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Smart JS a tale of two platforms

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Smart JS a tale of two platforms
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the end of the year lecture you get in in a
in a period of
time and there is a need
and of the the the the
quality of the resulting from the from the so you're going to be some of the some of you know it was really on the side of the of the of the of
the of the of the father
to provide things that I like this and the goal of we want transparency in the form of the and in the of the of the killer of working with OWL and tools to bring them to the problem of for this we found that the more the lack of jobs so we the right 1 and this report on the world trade and that of the society and in what would end you already know like you that would allow and a stock of that of moral of in the form that we would like the price of
the land on Mars and taking the
creation of the and all of which are not obliged to use you can use whatever you want on the slides and you could use all that or in each of the these parts is that the use of so many ways for the real world and targeting of multiple but was started is this this and this is the real so that was what we were arrested by the end of the talk about our experience on these these but this is the part of
because of the reason the reason the reason is that when you look back at these platforms are as different as a matter of pretty much all of us and I like I like of the and so the long
view that some of you may know all of those don't and this is the this it is in a
system which is required by a ability of Texas Instruments which is a major
vendor this there are going to be very large so the whole there is only 1 of the reasons and this is the notion that the user will all of the people on the the but will also serve as a model for the sum of all of the interesting architecture which shows that
it's carrying everything I want you to know which means the radio and the application of the original problem it usually like in the RS chip and your application this this 1 integrates them on the same die all but uh it's there still then a separate because you have to actually use of course 1 is more than Protestant CC 31 hundreds of a processor and the application of our on the side of that internal but it's the like and what otherwise you do not actually get more from the processor it's it it's a black box which of 2 of the Act of it has a fairly easy to the scale of wrap it doesn't have any built-in flash that uses some of the ideas so again use Wi-Fi each only pretty much all the features this method of this of the of the idea identity here is that this is 2 the the largest of all possible the solution primers hardware accelerated parties you know think of all the this is the case of whatever it is that in the case of because it's a really really good and has a way of looking at it expects me all the people here we try to do it from their proprietary child populace which have localized what use of issue of these sources of the articles of the duration of the soul issued by many of you would begin with all of the forces which are not of and we use that to reduce the difference what so that's that's all good that hardware by means of data sheets I will also that that's what I was thinking that the prior and I think we can go and so and all of you know what this means in the this was after my years at the end of the anyway and so price so is that those so look at you like this you can write your own itself will what would usually try to model that a lot of your PC this talk doesn't get integrated and tested in a based on the basis of basically it's 25 about all of the you know what I that can have on this issue in the model and we express and so that's minus and the number of this is the this is the interesting thing is that they are kind of the accident a lot of the success by and what it is and I will show you all the and this is from the from what they started that so it's an obvious that the thing in I like to think of the the of you so it's a fully custom designed this internationally custom-designed by the time you can and then we would be just a part of our users have what it is that if you think that modular forms you part of our efforts in the design of these companies you always in the in the past and are designed so all of is you lots are a kind of from the building blocks of all of
the sensors it's an easy to use less
160 that you can think of to the learners because of you around its structure and how it does it also doesn't have built-in flash that is the only 1 with a very very useful in that it does have a primary image you know by which I think you can translate directly address space is directly translated as the locus performance impact but this assigned you can catch up with some terrible it's practice specified so what is being relatively relative security instructions structures that they open source of course the company and it says that the cell to provide a powerful they're not interested in year and so I GCC tool-chain is of so the recently was like 1 of an effort by an employee of the company but if the person and the the support is so that she so 1 interesting thing it supports is can run you at the station the same time so which which is very used on different channels of so it does have it doesn't have a rich set of peripheral because there was the I don't think you have a a general purpose but what it was intended really is provided by Wi-Fi you or for your of your own life approach this happens if you this guy does have quite possible that the weight you internally as the idea as 1 and a half is because 1 of them you can use because of that incident was that what what do you only use and so the standard theory has
1 ECU is 1 of the wonderful of range the but very useful so you have to consume but now this sort of science that is completely as they said like it's the opposite of what also at TI inequality because the plane leads us right through the gates and all of them on 1 side or the other of the last words given the the origins I think it's explainable because the intensity of the light that that there is absolutely 0 beta sheets on the space of of you get the best you can get factors guess that some examples so you can useful and part of the rotation and its and on the order of 10 to think about that is that the model is this a lot of your project at the White connectivity and we use the standard model throughout this kind knowledge of thing so that the in the and so this is this is
the real ones is the very 1st is what became popular but if you see that there is in the question of the process all of this gives you only but this is widest RST acts as the supply voltage and the same is not the kind of people living the 1st year and then the company because company actually got on and became a went into a space that exists in the 1st half of the people of
so what would you get is really not enough so you get the idea of what you were doing this so what you end jails but that there was enough interest that
this would have been a however of their very past that so this is that it is the latest model that gives all the bright breaks out all the things that you can really get from this and and it's
