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MPlib context MkIV
An example of integration
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Cork, Ireland

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This talk discusses the way MPlib is integrated in the next generation of ConTeXt, tagged MkIV. The presentation will focus on the different aspects of integration as well as performance. The impact on workflows where heavy use is made of MetaPost integration will be discussed.
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ch OK and I all I will follow on what happened in the coffin I don't know about p then it will be related
to context then especially you call the mark form
for those who don't know what it is that it's the next generation of science and the process all and this the part of the whole what the is inviting we launched into this is from mentioned in his talk when you when you enlisted 10 15 years ago you last day you write it you solve small fish and whatever and it's time now to get away from it them that's what content market forced to but I think it's
about 10 years ago that we the smallest extent we ran into that follows them i.e. has he losing that I made was the company logo and what is so that's that's all for this you and by the time that ICT was still using the you want so you had EPS images that you good and bad you got then uh if it came along
and I think this person to somehow gently me into because he also ointment goes well maybe it's possible to want something in there that can conclude out of do you know what it is that we got simple then despite into something PDF it and then he could use those those small boat files direct that is the added benefit of that because it would be expected but also false forms you used in such that of over the binding site and
extending with extending that calls itself the line model that you indicate that you do specialist in light shading of expenses and Ising well if you are using that for more efficient but you can also find this out support for the flexible policy and the terms and like that so that was also edit using a special
mechanism that approach and I think also about the book result them by With this including the medical posts in they and that this is possible because although it too late to weight you that you can collect collect focuses the media and and then began in 1 point you site at right about segment oppose but little that file they out of the document using
images by 18 than multiplication is it's the net force as people eat that constant rich it's a real loss to intercept and then go on the ball again what we have go around that if we want to efficiently and was taken care of by by by some kind of the system
that moved I think if we talk about using that holds the document in of what you wouldn't have a set of sentencing or my to my uh ornamental chapter openings or whatever then you enter this has many runs in many cases the the draft usual on that same and that case it's handy if you can use them so we can quickly filled mechanism that they're using a similar method of scenes I I think it is safe to say that
it was the fact of the matter post that the into adding very extensively in what we call that multiple labels and in the text and what I and my so that both methods is that they know about things that can adapt themselves to the list the given example if you
have to say I thought this this link between text and have my shape behind it would be handy if you stayed if if there is more text so that the area of logic Canada so many things that I don't think you need to communicate with the doctrine medical to and that kind of stuff is present I think that
if you have no numbers about it but if you who do an inventory on Caltech rating the 2 of the note that you make 50 % you somehow case Usenet posts for doing things can be making nice tight states for heading the that's just to to the make document practice but also maybe using it this out there is no need for instance is nonnegative for with background context and uh those rare Usenet posts to generate a background and that was underlining the the friend of text or Boston marginal axis phosphates going of this form by buying and the if you look at
time document that led to make work these multimodal integration and if you that's school nowadays well I have seen many cases they are not to be beautiful the day it has all kinds of things that the Sun order also that more kind of tying markets and things by graphical nature and often let's say opening chapters of the complications these summaries of different backgrounds that's as numbers and what I expect and not the only way to do that and there if the net because they're itself can only what that's about it and and and that means that I'm saying it was again in the
case of easily enter this and a warm small 1 of the things that debates and that means that if you use the diamond right column that opportunity that the post-Cold booklets and animation that takes a bit of all the time good document completed we talk about the form a options the alternative is the stick to collect stuff you need money to the disadvantage of that is that your next rather than a course the on the right and the and so far they
document is that they may adopt a sentence of about more than the the next half of and mommy document is not feasible and so a lot of them time just get the way that the there I I care how long it takes a document that was automatically and so on and so we don't see it because there's lots of then there are some of the special cases life
more intimate factors that can do whatever the extent you have posted most this group was of not post and all happening modern and time and again you have a probably many of you get almost all my poster that do you think he was in his text that middle of self what continues to do that and think it's a 2nd chain reactions things in that flow chart so I think that's
that's 1 of the reasons why arriving at to start thinking about what of library is that's really sort well if we can do that kind of stuff insight into the whole context that opposing side we can say a lot of time and
at that time you already playing with this is to look at some of the things that I've done is to rewrite the 10 that both of you get in the last so I have to be in this is the part which is the fastest growing so and the so I already had spent some effort on the part the and then finally also
