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Open Source Design & Uni Students
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we know that under that I'm a Celebrity year to use the the people who and this is the meaning of life and death so the thing that I'll tell you about getting yeah you students involved in the projects mostly on 1 of the toxins that that the times no pursued further down that normally I work
on all of that in the in the 2 of us and we would prefer the power of the process and the origin of the time he just search you for a certain
time and talking you and you talk about problems with that process if you're interested in that at the time of the server and the world of design are added to many problems that of the various divisions so that theory the
land and all that I
The University of here and the people of the University professor is it with you or your professors and lecturers or I the the idea of a variable you have the the images but it is I who needs or something related to the figures and tables OK so I won't talk to everyone you know this and you it's the and yet you really are the operation in doing this the and this the the 1st law I think this is the things like the reason why I'm doing it this because that's 1 of the reasons to use the lessons learnt on real problems and and yet just the the project for the portfolio of with you know there's a professor the last word in the mentoring where you are because you or I might do that and then there's the open project which of course at the the benefit of the work and another whether you have been given the time constant markets or anything like that so I think it's really just the 1 person who and then it would not so i'm just gonna tell you about what they did so far in so the shooting of of the university and the rest of the cell and you know what I did the 1st time you use this the software and then after or during my studies this year in this project and the cost of usability engineering previously learned about the different you have your card sorting was we use the history of that on the end of the methods that and the project work on yourself do assigned method the groups of 2 or 3 and for every method that word of the groups and I think my love of the review the testing of the tool to like the most and then you choose to project yourself so most people think that we chose as an or style or as you want something that where you basically with the feedback on the results that you get to the test that you may you probably won't forward to the company or the problem here in the analysis the agency and some or if you're not you think about what the results of and think that just means students and the result of so what is it in the In the year after I graduated adjustment faster than they can just by and presents the fuel so that seems to be going anywhere work on the initial who use combined inaugural lecture and just and the difference in time and so on and whether it has
to do with the production all of the words but you know the problem the it was the use of of the things in the world and around the time that we're going to cost you moving through more but I just presented use the to this this and they're actually these because I was in most of of the time but still kind of mostly at the time of her and we're at the request for the fact so that was a valuable and after I did that have the group said chose to work on projects of 2 groups on all of you on the on the 1 hand there was released on because it was that simple just working on the project is to evaluate this thing other otherwise they would have chosen facebook or and my and and yet what the the example was the it is the use of visual or what you need to do this job of I would find who because of this the and university and university we have quite low in the in the the with and supported through error of the so this is essentially the 2 of things on their own they need to recruit people the the need to organize the organize the guidelines how they new people and you can only we use this as a a family you know someone you them separate tasks so fast and in what form and and so I you need to do anything which would be awesome because usually that the most work the reason why you as the project and don't do that because it is the time especially when you and sort of the only person work of his own work so this is all of these were essentially puts the work of the US and they need to learn and then you have a that would be the students in the the protocol in in the other room and I could also be a little bit and talk to them and that was really quite interesting to see where they would conduct the test and like normally this would to get essentially a watch and you know that you know this is also need to submit a report and then you also need to the the value of the media and requires very little work so just presenting to and the instance where cost depends on the course of that there is risk so we have the number of the University of Technical University of the on so that the normally you need a a different type of product that is being something that depends on the course so all right but I can recommend that so that was the 1st I think is the whole and the idea that we want to on but then you have to have a
