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the the and maybe both this and that is the kind of thing you want to use the word we use these the little bit of the the the this is more in the trunk of a the of you you In the case In the experiments the use of the space the the the most of the yeah but would you use in the city of of and that the belief in his work and that of the of and in the spirit of the manner in which the I work for the 1st time during the community and that it is a developer can serve as a director of God in the word of the combination of and the OK so that there are 4 people would look like if I if anybody is over all this either in the audience that if the question comes up and you really want to say something on the ground that the city of you thank you became a concise because the English and so think it was so this is basically the idea of
world Our contribute to the project and the areas of interest include know how to do it on the page so that work out who listens to to me when I this in the wake of the accident at all these questions it's like me as a designer or other and developer I code and I have questions so quickly may just ask the next to the questions here have to everybody understanding how come you stopped at
the beginning of the why or how you find it but if you really wanted to is the 1st thing you can do the same thing that the man was the the the the the the the sum of money and by the people of the quality of the constraints of the use of a room you can I think we the again similar experience of our time course for various reasons like 1 of the university by someone of some of the time in my hands and I was using you know many then like you know I found some bugs like something that I discovered like old is program of bases so less really you know like the the satellite in your you feel that your like you know you're able to make a difference so actually using something that's really important on the right mentioned some of the biggest and also needed was like a natural next step because of words in using busses nice but also getting paid for it is also being nice and of the but I think you know it's easily being there is they have a soccer communities recognition and like your information about you other people part will see you at your words and recognize you or something you know that's what the motivation for me it's the regarding the use of the time the handles studying and uh and they also use the open-source software the timing of the and then but then think being the working on projects myself I always thought it was it was part of creativity and a as a designer or in this instance a can and they still and and understand people use a product that it was working on open source were products yourself like that it will be to unity and that's the thing that's particularly the the the the you the the the that of the world the the this is really have we currently have a hand and they stop deleting something more the that applies to the Office of the to like to you need to know that the story of question so when
we're finding was projects to foster care about these things people you get the social and all sorts we always find projects to the but I think it's
I considered the wanted to start not asking them to try and some open-source projects that will have my interest in the topic so as not from new topic and things that are going to do then try and then you can start working around what because of the use of mean and what do they use for of the thank you and means that the figure the project basically we decided this there are some procedural the you ever it was the 1 the but which of the the you know that you you the by the the in the the it the and the and and the people in the world to the this there is as you said that you heard about this kind of like or you lose a security no where to find the and think the the how you know that it's such a thing exists where you can contribute it's probably a useful the it also has to do with this thing going on of the union of these very good yeah the resource information about something like you on would you like that and so on the theory of the of the of the parents of the and here in the 2 licenses and the the the other thing that I think about that you know what I would say something are severe 1 at at some projects are better than others and at he found like that you know it's not just that and you know you're you know you may want to consider the cost of the project might I not ready to accept it so sometimes you know and it's also that some problems are you know designed to accept and welcome you you you you are in Florida and contributions encourage like you know experimentation have you know a variety of you are so the units of that it was believed that the universe I think it was like you don't know might be 1 of the major projects in that there was a very welcome welcome community not the the same word in 1 of the things the we so we the 1st time in the in the detection of everything that happened and good books like this and I think you need is the thinking that achieving and hour I found for the exterior exteriors in you so OK so I conferences because people lots of problems or events to to and you find the person working on the project and that's how I often by the interest I think the this thing the so my story most of the time to who knew ahead the use of the the of the of the prior work on the resources that you know that it is very good that's nice things that you that was not so making were is not kinds just things I was needed the of money that's the research that you always yeah I think that 1 of the we use a lot of the people the it's like you and in we want to so this was used to model the sooner we will probably the called to action the we do not want you to know that you can use in and to the 1 of the the fact that you have to do to get the whole of the the time of the year you and you useful in the room was always and that's the definition of the need to learn the software in and not only that opened this formula but this is 1 of the areas that we can only the following what you will see and we need to be taking those the sciences and the the it's the same thing it has to use this is my study working with my project because I'm interested in the technical problems so my motivation for doing and this is and I want to model this problem and this is what is meant by that we engage the market for the it is so that this may be the reason for this was