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Modeling a Philosophical Inquiry from MySQL to a graph database

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Modeling a Philosophical Inquiry from MySQL to a graph database

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Modeling a Philosophical Inquiry from MySQL to a graph database
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here again you know the the sort of thing and the error you're those there will be a model for the N is how the beach from most of this and the ways in which the conflicts of a variant of science I think you do something new to the goal theories and so that the owner of the story about how you for 30 the the theory introduced by this gives you go there we go far in the school system In many real work of all along the you have someone who's just like the it's like in this the tolerant toward the use of words and figure out what all of this I used to the rest of the 1st things group that with use of the and sociology of these things for 1 of the working looking what you read the book going goal of the work here power so if you see this all the time so you can also see that can be used to this theory framework according to the use of the material in the the Bible but there a lot of time and the spent information from Europe through the use of my own I want you to go to Europe for the um so the integral of the of the of the new is called incurring to move in this part we call thing it's not registered in 1 of the more of it is this is the political imperative for the type knowledge is who not have in some villages in the maximum number of forest on the so this is the world the and you just need to find out what do you call them all the time so thank you for inviting describes stronger political you know what the model the want to know more about the you don't want to hear from through the use of the product that is present in the event addition to moment the and by the the the French and the English and of the book of the you have 1 very popularity reduce the union of all files in the normal for each of which is something but where the the inclusion the project started with the book with this and then we're going to talk and this is what I call the of some of the people and then if you all points made by the you know the will of the canonical made so the people in the and try to think to of the you know this part of the world and but the the the the the quality of life is a lot of work on how to begin with and this is no to about and in this uh work on you can learn more about what was that this so this would be 2 different so you have the ones on the left side of the book you can read in the back of your book you're being you can read it you can findings to the over of course you thought maybe students which of the 2 in the world it's a that at the so I we also affect whether an example of the derivative of the of the of all of the this research and there is a lot of time on really the so what we have found that will throughout the report such a way so we regard as the kind of objects that move the so for the variance in with the all share some of the structure of the of the of the events that the that means that there's from being for what is
the company's products what truck and the methods used in many parts of the media resource is right here but you do and so as you can see who has seen the size but the wheels audience beginning of 5 to 1 of our of in the remainder of the article and phrase the book about this the you also from the theory do have apart from with 2 so we have the OK so that trying to find something that you don't know what all of you would the so we had the hasn't gone here just is on the right and the output of it for you know there's a lot of people who need that with the use of the cost of moving them around so how how do we put the occupants into 1 single of mysteries this we used the tree where are the content has Canadian also so paragraph 2 of the most of the time then you read the book of nudes which are rules that you would like be right maybe when you think about searches for the titles what not all of these these are all the you want to go over the in which you will find information about which part of the things to do that we will this means that I thought that because they exactly what we call the most a constant for and because you have to be able to find what you have coming in from New York from what the will case which will to the target we find the this is the the environment and how algorithm that we are going to small all the what is the what is it that this time this is a friend of the what is I was at the requesting the prairie and you know that we will will use the of the problem right here in Russia was a really this very real we find this is due to the fact that 1 of the things that you do the right thing that I want to move in and out of of the goal of the group that wanted to to know the the the what you want to try it but we'll be on all so in is a little about the more you know about that are used in this work of art among others but if you want people to the interface you think about the use over there and you and give you the time of the you know the the there's only 1 of the things from the light in the form of being the root of the tree we have a good rest of the was the ability of the true of the the 1st because it was in and works In the end Microsoft and of this so that this was a method of 1 of the little like the 1 the the year not from the use of the word the use of the of OK thank you like this is
in so what we have someone origin and we have something funny so let's let's do something about it this is they so what about but the better
I mean you to work some the end but in the light source we use the the so I have to explain all that refer to the lower the we to do that you're going to use the and aware of
the in some of the people think of in people who in and that is so that thank you for that be you the I in OK of so
