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if and think the and the other half of the of and the think about it and the question of what the collection of the of the middle and then the value of the of
state the thing with the so
that all of you who the things of the past couple of projects in the quality of the people that will be the result of FIL the natural the main thing is of the so what we can use the that but in this part of the meaning of about the will of of you know latency as well as the is used to it has also been moving which do you think you want some of this size you require group of and it lets you do staple ways which do not receive the useful life on but for all the talk about the changes in the way that can the states what do these numbers that many problems in which we use the best of the best is reading so it would make sense to most of the events in the data but it was not enough because you have a very have played so you know that the have faster results you don't have to store all data and you have more of a political and resource consumption in US because they're constantly processing the incoming the but since the periods grade on this it's going example in this example of this talk I want to come up with you know the so we have to use impose weak and where each event I of the 7 3 has been that's 2 of the so now we want what tackle perceived as how long also there could be other green features of a person this is this over and you know the whole time so what you do all you do is you can have the same you who according to the and then you know find kind of thank for information just because of the of the of the body and during the middle the patient will take you the long so we need some kind of a woman of the questions for the last project this on the the whole region of that group from that thing OK so if we had defined the there's which that can be any doubt about the status of using the technology is not the same and the the the the the and the 1st thing that the fact that was an event happened uh of in your which will be used for something of but next we use the excuse of what I was going to be used on which which of the in the what's the time can use it you to become sort of thing so what's the source like a couple of you guys sources and many others but here I use my message the so that we can use the that of and this will give us data stream of what now and as we think we can stop at that stage the the 1st step was to promote directly that the thing into 1 of the best for the individual trees that that was done in they wanted buy you give the field name of from the time which is next along the lines of my frame and you and yet I have to play it kind of candidates within the this time window I will compute of by calling some of the presence of missing OK this all so that was the 1st new where the please same locales all of these the rest of the last and there are 2 2 x 2 broaden the specified of the locations of the the of that we have to be excused calling OK we also with you 1st of of all this complexity is still important concept of such a thing which them getting a tuple vacations that to find that means that we call encounter with this trend most 1 of the simplest 1 is the Hamming window which is basically a contiguous and all the things that we know so some because of the seen into a statement of all if this this the following is that some of the state of something about you the status of 2 the you know what I will call for all we know is same which allows it to the public thank God finding that they're all of the of all the things that people at the Library of 2 which is the set of the 1st element of each window overlapping with the last of the city with so you have a different learning let's do different things yeah no example the signal depends on the size of the of of the could also find and it's all in time all of the time this support most which means the time of when intelligence was not working as well as that which means the kind of of the 10 that was great this is the sum of all the things that we can handle all that you read for example from what it was also a small children that follow them Influence and so that means that and the most support currently the study would not support that we were able to bring not for use this you can also use of by the way the the the the the the at the beginning if they so moment in this is that the the there's a lot so it's less than a finished the computer you just all of this work in this area of the all fall under the of the last slides that might be might be feasible to do so the the accounting we don't really need information that that's right so the other thing we need is some of the there was and then there's the realm of so to more revision of we can the state of the art is simply a list of the value of the so that the rate of the mass this is called of note that look like the for the rest of the problem is that style of some
words so method we call them with statement which states of function which has 2 parameters of the variance of the data the 2nd is a state long which used this function to the current of the uh query letters to reflect the new 1 those however what happens is that the world which you wish so we're going to to rest of and all the contents of the which is the knowledge that all of the agreement was there is a so that's the sum of means to recover from the data consisting of and what we basically have to do all of this is has to do this is all your home state somewhere what this basically means is that this is is this is the capital of the point is the of the of during the words since some the use of continuous stream of which means that all the way to stop the flow of the things by of the of the streams of model word the next word but that there be it's not couple years so it is to synchronize the initial and tell them when take of so that the the that of every operator gives you a consistent but this most of the time of the and using the various of the other thing I was so you want to know that the so with a hand in the old days where the elements which she must be more than the amount the this means that when an operator let's say you of lot of state of the seas this lecture is not that there's no see all of them have to this point if you can now that's that's a public state that is off of work as a summary of the full extent of the resources can that we can we can recover useful or we can we thank and in terms of processing guarantees of this removes during world which are at most once the ones and that you want With this this was a very expensive and the of so we can get you all of these we know that this is a book prosperity what's takes the of the soul useful and you was based is that you might see an that the 1st some of the rest of you might not see a got so there is all you need to to realize the idea of the ones with says that you will see that the woman wants the case all of you might have that use the what is that you the process of the elements of the and is that you want means that the there you know I'm not so that realistically for the that is the the what sum of call the most of hello as a user of the history of the work that you because of this of and you will always use of to the because energy to minimize the OK what would what does this 2 bonding domains of state own there are other things that it looks like for the only difference is that by enabling technology in the system itself so these various intervals the kind of going out with the 3rd the area will take the value of the loss was something I wanted to some states that nowadays it is stated that but the state a kind of you know the theories thought of processes what is best memories that are working in this thing was to be the so for you a function for the information that the fact that you know people about what's happening behind the scenes OK no let's say you will get the following and what do you think of the 2nd half of the of we talk about all of the students we always talk about the talk about this in these are the 2 important special due to the fact that because the continuous-time model various area people would call a line and a lot of the peoples of the world of the catch you really need to know that the size of the also the it would raise the