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TeXworks: lowering the barrier to entry

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TeXworks: lowering the barrier to entry
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One of the most successful TeX interfaces in recent years has been Dick Koch’s award–winning TeXShop on Mac OS X. I believe a large part of its success has been due to its relative simplicity, which has invited new users to begin working with the system without baffling them with options or cluttering their screen with controls and buttons they don’t understand. Experienced users may prefer environments such as iTeXMac, AUCTeX (or on other platforms, WinEDT, Kile, TeXmaker, or many others), with more advanced editing features and project management, but the simplicity of the TeXShop model has much to recommend it for the new or occasional user.
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so what I'll talk about today is not what I've talked about a mistake conferences for the past years which has been Zytec project that I hope at least a good percentage of people but also by now and so I won't repeat those all presentations obviously different but in a way that is a link because 1 of the things that has driven the tank and I think made it successful has been that it's made something is easy use very hot people used to be intimidated by the idea of trying to use a new font and test on later particularly and many many users of other what tools that could do it that was formed in some of the systems could help you use any point you want it would like that the huge percentage of users nevertheless that initial barrier of feeling like it's it's really hard it's really complex I can't do it so text meant to computer model maybe Times Roman or something and that was it and I've been really gratified by housing 2nd been accepted and I think 1 of the reasons has been that it's made it so much easier for people without any kind of technical know-how to use whatever form we want to use but the I would suggest that there's a number significant issue that we have in the tech world and that's the text has a reputation as well as a reputation for being really really good especially at really technical material math and sciences and so on but there's another side to that there are a lot of people who could benefit from Sec for writing their articles letters novels whatever level to right but they're not mathematicians then not physicists for engineers and base the Greek symbols on the screen and they just right not they look at these things and I think what the that's I 0 and so they won't touch it so I wonder could we may take a little bit more accessible to those can people who who aren't spending their entire life doing math equations all chemistry or whatever this the well known so this techno like when a newcomer comes to it was for the 1st thing they see they see some kind of interface that to right to take document again to use a program to do that and we have lots of text environments around the world look at you but don't worry that you can't see the detail on the screen here but this is 1 of the text user interfaces what's out there and it's the place the right think document and it's got a hundred thousand buttons other across the top there they got all sorts of interesting symbols on them but most of my don't know what they mean and if I were new to assess so we know of any with little Greek symbols on them all cryptic abbreviations for things you my processes you my around but I don't know why I want to run most processes whatever DVI file anyway let's look at a different 1 which some of the tech interface is very similar to that it has a whole lot of buttons and quarter of the screen is actually dedicated to where you can write your text and the rest is is really quite scary technical stuff for somebody who's used to double clicking an icon on the desktop a starting to type in a window I would suggest but this is like and the people who will not get beyond the initial shock most from a low yeah another 1 but it's very much the same yeah and Levinson strange math symbols group plateaus and yeah so equations in the tool bar out there you sitting here in this room most of us are technical people and we use this kind of stuff but there's a whole world out there of people who will never right in that formula in their life but they could still benefit from 10 typesetting there's another 1 where I work is cruel as if I'm not trying to say he's a bad programs these are great tools for what kind of user but another right so for every user and has yet another 1 until marriage right about here and that there's lots of items with the VIP S and P D F lapsed and what the recent made anyway I just want to take my text again PDF the a lots of symbols on the side as well and that's the process by which singing you know that's what they interfaces like this and other kinds well which is something like in some new touch units here I was suggesting that is a great program ITC is but I units world and I stopped using the next and I've never climb back up link and and the others that won't yeah I know it's a great tool for people who know how to use it
against different type of 2nd device the thank and I would suggest that in the last few years check on the mass which is 1 here as well has been incredibly successful the and 1 of the big reasons that is intention this did built an interface that format user who's comfortable with that as a computer do you maybe know much about it it wasn't frightening it was easy for them to start up easier than 2 years it didn't frighten away before they even tighter lower and was several told previous talk meetings and solve and concluded that they didn't seem to be anything quite like this elsewhere in the world except for what was on the Mac with texture the and maybe have a place for that level of interface something much much simpler much cleaner doesn't presented with all the options right your face you 1st start up because the here presented with all the options given what to
