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Multidimensional Text
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The Unicode model of text makes a clear distinction between character and glyph, and in so doing, paradoxically, creates the impression that the ultimate representation for text is some form of abstraction from its visual presentation. However,the level of abstraction for different languages encoded “naturally” in Unicode is quite different. We propose instead that text be encoded as sequences of context–tagged indices into arbitrary indexed structures, including not just character sets such as Unicode, but also dictionaries of words or compound words. Furthermore, these sequences need not necessarily contain elements from the same indexed structures. Using our approach allows natural solutions for a wide range of problems, including the creation of documents that can be printed using several alternate spellings, the automatic generation of error messages with arguments, and the correct generation of nouns or adjectives with number, case or gender markers or of verb conjugations.
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it the when you think about it this
and the Mr. the all this the of the we do this for us the time you that what you whether we had and need very but In some ways this stuff all comes from discussions with Chris starting in some level was 10 years ago and back and forth over a period of Europe in the and think the last on the on the reason you only all the directions pay sitting something like that an we're together a couple of papers at present the design the role the idea of many worries we're still stuck of the the the reality of the text you will not be the you have strong presence another little longer people who were original you but there very strong so the sequence of types that list and the revolt in Paris generated using very on I text is used for much more than typing and would the initial when you think about the topic is
going to be in the name of this it's going around these as many times as you want and and I'm not to let their laws of for the game annotated which we add the you have to have a common theories you so much for extremely good so as you move on to the of my from my side time you find on anaphoric in search of small companies like Google and you have a variety of business so these companies are clearly not the in terms of the sequences of characters which which an when I received unfortunately as investor my son in french but 1st the translated from work not in the so and they and I suspect this will be the case of my daughter's starts in some of 2 but remember we is you but
they cannot not single you know the the signal model of text of so we in this room so the robot to consider so or in the is the new model in which you could describe what the different forms of text that could possibly new there lots of University of variety is and all usually about the time different time when the time comes with the loss of I in won't I will form you send it to to thinking about different kinds of processing the text might be subject so that was not present in the beginning of the read sequence of the characters transforming his words then know words doing some of I also no natural language translation all these the thinking about this in terms of that I thought and we do so and
essentially we need to go from 1 was envisioned to not through various kinds of prose so tight that it will be 1 of the kind of the I need to be summary the on the work now in our case we deliver the world it's not like that so it's not as if there is a single internal representation of a single canonical representation in a specific organization for for a specific set of purposes there may well be a single canonical representation but in general so the to make up this the the wrong are blocks if you wish to get the
solution it turns out that already exist but if the years invented and realize sum of what about some of is that the use of the law of the for there was that all the way up to the value of the trees they're all going to work yeah my but then the association I think this where I have themselves may be the 1st part and had the theory dimension value here on my own but there's a real and then the value of this cell here that the 2 them all so the the the value you but all in the top plot and effectively that is you appointed to the Chair nothing new it's very difficult to invent something completely new that no 1 has ever so what can it do from all
of the at the same time because of not being from all individual so this for many many problems that will come that 1 of the order of the lack of the is the auditory require an the moment of the for those of you who just came in late especially those with a linguistics background up and I thought I'd
mention what the solution was which is actually evaluate so I'll get through these
things I mean the value of the major role the following areas so the the will the use of of program so they have the word sequence of house is not a number in the last 1 for if you all treaty there's a lot leading to a specific point in which tree now we have a long emotional table then it's a it's a quarantine Cartesian space that is of relevant and the order in which the dimensions of specified not and you want to define a range then you give it for the order of entities of interest morally tables on the other hand you might want to say specify and then dimensional parallel looking which would then require possibly the specified form the Rangers so that all the i've
applied after all number which is the so the rest of you these that so let's look at the 2nd phase was what we should all in our is of the unit of power last year we have of of the things you love me of there is is the the novel saying this is the factor that you you no that's my 2 but even in this Parliament we see situations where all these people talk about the word you good isn't enough so might be some situations where you have a
