Where does TeX end, Lua start and vise-versa

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Where does TeX end, Lua start and vise-versa
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ch so we have to do something about literate programming language that what I want to do is to the look at what the consequences are for not that so I'm actually creating forms next month so it is that and if you need that and that was stopped In the severity building around
the 1st few remarks there no you refer to all of the meeting and I think if we had in that we can say the same thing again no real extensions were made that so when we start at the root of point no 1 would think decided we will not provide solutions we will just open the machine that everybody wants his own solution and said what of discussion and I think there is some general be about half of what I would like to do is I'm pretty sure that this latest phase in what was the difference in model and if we tried being part of all that kind of stuff into menu coding and that
the solution as a consequence it means a we as we don't provide solutions that the macrolide Orion architectures should provide some days they are the ones in so if look into what happened showed there that this in in the library and market that is in see how they fit into their own stuff and
in the next couple of videos show had so far has been a consequence for the context another good by step by going to the the development I the the 1st of these were used to at all costs physical before I'm using that the status of the world as an extension language and by playing with that so well it would be nice to have the same thing in depth and then have the with discussion and then simply for their play with and that was based on a sample and this happens thing and in death is leader the simple way of using what users can use the 1 on the problem and if you don't have be everything into and all in example of usage is that what we have in our workflows sometimes monsters that means the and for a simple and and and for physical calculate last debate Texas is the mark you can have a kind of strangers to convert it into something that can be typeset that has nothing to do most things that just and the this is the kind of kind of of when users that the the 1st thinking
of the poem that statement would be handy if you can use the what do some of the calculations that the you can get loaded so X is the radius is what it was at 1st only dimensions and doctors and point do on the easiest to have a look and an overload of solvency and then calculate the average than assignments in the expected that users and in part that that wasn't already a bit more on this feature I think the
1st we fixing that was implemented or implemented in what they was the whole O and I know that you need for it's a start point of everything that is of course I O C the model reason is that we have been hearing for maybe 10 years about extended affects the way things like reading from the file reading from what Britain whatever and it never came and and this opens up the possibility to say well this kick out you just replace it by most of the thing I did was my 1st really big who experiences to rewrite that's the what this points to England but it's actually cost and then the original seizing and that also more flexible so we can be sums it up and can from from 1 of the set of most middle-class sold to can we don't see you you can say I have a complete that distribution running from
an a logical next step was to look at Boston's know what it is you a see what we got with all the input encoding schemes are reaching the gene can and well if you read in the data you know an environment that and all that then it makes sense to implement the part and all the relate to this kind of stuff of just kicked out from text to be placed by popular method tables that you need to look so this was to read the 1st time that all the conditions that are becoming smaller and move of the logic
and next the effort was something that's well has been bothering me for quite a while is the traditional method called conversion in full song master calculations it comes down to then transformed what the of the in her I in today way that you will know to it was the crew a that that that how well and he's you know the and uh so this pragmatic calculation going on over time he pulls something that was actually usable and we would pass as of it could be done that in in in the wild and my thing at that point out that library retain around and really even if you don't want to use the whatever it is worth looking into L causes release recent housing maybe not revolutionary but in a sense it's kind and so it is with exercise to the standards that also it also was
a little bit faster not not not that much but it was noticeable this is 1 of the interesting if you think that you know what that will make well replace difficult by the work you at a fast city is to because the same time we often start doing more it to be the same as if you if you take a more common problem essentially see what the forms of the stock and some have things related loading fundamental method so you end of this cycle so an at the time we got to 1st access to denote this I will not go into details about what notice on on the motor don't exist at the kind of things that you need to avoid the conference and it became possible to manipulate the same for a moment think of note this is only only a all these and some of the ceasefire capital basically now if you can we touched and can say OK I see let's say and small letter k and I wanted to be In the case you can change the that level imagine that this kind of stuff happens at that level it at some point it doesn't matter which we implement it always breaks at some point there because users are kind of of predictable and if you can't postpone the kind of stuff and do it later on the they you can implement rather reduced the solution so this was the 1st thing that we start adding stuff that was really operating at at tunnels and a backpack and and this is not something that you have to use some of the things that I think the market that applies to the
widest will do and we in this wasn't true the OpenType fonts needed of an be want and what that does not implement of died this provides an older folk entitles you have to implement open time data open types Laura my consultants so this is what I started with the provide the means and the solutions that means that if you look in the in the convex distribution marks for part of of it you will find a final has intimidating kilobytes told all the time feature processing cold the nice thing is that because what's it it notices then you can still weak and and you with all the from it was a good way to for OpenType fonts and also to continue using the law start and there's pretty defined and documented and and what is missing but it's is also because I like to think of this forms this simple the of data and also without
fungicides thinking about it that we don't have that many of the type of the available by prompting the user my machine and lots of commercial type of and how to deal with them so that among when I realized that I could the pick out the events and I just uh started reading the AFM file metadata from files all when you told range and just treating it as a basic field battle can that wasn't back already mentioned the more effective full inclusion mechanism where were taken care of in principle you can use Type 1 fonts and the white information they they're limited to the expects as a result I could take out from encoding the which is what substantial model I think any you have a bit of time that this is a method for the people that don't I don't think that the still use the event held for these models and that's only because I am still waiting for that I am also showed and then after that
