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Observations of a TeXnician for hire

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Observations of a TeXnician for hire
An Illustrated Story in 6 Lessons
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Cork, Ireland

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In this talk I tell about my past projects, big and small, and discuss the lessons learned from my journeys in the fascinating world of publishers, editors and authors. I describe writing book and journal styles, communication with customers and other issues relevant for TeX consulting.
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earth I have is the last but 1 the and last but 1 and this ordering and of course and you can you can kill thinking remarks so all the organisers of this great inference I would like to draw your bot also I would like to remove the statement to say and the yourself for you're in the patients schools of resentment and all speakers here so you live much and it was really the way you have to remember future that have had a lot of technical talks and probably it's appropriate for the last book that they could be completely and technical I promise you that it would be absolutely no in my Michael and if you see any of a backslash in what I'm going to presented just all new forms of what you're looking at for many of you are being in the field for 20 years maybe what they're going to say he's naive or and the only way you wrong but I just want to tell you all a story in couple which 6 lessons I learned from my work as a waiter consultant so all these lessons were important for me at all that there the something for you in these parts of the world right to the whatever you can release of a 3rd the
US now all of this is now a very efficient words you must be used anywhere and so I will start this my 1st lesson my work through as a consultant started several years of when they look at the time of the rates for the peasants being that ball and for that there was a title the because it's absolutely impossible for people what's left of the year along the pavement as himself by compact problem and to me in most the hypothesis of such data and the state of but that's about what I'm consultant from now it was that nearly all the shows they easier uh well at the time I the world a couple of pages and there by rare that will force but you can imagine how much the space you not well there are located you know even now but as it then it was you and what you should support tools for you but there was a lot of what I would do my head in the the ball in the web and a couple of years this not and as they use it to fight you know about here and not the then also but I was that something bad people was when sometimes called the statistics and nothing right so cool part of that and say that part of the problem
in the room for the like can felt like a volunteer anything and is in the knowledge that the greater the rural life that you do will work here and when told you clusters of consolation was the impatient corruption of evidence it was exactly what they had in mind but since they are willing to that but I can choose this is I I and that was what they want when the public was so you have seen the monuments mainly wages and they started to translate it was large and putting more and and at some area during this work a lot of this work I look at all wrong uh 1 a lot of scientific societies so you know what the government to rural except will revisions for our journals in there and it had been a static of this convenience somebody who teaches our you shall know this people how to do this what to work users and so on so well don't you will teachers and for us and since I or a teacher I I have a job was easier and Nigel as purpose realistic you should see something pretty shitty laugh at this session we identify users yeah from 1 of these and this is the holding on the wall of the quantitative probability you gave us several names you were the coolest 1 of the decided that you will teach us all white so and this goes on until the cops so I went there it was wouldn't send the at all but this people understand that but but then he was like with a of you so I have that some other customers and then that's probably not what this is about 2 people from the civil society bolus of all you to have that that was the worst I with money in I will not say what as much money as problem it's much less than the sum over I think there's still a good song et so at some point understood that there last the wait that's you know you as you move this and I have and this is innovative uh what can they do well with us and it'll be well all you can play in business expenses in the world and use expenses of the walksat walks and circle very much to most of you you will use the walls some of my using this assessment for you of you a but still so you know it was not enough and then found out that it wasn't proposing 6 there was a
conference in New Jersey principle that New Jersey's couple also but when we're year and that's it OK it's a lot more expensive brands variants of responsibility but I can usually confidence in that I can enjoy you read this and and it's something that will servant inference and that a lot of nice people a lot of people a greatly respected and you want to but you mail it was huge so the thing for me is it was very interesting 1 when the greatest victory did and after this sentence and what we need more and more holes from customers and as usual to hold all of the and this is not what we asked Barbara B. than than the mentioned several names and you were among them you mention numerous problems and so so so so fond of the it's the place go to the inference was the most you that this and then you get more and more of a person recovered when the standard authors to use a weapon that would you yes so now I had a statement if by any chance of people think of what that's of the Irish people publishing this event to make a statement that the statement is also was business expenses various business expenses everything especially these sky years that I was not pursued of your business leaders and members I'm using from exploring but on so I want some customers and I want to find out what to do with the whole war and the
thing is that the customers the vendors of market is within each model there are many people in the past and began to be specialist I cannot tell my customer OK you know will be there is just no use of great thing but this 1 which is a difficult language I can help you as you know is is the the New York 1 is the public of the bones event busy I must so did but the idea was that the war was this publishers and well it's more of a straight forward you warrant it's forms of but think of it as a best-estimate than that the you use that's your right of it's there for them what it but they did context I did idea easier and watch XML and Gaussian that whatever you name it the and it's the only way you can all be cause you can build customer that you are not fixed but is is expect you to be experts in their friends of friends of their as know from 1 of the largest friends friends friends of there you just kinda you must so you will and those and I can so 1 of the lessons that phone call the use it if you want ball this you must do everything you can say no now the next lesson I will show you how you will say is that this is consistent with its but consistency as you know from Amazon the use of that will
