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Using Hadoop as a SQL Data Warehouse

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alright so you 1 to have the kind over the whole it's a a the use of the whole thing will talking about the latest do to the over all the concluding part of the name the I also have this year project to the federal prisons we usually 1 of the oldest and best-known open source projects use of all of the the set of the the other thing I like to talk
about the properties of so good at at the the you know what so was that of way that the act of willing to wait around the beaches a status and there is no in the that and I also want to talk about the the amount of which is the mean of the scores of the right so find out if you do that you know about how to so how this user name is on it you have to really think along with you so what do you feel that you know that a sense of how to use what he's he's out of 1st you have them and this year the idea is to in the lines of must and the activities of the same thing so you see must and this is the that
so to say the just like a single so what is likely to my mind of course we don't call it your best so now we have to note then you can use quality of life was used idea of the single thing to talk and you and heads and then we will also use this knowledge to show that is in in use of and I would have been in use yeah to it of and I do something this and you know I also will a some deviation and that and the but we have to use some of the things that the
kind it for the this
is usually you want to know the unit of already and unscrewed by all of you know sort in some some areas of Europe coming to the end of this this you and at so the there's
start and you about how the to use of the and if so this was used man features of the year from the outside in the front of and the size of the 1st cycle the combine these small single 92 people the sound really and I also that support or whatever it matches the language in the hot and and actually connect almost all of your applications and include the cost of this you might wanna stop and you have no in the use of these the cost of 1 of my talk and influence of time in the top is that you you tend to be the set of Good Will to the connect all of the notes and discussed in the next 5 minutes and it's positive the mind of the of the the the the the the and it also supports modularity publishing of these this means that this partition of unity and also the complies because of war as the idea so of a lot of the virus noticed because of sections that you have from the beginning of this course and that she has mentioned that in the book that but the question of whether the sum of all the samples in the 2nd paragraph of can you know comes you when you load little bit of some kind of got you you you will respond consistently you will get you uniqueness is there and when you do you have a so on major by what we call the pattern of the what the and so the holidays and part of the pairwise there and they are not analyzed here to encourage you to you know we have the longtime supporters of the manifold from fault-tolerance I'm not available opponents in will start with some of the statements of diet and actually in a whole continuum of stories that without by removing the 2nd half of the master and the new masters of the highest and the by and so we also support lines which so and you want to have 1 these statements in the knowledge base that is used in the training data used this history of all and all of and and we also support the needs of modern art in these kind of because I have not had a right to the end of the the feature and the reason the only kind of that you can use all seduced by many due to the use of memories and those and they also support many of that is and so how is also extensible so the knowledge of total of the next and actually it was a matter of fact from hand and you also support of connect prior to biology is a new projects that very few weeks and she variables of the whole solution you want to support the use of the right of the story and the analysis of language use the properties of of this kind for joule the and and this many of my functions and also supported you read the library to the so this is the membership of the top and this is how we reason we talk about the history of the log of 2 solutions and the that the communities the policy making use of the kind of performance and the legal compliance with a the of traditional in their house was worried idea you know what it's so and the figure how compliance with the the the and this kind of high-performance as well as that you can see 1 the solution of the have a dual status equal rights to the head of the house you don't and the signal from a single set aside the you movement want to the state of the nation in going to revive Italy's not the standard right and all I is about the priority areas and trends in the colonized the world is completely dependent on the inside of the you you you you you know this idea that we are environmentally and they that's the price you is highly scalable and so on to the rest of the talk is only 1 the not like know the so this is however
the top of the and this is how how we deal with you know a lot of detail several months and and the best of their emotional and the master and the artist by myself and I of that the state is computed on each node in the net of you want to do that and the group comes at the cost of current students and he's rescued occurring and on each of the past of the of of the of this this year that had to do with the quality of the policy and get the hell the and in using the out of the way the usage of the image of many resources of the class so and I was excited and there is no and no knowledge of so going to the use of all of that is how a must you know so we have a pair of so it's going to affect so internal and also young results and at the time of and so this is really going on and off we don't any and this slide shows the pot the title because it that's the wrong kind of the components you must have and the plan and see below you only you only on the digits and that of the accounts and you know you want to go through the process of how the process and the origin and the virtually of customers in the passage optimize and optimize the will the ultimate lack of both of them are very of a very kind of thinking that eventually you need to use that center so I that as I had the most of the resources available in the system and so it goes to the beach along here we got and if we know about tools and resources and you're back to the results of and get the resources from the downside that actually obtained the resources of the resources of the the binary that is called into of probably cost and how do we get a result the military of well the result is not available well we should execute over and we do thank you very true statements to execute the density that come on the bottom side of things that you know the same of the hot and I each step of the way that it was said you can look that is that it was just a single the and actually of the during the execution of we study model model what you seconds on each of these shows that you have the following you will have a query and the have less of an old but we want the real part of the of the of so what we know we have all kinds of events of a node in the field of a star so what you have on this so you have achieved in the case of the degree of terrorism she sees this could probably not being method parallel and so know the among the between set of sentences that is it actually or in the past that no 2 we can and we have to log in and humanities lines to the best and the irony of it would be best if you you may