you will take out that kind of stuff I'm already dead for and the 1 of the things you my long ways OK so a lot of things problem what is the effect on the run time I I I keep quiet close at all how many that by was doing things and you really must imagine that we talk about a lot of things if you being opened the no please let's say considered for a moment all plates normally talk about for out characters this but you can win other things there if you look what I've already doing you done by and of of these list which may be concerned members of groups of individual note of list and if you have complex forms like something out your part talking about maybe some sense of control the character looking forward and backward because there is look and and that may be understood that's the place that may have put my we I think we talking about millions of false many millions of operating on almost a scripting language and it's really incredible how often it's a great we have optimized over time a lot of the interface to that kind of stuff but it's surprisingly fast and and me that's quite promising because it means that the role of room to where you can waste time um colonizing as
Hakucho quality food performance and I mentioned that you have this form and it doesn't have all the composed apples 1 thing is that you can do is you can just give the you get the right data at hand and 1 of the things in the content mark for that we use as and then I'll to half megabyte file leaves this is the data about and get think type that's mostly date because this this morning because the boat I I I haven't you when I move out so I can combine the signals into you know all that an so you this is really something that's that's the new heuristic we start doing things that could not be done before your way to then that no user modeling and this has been useless a really nice feature is that
long the best example of what we already have forced if you have a phones 10 more less remembers the character what current home and this means that if you do something about you and what it displaced knows what forms used for characters in the not and color there was much talk about peace interviewing what's its English and always money meant you what's it's on March 11 and stuff and is it doesn't actually and you think so there are that this in this this 3 day Monday you start qualitative finished all this is different from forms for instance if you copy box surrounding from the use of like what so it's goes I cited negative forms of writing the mechanism set so at some point so little again it'll have something more generic forms and then again that use that can use you know based on an attitude in looking basically an enormous amount of computing jobs market failures and they carry FIL can't along with this these notes these things that live and a they are getting more and more so when all this was the has started bullets 1st part is doing the redoing the Apollo mechanism and of course it's not candidate that that works quite well because you get rid of the interview and since on the other hand you must realize that this is what you do is you could be the 1st so if you have something like a special what I'm saying go rat you copy of what's the boss content we don't wrecked if you look at the user's life forms it basically phones and it won't get that well is that you don't have to be that guy in practice it is not a problem but this is 1 of those things where market is right might have to reduce some of the things that used to be done especially since it was born out of efficiency I have a particle you can find the use of lethal well maybe that not generally this is so it isn't really as and only functional extension that at
the and its meaning and use of all of the place friends as 1 of the things that have involving the and signal on the need for a long while before it was facing course and head the only nice thing about it's not always that they have the Robert constructive phase will combine these penalties and weighted spacing its in debt so I have a model for this laying around already for a long time you have of all and start playing a sense that this is again 1 of the areas where just like like in the paragraph below that hyphenation kerning like to what we split we are now in the process of splitting of all the all the things he did in the community because if you want to implement this kind of stuff well something is added to the list what what happens except maybe 10 % and has she want to point to something in J. something and whole things easily and the that the kind of knowledge that we have now in view of the states that we are going to do that kind of this is again something that's made quite a bit both you might have thought it might give better out of the incompatible with the then just
to give some examples of of where context in the when some some fundamental changes or not to be changed extension state instance handling XML information that you can only handle it so basically by making get active and treating it as a stream the 1 of the well 1st things that they can entertain new ideas for for from an exercise the mission of Parsons and I found it was so fast that if I do something like this and now in mark for every have tree basics analysis so we while I also edit things like possibilities choose I can see local documents excess and the elements in search of green do things with that we just looked manipulated and say for instance take hold in some constant want give the old titles and this section it like that the interesting thing about this I can show people have no revolution here this is something where did that has some mind-boggling as the image because what happens then that you have this it's not the and some point to say OK trigger off basic flashing defaults in what we do is we associate actions with elements and I think can be the sum is printed to death which itself can trigger an action like filter this indefinitely or to that we get it won't be both the wire loop monitors the completely expendable what you basically have long the big expansion going on there content knowing that they're going well I think that the only way can then sometimes you have to sit basic well what's actually going on that you can't really interesting side effects but sometimes you you you can just forget and this is for me personally want me why I can't spent by normal because this is managed to do in huge actually project so I gave back some time that the condemned waste and who uh so 1 of the things that as the implemented using this that used model we have passed we support where pt of a moment and it is the way clean solution than that inside the
wasn't all important thing where we really kicked out lots of go from there context when placed uh but in this library very cold the not so much in this case the scaling of all the time because they have rather and stable but things like certain valves 2nd you found are correct the legal kind of mass that's what we do in but managing the sources uh on my agenda is