so tection under the up on Wikipedia and there's a great quote that since the introduction of detection calls the tech boom among Macintosh users and I think that's probably true the the so it gave an interface there was so much simpler and cleaner than all the if you like a higher and technical Tech environments there are some power user features in there but that can be hidden away you have to go to learn how to use them he doesn't have to worry about until you're ready another great strength of take shot that came from its environment on the left was the focus on going straight to PDF so the the full weight Romtec show is to write a LaTeX document or text document and get a PDF files and everyone knows what to do with the PDF file you don't have to worry about DVI DVI PS there there's a whole new level of complexity that's taken away bypass step of adopting pdf as the default what and they have some really neat user interface as well but apparently have been hugely popular like little magnifying glass you can click on any where new preview and see it magnified for what he said people just love and any tool that has that is automatically aware that and he has this mechanism of synchronizing back and forth between the preview and the source you can click somewhere in the preview the document get to the corresponding point in the source so take works well I was here to talk about today it is our tend to do essentially the same thing as texture but to make it possible to other systems the section was built from the beginning to run on the Mac using a bunch of apples specific technology and they did a fantastic job it but unfortunately it's only on the Mac and often more people on Linux and on Windows we don't have that available to them so thank works aims to give that same experience as close as we can at least in a portable way run on other systems so I have to do that well main point is to build on portable and open source technologies are I'm working on textual tech works now for a few months as can tiny evening project and my aim is to write his little code as possible and still build something that works by taking existing components of putting them together so to be able to do a PDF preview it's using the popular library which is the open open-source weighted stuff I still using Qt which is a powerful and open source application framework that gives a huge amount of standard application functionality the an intermediate while a bunch of other libraries but those of key pieces that make it possible to build something like Cyc works so 1 mining to deliver or what we aiming to deliver I should say because this although I think the person to encoding so comes out discussions between several people over the past couple of years the no be a simple text editor that will behave but you expect the jury text editor to act on that platform and same kinds of windows and fault supported the editor and so on undo redo just a standard text-editing features as syntax coloring protect documents of course and you can see the sun and read them all out and then the ability to execute Tech and the various tools related to that might be attacked and so on to create a PDF version of that document so very standard kind of text interface on the then the 1st thing that you don't find in most of the existing tech environments is an integrated view art as well to see the PDF out not DVI-D or PDF you because remember i don't want complicated users like you many of us have lived with the the years we're comfortable with that but remember the whole world out there has no clue what DVI as but everybody knows about the so pdf is the the standard for formatted pages formatted documents so we have a PDF to slide that automatically comes up when technicians automatically refreshes if you rerun Tech and I still magnifying glass to that year period bits that just like action thousands users love and based on a new technology from jury that will hear about later in the week syntax the that the the ability to jump back and forth between a point in the typeset document and the corresponding source either way but now so there and the key components that make take anything else is optional maybe and at some point but that's the fundamental requirements have those kind capabilities there so there's lots of more advanced how user features that would be great to have some day that but there's a condition because of all of us which is that they must not the complicated interface for a newcomer they must not I make the environment look more intimidating more technical when it needs to and that's where I feel that take shop was achieved something in a different way from the other environments that are out there so that's a similar what we got I like to use the right is tech works presenting a PDF so there is something that works but let's see around the so there is my source of this
document which is just regular be marked presentation and PDF year which let's get back to earlier page we can magnified and look at that so we can zoom in and out just like you'd expect of course the key that again I next see what's wrong with to demonstrate the path and we have another document so this is a this sample to be everybody In the tech will I hope now is the largest city in the flow and the most scroll down the source here and and out somewhere in the source text this is where it says in the 2nd paragraph of the petition must command click there and it will highlight that point to be or we can go the other way so the last page there is an environment for versus commands click there and this also I will jump to that point as well as the real bleach here right now so you know that so get back to the 1st stage and go to beginning the document and the source it's right at that line of text so this is the fact that work and question the banker can take it right now it's a lot you have yeah alone you're not going to get a nice jump because there is no source to jump to in that case the I will I imagine you have quite a lot more about what psi can do from Europe has presentation later and that's this his technology it's just built into tech works now and the synchronization I should say is supported by both the PDF text and Zita engines and intake like 2008 so should be available for most kinds of document you might want to do it flows sample and look at another document right now this this some looking the Poland package which is an alternative or like a replacement for label to work with unit curtains eaten support multilingual typesetting and the nice thing this that that's is shown that yes we have on the fly spell-checking units here right now except English so this English paragraph is just about everything else in the cell if would but if I just change my spelling language to German the the genome paragraph here that's a whole lot better it doesn't like my sister as a single word which are some of the cable dictionary and using those nodes so it offers alternatives you but you know let's see if we can wasn't Greek down here and so started supports Greek as well by the that and some new great paragraph news elements the subject 1 to international together as well it makes more sense really in a very mixed up document so there is an integrated spell-checker error which is based on a common style right now it is an open source spell-checking library and again there's 1 the was used section which not the difference with tech what's across is that it's portable so we can go to
the next machine and bring and
launched works here and the primal
document sample to really know something about talking about news site are little the document was initially at some point templates as well so take works well a collection of the a templates for common types of document so this'll be my presentation I'll have a unfortunately next speaker 1 of the samples that comes with the American so if we bring that will get a new document based on that templates which we can immediately I'm to say that that's it so the chance that and yet the lost stuff but then we always the
