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Parallel Typesetting

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Parallel Typesetting
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We present the general mechanism by which logical content, arranged in multiple interacting containers, can be typeset into a set of visual substrates. The overall algorithm is iterative, with the successive iterations refining a multi–dimensional context that parameterises the behavior of the algorithm. Each iteration consists of three parts. First, each visual substrate is informed which parts of which logical containers are to be placed thereon. Second, in parallel, the content placed in the substrates is typeset. Third, the resulting layout in each substrate is assessed for goodness, thereby resulting in the refinement to the overall context. In the talk, we will present the theory and the practice behind this algorithm.
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check of yet so now we have a different term representations of the galleys and go beyond the rate is between so Canadians so now we need actually take the anterior document somehow and we want to past this will be some people and I also want to support expensive to coprocessors and wanna make use of as well so young and then describe now more taking representation and converting it into the actual representation adopted and so this
was on the more the easier and more so the obvious 1 is usually considered adopting not consists of very on discrete chance that they interact at all so example can be split up the chapters and a can the types at the same time rather and worry about how they interact with each other we it is 1 of the traffic and the types of unit in 1 way the other chapter does need to worry about anything about the just the talks that some so did that's the easiest way moms threading the start of this so the document in parts and of tell us more of a sentence so but I room in these chapters you have things that do interact with different elements you go places you got paragraphs of text and they do need to worry about how they'll place relative to each other so you talk to paragraph income absence size and that affects how many images places that need to worry about rates placed on patents so basically
what we do is at least in all the armed with the all visual elements of basically and they each side how they began around they they basically I'm about to be placed on the page so what happens is different but of of the development and the start of displaced placing not in pervasive off description really in the in the document so the other extreme we try and get a half-decent but the point is that to correctly purpose on document and then based on some basic heuristics and so on really applied forces between them the basic of what at paragraph time was done in a digital paragraph the space so the most spaces won't find also kind of and so on so basically it's based on a gambling problem and the idea of these different elements No . forces to each other and the force is dependent on what makes up good document what makes a document analysis and during the Paolo by having each each arm element page which we wanted some panel itself over time through looking at the elements around 1 the so is
the 1st 3 stages this based on me to really fast typesetting I don't know and adjust to proclaimed from them on the page and then we go through and we look at how how it looks so if the overlapping of the back of the 2 elements overlapping they and falls between the system where it has a a paragraph from the end of the page and and 1 word on the next page we should also using that paragraph at the beginning the Minneapolis interacting forces and forces cancel each other out and you basically we're around depending on these forces pushing on page arguing about what they want is an investigative through iterations each time these forces move your final forces depending on the quality and you just get ready for into you read some so state it happens the document now that might be out semantic relations of the after stabilizes the so to
calculate these forces you basically just look at the helm out of the way calculate forces and depending on the requirements of the document to examples to just be collapsed on as full looking at the the the at governor the page and also looking at day user settings as well so you look at the blood different weights to the on both and use the so on the so you want you have
a of on In the last period of some optimization the only thing but actually want rate and the interest when you're doing program because as a people pull processes using wanna radius threads on want anymore which is just accelerated and when you when you should using these forces as long as are doing more work to set in at the same time of so using something like power so down to a certain depth of the document and then only to sequentially from then on so so at the moment we to processes you might actually become the chapters there as regards the future means of processes that you cause and so on and In a cycling and speedups affinity task was the young down through the documents the so this is the distribution
the network 1 of the on the last leg was the monster on you said yeah Mussolini flexible that results in it calculates the forces that gets thrown out of slaves which events move on typesetting that part of the document and and to that means basically was my master they just look at the 1 part of the document and then once you finish top he said the results to every other appear and then made by up to factor like forces so so the question we were at an all-time leading forces are again and also the the more communication and you people in here so there are quite different we think about the
on this so it has to be enjoyable more work done there yeah but totally so it will result the same time so it's it should be fast and yet if you if you got 32 processors you model more work 32 jobs at the same time so get looking cost on this incident should generally just we're often the complexity the number of elements of the time complexity empowerment that the tree was so the amount of this but the number of iterations from I releases the more posters you doing anything at the same time so I get the general idea was that the document up really lovely and then as you go through the situation fixing about Paolo so you is it up into these pages then you plus be in this undated something causative lead to be any of the pieces of that page as an innovation-based page and then something using innovation frightened pages into a get something is happening where that's university if few over in the rule learning I and so we can yeah that you might hear also they have about higher-level information as well you you do a whole chapter and this paralleled as that which is talking about the evaluation of the circumference but I think I would this is in the eye of the it is not the end of the year and a year of the the you a new way of the tolerance in the that was and over the summer the word I want to go in and around the end of the figure out the and I the use of all the out don't the the way the but the trees and so this is not the the 2 of them over the use of the the it was kind of a so this is not my area of the of the because there of the and and the the the time of the day and so on and so on the the the and a lot of the the this why the want the heart of the the the the the the the and the name of the man and and the end of the day he was the kind of all right if I do this the the there was a lot of the but it certainly I want you to know so you have to at the and not because of of of the of the of the of the and the rest of the world and the the the rather than 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something about the world and the use of all of our the firm and also some of the rest of the world so the title of which I would love of to the of the lot of the of the that was 1 of the most of you the model and the number of and on the the on the and so on if the chance work of all the things on the sum of the on we use a lot of a of the of the instructions you out on the a lot of there are a lot of the we had a lot of things in in all of the stochastic point of the of the of the of the you you you you you so the war and at the very end of the world where there was 1 you see the sign of the sum of the group was the 1st half and I would say that the the kind of more that of so you might as well as the rest of the or Europe and the the the the duration of the the the cost of the oral the and the all the time because of the use of of the kernel of the following of the there are a number of times of going to stabilize the function might have to be made very customizable as well so could be adapted to different and more profitable in the back of the book the a of the a lot of what they have in recent years in the and so many times and of I'm on the development of the of the of the of the use of set of the last in my experience of people who think very much of the I I don't was with the rest of the world that is they include the band this process yeah and the what following chapters here is it's an example documents often can be spilled up into a different state entities are not actually always general were when you have inside the Sun with my family and that is the of you and we get the the the the the occasions and the time has had the of the the the following is a little bit of the the 1st of the number of the year and yeah this is time at the no what there this and then the the right around the game on the and the the the we did not believe it In the last 2 the and and the we say here this is kind of the the of yeah and you so that it might be 1 of the options once he cannot stabilizing going down to the user's of choice of words and those that I yeah this is the real either around this time and really think this the the reason that the occasionally on the problem of yeah there was the the most of time I know what kind of problems those of you who would have the solution of a in the and the and in that the smaller and the sort of thing is used the was the the on the other side of the of the of the control and this what what this and so it's kind of variety of about it and then handed over to the of I the question is currently in the novel and also know we had a very basic program the other that this was also used in a lot of things that they all of the constraints that you you want study the result in all of the 1 of the this is really 1 of the things you all of you know how so the higher up in the we have a lot of possibly of you that reduces the last in which are you just have to fire and also go in the rates of the changes because of the 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