currently completely basin of everything that use this sectioning numbering lists we already have uh carry around a lot of people know passed out of this that that goes into silly fast and they just want to be found on the uh everything is kept in what tables and then we can carry about around a bit more information and this fossil that and this is again a lot of missing really replaced lots of coke traditional code which has been implemented in law from this and it a long ago you have to be the resource for which there had been really implemented in ways it's sometimes things yeah I know it works and it does something that what it's doing that because of build on the on the on and that also means it is quite a job to rewrite the kinds of shit you it but the same time it becomes way more
powerful of I'm also replacing and that's actually starting now and so this miles few years down the road and now I start doing there that the nice and replacing typographical accumulate it since that having ball in before long the and but if we have time at gives short sentence that little so let's summarize what
1 means for the market that is right of people that's what I'm going to to talk about well then you can just use as a language that can for you here you want another being a document and you can do a lot of you document or the values that you know that that's actually I think what most users we will use the log loss if you have that way you can get a
bit information about that is doing reduces like that an act upon that I can imagine why you still used some of the stuff the work of others and object counts for the kind and and not so I
leave I leave that open and if you can you can pass Dr. tool 2 hours so this is sentences 6 mobsters despite the fact that you manipulated before manipulating more easy and you are not a good example is this a comma-separated constantly that was 1 of the things that are going to start OK now have finally good trustworthy comma-separated list they always have problem this nested coatings that and it's easy to buy lot by to use the so you
can replace that's what I I think about the little file suit open reading at simulated files even loving so so we all can be implemented launch that means that you can if you set the switch and you won't get attached at this you will get a signal-based popped showing you the present and a complete environment about lessons have and find that or you all is mostly say along the whole or in the formed national files that can be part of that that this also on it more fundamental changes as I
mentioned were formed and so that's then it really gets visible that lies being used the
um well will stages on the the saying and competent types 1 of the driving force behind wouldn't project used here it's oriented projects the country the most demanding users are hard on those who want to rip typesetting because I think they're more full elements from together also the that for quite some time goes into that the the next step
is to do with energy you couldn't call would induce the most anything replaced
by real time component of the system itself it's just another step further that's the state we and as long as
the from a lot of the reason note nobody else is interesting about it it's not get just say no I think it's going to be not University of you can also and that's something that just lasting than the US 3 4 years down the world in the start and end of 2 2 2 2 to point in my life dealing with its new columns of such a set of states it also take some kind of time to get into the scene and would be that given by the difference in the I thought about today OK so this is
the more the summary of the field study for my the this gives you an idea I
don't mind seeing the only
this the it is my directory of showing how new or files science it's informative right culture OK teaching the because this big the characters and get back to I can imagine the loading all that kind of gold the time of the option this right right the the in the in the project the mechanism of action you buy basis of the was lulled store learn like which is stored in the bank but even then uh loading loading data this is you might seem to all 7 mechanism file well the old time fables say error type of of the nodes usually in interstate playing roulette table form of 10 to 16 megabytes and divide both only few and this is all kind of stuff that gets to be kept in and then loading the complete cost and so this is to the amount of of currently amount of
nickel the so that the specific uh
mark for called this not that much to so and that places
form of 98 tell you what the new baby she is you get less than code and more and eventually because you want to
do more and get more most a
community should silence the
lower not if if you don't have the sense of
not only the you know the the the internal details 1 of features sitting been around for a long time is that if you have 1 of the really commands this command and frames because can get all kinds of 1 of the things that you can do is automatically calculate weights look can say OK that's content make this this is the say area out of the the universe as small as possible and while waiting and it is very well you you have something in the box compulsion the cost of problem of mold view of that's there the the worst case it's for pathway you can do and practices what have well it's not worth so 1 of the things that can wait wait a minute I can do it no 1 in life is certain moment you they have lost in I can look into the what what what's there so the
1 of the central points the so it was a
command will be shipped friend boxes last actually calling I don't show the cold calling and Markov exist in Europe and now the same macro is a call to the 1 so what you actually do it if you if you read in contact at least if you implement something in your life where you expect and what I'll they just called assumption the results
of this example the we we know that the possible number as an argument and I want to know the the minimum width of light you get the possible minimum with the books the use of speedups in yeah I looked over a long list in his books must then I except the weights and biases you we picking the books who is natural science this book expect noted that does this and in the end I know the well the minimum signed and type and in next to I'm going to set the weights of all the already typed and it's in this sense that's bonus art and more back the number of lines and lots and lots alignments earned the amount of crowded this is really small and you can see and this way more readable and I and the more is that that go there you will you love that back this year of the order and hopefully passing through and they have so this is all I mean this the more typographical oriented extensions and a lot of 42 I did have that much time to spend time and this time it will eventually you will lead imagine that you are going to call that was and you can do is to apply local collecting data trying to find the best point mobile by doing the big thing and a lot more or less trial and error and splitting it in places that they were of well but you can just do some analysis around on maybe even moved move moved around the use of text something as being a graph database so all animals that a lot of nodes that so while this gets a bit of an idea about what your head into and and but eventually you think you you will be in this case competent for mixture of and I think I can safely say that sometimes you people say 0 this will become a national news in all this is a change that users can still mess up the the in sensing and and and you might play works well in other places that will change the what will change that the lack of a more complete mapping of light and becomes more convenient I hope the