difficult for them to get rid people who know this let's say having met opposable in the background and by about the Internet posting get down there and well this is a nightmare you talk about progress made it is to be based on on different unit and in platform and you have to operate the files and will the files still open or or whatever it's it's a nationally quickly and then than that of the
and and that's the reason why the start with defining that the project and start asking for funding In the 1st long Thompson I think it's important for the project also take on step I wonder sitional
made us you already that is that if you will do the integration and have a library of innovation you would this case then we would not do the complex text parts communication that that of because it could be handled at time that was difficult
this is OK so then you have this slightly and not sitting down the 1st thing that you have to do is to again right we looked at that users begin by this time Apple shown example race or post tensioned that the 2 people most of and that's not how work
in the good marks for the operator norm the objects which is hoped and diffusion pole which gives you access to all the objects that are generated by metabolic 1 now the 1st of
course that we use that power losses and and uh I can say it is really lost it's this talk
about about the system that this that and yeah so fine that shapes which I think it's an graphically to and which gives its efforts complexity because there are all past there stroke and also that the cell can then use the dome all the possible to get it properly you know and all the get and I think the other I have food to solve the system thinks the 2nd 1 which then you talking all the based on the name that both on the graphic and also
and so we already mentioned this uses the city and the then we later out was really the most complex part and comprises kind figuring that out uh I think the latest version of this this described later in is not I about and uh off at that time implemented basically all of this in the the in the hope that you don't need to this
argument about another also is a new feature on the books that especially maybe you know a bit about it met opposable suspensions that matter professionals and have beginning what you file basically what we special associated to that's a part of In an already because when being there wasn't extension rape with social information this past my attention was that you can use that to get along this additional information for face all so that was about time we also started playing with that kind yeah I think I can safely say that the main is still imperfect so badly the dimension that is based on the agenda to look into things like that of the use of evidence that I get along with each object that the matter of the that's the only what and as I mentioned
the Library this text and I hope that you had mentioned by both the hope way to achieve that what just as text if it is you graphics this really means the graph domain is mentioned in the same room at about so if you're in attack and you have died set the 50 labels instead of let's say right and and to file that process it and then read in the files of the letters in which it is basically what and its and which the Dutch the we follow different groups I just typeset 50 labels that boxes and I passed the information from articles about the nature of the book and that was the rectangle that it can nicely manipulate and all kinds of things you know a thing of the building over the 1st state out generated by men of 2 began again if wait a minute physically the rectangle which has been located in and this whatever it is related to a specific text but means that you again get through 0 grams I was having label from that of the that's the mechanism that the so what
this in practice the conference for users there that used here and there in a document that all well known in the loss of their learning the genetic political development learning that there it's a 2nd and now they don't initially it was the library operate small automatically the background and the only thing they get is at the end of the war upon style was actually stands in uh in in
life that means that in everyday documents the that and system becomes 0 the cover of the book that's not Republican based on talk about making a 2nd spent a more moment that advantages compared with all the time again incredible so
what what does it mean for what are you trying to be compatible with the new title text low-level stuff and and again talk about the matter was the most regions they only see mandatory helps as that i . really with so this a new version of the context for the with the by downloading use of what it called the people of anyway I think that the it could be a bit of a magnetic dipole equation you of just before the conference devoted to you 1st try that matter post and an and Saturday at sea was that will that books and I saw mills combined with this that doesn't work of 1 with a then a set of a fixed along with that but
I think in general we can say that line and quite well tested and and operates the way you then the matter for operates I think the context that the problem at the firm because it's a standard form there's a and that is still form fun that users don't have to deal with that in the if there's no data is ultimately used for the generated and the the catch can be even isolated from a stronger 1 once in the that along quite a lot of that is and remains based upon a that I we
can support multiple for so it's possible to say I have met with some form of all I have my own phone or I'll use and the plane and the idea is that in the future we will the had the option to associate each graphic which basically its own form so that if somebody implements a nice money-losing lots graphics they could say well I want my own don't fall maybe they'll instance of the form and it doesn't interfere with anything else to do this is not really implemented yet
but it's in that we use the mechanisms of the the the next stage and no
trouble about it later in this conference is that we have seen over time from generation uh let's say that normally if generate forms you don't have to do is sign that you was that you look you test things and elaborated easily generated 500 soundly per 2nd he mind she then their next cytokines and there's loads of the whole would be missed out and