elements of the and the work of what they said that I'm not going to to most of the school was not a and the basic thing that we have the value of all of the legacy of the so we 1 experiment where we have the ability of the rest of the group of people thought this was the 2nd director experiment on that you know you have the option was what was the meaning of the rest of the world that the use of the latency which is the same guy you versus the negative throughput and then we get the lowering of the all the cells of the what you want and what is this thing and not enough on you and also we don't think of this as a like that of that not aware of what was going on the probability of a is also the would think so as you can you don't have to use this on the left to the lower layer got a really want to know what did of the think all of the all of the of the of the of the of the real thing which means that each of the of the of of the 2nd and once you begin to without on that 1 of these agreements with the man and the role of the things we would be in a million the the process of and the region of the Mexican was not the case on the head of the the 2 million on avoided the rising of that of that because you see the opposite of what was the leverage OK
so much of the
violence knowledge so that will the user of the atoms of the next 1 and so I talked about of what something something like having the responsibility of the however what happens to the state of in both the of the the people of the of the of the of the of the of the uh I think the slope of users of these sort of things can take time for the patients for is uh the this data out of all of the operator also the processing of incoming events which is mostly processing a lot of work good so what we are have working on it is on the simplest so that the processing of events and continue while some of the current state of some this is about this the so we see as the sort of thing you so that it can be a captain in the so what we see what is the prospect of that war was stable so that the kind of memory that will make use of this because we would be that that's 1 of the things we're working on the next so we noticed that the ingredients to enter the field is not always holds so you do to me so this is the end the this call the next moment on the input you expect part of this means that most of the time you will raise some resources because know that was used was high so what we want to do what you is a scaling issue of which is 1 of the fact that the way I forgot say I will explore new model so that the law small only this was always the the the that it is based on the fact that the same works works the other way all the way to the all of the you know the quality would the trees so they're always a recent in only works if I like the fact that is this will all requesting new resources which means you using these machines from what we and the reason for the and so on the use of the reality of where the top major thing about whether to was water I will ontologies of major reason that give and also the island the and that was also because of the you know the should also be in the next the last of these kinds of some of the of the elements of the effective parent apparently 1 of the working on the signal which will basically going to be used during so that you can use the you know the knowledge of the of and we we can think of a complex that was think that really use the processing those and the text corpus that was in the history of you and the of suspicious gave new network and you might find rules of use to you on that and we that so I yeah that's that's not to talk about enjoyed at the time of the the problem constituencies of say all of the pictures what they would also find in which of them but there was no it would go and find the data of course the rule of the type and I the accuracy of the power of all over the world and the but I want you to know that it would really that she was benchmarked smartly by a little while but you should carry the movement of the warriors of of the so actually the rest of the body and the latency of some of the writers I can to use that's where that book and there are on no at all now which is novel and go to the mall is the fact that in that you have to be in the
of the book title of the article you achieve the light changes will have the results the measurements so as the way of the way the and and that's it basically that they so then they know the this in that region of the body motion and then they and this is where they they will go to the letters and thought it looked like a joint question I don't and this is what they took so every 2nd of 2 2 of some some data is to measure the latency between them and the time point when it was written and the output of the window of the soul of with which this means that if you have to assume that like this you know and then the element will deliver the 1st signal but with the results you know the the store the following sections so that the only after 1 2nd or closer to the the that way the a measurement of most of you thought In opening part of the but so it's this sort of thing so when we the 2 of them yeah In other words the people managing the it's almost like like think of having a steady vary the data and I moved in the idea being the goal of this rights of the period you can sort the which is places on the object that used to each of the 2 what is the the a lot of research on how to use the units in the back of the book the last you wouldn't think the the activities that there own the data what of using this this technology at the time once you cross the border of things so that the that are putting this system has to do with that of the is the being of the basis to make sure that uh that in the past in less than if you have to be implemented for the last thing the the the the the only and the 1 that was the the and the some if the meaning of the the ways to connect with has as right is you have on use patterns of the life and and this is the 1st product of the what would you do if the state is you have connected the verity of actually all have to be on researchers it's part of the meaning all this performance can be use of that there's no other way we have to extend use of the rest of the phase to a person's on tactics that's not the way today with the the was we can use for you inflation is 1 of the things that the use of the term in because of the different from what you using that is to and mean which some might be another source of news that is over what you basically do is you know and you process and this will really the semantics as the continuous stream of on this was a real each of data thing was here on that because of this best you have the so if you use this to solve a system of it's always in the course of the I think that was the of the and this again and so on the sum of so that justice and the other part of what we see in the bottom you receive a thing of the media I will have a unique feature of is be
Gewichtete Summe
Gesetz <Physik>
Formale Semantik
Streaming <Kommunikationstechnik>
Analytische Fortsetzung
Metropolitan area network
Befehl <Informatik>
Gruppe <Mathematik>
Rechter Winkel
Demoszene <Programmierung>
Virtuelle Maschine
Endogene Variable
Inhalt <Mathematik>
Leistung <Physik>
Wort <Informatik>
Streaming <Kommunikationstechnik>
Abstimmung <Frequenz>
Prozess <Physik>
Element <Mathematik>
Komplex <Algebra>
Metropolitan area network
Einheit <Mathematik>
Rechter Winkel
Funktion <Mathematik>
Lineares Funktional
Nichtlinearer Operator
Prozess <Informatik>
Konfiguration <Informatik>
Arithmetisches Mittel
Twitter <Softwareplattform>
Projektive Ebene
Zellularer Automat
Nichtlinearer Operator
Physikalische Theorie
Operations Research
Speicher <Informatik>
Leistung <Physik>
Ontologie <Wissensverarbeitung>
Physikalisches System
Objekt <Kategorie>


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Titel Apache Flink
Untertitel Streaming done right
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 19
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Rohrmann, Till
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 2.0 Belgien:
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DOI 10.5446/30938
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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