be a small points and the next lesson here that you can do everything he is famous there remains a member of and that was around its I and who was the people around the and everything and so over all the spiritual support where he wrote that's unit of working in science in the past and so I can be upset around and really want I said myself there must be something they can do and there must be something that can be written in and obviously for everyone it's this whole thing for me was that this side of things you know but over feasible science and art and people the conquistadors and designers and if you were responses you'll you'll need them the variance the this effect so the more of the United and the place and might want to use them and the 1 you want you can do with them use you was of course you told me I will I have my own opinion what they think for example about making the right that's in the center of the center paragraphs but it's might be idle know uh and this is the stationary did and I must say you were In couple couple of times so I was able to visual music reference letters were what is the customers around features of reference letters of red and when they saw a reference letter from a graph of people from 2 point was that form from the artist that always say that is a very impressed with the knowledge of the course I will use you might see diffusion was just 1 phrase whatever you say I don't know if I In other words ideas that think and instantiate walk this way you touch most alright not all why this is was fun for
me politics 1st important thing use I look and then what would that what in these slides are a some of some things in here all or some of strange thing means the realization especially in the ways that cost of the fuel this even if some of you will be waiting for this it was also found that what of interesting thing about a month or so it a water my other things as well I do you that on on days and teaching of that is something different from anything its all destruction so so people what do so for me it was like yeah like some sort of modernist called usage of which shows you a local distinction another thing which is important if you need you in most of our ingenuity . when news of the form that means a ball of intellectual property and there won't be many who want to work the secret image is a file patents or from for of the software and if you want to talk about those in the woods is sometimes it's but for you what did you say that for example if your customer is publishes the most is this 1 used to be available for the course will be published as open source license so you can work and the knowledge that you could share and you can work this it was the way wary would fall you will perform I will be here for thinking within the now I promised something for the worst the OK as they say they do research
and development of teachers is a consultant use something different from all this and resume Iast important part of consultant is not all of it's not for markets it's it's it's communication actions they will tell you and this 1 is able to tell you that the value of this thing in a business school and I was new of all these but I understood this 1 when I I started doing things you must understand what the is want you must make them very and in many cases they don't understand what was the 1 it's this is especially difficult to usual customer published because publish as it does in Austin there composite that all want different things and you must make them all that you must communicate is that we must understand you don't communicate using computers itself so in my pocket you were to know about this communicating with your customers and if you want the efficient because they usually carried in his customers we must understand much and you know what is the main dimensions will uh of what typical day of the user drank amounts now what is this it's here that have been intimidating system is a very much afraid to break somewhere in between and there were abandoned in the middle of their production results any way out and this was this 2nd work and the support and from the beginning there was some customers for I will not neutral and value on support the support the expect if you watched the free if something breaks but what you do there and responsible working and if you want to consult and especially to be things like this this is the only way you can do you can tell you that customer OK he's my system and you have a question it's just a vast questions they look what you do is you use this was in the air freight and in the past and which is the source support use of the most important in the project but ask a question and then new world so there have been this fish supports you you use supports the user comes to you and say you know I have a problem and then you find out that you expected this problem and all the weights 53 of your fundamental you describe exactly this problem and exactly a solution to this problem what is the goal here it half of it is nothing at all way you wars of program in the menu what not well and you so you're right the center that in use of you will have an interest in making very obscure difficult many and but you for explaining it the right well I I might be 4 of them all was want to use growing it's your what you didn't make your manual really well you didn't explain it well you didn't make find function reads the or the semester going to you must from the so the only way we can at of this for me was when it's in your apologize resist sorry I wanna write manual by the easiest solution and they not judge you for this was severely might 4 so the 4 work is the mutation and if you will going to write the presentation will be consultant using for you will be wars you'll find out is that will role in the writing all these sort of like Phillips per cent of your work and all the more often these these presentations block and explain explain in explain again that's what you would and when you do your presentation you but remember that your support is free so if you wait that's where we use the it's it's your prior we should be spent in explaining to reuse it's the same old right OK but also this year in the Polish who like apples and said that but the point where you where there is lunch so let it would be my conclusion I my conclusion it's not just the consultant working for my
other work somehow we have to live with the exception I never did anything and you enjoy and somehow they played with its so my conclusion of this if you do something you really true if you generate something very little time people think for every you for everything you go and for every spiral some problems is the sole or will if you're going to work as a consultant as consultants that's the samples at all the lessons we use for you and you alone will that when there and how I did it he and that the merits of when the and as the present report the I don't think people here have the following rule this is so is this is 15 minutes so if you if you ask me a question and they can find an answer using the stimulus is the the if just me questions can find a non-citizen 15 minutes and it's so interesting I would do no matter what because free of the rest of the wolverines and I think this is the you get a vote might vagal my data of of the state government or 1 of my chips was signed with the editor of the really and the state of the weight of the past of the thing and that In the other I have I to have huge questions look at you look is is that it uses this is gonna be that was 1 of the best customers because what happened was that so we we're always a budget and this property is a a by the goal so is available you when it all much fewer than than they do because this is not a you and you acquire give you requirements will want to wait for the this system will be the this topic will be doing so it was it was 1 of my best you don't you don't like and you feel this I don't the you 1 of the things I this is that the 1 from what's what do you think is the and I'm going to the