because they subsequently got the FCC certification the certification so all culture so this is what you might want to go well how of salinity and yet itself as opposed to get this was that you were waiting time at the start with the module that over a year but and it's just way it is interesting that the properties of in the finding things that might be the result of this and so they started the case of what they they were very good it is not all of our function declarations like any you it's obviously some of the it is known that the functions like because it is a model and that you have that use I know you need not again when you get on right it's so it's terrible what you don't do that and so on right so just use function of their use in this so that we what it to it's been going on for a version of the functionality of the victims of violence to law in the way and they find submitting patches they they are not very if they are not very They don't have this all sources of wealth there very receptive have on anyway so the use of this so that was the case about water loss but is based on things like texture less the UAE which they don't have the score is that for example for networking they build something like that so use people use the library whatever which is another way of viewing the because there really is no analogous guess with these 3 guys want anyway this thing just sucks it move should use it so we finally finally got the persuaded them to do is to release their patterns of the shift in and the land again completely bypassed this thing in the use of energy in the works and then there's this state of the is really amazing like this set of documentation for this is spread all over the world more of a different way of of the of the of course and you're wrong but it's just however is that the community is very excited by it gets the price point and it's actually the covariance parameters and I'm commending them on the TI is somewhat of of substrate of our Iast is like this you will design our this hydrogen was the so all of the of selecting the right so right from the beginning you see there's a lot of what we ran the gamut last thing without some sort of like this is I mean so use of 2 but there is actually lower than the development platform called the document which is a form of quality and and they she would have happened last lesson tool which lets just last while down so we don't quite have that ability we use it for a while in the beginning so we 1st of all and the then the we should limitations in our own flesh do so we see that sort of expected why would there is the matter OK and the use of English versions of but not even the Mac version of of now that the family that story is quite interesting so the fresh problems of security and this is like sort of flat address space and also think the file system on what's the problem with this process is it's really from you know much you have to I mean it's so 1st of all we cannot access the rest of this of this this a problem so if you want to for example for things that you don't know the size of the events and on the file system greater island declared by the size of the events but also you know what about for writing with truncation so it's like the the result that I there is always for right of just the overriding it the gates so that was really and we want to estimate particularly provided by the so for this 1 there are also addressed range a strange for example of what I mean it doesn't like it because it's less of certain semantic thinking of all we said it's that they will let you do the right thing to do so but it will have this weird semantics that so you can use it so it's not really right in saying that and look at it like that so instead the explicitly learned with martius from model I got to the functional so we provide what looks like it was the by the guy and do that we actually implemented on the sphere which is is the eye lash system inside the data files this thing that and the other was 1 of the but so basically they acknowledge the problem the file system what they say it will fix it because this product is now they got that chairs and apparently the higher value of additions just the right and but they are people from waiting to be to interact of both of them actually have forms of interact and rise at what was once the problem is the response of the and the biggest problem with GI is that some these spent around 268 seems like a lot of
what the problem is that it doesn't have an internal flash so the all the golden ground so you got and data and the rapid shift so that you can do 56 K is the again which is really not good enough for our for our purposes because our forest quite fact that after the whole the jealous the of the of the libraries and things and concepts that have some time left over from location of but there is no way around it these just to have so the overall that before it was wrong and well you can explicitly
there is not library there is no no matter having any the duration of protection to the and some of it's basically this that and the reason that and that the out of the space and now we have a feature point because of its or it's either so all we have
to go through something like the Gospel
dates and and to make something like that but we don't do it think so that's the kind of sex is likely to
the some of the problems that correlates the for what lacks the kind of
memory management the thing about if a usually they controllers have about a question
it's on the system was so it's very hard
for but here it's the idea that of having a direct mapping because it the kind of that use and yeah it's a really big disadvantage in the so and
actually went of everything that we see so what so yeah so the natural is that we managed to go in India and you Due to a certain extent that you don't see all this like all this terrible trying to deal with is the or that you get the same percentage Oscar environment both platforms and the use of the fact around this is an example of a lot of them so if you I think it's so a suitable platforms the start of the the the security of the text in the in the
interest of relative to the book but it's an and this is the idea that the suffering of the rule of idiosyncrasies of work because it's there is credible and I and we Solis next but you to
next year from that of the rest of the use the
the word of from there is a sense of the in 2 so it will be Wi-Fi and use the anymore so that you because of this there is more energy values there added the
end of the of the of the yeah there's a holiday and yes it again there is a 2nd which so we were 1st when we heard the intersection of a great number of this is the and all this issue and that of mean
these people buying the people on the origin like what you know what you want and you know the sum of all the 1st portion of course it's it's like a 1st of all you possible to turn it off right and then for
the shared memory region for right it is in the duration I handouts yes so she has sort of to begin with
because it has about the same in the test that is beyond that of the fact it was like the memory of
the more flexible in configuration
will be able to change the division between the
modifier and path and at college was 1 of the 2nd part of this you a vector so can we start to play it so that the status and performance so on and that was the time he goes
general abilities margins should be there but maybe not support because some of the for example this is currently the undocumented and supported the baby's in some that's about as much as we can have the release and it's it's quite interesting is the game I say this again is that it was like the more mature and they started
looks like a required some people that we did in the war and
this is the so that so that the future of what's right and you use the proportions of the view and in a way In the 1st of all well I do know that they understand that the is that you the goal of the otherwise people would you would the goal of top of the has sold yeah but I don't have to be much more what we have here shows the in in the but now this is the age that the of what you want have the this and I think this the key idea is
actually is the 1 that you know you want to do what I want you to the 1 you want something like this I you to think the the the the the time of 1 of the year there is no it's very it's very erotic based during the process of doing this problem in the eye region is that it is going to be involved in the way of the use of the images of the idea is not like that but they did they share a huge with the arrival of the probability of this was the identified that there was a lot of new people right it I think there should be a little bit more about that because space is really concerned about I was wondering what you want to or you know that if you the end of the 1st and so on so there's a lot of the a I think and signed with the wind and find that the of the thing is the negative so long ago quite well lot you get access westward expected for the sentences questions the although I think a lot of talk about this in