the area is the soul of the middle of the wall where no 1 in the end of the of we of to go to the reported in the literature in the the the other people in the past that I use the word do with the the big well out of the project I want to look at this you can do with it so that you it but in the in summer so the 1st thing in the and so you know and you know and that all of will be in the the in the where the law of the a OK so now that we have a little bit rates and we use only 1 you move them all which is the least so that all of them later related to each other in a little bit to use we have ontology so have rapidly developing really went uh and also the use of agents reciprocity law really that bad so knowing relational nature of the crime the that's science you can do the migrating of how do we go from the happy marriage that's enough to see whether the all if so this is not actually something that you really have to know what you must do the people working in ways that we can use is reached at a series of which had a series of things which have a series of paragraphs and then the rest of the of the of the users with decide that you get all of us in the media this so this is the view of the city so they're interested thing in actually really like that that that was the because of the way so what kind of policies and what is it that you make if by the data so there is no I hear about the rest of the series of of being in this actually there is a lot of allergies or a series of the means in the the that some of the this is the rest of the knowledge of the New Testament movies in the world that it would the left of the station of the in the French and how we can use in your of this is the mean so on the whole the the reader we do we do this and chapters this and that means that there is this the same the judges as the fact that uh I think we have a set standard to read group and all that it was from the beginning because otherwise you make sense of who we have about the way in which the is to actually add this order and so how do know how well you the solution was going to make possible continuation relations so uh it because you decide if you read this and so actually the which is a person that has a really useful stuff with and then all of this the of the the next 1 by an exciting is that a set of images here at the natural right right and the reason is that in a bit of the the the the the right estimation of the use the wearing of at the at the time of need the group that the you would which is the end of the year the and uh of you have to do it is to leverage the again this is the 1st work and this is the other it is actually the signal so that we can already is that this is only a few people was the order of the list of the what the yeah is is that it's quite easy to read the last name of theory of the bride and the life of the in that is being where you have to rewrite all the things that will having actually reaches the 2nd 1 for this and then we can come to the this resolutions that there might be other solutions that thing is something called experience a meeting of in rapidly of there is but uh have evolved in time of the year otherwise so there's a literacy and so if you out the solutions in the uh you should you care about about this but the fact that we're going back the so the documents in the group of society so you have on the ground which have many sites and those insights might have how many elements which in media or text are if the idea is that should this slide do these
assignments given depending on the of the thing is at the beginning of slide was designed to wrap this around other interfaces end which was the the mediation may but in most of things that you need to consider so we have many use solution that is not affected properties that shouldn't be only the of for be rest hold the position of the node and its into model in which it has put this and then just into the relevant of the meeting so actually we did not choose to drop by because of the density of states of original image that is something which is going to some of the ways pass from the data that 1 so there's a question about whether allegations of position the original image that is you that 1 of the graph in 1 of that you want to watch or as a new event of the site of the by the variance in human deterioration to drift apart and become a different reverend issues so what we see here is not the same in all the properties in the speed and it's the 1 that is actually the 1st are part of the world and is actually an English progress and they are linked by a sensation so we can think about and so we can add new translations very easily because we had at the the time when we get into a different version of of so this is going to be now that we have in the past is 2 years need to read very you need to know how you monitor the creation of processes part of a lot of injuries can you say about the theory of the certainly that is lost in the process of so as to the so there will be the properties and his the only exercise when the very at the last minute that the usage and very useful because the environment of releasing from before however engineer the just the recent and that is another problem altogether so how are we going to uh well into the graphic the other solution is to use the object so my country someone of you are going to be that means that it's very good to have very you access to very easy to handle it there indeed provides many of queries have a sense of what happened to be turned around and they can be friends in some local you're given but only a few of the of so there is a lot of the the you know what I mean is there going guy this is a lot graphs and this is a very large graphs have been addressed to the whole fall of the graph and the only as at present mainly at which point tumble priorities complexity of all the so the following year that can use the vital of work analyzes another thing is the reuse the reason the basis of several problems so why should we use this to handle that such things as migration so what is the title of a graph of an object covariance context in the symbol of complexity and the thing is you have to know something very bad because of a lot of nations that do not handle something the so what are we going to do the work in the light of the world you the way about the only relevant from a regional analyzes of this fact and trying to understand something about the history of the test so do so because I'm very proud of conceptually just agencies a person with a constant that is being built with black initially licensed large graphs and large graphs coming from sigh of queries on the so the danger of being considered to be the mean of the 1 so it's just a matter of about the Mr. Anderson and so how well you can so the fact that in the use of the the life of the graphs we need to think it's the US prominent that other thing so here we're going to try to use on that but here's the rub so is library will think that it to people not that at the only outside the layout the is way to properly specialized in the graph so that means that the 1st thing you have to look at the accurate and you can use your own majoring in by the legislative usually important to you and so as to 1 all of the things that we live in a world of the plight of the but the but and he would do that and I think I so I think that the variance of and the engine and this is what the world through a spot in the future so there you have it right
in the the it the and the
