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Why didn't Metafont catch on?

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Why didn't Metafont catch on?
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METAFONT is an algebraic programming language for describing the shapes of letters, designed and implemented by Knuth as part of the original TeX typesetting system. It was one of the earliest digital type design systems, and is completely capable of dealing with the letters of any writing system, has always been freely available, and is remarkably powerful. Yet it never caught on with type designers.
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made by companies as part of the original text well long time ago and from the
earliest stages of life sciences and
other just saying no loss of vowels is very capable of dealing with pre any writing systems you vary as always
been freely available and it's remark about they never call ways
regression entitlements and I kind of wonder 1 might be the there is a conjugate the freebie people basic
encounter this can't the and talking about
site we did then just light is in the free will appetite is in personality types and this is the branch of psychology and this very famous brands or personality type ecology was rates which amazing giving you wouldn't with its the and
but looks people in terms of how they think about using tools it was they affect that these tools in a cooperative way or competitive way I haven't maybe it's cumbersome prospect advisory decision-making that people make decisions more logically were emotionally another aspect that it's about how people can have different preferences and when it has nothing to is that the use of language saying some something 1st use more abstract language on the very small copy language and the
Myers-Briggs system has some kind of of Hua words this this on these kind of differences say it talks about
what was in thinking In more moment from decision making this feeling and sensing and intuition for the more abstract and it gives the most
existing gives those preferences I the 1 of the like and there's a couple of other things it takes into account the way the people feel not socializing whether indicates a electrical tell their party of leads me to brain or maybe you can energize from experience and your attitude funky things whether you more flexible the time the variance in run of the late late you more punctual and again my system has these huge off what's the this preferences and so you can put
this together In you a kind of systems system which 20 that get the the 16 per cent of the time the book cool please understand me
where psychologists 5 put this together into cohesive consistent kinds they group did that 16
was not stuck together the 4 temperaments and to give it a kind of a little bit more on several days to reach the green goal to come personified the temperament trees say we had 1 class temperament receives the signal to God and God in
class and the results of group think and in the and in other
classes a lot of time people know the
so we go to the test and the reviews for another 3 and then we had another
week and that the whole reason may be that the roughness and then
say this is a kind of group theory for how people a different in its many continuity ocular ultimately pretty much the same and but this is really a certain set of populations who tend to be more abstract and language more logical thinking and indeed so is is pretty abstract prelogical the concrete we software type stuff you tend to be like this and free software and free so uneven specifically that we have a kind of abstract logical field now I'm going to protect as well that we have that we have cut with approach as a matter of the type design is probably not very abstract from articles it's to do shapes spaces between shapes it's very visual or concrete and it's the moment from you know way that type looking at compile faces and maybe of more much so the kind of people intensity type as well and maybe not the kind of people we tend be solved and and system getting the titans
line from a more common but less software engineering perspective as compared to that of our image interpolation business stuff places on what we call the of happens at various scales so a
lot of European states of matter and that
the luxury laughter so very
useful items and is kind of a trick when contribute section to look at white space and silence so
that we not just the lack of
this random thing here and it is the inverse and so the black and white and what black curve from being bring that I think that then
another level you have a lot of words where you have to you that is next to each other and in order
to have a white space inside an easier way around for the white space between the and that really
affect the way that the letters look even there is
an actually unless is work another thing you
doing with that would scale is the black shapes across a saying you can see
it is not a lot that and all effects and you can see that is basically very similar universe in you you think you're right
that you can see the slight differences you can so between all the lessons
there are there regular the aspects of movement some presentation today we're talking about the kind of off archetypal the primitive building blocks you might use to construct and say managing
where left is the symbol of is
not force the players on the and going
the other here you can see about Al the this form
especially this time with the family then there various very strong
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up to little yet little power of so that when you have power also then you
get a different a different impression
from the letters models that get use of emergent effects and that's something else you have to take into account and that's connected the others for example with a later
than you're dealing with those
spaces in and around the lessons and if you have set text without linkages with you might not have slightly different views the text that will so that's
what type faces of you so what what what what additions to typeface and form this kind of solves station and joking gets so a form is applied face when it implemented in so you have the same type is implemented in a metal plates and systems and software and in potatoes and when you create these new technologies unless it's you know it's the same type let's some so these programs and
