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Building an IoT Empire

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Building an IoT Empire
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and the is the slide but that's about it so right so I figured this called his model and the the right now I have a of the what is the use of the instead of only 1 part of the you know who the instructor the question data you the board the following demonstration of the effects of their use the it so the theory of the we can be the following I think a nice way to start Due to the global I don't know I think there is a little the find the the the the way in which thank you and the the we end up with and a
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have a meeting is very small and that of it is connected to the Internet and Internet of Things and the relevance of retrieval so you and
the you the the to the and in the way the and the Peter off and we basically I is I'm trying to think it like and you have the people in the the use of but with the world of some of the action of the quite serious In the and the the that and see that in the and the and we and the and if in you and the and in the we shouldn't be the something this the it it was this the the presentations and and of in the and the the the the the the thing the we but but that the thought of it so you in with the and you want or and so in the world
the you can always the in the we will use it in the in the in the in the in the in the of the of the of the and here is the 1 that should be going it so on the history of of this in the beginning
of the development of the movement in the OK the the so we have OK but if you have to do is this is the I think it's because of the the In the in the form of the game and this is the unintelligible of the of the of the direction of that's going to this the the to this to the theory is that the in the so they have to control of the things the only thing that has do the fact that the speaker is the technicians this the the reality of this is due to a a and B the the the the this is the 1st of the year the a the an the here so if you have a description for this session from the section of the answer to that the transport data and political and this kind of thing we want diagram of the political life of that's basically what are the experiences of the university and the latter the area around it and the next thing you know what you would you say it at the end of the it was so it that of the you in the and in the of the year and the we the is the the all the the the and in the case of it and the this and the In the end the the and so that is because the power of of on the this is basically the the best path right is the people of all what is the origin of the holes there are a lot of people the actually computers with I think this is because of the size of a point x is in the last 2 years of the problem with the computers and they don't have the power to get you want all this but there's a major surgery so that you can the alignments of the kernel you get the stack so as you might know to the running of the mesh and the 2nd is the beginning of the case of the book so here is to the fall the so that in this we from the you and then in this we and and the In the and the In the of the which but to the In the context this is the the way in which the it
the of and and this is part of I the the thing the same thing for the work of and this is
the sort of change in concentration we also want to point the of this so something happened here the and the reason is that that have very well nature of the and if you do you will have to do with access to the wide range of the key the problem of the the the the the and the and the use of the the have the of is the In the I the is the the the the the in this a that was the and the part of the interest of the group that he marveled so as but the where of the aware of the journalists who do you understand message struggling with the use of you have to have the right the all the time the of the to the this is an in of of new and
the the this we you
the what the and then I will the this the the the end of the day nations formalize the year because
the center of the debugging interface where you can use investment directly over the surface of the control over here on the
on the labels of like this so this it the the we you will which the so yeah exactly of all these in all of these the standard unit is there that the beginning of the year in the and then I think this is the right the size of the so we have to normalize the company is a the use of the 3 axis of positions all right here in the densities in the the variance of labels and enough control over the of the initiator the master issues connections to this it was in the form of the natural partial information available to so that's another example of the people of the same in the last 2 years in the knowledge of the world and the approval and the other is looking on in the all right so that was reason I wanted the this is the branch is breaking the of the form the heart of the is the and actually have an overview of what I should have little the you can see that I am the only 1 in the middle of the of the of the you know the whole is more than that so most of the nature of the prior to the loss of the or something like that and then it has all of the the answer to that so many of you know in the interest of the history of the thing is that if the power so the the title of the high in the unit of work that needs to be this is something so is this speculation and so on the on so that's the kind of 2nd year of if the and so the the area involved in doing so we use the past Rutgers volumes and and so we change the today to each of the world where you there is vector is the work of others and if you have you know and and basically they feel a courageous thing about the size of the model notice that the hills and hammer and you would do so actually that was that slide the loss of models the generation of kids in the form of the of the generation has a dual power of vengeance on the on the kernel of the Bible in the form of years in the very useful as you need to go to university have the police force in the world that we got the wrong this sort of thing you do you get the feeling that is and that would be we this would be a the these things and the world of looking at the the so we have these applications you you the you you you and this application in
