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Code Orchestration
Or "recipes for good spaghetti"
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you to and other than use of this Convention then I'll show you the station that I'll talk about that here and in the end so there is a need it in the I'm not only talking about the same thing and most being this interested technology each year the you will not be triggered by development because it's really means there's loss of communicating with so my users out there and getting so when the but then when research and also what I like the great problem and the coding this program in also but they are all being expressed rather than the that involves a lot of people where using the computer to do this of and about the reasons for the 3rd in the 1st thing in the world and what I also noticed that most of the graph of the problem of the they don't they don't have been assigned to also implies that the the best I consider myself very right because you were critical of them include but I also think that in the meantime of the data for the audience of it will be in the amount of people be so the right and I'd be used to predict the we in the were treated like walks in just over in the set of so many of you have it will learned from the but the question is what kind of so last year and instead of the project with 5 provides a very simple approach in by and that the thing people say that unit every so these what we call know that the I will also be very to it later the In the 2nd part of this so is very very basic examples so this just program which has some great it's all in the front side
noted the in this program and as you can see there the Connecticut and programs but you you and the the next like this out of the the the the the the more details about these view all the market the in the the so tells you that when you were in a way that allows the use of display about the the only thing to we you have to be be and we've run
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according to the value of so what is well it's really that we might need to stay away from this because this what be with you and we don't use all of the so that you can use and many people find what you were in In this model this is gradual progress the it's just like that and is the of the arguments for a population that direction but the it's entities
we engage and the result of the of the of interactions among all the and of you don't look more about and don't know but I can't do you think about this this is exactly what we are going to be within the network the size of that so I don't think that this is a kind of the way so get use of all the length of the fundamental so what I did I have noted that there has been a great communication and I developed think the say this program lecture last well this is a new bug framework the which based on what do we know when like all right so for instance in the of processing processing might be best known the 2 of you know for so this is this is all the people of trouble with methods because it was working the reason that humans and so I think this going prior to use it in the schools every 60 seconds or whatever you about what you want so this is so this is still just a gradual programming for instance so then it's nice to great
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began to mobilize the sequential direct in the way that was easier to do so this this framework is
available we already found that the framework that think systems it is very relevant the things but now we found that it's also a very a little shaky in good so the but we also know that the subjects who were already connected with that of the less than the value of the the and then you would want them the framework of the Central the only for all the wrong way the as long as they follow and it's community this and all of really helps to bring the programs but it's still provides it with all the rotation and so we need more formal In this work so instead of saying so what next people this goal of we but the protocol that we the spend well and you know and of the the way we want and this is quite then what all of the people this is the synchronization and over the next the synchronization the I hope you can see the link between the thing that is important for the program but the of I left out there and the yeah lack the that's the although the nature of the the computer but also like this a model of the members of the work in general you can I think that was built in the 2nd World War that think of the and we to other things with and 1st well I would only questions but that was yes the loss of the the not in the existence of no value was directly reflects the change in abundance between being used for the synchronization and automatic processing of this so that but for example if you we will give an idea of where in the the weapon of the reciprocal events and then at the moment we need to see the left and the of in the behind me this was a the 1st I remember on fishing in the western world were claiming that he was in the words from the standard you read that will be a good for a I could you recall the function of the of the research and some of this in use the port of and that someone was wondering if there is the that the data of all of the present the library world of the need for growth of you you because if you have an operating system your program program that's already been divided by only processes so this is the easiest that sites the world and also the very well and supported by the way because in but it is about that you can work with a of this little religions within the unit to the way that we use to you so
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