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Why Flow instead of State

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1 with the best thing you can do this also it's really about all how we came to the training the data being on the myself on the of the site around the will in the in the in the the the the the people they know portal and so we take the fish uh on 1 single kind of books in a family that that is needed with you and react to will look to even speak CVD more into this we tried to kind of creative to also mentioned that are now in this way as we have many different each while the when we know that on and this is where the center and the thing that you kind of and as an the use of making 1 of these if these and 1 of the assume we add years these with a nice guy who looking this is the difference between the picture the of the state of the of the of the available data and so on ratings of the of the digitalization mostly because of that some of you have them back the type of application we we used to I can think of a representation of the the companies in the world the where you have the yeah if you look at the various status on the other the only not of them I should say that the company's these to compare with the value of what we the we find the people and so on and that these guys the reason the phone these days laughter edition Institute metrics this leads to the floor of what used to be that long I with because I was organizational receiving DVD between my you know what I it was meant to do not conditional that is part of the and of the future is in the with the of the of the of of this is that the move of the occasional the this is positive they wanted to have a new architectures pictures of them look at different you cannot about the meeting of the song sensors that we we organizing data the smaller relation and why to expose the state of the art we see with the with the potential to on using kind of very small 1 1 1 2 I the this from the feeding usually properties in the Hidden according to the vision of this gel and the reality kind of really continue with the support of the of the whole time it's better to of something that we welcome General this processing where you put something very quickly on the contrary you because the only of many created you we have cultural later are this is a very good use case from the medical services I don't know how much application of stuff and that move these the interests of all of its people being selected for 1 specific services doing now but yes we will go into some data right each to if you look at this understanding of the scene where we have to think about this is that he was the and what you want you want the date of and aspect this these so is way of working that you won't love norfolk cities so you want messaging between the accused of stream of data between the different cells and In this case so the message from the ECA patient somebody 1 on the the other side we also have a lot of democracy around use 1st yes to be as simple as just the the way you get a different editions and has to be a simple it because of what they it would also be they usually don't conform with the same pattern and so on and so this is because the long but also because if you know what this is about Michael so we see that vision of very very different so the next he was the only on understanding what happens so by doing that as a so we vector and this is going to go on don't think of and the that's what we want so we consume the quality of sideways is this was the way the an overview on this issue can can be we would be really loud with it that you will be there but if you this this you seasonal of generated beyond that no 1 is each more of the what do we call messages to yet the number of messages that read the answer is you you need to have a positive image of and have faculties use this is 1 of the reasons traditionally securing systems that conduction state in which they are waiting for all of our original problem because of the one-step throughout the universe it's something you want love way to the realization that University of a week or people to especially if we look at something else that is a state of the of the somebody asking the representation of the people if you want to there
the state that's not going to be on a roll then there exists a a few of the major point of from difference is on the if you want to talk about you know some of these sources of the only reason it won't let us see the local and the data for that year if you use you have some social model for many factories and you want to go of which we access because of the type of data that we use that going to back to gate data of the world all the time you want to streams of data when you read with like sometimes in the year that it was sometimes data we take some time get but you want to be sure that the message from some of the controversy the last part of the the of these challenges not the way you want to be huge so we are not looking the state because the state when you take the picture that matter the to put you at this of this that we are working on she was responding on you want to give the data when the relations and you this is where I would use this is the same thing and it took a about collective knowledge doing so they say when you tend to be the main this is exactly the survival of the nation where C is working with the fluctuation waiting for us this state we look for a way to get the best thing in the world we have a lot of energy and we have a completely different the we will take a look at 1 example
of this would the kitchen and moved on a lot of fusion remote and it was this of the restrictions and the some of the challenges of some of the in so Virginia Governor is usually you patients that you're on our side we just look at the top the get of you if we really have to extract metadata you have to constantly were from a you form of what you have to extract many when you get video at the back of overseas many data we with the so inside going on we're doing that you do not same thing that the the set so that when you now with rather this what each time of wanting to do you create 1 how many good you want to switch called uh this is is that the more you switch from old and we would have to have the chance to do with it and instead of once again for the characters that i Piano light on piano and so on you could messaging the this and you know you were asked to get you in the use of the researcher and the research about the something and this is 1 of the reasons and you have heard about Kafka respect you use high highly-available very scalable and messaging abilities when we will produce so use messages the people these things on series the this property disputes on natural 1 of the key but only consists not only scalability what you have the 1st part of is you have a lot of this is usually what we stand up for if you look at the I guess you should use the information that we have in the many was you want to expose the and some of them will be how do you use the way you have the funding from the state can use this method to the power of what what about its existence because sometimes you really should be it was used in this the check point of view of this process will remove the extraction of you well and again like the idea was to deal with an issue you know the statistics by things that you and I will pass in front of a the board this we review some messages of messages directly using the data this is to make a big difference when keeping in mind that the case of a lot of a lot the consumer this isn't just for so that something that supports capital and we wait for the later on when somebody needs to get it to the loss of human life and the this book is the you know the day information that partitions and from the cluster of of the right so long as we have been made of and it's 1 of the reasons use quotation on q so in there to reduce this election say is that we want this point this 1 this issue of the rule of law and all of this is rather like our guys just so the your application focus on trying to get the right services the picture on the board so that you use something that you read the message to the very fast and get kept out of the kind of and this is not as good as the number of being among the kind of little the and you have some problems on the additional where you have a very large regions that so if you want to be important to meeting with the use of game in which is that you will have many many cues inside of In domains at so we ask which of the kinds of information from 1 additional that is to in the actual of is in the form of capturing the possibility that somewhere choose wisely where the most of the solution to the problem and then you have the right to the point that you have to with the the issue of spectrum and I want to use the marks the cops just go to the page in that of the laws of the state of the art of the possible impact of the questions that we use in this case being 1 of these very very and quite
have the aggregation of many regions of suppose you out you know in the last thing you want to know what also of you some of the and you are you using those just give a capital and things like that that makes me say which of them you could call the so most likely to be we want you to solve information about the same as in the original image of how much of the rest of the data that is information about the health the languages that may have some information about the environment in which is and you do this the and this was used in the then have is what you can do show on this if you find K I post the reaggregate the national of the entire I think that the real world time and the other thing is I the 1 in the back and this is 1 of the where we using it for so did this in the case of the nation and the you want to deal with the data beyond the confines of the and I think that you cost the new nation of this is the idea that the generation the was many of the same if you say that they in the name of the Lord of the world the security of the person the and start data in the real time processing is the state of the in the the end of the match and it really challenging site where you want to know which thank you we use the the the the the news and was surveillance because this that there are 2 of the the idea that the thank you thank and through the use of the conduction of violence to which they made up of all the way to think of the other things that can be used in all of and because it's just so that you can view of the of the partition of the In the same way we this also means that if you right this challenge would be to try to do it you don't have a bit of it was very well with what usually whether that was that it was a lot about the nature of a few of the What is it all about what we see is it about these people are getting enormous it was vary from 1 instance of aggregation of the nature of this partitioned into it can in and the would be from the in the it the you of think the of the of the of the of the null and
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Titel Why Flow instead of State
Alternativer Titel Streaming Architecture Why Flow instead of State
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 36
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Grall, Tugdual
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 2.0 Belgien:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/30947
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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