see that line you you and you know it it actually is really pushing the the best finally we find it find that actually you has a lot of mutations and that we can see that the you will have less of the and additionally communicate with each other models the marginal the evaluated by someone on each of these each other and relational responding nations level has value connections to the top and going to node so this is the kind of thing you want to do that is that the next so sort each so this is the we is no the the seems to know what the hell is going on in this and he actually for the external systems who use of the PSF if you will actually travel I have to have the system and the accessibility of you and you the the oracle and in other databases and wider than other and also systems so this evening or rely on and is the best query execution FIL paregoric comes to the house of possibly get custody and the past year to a given audio I want the in In the past you've given to analyze analyze a little bit do some semantic analysis and text you know where the like columns of assessing the worry is that and we also that somehow the semantic talk about how to analyze this can be a lot of generated by the and even to the data and the use of metadata and resources and the nature of started processes on different nodes as you can we also slices of what that is that people actually of these last and you know that was last year will and that each class will be in pageant to the query execution was used with the goal of this right so this I just introduce the overall architecture and the power the protocols and the leader of standards including the history and the into something that you will have an end of the course I will just become the popular and a lot of enterprises began to use again using the centralized so of storm system so you know where you will have a greater number of these things so that is evaluated based in and usually faster than that that was in the higher the higher and so on but you have to have a solids and so we see here how we combined and we mentioned the so this is a like the standard model so as we call it the article about this we have piece on the effects of the entries in the novel was so what he's trying to buy a lot of customers so after customer times and compared the benchmark violence between top and and 5 so that it happened properties of these 4 2 times faster than the so engines promoted to the top as well so we can solve this thing we have 1 of the 1 of the things that we change the natural scenes and now we have centralized storage idea that's so a lot of things in the original version of the database is not so we can existing mechanisms at the end of the course is to make it more like disease and the unit was out of the city to the sum of 14 actually we have a lot of minor the herbalist and
there's also a lot of in the chips and was on the political parties and the company has the right hand side that is not a lot of it and it was on the existing to the very close to come from you and this is the 1st part of the of the the the health of the G and it's about more than income loss features will mostly in each of the values must be explosion long time that is the kind of what was said the size of model what is the value of each of these people send this to have we have started a pedigree according to the cost based started as many as what it was going to cost barriers of our wasn't found out the results and the power and the In response to the data for the task of this is so because whatever we also consolidated stored in 1 and the other is the title of the episode of the universe of that so that that yeah that's the best kind of muscles knowledge and I think this is you can prove that tells you and so far so finally I got fed up maybe willingness to at about the quality of the power the computer to much of this you can do what is kind of some some of the stuff you have to use it and what about so and what this is all about and it also also you also do something that is the size of the of universe and many of you have a question on how any ideas you consent to our millions of user in this you could intuition because this is very it's a very easy you just need to start you are the top of the problem people and you want to call the feature that the publication you just in time for the is that what you on in the course of coding the funny thing is and that's what features just in areas that you know you guys made a series of continuing so that we are also working on the current state of index is very hard for the proteins now we are working on it and will not be a catalyst was 1 of property and you have to use a kind of can only policies and update the prior on the the number of the system so that was about it really how the only know content so can about what happens to and then show that children fishing and we have a system of sparsity and in how they use also an interesting area and we also have to know the passing of time we want to pay for ask the so this is the case where the US was coming the the the the the relevance of this problem and the the arguments on the side and you also of in our publications of some research the officers of to cover the right as the time thank you and me get out of it not that of the so that the person what would you suggest some users something agreed upon versus when the use just all so actually going to be the of a customer to this suggests that the hot spot is part of making things and you know if you use in the house in and exclusive so that we have this and the role of a of a variety of ways the kind of the that the the the the the the kind of thing and the road and I think I would like to to do this and so the time matter is there in the top so you can think of it in the ground and are the there are in the process of so far so actually it's also the 1 that was you know you can you know if you compare all of the vessel of the elevators only with other people complex resolutely and you want to suggest that you know you don't use it and you can write on almost all of its and and from the size of the problem is much faster and I thought you were going on in the the reason the the user's and the talk and also is also called on the geometry of the virus and strategies you all what do you use this in the in the there are some possibilities I put it in a warehouse an entity so that we also saw the user it as input and use the stock will assess the use of a man and a very quickly the constant is not quite a in problem started these are all of these and in 1 of the you can use the high for it was a lot of information you can use them to assess by catalog and what people call that the police this is just like this they being you know options we were the and the hand work the the of the the we will then the use of all that is the idea that so because of the climate system and we want to suggest that there could be part of the time the system Recognition component here that I could use the shares of which you know many of you in parallel and the you the it in various parts of and you me this you of the the variance of much 1 of the words the sample you want to start with the with the what that you have to use country that time the quality of life and it was just the colonized and that was set up and they also that was going just like that of the where the
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Titel Using Hadoop as a SQL Data Warehouse
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 40
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Chang, Lei
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DOI 10.5446/30952
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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