visual on which is not doesn't have the of the of the characters character what is conceptually will be so I will close with my right look of the words the writings and you wanna talk show a picture of the the the city of that column with our users don't but which doesn't correspond but which not the value of the density his corresponds to this so it's so long as it has not been they have the right the problem solved so the way out some of the blue thought which was never recorded in units of the what you the so there's a lot of you to talk about the In abstract way all of these things through there you start this
time in the remainder of the year this work well what you really want to was among the we don't want to saying this is the only way right you might think this is that about and if they are internally for alignment of the sequences of words and they were impressed present if you if we can then we will choose the spatial variance of according to criteria this level of very easily deal with the rest of the spelling yes and no I think In this talk is that of the nation state the and the space we a the of the 2 that the range of the stages is the visual human ourselves when you're reading the the work the before the time a it's not the phase market is the point of found in the of the words and you say in this the state of no if have a lot of the new thing at the end of the following your father from the fall that and that so the problem is usually not on the list know not use the nation for over quantifications now I do definitions of all of us experience I so then let's move on
we the of some the of this and so we this is the of the word but they will correspond to the stand so over the unit form we have the honor work of the work and the new and the verb conjugations differently he had 20 different so actual conjugated forms but the dictionary only find 1 except for very unusual of laughter is the use of the word was on you to the now not a now is something from somebody from the 1st of the 1st part of the then the universe which is the 1st of the year in the year in the composed past that is all the German article in world this is the this is the kind of and of now which 1 is the same year so unless you have this kind of structure before it up and that you know is number using the the by applying the inverse of you the 1 on the right and so when you enough do you want that which corresponds to the area of of a hole in it In throw in in you the the determine whether you have as far as I know it's what we have on the variance of the time news corresponding to sound shifts or spelling reforms or other such of quite controversial leads to the use of force by the people in my area the if you want to write it's actually possible I believe to right a single conjugated that would work quite nicely for French on the spot the love and then part of
our agenda for is the people of the course because of the of the of the new translation right after the profits that and you know what I think of of readings of the word in so how long the Internet and how it ruined I and that's it because it to each other words In all of our and I'm sure you've all seen the equivalence in Europe the your language but I cannot dictionary of words that these images and higher level of of the description the coordinated sequences of where you don't have a logical representation is that you would be forced to put them in the sequence of words with 1 in a lot of you think of the idea that you do you will use the use of language and the always use a sequence of entries from some loss of but you can higher yeah
you have to suffer the most languages and try to later is something that all this the subject verb object in the Baltic and that you work the you that will very likely the life of within the within aligned with this not by all combinations all the all the all the the major depending on whether you use of pronouns the but so all you different structures yet at the same time they're using the same kind of whole founding structure and finally I mentioned people but
there was a mapping from multidimensional this is not your ordinations only follows I want you to that of the transformer to two-dimensional they found it and maybe I'll these I call that over a simple the although the region of the world and also on the kinds of visual representations of so this
through all of this is that they are brought product to old problems which is a programming language of developing of the world so we actually wrote the 1st multithreaded vision and this is a plot of land which will fall in the arbitrary arrest rate so my work he is doing everything it can be seen in arrays indexed by 1 of the aim of the study you that find out that was identical to the ones that can be the only within the of all structure while the semantics rule of new so the only actually the all of the role we imagine such a solver so there's a of the without any and all of I don't think that the main and the of of this this is the and the and what you I want you to speech the rest the end of the and and you and so we have research there the whole for the label sequences of course this the way I the the but when I was really vol relying on trees you all the use of what probably about after the this model on the time we wrote this fall we were here talking about the signal we don't the world was like this with the war in real life more ball year that was sold the thank you and when and the quality of the entire set of stimuli on the the representation of there were released in this and that Mercury might be composed of a noun phrase and the role of the search through the this and the atoms are very short and the rules of the theory in the all the knowledge and the the the the it should be