this all this exists for not at the center of a list of the right now my of having just around the next 1 5 minutes so this is not time of the and in the so you 1 of the good and evil you have to get the required for the good of the of the the the what is the visible it is basically a group project early on the you of all of the example that I think that would be like a fast 2nd thing then a is used in some situations where you might have more of this like you you know you to be aware of what they are and the the cited in the standard deviation of different broadcast not only that the addressed by the parts but also so the you have to your own fault the property of the new recall and by doing that is that the the objects that you use for example the not even with tropical and they have some kind of you know the the arms of the I this was used that this was the the
understand Click on this is partly the war eventually logical and then what we would like this so we want to be in the city of 3 so the bring and over the years and of and the the image is really at the end of the and the really and and we used to the the and this the it is the we of the use of the but this is what you would cases reading of the of source and you go there will be in the place of their once I walked over there if you've already told the Wall university without knowing the small size of the use of the language of the all you became a center of culture and telephone as you use that original size and this is going to have to get used then that sort of thing you get the notification right and once you have the option of this is the sort of thing that there was in Japan the so we have some kind of community was that the graphics on their the the to the creation of the time it's something that in class and so on and the access control could be so and then you you have that application you download that and you want to walk around there is there is a there is the only thing you can in because we have a reaction to the license to the to the investigation into the matter example this is what you need even some of the
characteristics of the of of the of the fight this figure here on the part of the world and the 2000 and so could here so in this in the last year so you think of use the amount of that it is the most you can do that you have come this form of the of the of the of the value which is I think world use of the the because of the size of this size and this basically whenever you want it to you I expect know that the number of the workshops in and the world of the said to get out of here you know that all of the words of 1 of the 1st things basically may be in such a way that was running out of time for the alliance that the program form of some of of the of timeliness the 2 of them with a framework so we we would rather you get the idea that some of the words that on the license and in the store here you want the 1st time this is the end of the there is something like that they have we usually like to go to this war and obviously you once you arrive at the production speech or something that you want to that the real thing like issues power in a bunch of other things is a small researchers and we might come yeah energy and you want because that's actually what I submitted to overcome this and then in the so this is 1 of units and that of the processes in that we should be demonstration basically we seem to be a thinking we have seen so if
you have and if you use a lot of these sort the a lot of of the in the what do you think the and this is the start of the next problem is that there is no end to the start of the voyage on the on the controller of this research from the end of the year and then we can actually do diagram the and and or the knowledge and this let someone else that you're trying to put much through the kind of the way and so we have those models the variance of the quality of the variance of the American way of life and you do and and in in in the time we have the energy harvesting of sensors and actuators and that means is that the device which part of the solution we like that at a certain kind of the so in all the factory 1 of the things you the part of the work so and we might want to know what you have to go work will workers so the signal structure in the universe and that the basic unit or at the end of having batteries the when your which is kind of a it's it's causing motion and it's a good thing to do is or is that the conditions the very small number of customers and and using that you could have 2 or 3 the the the 2 of them has to the 1st general how you use it to the the the program was used I think that is something that the interesting here is and the basic needs of fact or units are in the and we can use most of the power of the the war and there is 1 exception to the power of the state rather than of 1 that we want to be around the world provide the the the of that was the all the people looking for in our work the use of the word you Galileo's filtering by the way the way in which the 2 of them were arrested by the norm of the reason is that as well as the computer which is what effects of the all of the regions of similar technology on the on the left side of the room and there was a lot of people in the church tower while in of the lattice of the structure of the lecture with these 2 years and years old at the time of the movement of the head of the sum of the thing the what you are in the in the in the in the middle of the room and the other is the sum of the so so the the the the use of the client which is the use of topic the end before so I do not believe in the you know you can go in and the you know the questions what the user the well the thing is that you make a use of that this year and a half year and the question is what is the price using you know what it is I think
there are people in the in the enterprise is a Microsoft within the most similar loads of something that we can really wild over its mounted on the history the lonely the number of those range was new this was interested in and you can only get you like that much because my friend in the in the year and the a lot of production so on the more work their way and things including use of the if think about in the thing and I think about the way the part of the protocol and go in the morning there is a lot of the government really need need that kind of next generation that's going through all of the of the parts of the universe is due in the presence transmitter usually the agreement that that's the kind of thing that you have in the areas that's not part of that sort of thing and that's the same on framework know so those that the you so that the the very interesting it's very easy to program is in the core and of the people in the sense that we all to do our work on and in the same way as long as you have have to think of all the people in the this you know what the the problems of the form of the results and we can extend the period in the in the of the the the and what about the rest of the year in the world the most and this this is the only thing that we think about the world and the difficult but