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MPlib: Developments
The project, the library and the future
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Cork, Ireland

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The first stage of the MPlib project has resulted in a library that can be used in for instance LuaTeX, and is also the core of the MetaPost program itself. This talk will present the current state of affairs, the conversion process (from pascal to c), and the interface. A roadmap towards MegaPost will be presented too.
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as the interview those lower so earlier but it turned out that this is easier for answer me personally of the topic here and now we have some action plan to be fertile to influence the time and the latest was somewhat easier because it is the 1 already at the purposeful for indigenous meeting loss home he shows need because it was prepared from
much smallest the Arab you might want to move to the back of the phone and at the that all the last couple of years I have given so that when applied may models and what have we done over the past year but all of these filters being slow progression souls general these metals and it has been can someone and lessons workers the possible called he pointed change or extend something so on earlier in the 2 years ago we want wise infrequent my more the whole system a will be these and of then we got some fun in the project proposal and again at
the number of calls things we want to achieve what is the the implementation of my of which is we want a reusable components of vector looking into a different program we want to be oriented because that multiple programs can use the same right we model this complicated in system and although into their output to the the director bull ultimately the directed already in the likelihood little and so were and what it is if you don't want to go to the library to use this and you can set it up so that it doesn't but started and 1 of those in the
far the generation of external labels in making the schools but some of you may have seen a diagram have presented last year to where they are like so 8 online judged that you have to go through to go from the density test into a picture where make accessible by the false then the tools for a moment and it's time make it encodes the item will be guaranteed like to and you got something to talk to classify so hurry complicated and it's really hard to explain to users and it can go wrong in a great many places so want and user community if you have a light reading what cities like we don't have to you don't want to write and print basically and explaining what all these 6 subprogrammes doing is accessible directories in Cook
how how had been use of 1 of the things that we areas know all the mean of in the if you think about it and the a little bit of a remnant of this year it's annotations is costly only standard arrays that are inside of menopause 1 worker all you have a library in the summer and they the controlling applications and the the libraries for because if solely on out of memory or over this so that all of these recompiled that this you can't do that so we not to show that as and this overall means that this is much more flexible and also the I'll
try to move a little bit more quickly with all this all these technical support and it's on the state because my little these the complicated to will go on to any all of you know sorry I decided not to produce and that 15 minutes and that sort of support but also mean cannot that anything so
it's long but it also is a the skull where Texas about whether from today's vaguely of generally called the large sections of many forms the 1st created but where is typical example of early 1980's construct
it has a huge amount of global variables follows a steady there's a strengthened because there's no real sense facility and a scholar current so everything is done manually using final the compilation itself is rather complicated because these days you don't actually have a apostle compiler about the school where the we use a sequel wife compiled stole at which this work you 1st have to overcome this culture she envisioned separate programs goes from Moscow to see then this program generates the needs of the and I'm library but the earth also link this and library with your application and then so special so most processing has to appear to make sure a couple of spoken but are converted to yen although she have double process takes environment in which doesn't problems of quite the the that
for induced go there and achievement was lost in the city that is borrowed from the F-test which had borrowed it from a couple programs there it was a bit confusing because it again for several places and that in itself it was also confusion and then there's the dependency
on the here and in so I decided the
dual the can this wasn't those workers you very it's not possible come in and you at all this the prices of
gold is called and this the stuff that profits from some now uses
only C-terminal follow that is the code is being
internally in the structure quite a lot and the executable and policy reduce we loss this that is formed and each edge along the lines of C code same library that is our work and that ellipses
integrated is now also we can see what an article issues for the configuration
this this instance structure so that you can cite the library give me a numerical the the simple ways all this revised is also then also had enough right correcting these 4 of the figures the there error messages on the status of were old missing file is going to on the things that are still inside a balloon usually are things that and and others while still belongs to fire 15 of this is in line in this it's normal stations Milton and
the for feedback and has been isolated supratidal from the poor it is the typesetting and the core exports birds of objects and these objects of work or an for something different to feel like all of the function so
far could be in this so that it can be any conflicts hopefully this the kind
and we have done and memory allocation almost everywhere and few exceptions of it them the all I O fusion pointers
so function is called to the actual file and you go overrule the function the you have the writing also the yes and you
start the options that can when you create an
instance with these options you mentioned there had a file or a string and information 1 example the you can see