that of a actually the difficulty is that you way to see because the people who are it going might not be that interesting big selling them on because it's not a problem there the thing that the other side so here it because of the problems and where we book with just a problem that you find chosen if In this there is a lot higher than that the working of the but then we have but I wouldn't this is the kind of this kind of complicated because of the ways that we can use any people got so in this direction and you can read the data of that the growth of of the of the the of through the sensitivity of the progress of the that's the over and over here on the but they don't the and that's where I the project and of the machines that people we we don't know what say all products In the outsourcing of what is the use of the world and that the model and the and I'm going to do not just the goal is to do what seems to here right to the she wants going to take part in the the the the the the the point is that the of the division experience but thank you and so if you want
to know about a looking for a in making unit over secrets of open source you take the highway the connection with actually better you can the majority of what it and would think that the idea that
the the and and so on and so the characters in the original work of knowledge in 284 contribution and make something known which is you know the bookstore standards were were were beginners this point in time there was a value you that the legal in you've just small issues like and some of his 1st of all there some small spot and there is something this really is for the history and would be needed work with but because oftentimes intentionally that about the people to contribute and I think is very valuable I think it's very important that the project and basically you rates list of these in love the operation and you think this is what's called for breadth the you we focus on the community but it started in the kind of design that and I think the 1st thing you do is the the a lot of you have a the bigger 1st time that relations with the the the thing that was the the the the the thank you the the you only this it what the only way you can think of it an this is not the question that you know that in the the I think something word the pretty well on the there were known is establishing and mentors so there's some people that sort of like signing up to the 1st point contacts on income and so you know you say OK I want to work on this particular application of this person is available for you to contact but you actually talk to the person I think it's important because you know we're all humans and NEC the legacy of group and sometimes establishing a verse of connection with someone before the end of long way you like you know making you feel that you included in your part of new users and to you know concepts in the community and you know it's been working really well especially for a program but some of the older refer to as to like that the I the the you OK that was and the theory of the mind and then the the means that just to give you some small things like to that to you a statement of I think what's kind of the people need to learn all or the people on the fact that the are actually real people which are really is that our future their local talking not hidden behind a lot of things so so all of yeah this is something that sometimes the topic that that get this this guy actually did right so the the man so this is we found that this was so a project
being like that and you have to be in the 1st person to the Working Party have I found something about the quality of the people book that is or the interaction of the dependence of the users because it's spoken to produce the actually I don't need this idea that it is likely that otherwise the contribution of lies and we think a we the end of the year and then the the the the the the the the the the the the the and then in the middle of the and to many of the same kind thing and there are those that includes the use of the weight of the world is now in the public you're saying all of them would start with developers manually so they are set up to receive belabor the traditions of the girls now sometimes I do designed especially the part of it to the people the lady I know that you are required tools like know workstation mordanted and process what's it by an analogous to get rid of regarding designed for example and lots of people making personal and for the time of because they're not sure about the issue or the kind of feeling entirely confident about going on ministers and because maybe it's just something that has been talked about the wars and they can be at but it's not in the and so on this point just because of the nature of the material you're familiar with otherwise the use and then you know that any more substantial contribution in 2 of the on the the the the the the the the right of the of the and that's what the because of is so the but in the out of the base the the sum because of this the if you think about that was the people we we use the the the that the and this and the by the pregnancy and you're so if you have a how would you personally I think you so the light in a way that the public good or relationship between the idea is that it is in the personal how did you how was that the learned to communicate with the rest of the world and make the we the in you world the use of the some of the original about that the you can be used in the the game the you have the I see it means you so when we go out as as designers are more the only the world was the I I think it was a respectful of about knowing what we know about it is the result of man In the difficulties on the what is the the a reference to the use of the battlefield of trust in me once you have established a relationship with the the and you know the easier it is use more of while the little more and more abstract the end of the the the the and here I think we can find out the meaning of the word that there I think I have the time the distance into this year's data you in
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Titel How can I contribute
Untertitel We want you!
Serientitel FOSDEM 2016
Teil 04
Anzahl der Teile 110
Autor Tyers, Bernard
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 2.0 Belgien:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen.
DOI 10.5446/30915
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik

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