usually looking there the logical follow-up that is that you can over goes through so-called casting which are the this thing is you make and type along abide outlined that would certainly add that option they say I called form this that same missing shapes to generate the shapes and added to the forms we extend the forms that combine with the kids violated for
what what the photon density is and that's the humane made his money to his friends in the strength of the few types language like error that you would like to have the option to just generate all words or maybe connecting pieces of individualism like that the turn not in practice before I show some of the documents that insulin protein we have the water test for the work that we just go to the 4th and those and our 66 perfect in the in in this document integrated . 3 5 seconds the units in the course you also see below the formant like that and uh that used to be 20 sentence more so you really really take off a lot of remindful of the the militant manual which also show this is even more enticing pressure because they space as long as that these long graphic and also states longer than that of the protected this means that if I look
at a kind of put it that we use uh these are pretty where most places we have it's no thousand that ultimately lead to be over to 2 PM out base-form user-selected isn't like that that's where normally have deployed several services get is don't you not you all the forms of into the same business source even I want to go so far as saying that if we wouldn't have been library you will at some point to the side this written because big document you can campus system more if you don't have this kind of the same available if it's just assume that you have you don't get in from the world that and for the users
and think that the biggest schools gradually that currently it was still something like OK they see the documents calling that the post which will like that in practice uses because labeled noted all you can more easily start using the medical medical in the documents OK so and I think of this as ciliary
the kind of stuff this is at the
the this is the logo
literacy you based in the space below you see a lot of fire fighting of the see the moon going around you don't know in an in the cases those different places that you cannot use is kind of making their generated in time that you should be well on all the that of the and now you can you measure anymore how how it goes this is a very visible and I ask you suggest this line and this is that synthesis in this kind of stuff that in many cases test of both kind of the phonemes gain a bit of of all of the elements of the features of the and the kind of that implementing the style that use this kind of stuff that always kind of water this is still not as
document the problem of searching them and you want to go through the
use not and is manual are uh some some graphics that give us some insight into memory usage of of whatever this is the total number of
consumption you the and this is here
this is this graphic that mountains on this and he she said in an increase in PDF memory that means that I think twice the size of the and that there are lots of of of special specialists uh and of course you have so yeah that's that's a bit around the status of Middle East on of these instances of the game is not enough we said freed OK so and if you have this kind of graphics and you have some new documents and again you have to have some sort of also fought postponement opposed just for these graphics then is 10 seconds time that you change something and again and you quickly getting back all this time if it does something like I think even if to get about future about when I already gave of find that 2007 is like in inside did is about what I wanted to tell I can show something because
it's not moment and show how can be if you really have if and this but the the Book of the models wanted you didn't see the skin I present a new approach however and we know what's in their knowledge and use of United historical data and dined and amendments so this about this in the in and it was and use it to build a theory that the product of the rest of the the world on the and at the very end of the well monument setting in the artists uh people in the design of new that can practically any of this random form of the late in life and a lot of life has a long history from which the inference and out also the design of remaining design makes the design for end of the random alteration of what was the color of the and I think he has made it back to the replace plate and then joining lines and that's it and navigate specification about how do it and I think that's that's what the problem we talk about the most significant thing in life like you know if you if you don't even know it can be a long U 1 at this specification I would groups say of they're all meaning not dead area where it is and this is the way that there lot the so and as the so I don't know if if I at a again made the mistake here on molecules on the use of course not because of what was not as as think that if you have a lot of talk about the economy by and this is daylight and they light the thing that is the police so you and 1 was and this and on it that at least gives that and so that overall of times in the if the the you that it was a bit of an edge over all the time that the more the idea of how hard it is the world and the main main issue because it anybody can do it and so on and so on using the light in the you you know what it was doing what I really want to go on and so what do you this the this is the sum of the union of the what do you do with the mouse to talk to you and I and I love this issue of the of the of the of of with this and the on the so the the the the any of those 2 is or if you have a fossil documents in the local news benefit find i i in the world with some of the and here is that it has a in general times of kind of design but also y will include immediate invasion somebody else and I was on the design of the details that stop arresting and this all the uh practice of it you of that so few them so most because of their fixed the wall because the thing was the but I would like to design is more important than in the summer of form and if you think another suggests that our only in these in these in based you do that's if they start feeding on themselves but if you can get a sense of more that's not the OK and told be without