that this is the coalition all construction neither 1 of the options is command line is books going to new state the 1st see argument which who's really will be file in initialize this creates an MP for you this is the actual that the instance the nature and you can do and be right and the Ivory sees that there is a final online we have the online if we follow the process the main posted in the fall did or we and with and what the and then I will be done the name of and the signature the to free all my readers there and global files and you just in case you know and In file you from end we feel it's not necessarily clear that this will be the end so you want the finishing the sure that most of the Eastern the rest of the compare could be from who do more error checking of course they can be all the options destructive doesn't options right the 67 of them are the the useful functions to overall internal I and we way this the
idea is that I know it's there where
here this is this profile this and impurity the here do they know normally when your reader may you create the medical the last command you follow this end right the normalized it could be even you could do you see it never if that happens but the library is not finished by the time you reach the next line you this on you in the Finnish that can guarantee to you know wherever is still in memory this list you sample the distribution also explain the contains
log bindings this is also the by means of rays inside and you can use in your life alone you don't need your test actually in this FIL the the library's interface to what we use the spoken wanted but I had a look something like this results then the doctor so angry the this places of being the combination of the mom initialize the option and is so I would not the many and then we want to learn that's the kind of man for the the jet because problem the error was the mentality not found the uh the memory can be sort of the the test image or something like that in In these guys the to file and from all of the text you the you this string in log the the line what is this means the has so this is all the lines of what the 2 square brackets most once to ask reference to any of visual In all mining system during the l which is empty in visual structure has a number of fields that the most important 1 of on the right thing if you have generated this figure then all of the the array Figure the so that you could have begin the long long long begins to you know that it will be analyzed to think instead of just 1 then the figures themselves objects and produce ask the the policies of the presentation of the that's what I said earlier that the the entire and is isolated from warranted so at this point all of the that exports you know internal ready the and the protocol was to this additional was that over this use and the variance of the question the right time it was moment that I have the it does not kind of the same right you said you this the on it's it's in it's in a lot of quality briefly everything is an issue and so there's a letter l which is the number of nodes on the diffusely itself the right so you end up with all the 5th 1 than those objects in history actually objects and use culmination to get a method on the object the the the we have a lot of them will have had this you the this is the movement say about
making yeah making the extent between the 2 want we and the profits of all the character of people all rolled into a this rivalry actually overview X how I don't believe in anything the insides than most it means that if that if you don't
have to explore the menopausal no longer external and we expect the only thing you is the just accident profession to generate the actual pictures and everything else handled Germany all of the states of
form the 1st that we actually Maryland the
1st method is land 4 octaves 2008 by volume flying there are lot of a 2nd 1 and the 3rd early on malaria and in the morning to problems for us in the 1st batteries sorry so it is
a lie resources the front to this little findings and it has adopted faced by explaining now mostly like about 25 pages then when coffin
that most of the groups have been removed from the you move to free digital actually the next officially Boston scholar of of the there was
also some time in October of I'll start
working on everything else that I want to include the because of and that it can often and I'm and I'm rotation for the
remaining items that you won't there the
extension of the range for numerical values that sitting in the precision of hopefully some more mathematical what function should be use
learn so configuration at the end of the source and loss did you get a report for you not say I know all this is from the unit going in Estonia knowledge of fixed size on . 4 way the user can say you know what I'm going or maybe animals and doing what he's gonna ask me questions was that we should just furnishing and now the
messages into the cost of emissions but it's also also to change the image of things when there was an external with follows you could this this work with following this thing in and no longer works so when and I get its support you can create the cost and not itself is lost I cannot be itself be I have a lot of you recall you get images that there is no way to so here prior to this equation which cancel the bridge it will be useful people get this information on recent levels the reviewers and the parts of the for all the practical use in different the training program the from their foods blinded
to group this was a in
and act history this should what is that there is a a share of faces a different background that all generated defined by the it has been run inside with 1 no these files and try its of so the the creation of a new world the so and it so and in the in the you could use all but that said 1 as 1 large lost the just because so is this was an American told what and it would make it less confusing and all that it has only lost its transferred things yeah that's 1 of the what brand the actions in the what what do you want to know what records at the same time I the model is being a sensible yet yes and inclusion of at this and known Hathout it's through all anything think that the minus 8 bits and mom line is always on so you always had a is there's no so if you want previously created not necessary document just to get and this will not be the best thing I have about the limit of yes and it has to be at the I think that you have a point in time as they are all my hobbies for you but during the lost it call and the lead to yeah so and uses the line means to generate began directly that's 1 thing I had in this raised to do with the law by means and the generate whatever happened to 1 you cannot messaging just the this happened opportunity in yeah but it took me ladies device like the and which rest STG would be about the same so yes it