different collaboration with you also it's very funny enough of it and you just have to find out it was not and and they may need to be somewhere on knowledge and as we want to do in a 1 week they have this thing called we where they're just there to the rest of the year old graffiti and in which you are aware of the union of the which means that the communication design and obviously if it would be interesting to 1 week workshop actually around us so in the name and there and chosen the different form because of the you for I have to all semester essentially was the worst so was the difference in the future member the students sometimes I you to answer questions and work west or something of this that we that with students to hear that you will find a period of essentially and chose to focus on this and the question did was there were being told students and the rest of them into the into 4 groups in each of them were going on in different parts of the work on sharing 1 who work on the document the products and the group section of the course were the user and on but anyway they they they were the same which is very interesting for for everyone because then they could also exchanged experiences and then and we went from the whole process is the different either you have to initially 1st we set up the whole system and we talked about how to use it for example because they they already had experienced it as that of the stuff so it always depends on the words but this case so you need to know is that of the others I and so then we went through the process of being 1 of the sign of the and because I personally mostly due to this work the work and money should definitely the solution and that this was a series of interest is of and 1 of the things like in the other so they know what do all of that essentially of the works of the setting of setting up the Newton's of time to the new working on how you view file which you will read in the UK and how I usually do like opened with with the screenshot of words and then on to the 2 of the dynamics of the example of people working on the market the data and my and all and the and the words and the words you interfaces that share of the market with of parental pencil which is the source which is a lot about that the markets were you share and and if that was the tool to get your results the data directly is and 1 thing uh well so that there is a kind resources so as and that there was also kind of the the the rule to get can get excited about it because it is that used see this was the most interesting thing is always at work was 1 of the most interesting things as that of the whole world class of again the rather than library or something working on the interior of the dual of so that the end of the year but the yes teaching them about this response the number of was by exciting because solve the use of these funds and freely and products and there was also the based essentially for the resources required for essentially the start of the sentence and the division that some of these folks tools is in some of these we modify our students from the United States and the so you know there was very little to do with the resources in there the ontological probably notice that I said where you will find something different from what is unknown in the constellation of Orion and the there's a lot of resources been the follows the the the the were also depends the the the the where the internet for example love exciting things for the use of force then I just last year I
was in the time that I talk to you about universities and the rest of the world and Victoria University of in and so there was a guy just as if you send mail to think no source menus and then we're like at the last meeting you around on just the graph theory and 5 hours of lectures and then we just about how you know we have open source projects together in the theory so that we still need to work on the history of the study thing was that's 1 yet I basically didn't really need to really projects yeah for myself but rather there's projects and in the 1 of the ways in which this new you know as a source of this and you know which is the of the process of decision-making system there will of be sort of the mainland so that's kind of exciting to also just bring together the local projects and things together so yeah that's kind of what I want to you in our that out to use this book and also to the projects so that we can be interested in working with universities which are ideally at least 1 person and the management of the kernel it is similar to Google Summer of Code against the more uh onto 1 1 University in the sense that from my experience with the the value on the local level with you so we have the to the tho the theory and I got from the samples things and in the end like last time the last and on the yeah the in the remainder of because of the things that the and the other thing is that and the what the on you the work of the things that we didn't get out of the the things that you want to you just that just based on their knowledge of I think it would be good we had was worried that wouldn't work right because they may need to know programming on Prof kind of the and and then you know that much of the rest of of the world think of the name and I didn't do that I use is used so much because I think that there was and that's the the increase of the of the of the university was just like I was the only few times in the course I was going to act in the world that he was 1 of the 4 program so it was very different so the first one work and both the cost of the get a sense of how many people think right it out there is you know about that but you can do that with the use of the word in the name the changes and the more I mean it's like for each of the times was the 1st is that the text the other thing that I so the 1st thing I did the expectations that already have been used this test and if it would have been just 1 group working on the importance of it was and it will be a a little more people around but I think that you want and the source of and you have the you get in the way in which the Commission this question of we chose for the integration of solution is the thing that's all the words the restaurants studying a during the beginning of the new that is to say that after that that so I don't know the density is the uh the development of the image and so they you were going university of much of the source and and the other thing where you have to use all of the of the on the side of the gist of the I think I think that's a lot of work to oftentimes the units of rate the assumption that the company just of the thing is that we need to give 1 person those of the some of the kind the president of because then you might as well be the depends on the on the University of was in the book I have so far only through the variance of the work of the very center of the city world the world to I think the look at the company in the world and is the if proof of


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