and everywhere in the research that has we in the 1st hour so all the are equal but we also sometimes this is all in the futures for ensembles of muscle of the last of these the lower the additional something and write the so 1 so again region with 4 1 has actually right somewhere and this is the last in the history of the transactions and you know it's the role that we receive the action of OK so this is it in that we also said master and slave religion just for union of such not for the several recent right so uh this has be repaired and because of that the things a because I'm sure that then which over Mosul non political and doing a series of occasional it must be there for your own transition there's 1 Mosul we can you and so on yeah and what rights because there was a connection writes it is just that the there such use 1 or more will reduce the writer and the vision the but but the former last year other and so this is same of so right it is these are lot below to block most them and we also need revision he is that the master of the generator and his vision he's the Peruvians so in a number of key words I already at the beginning you should know that he was the fact that she had to the the theory so the radius of the very early stage of whether or not of so far in the years for it is the only instrument in all of this together written the part of the right set to be able to make use of diffusion of the risk of the oracle so uh and the version he thought that this is the engineering and it's always preferable to refer to prove that all and the rest of it is faster than the mean value and
much more than in the other than in these so the key source this is and this is what we use to make he so we should the for assaults reducing the sparsity of somewhere and gets so the rest of the what had just with the but revision of what I thought of all of the presentations and the more because this thing is used in several steps all phases and the first one the subclass so we need to up like to change some of the that set and then need to review research findings and the it for a candidate for a depending on what's the role that transactions and actually you for example on the last of the machine were in the server gets the transaction in the on the apparatus and with higher also modify the roles then do says that the k to all of the notes that happen and then the situation has become almost almost it gets to the 1st there is a fire and in the past it's really changed and the so this is the and what is that this is the end of the 5 regions of the of the of me but I would like you to move through the slides so what this Bayesian this just answering this me question can describe right the by politicians and trade was Asian so effectively time so the reason is the then yes so the vision that us here something that lost the right data on the role that the fusion the that after the also and all of the change in in the the and also based on the planet over here concession on the master so it happened so when it is a fusion of reasons stated transaction documents you know about it I need to verify the both variants feel that and verify all that you need to make this vision of sold when there is a conflict the conflict she always some form of so that's why you think of the what what recoverable received your isn't always change this is the part that would say OK but there is the good for you or at least not to write an all missions and that we need to write on 1 0 and that the process right of because the reader familiar these because you're right on all the most of the guys who were there because sophistication of every node and it's due to the recent all that we know here the results are not reported to trust so this is the and here in the final set overriding the way that they get before we put the you could be the reason of the of you can go up because all of this so there is also the vote we don't so we send that when you look at the size of this this for use in the Urals then don't care of more it's enough so it is a flight from what we have here it's not that unusual that relates the inverse so if the negation last religion right and the Committee's work so we will gone all the losses if in the problems and the mastering that that the summary that is that most of the economies uh the goes and that's where of vision needs to be included in that's you where the law and doing that because of the way in just use the are there that's the the of changing all most of the and decisions are related to the deacidification has cost and the cost for each of these in young of this formula of rules and so if you know this is the but if all of money and to right changes the beginning you can assume that you already know about this before and during the you know hot I know is on all signals off the sophistication there are analyzed using the resources to expand your lungs and the fall and the army all over of rights and confirmed the being the course is also a certain conception looks like the Martins actions variable or go there on the right and because then we all of this is learned from the so although I told we forget about the number of support and understanding of this just after so when be so this section is just right in the meeting that the norm of the and the land of the free and and so on so I've also got the right the and this is a summary of outlier that's on list and on the planet that almost so knowledge use on the use some graph on the whole we agree what happened is that we a change on 1 of these remedies right then it's so and they're not going to see this this is the only synchronized where state sequences vision yes reducing synchronous but the coming and sophistication is not sufficient that can happen at different times and this certainly ask fossil sources of but it's actually it takes time period in the model of the rules and the guarantee for of course if you know that is like a procedure we go over all the orchestra we like the form but we can see applying an eye for an eye and Korea the half at the time the the long after of course more its worst to be and more this income the solution the periphery of so is the same for the were from Section for connection right it gets we call this the gets and that will go meet at different the so this so once this includes the initial guess the sequence the only thing that is sometimes not so not like 1 reason why so the vision is to because of this in the past with the are at the back and it's on the on the side on which awareness of the list of the right just to show me all the is looking universe so when the owns initiated protons action and the we wait because of a lot right and the following the dresser distributed system we don't use it for
of its not yet with the of the of the and now we don't to use the loss so we the people know what they are you there are 2 different from that of the difference is that the only thing that they starts the book to get together and uh uh at this time was that 1 solution this will really know because of but just went off looking so here's just some of the additional all the division fear right so we change the data going here receivers replicated the data set the kitchen up happening on all of this condition and succeed on but also 163 going to you right everywhere succeed remain the community here it there then you still need to be processed were continuous dictation we checked with the looking that the uh up like that of conflict and here's the condition when go is sufficient fail there's institution for the also because there is something here because doesn't of the because the information you have changed and so you see division fit with the return uh no and everywhere sufficiently the Geneva really not be the formation and the world and recent regional with so this is just some of of mean or on the roads resistant types so for a future machines in their force or and local heating fear and a so just some vision on so there's no way modified the middle that it's always modify the units in the modified only 1 because the history OK yes if you 65 everywhere then when the 1st sort like everywhere where this 1 of the the next thing you do here what whatever it is that we have a that look me that already happened the rate is slow because users all i we to move or the connection but you get the answer only at the next meeting before and mostly it's always the covered in the the the the OK but this this has been on inference as you progress in your system we will assume we move from the action where there are only 2 the Archimedes then the slumber OK and here there is a conflict between something that is him the and again in the hope that looks and sees the kinds of the and you should but you know I'm waiting face this limitation of the faculty needs the money before and that it is best to just 1 thing uh because you see that also going the time and the actually in the 2 will form a and this is sort of forms uh competence and this 1 simply has also been looking much there was the world know who the more and more companies right and this is what we need is not far fact from and there are no that not from uh doing that right and so it happens only when the received in these higher in the new of and when problems will have so what we really need that the reason you're not stop processing I to fluctuate as so as to slow and to do so over a distance of human you originally so everybody gets to know of any sort of service to be performed cannot right on the server right so this so you will have problems with the mean of me many facets of this meeting provided that you but very high leverage abilities to write on them so watch out and this is also you create at my that was just very mean shift the 1 in this huge so if the if there's always a single useful all then just want this this has about the outlet and use them as an empirical loss so you are related to social is just know that this is 1 is not a planning in a year and a few others at the point when we to it's a stock toward the loss and there would the weights nothing happens because the this long process this thing that's it the question put yes of no no it's everything so it won't be the only answer to the fusion of the system for the rest of the you look process that would be a good thing and in the class there also because the of optimistic were you can that we think of the class once we see the bottom row anything they somewhere and then that will uh so for example the fast everywhere but 1 that has all the parts for the solution may include the activity and so on because all the all the and you know you about out and then on to the start of the entries in the the yes all of the this I the yes yes by phone yes and then that's all cities that gives the ability for users you uh you can see some of the things I want what I want you really that I want that the process of so this is the last 2 years of selected it and so we so in there but that knows that and said before you want to read and not and should have the same density the will lose the use of the the question always you know that you got it right at the demonstration again on the 1st version no because or for everything and the readings from data from the research firm you and the doesn't and so so 1 who what this means that means in service and the government of the you know action thanks
to the
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Titel Galera Replication Demistified
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 50
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Descamps, Frédéric
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 2.0 Belgien:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/30961
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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