data and false a peculiar kind itself what because they they both programs and data in the same thing where is often you know this is more separation an example of all programs
monetary joint or entire features and data results he lived outlines in
metric information space between and you know this data informs the requested the type this is on aspect whereas the font programs on what to with the implementation to how this is implemented so they're basically been
2 approaches that come out of the last 50 years and the main approach is
constant over time which outlined bridge where each letter is tool in this is a is rapidly and this is a direct translation of
facsimile of the analog chase alliances this and this is really didn't work 19
existing points on the day-to-day about the and spoiled and you know that they will they found where they have easy and exist of and they wanted to digitize and the best way to do that is to just here on the outlines the predefined shapes and fall for which is a really great
formed it's a free software doing the other
approach is fundamental approach we have a an idea and the previous sections the problem is I think it is on race that there is constructed by writing
source In an algebraic programming language which is very unusual kind of France this is not the issue and it's more
interactive the this abstract model and so it's not a
direct translation of what might on paper we do the we have 2 kids it's kind of digitally units in the whole thing is
constructed digitally and this is not right for
implementing existing pipelines I think they should be greater the developing
new type designs where my exactly sure what it is that you're looking the time get to next
slide vnoise is based on that post and it's you know the modernization of Mexico which is you know the scene yesterday you did your work it's also a very abstract and local news the that French modernized technically and protect works which again is yesterday then we have this kind of slightly different approach to Texas where instead of being abstract model it's a little more visual interactive because the cycle between writing the text and creating final format this discrepancy tech and technology only very helpful so that of makes text files that you will be more concrete a little bit more motion and so I wondered if next phase walmart the font style the type line technology could also be more concrete and more emissions we need some kind of that looks for an nice and Cairo's such
a library we get splines the how
various the curvature and and I will
greatly has developed a blind woman would spiral which guarantees very smooth the curvature of the encouragement about it integrates the winning state recently
and in next most which state by document features a libraries for compilation and full which has
recently been restructured city itself standard C library little for which he wrote with program and again you know
general for consuls and he wrote that predicts has numerous
fall out of your object form is an ulcer let's say concurrency
framework real-time collaboration and so you can say users and work on the same form in the 2nd 2nd part as if you start In this paper script and as a framework from the EC
research of media is right out on looks like the reason and I think that having distributed version control rules that
every use fast enough that you could call
every single step along the way and there's something like that to I think the for
about is very much a piece of software
engineering and I think the type assigned to
benefit from that so far generating approach even the kinds of the ways of the tribe inside tend not to have the software engineering approach because so the engineering tends to be in abstract logical process and it doesn't seem to always be related but but I think basically something when it's going to a and it
all I thank for the the this time the half of you so the theory so that the mean of the so there you have it you know you have to do all the work on the we have yet get a is there a way of saying that I think that the enough all right it was visualized much faster so it whether it is money writing the you know the most the from source and then you compile out images were you run the method program muscles generate images and I hope process there is no real time this is where is the same text that you have this fund will find writing in technology and generate media instantly and unit of the brain quick cycles between writing that and the result and I think that bringing that approach to doing Metaplace of rockets would help people more artistic to take a more engineering approach I can get in the way in we then it and then by and by Masson because of that of a study financed lumigraph design now studying like this so I used reading the but uh by the levels this is what multiple times the the parts of the right so that there is a friend of mine in what do you is presenting a personal work you can work on all of these are actually eating impose which is a conference to preserve the conference program design and something to you hire what became of opposition itself this is very much in vaporware where presentation but I'm not a serious that this thank you and if anyone wants the health and the meaning of a set of rules of the form of the world and was the options the the formation of the of the the a lot of the nation and what do you want to and when you the the relationship the the use of the end of the 1 you and the short and say you got you all you need in your country and then he goes through the rules it to kind of tolerate in the next slide program to generate 1 on the reality in much of the process and that's that's really what's the font engineering and the process I'm really talking about the beginning of the process but you design new checks so you don't the quite what it is that you're looking for and you want to treat the article and see what it out with some and the thing that we outlined approach it's much more and taking in more than that using our approach the metaphor approaches 1st the access a lot different forms quicker and when you trying to discover the shape of the war I think that's a that's maybe better approach following and the kind sophisticated the so there is sophisticated abilities in that's what the doing that the the large family talk 120 out like this on the design phase as the and I or without