fact that the query was used to reach the documents and that they are the ones that slide In this time only 1 which is a reference to the to I'm going to write query here this is a a lot of people everywhere you should note is that there is there the here we have a reference this is a slide this is the so why do we have to this is because we have the president of the American English version of the so normally we should only have those patterns in that means that the universe is that of the things we have this this range sorry the energy of the music of LIFE so this is actually a reference to the column vector and here we got the the you know about the fact here we got the music and again here we the president again so we just discovered and it's called the by visualizing the graphic display so what did you think it's information you want somewhere in there this is the 1st example of how we can use the present within the last year but inconsistent in the and knowledge
of so this is somewhat of a Portuguese arriving to 2 of let's assume that we as a list of specific themes explored and of course seems on into the paragraph of the group's performance uh you may choose to so that's the graph of the the energy of the of the the this is due to the fact the the so this is actually a mood so treated as being the political scene of inquiry and here for instance yeah the because of the government's progress in this graph which showing the thank you might see they are often and see if you means which of these is the set the back on the what does the layout of doubt in the idea of the with nodes which are readings close together in the in the presentation so what about the interior of those documents come only some the issues because this is actually there should be only 1 of meaning of the so this sense is the human is small and is mode this is a consequence of that only 1 link between and the so what women actually I twice the present review because I that in my the so writing the of the what you have to get the sign of the and right this time before I played a part the which is the background of the survivor graph is something where the problem what where you want a in and some of the of the of the of the nature of the work that is not going to the content and of it gives you all we decide what to life and it also some of the new facts so this is the 1st of the old world around this so that was from here to here like you on the moment of their use of all the rest of the what about what the US was over the period from the by far into these that you think you can we want our part of the book of the this is the book among the people of India and the way to the of of you know that was 2 of my you then you would've and how to use it in the oven for another research the that the when the when you go I left the U and the other thing that is the thing that's important see that in the whole of the of the interior and they have this belief that the the that thing I and you which you have a of the issue that was of have been you from the other because of the higher the levels of the of the of the things that have to do what we want and I find that with the with the and the people you know the connection between the government is the sensitivity of the center of the on the integration of the story in here at the last year of the lecture of the center of the universe and people from the world of the right of the year the European Union and world but this 1 on the left is what the theory is think what the and the that is the the so from 1 side of the it possible to get a list of refined and that the reason for the problem at the heart of the 21 thousand of them over time the in the house of the of effect the of making so that it was the use of the unit in his what is the problem that was used and you can and you know what I did I was that I need to also in that kind of thing and then you the generalize the information do you mean by that is that the data at the predictive structure that in the light of the of the whole thing the I think that you and but you will have to deal with the a lot of connections and a lot of time on this and I said that was what we had more that I have a lot of them would be that would be better than for the
and that the fact in the the 5 us in the air and have for that matter the 1 of the guys at the end of the and the use of both of these very very bad thing you can see there is of that is until the end of the need to the this is the way I thought that was the in In the end user around the idea of the developments in the private the thing that do development of that because the thickness of the between them and yet and finally what is called that if you can also be used for the creation of qualitative there is related to the principles of the and all that you from that is that the have we kind of relation and we have these are a good the indicator like the action and I thought that the was all note that by now we have enabled the volume of work on the that was important that you want most look at the time of year to the next morning and that and we have the size of the of In the latter and information processing of effectively using the book the best candidate for the lessons from the best with the things that so I think he would used in a we also use what we have less than a worst year in the place and the face with 2 and then with the interesting enough is that using this defense in languages in the cell as engaged in these with reality the layout of the data in and that the flexible notion of we do the best we know that but that is not the best so the graph is of of errors and the girls of head of the of then that's the the the the cylinder will we can see that reality In other words and simulating the people and so we have to drop by the way in which the uh the the overlap the these are collectively this year because I like the you can think of of the this kind of the the the the use of of the fall in the order of that region of the of the practice of of the crony had them in press and and should be not politically without the let the other of the we thought that in what would be the cost of the of the the of the of the of uh and you after an election but also in a different way that they the in the history the the is it will be the 1 to of the vector field so that the fragmentation of the of the of the of the the there of some a lot member of the people of the of of the of the of and this will be the rest of you and then although we have in the all of these we have there again and you get and you've got look head the history this happening at this we got and and and uh the graph that would not be in it says that by the user of the projection so because we have the tools that that the means and now we want to have only and the the and connections beginning because that the idea of binary digits is mentioned in the present in the end the end of the this kind of thing and in other places we will look at the relationship in ladies know and I will work with the probability of the people that aren't here those within the real and efficient than that of the things we love the instead 2 and also in the sense that it is not officially what with the same of thing not because the site the other the 1 of the rules of the development of the world the relationship between the of the what is the thing we think that this would be the end of the you have sort of the the the the the right of everything was the the the end of the day should be