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Multiple simultaneous galleys

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Multiple simultaneous galleys
A simpler model for electronic documents
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Cork, Ireland

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We present a general model for electronic documents supporting parallel containers of content, tied together through link components. This model is usable for a wide range of documents, including simple textual documents with footnotes and floats, complex critical editions with multiple levels of footnotes and critical apparatus, maps with multiple layers of visual presentation, and music scores. This model is inspired from the C++ Standard Template Library, whose basis is that Containers + Iterators + Algorithms = Programs. In our approach, the “iterators” are pointers into the parallel containers, keeping track of callouts for notes, floats, and parallel links. The data structures required for this model are remarkably simple, and will allow the rapid development of many different kinds of algorithms.
Word Computer animation State of matter Content (media) Lattice (order)
Mechanism design Computer animation Multiplication sign Set (mathematics) Bit Endliche Modelltheorie Quicksort Object (grammar) Form (programming)
Computer animation Link (knot theory) Representation (politics) Metropolitan area network
Functional (mathematics) Word Computer animation Range (statistics) Sheaf (mathematics)
Word Matching (graph theory) Computer animation Multiplication sign Universe (mathematics) Electronic mailing list Planning
Point (geometry) Functional (mathematics) Computer animation Multiplication sign Sampling (statistics)
Point (geometry) Computer animation Range (statistics) Quicksort Table (information)
Medical imaging Computer animation Multiplication sign Electronic mailing list Videoconferencing Equivalence relation
Computer animation Multiplication sign Right angle Descriptive statistics
Point (geometry) Algorithm Computer animation Multiplication sign Range (statistics) Function (mathematics)
Context awareness Physical law Data storage device Set (mathematics) Instance (computer science) Line (geometry) Machine vision Theory Element (mathematics) Revision control Frequency Sign (mathematics) Computer animation Synchronization Robotics Natural number Video game Summierbarkeit Right angle Data structure Series (mathematics) Endliche Modelltheorie Position operator Social class
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