PDF results but we so that's how easy it is to run a document through tech works and ideally it would come out of the box for whatever operating system using and need no configuration if you have any standard take distribution alive installed tech works should just automatically use it and be able around standard documents um but low-level limits the spinal windows the
the around us much closer
when people look like in a given their different preferences you could choose to had always come up when thus launch with Jews attempt right or open a file rather than like document but that's a somewhat different in Scotland
so this is what actually book from the Bible the there is still some formatting macros that I've been working on and this is a source document here is actually very short because it doesn't have the actual text it it's just a little framework a driver was loading the text another file the textual works with that so my control together in the the it will open the right source files and go to the right side and in the same go somewhere else down source documents and take their jump to the corresponding typeset output so we got all the same functionality right across the multiple platforms on the OK that was 1 those we get this answer than just the completeness I
should check it runs on this side as
well it's just the same it's like this the program
announced that next the program but all the functionalities their works in exactly the same way and it's the that's a sample document areas
the the previously you mention about time it took . that program to start up when it was 1st launched this is pulling in our model libraries actually was not 20 megabytes of libraries that go along with this to provide a way open source frameworks that are being used but the cells actually very quickly the following OK let's get back to slides I the find that something
jump back here the so there
may know thing I want to do this is by people please join in because so far we've seen a prototype that I've been developing but I can't do everything this a lot of ways in which I would love to see people in the tech community if you think there's a place for to like this i'd like to see the contributed and if you want to die in right see cost clustered code please do it's open source code is up on google can now and if you don't do coding that's fine there's lots of other things to do so downloaded it tried out there are although it's definitely not finished at this point there are a couple of binary packages that you can download and try it down at the source is try um there is currently absolutely 0 documentation so volunteers are very welcome at of course ideally the it won't need a great deal of documentation because it's supposed to be very straightforward very simple but obviously we still need documentation I yeah I'll show you 1 quick how use feature because that's summation here 1 of the things that i'd like people contribute this command completion the editor is a feature that in the editor of bringing a new window the
trends in the form of the disease especially see now and that's the to see in a 2nd window of what's so to help you type your take documents you want to do things like uh and begin figure and figure it gets tedious time catalyst announced so we have a command completion was that of the fact that such yeah and and I'll get possible completions associated with the air quality on news that after we can begin the and not figure in that what can you figure with optional arguments all my ideology so we have to be a source you cycle through various options I'm still actually wanted and FIL in here get to the end so you don't have to go back that on the front of things like this is all coming out of social so recognize right there are a lot of this stuff protection and so just adopted from there I could you be here for example and that's an abbreviation for beginequation or equations star will become an so it's 1 of a kind of pal user features thus there you don't have to be although that's it you don't what that
template documents I've got a few that I've put their so far they would be great to have some really well designed templates for newcomers for how to go about writing a articles the or a book for the representation of designs nice icons and was like on the little balls but some of them I drew a pretty that so anybody with design talent is welcome to contribute and anyone who would like to localise the interface into another language the infrastructure is in place to put the interface in different languages but I can't do that idea had people contribute order packages for different distributions are right now I don't have any in stores I don't have any dead packages anything like that that's just the codon couple binaries so there's lots of different ways in which you all know very well that to get involved in let's have a great tool to invite more people come join the party and making the lottery highly technical tools in the future a list of scan where will make it itself the fact that the the problem that it would work the number of words you know in you know this from you on the depends on which tools you using there are some plans in that direction at least 1 of the things that I want to do in general is provide quite a bit of support for different ways of integrating graphics the settlement things that challenges people the it in particular let it it would be possible to run a matrix DVI goes beyond yes does that etc. toolchain behind here that's that's something that you can configure right now but I don't see that as being what we should presenters of the the main people use that our more technically inclined people or old-timers who got a big investment already implicit space float lies I don't see that as the primary audience that we're looking for here but I'm not very open to support 2nd thing as well the there's some with the and on the the year of the bond group the you only we the end grew up the war and would like to and it should be the kind fusion personal new because of you use to them to leave little bit pixels that you will you will want to what we can consider the use of the volume of this is on the board in which you you need to be formed in this essay on the you know it was program called Note because we have the employer only know that the whole homeless in a use what you would do was there isn't a lot we need we need a lot of these studies is in your so if you if you want to actually gone further away from the all of the following is necessary and that I think there's a place for those tools as well things like scientific word lakes or something Adam there's a place for those problem that I think tends to come up is that they end up constraining the kinds of documents you can write you to what fits within the model that was the we get it understands and the same with the note that I have worked with that kind of input for a couple of projects alive typesetting and it was great within a very narrowly defined domains as well but it's not a general-purpose tool you use those and analyze yes yes so you should you should be able to use something like this for anything that can be done with text but no predefined model of what kind of text document has the OK well it's not sufficient to retrieve it later but operate in it and the name of