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Minion Math — The Design of a New Math Font Family

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OK what I'm talking here today about as many announced the
status of family of mathematical forms I've decided to past 6 years in the defined minimum off my design get swear
that I wanted to have a MOF on that really improves over the existing that forms I want to to have uh math family which is completely consistent for example of computer model we have some them as symbols from the im as a and B forms Rich don't completely match the the design of computer model so really wanted a consistent set of my fonts to be comprehensive fall complete so the other day I have more or less available than other forms was completely could support this it's not of course to be versatile so with less so limitations than other forms for example I don't want to have a didn't want to have the met extension formed available only in 1 which and 1 who have won optical size and 1 way to and so I tried to identify all the shortcomings and flaws and constraints and other math fonts known to me and try to avoid them in the design so why did I choose
million well 1st of all I like it and I I had it on my mind for a long time to design and that forms 4 is as well originally million who was a kid I think in 1990 as a PostScript font decide by Roberts Lombok of Adobe Systems a related appeared as a Multiple Master font but still thought greek letters and any of the open fabrication which appeared in 2001 or 2002 the greek letters to the editor Minion actually in a book is quite known about typographers and Robert bring there's the elements to of a graphic style that was already shown of sample of a prototype Minion Greek but anyway the type this in the Greek appeared and of course the greek letters are very important mathematics the and when I started on the design of wasn't prepared to design a who text font or even to add greek letters dominion that seemed too complicated for me as a design issue so I was very glad when Minion appeared with a greek letters in the have formant and the other a strong point of Minion minute OpenType appeared with for optical sizes right from the beginning and the top line you could see the Forsyth of that Minion office and the bottom line at the same without sizes 3 0 that's here's the regular size and it's to the regular size is scaled and on the top like could see below for optical size of and I think you mean with the speed is visible that is really basic difference I enormous hypocrisy optical sizes are nice to have but you could do with without but not the really crucial for a really good mathematic must the say what I started
out with the word what million offered than because of this unintelligible of Baltic sizes this place up regulated caption and many came with free weights in the beginning so stop to to add math characters to these 12 fonts the but shortly after I think in 2 thousand and 4 Adobe
issued an update with an extra weight medium between regular and semi it's not that much difference the support between regular and medium but still it is a bit of a difference and so I decided to to support medium as well the but and now we need a of 2 sizes between below regular full strips size strips good thoughts so I decided to add a 5th of optical size tiny and so now I had it out with 20 fonts in the USA 5 optical size now and these 4 weights and I do for the support and these 20 decides just to give you an impression of the
weights of different weights and the common law grayscale the visual impact of the symbols this is not to formulas shown a regular the than a medium go back to regular so regular and medium not that much
difference but of think you could note that the equal sign and the arrow below the in and so on all have the same yeah visual impact on the color scale on the page than semi go and there actually the
X 2 1 year to those the caption size of course on this 1 this is a regular size and the against the what ical size captions
so and currently the form of in a state in which I could really use the fonts smaller the Of course commercial fonts because they do depend meaning and use of original shapes for Minion but of fonts are by no means finished meaning of course that's completely unique at Moss supported designers of the lives that I would like to review many of them so a good release them and this really is now so far I concentrated on those symbols and didn't do much work on the math alphabets uh so what I will decide and later on this a complete for up to and formal script and sanserif and whatever else is in the UK plot mathematical alphanumerical characters and what I will design and experimented a bit on it already is the real method atelic this is a feature that the computer modern had for many years that the italic characters format of decide Alcott differently than for text wider more moral the visible of metallic characters for all manner and I think it Cambria was the the 2nd font to implement this feature a mature box depicts whether sticks said has really the telic math character method italic characters all OK in those form so the kerning and the that bearings are different so that gender character set as a single character and not like in text but I'm planning to add a real method eloquent is wider than the no metallic so the design
principles for men enough what I
have to you before consistency tried to achieve complete consistency in shape size and color uh for example the asterisk here should have been matches then the blackboard both which is assigned already with full advocates letters matches meaning of course of Minion more taking apart and editor 2nd stroke of the for Hebrew characters used in now do match many in the biased tossed P here it was the 6 Greek lowercase characters actually our full of them all over 2 million and 2 of them I've added could you see here which were originally in Indian and which were added by me the hope is noticeable then the in the society OK the 1st epsilon here was added and Bohr the 2nd row this and dominion like this so that these 2 and of course the summation sign and the integral science and so on and the the than sensitivity
and planning to have computers complete unique it must support and the future this is just an extract from the ponds and In my production goes on and a and Development version there in the 1st release version not all of these will be available already but as a toad just assignments most of them already meant to be rather impressive and readable knocks so and try to avoid the constraints
of the form of fonts so will have OpenType fonts I haven't added yet the math table for repeat have forms but of course I will do that then as a toad yeah of always and 5 optical sizes and each and every 1 of us to sort of decide and 20 relations and available in 20 relations then I didn't and stick to the model of text within the for larger sizes of delimiters but actually I took the idea from the new math and kidding that will Rick talked about this morning so will additional Odom after tank have the force sources for a 10 . 2 basic delimiter have 12 18 24 and 30 point that images and added intermediate sizes of uh 15 21 27 as well and for a pair of fetuses it spirit as above that with another 7 shapes before I have to resort to sticking them together for pieces on the left actually this never in my head PDF I wanted to show that these are composed of pieces of course like again I do have 7 sizes before we have to resort to putting them together from the users and scores that do have many variant glyphs that just a few samples from the bottom and also there are many more In type they should be accessed by opentype features land actually they all of them included in the to produce area but before technical reasons or tech reasons Erekat accessible and old-fashioned taken coatings but in the future there's no need for color and coatings for all these characters course and of course there are
many many details and details decisions involved he
and sorry I didn't find time to really finished the table indicator defiance 7 sizes of geometric symbols the and and the symbols on scattered all over the place and unique character the Chinese scientists it's actually a year usable on fall below center daughters you don't so that's the only a symbol here because the White center dawdle white square would make sense or even a black square would be recognizable against this evil and then there's a very small the small medium small and medium and normal and large size what unique character doesn't tell us about as the vertical positioning of the splitters and the when preparing the presentation that didn't find enough time and it didn't get around to do that probably I decided that the medium size should match the operators so that medium circle looks like and circle times a times symbol as all the time and so the medium medium small small there's more entirely all centered on the math axes and normal size of squares they do sit on the baseline my design and the large goes a bit below that the baseline a bit like a bit bigger operator so there many shapes and I decided in that for most shape of all x 6 sizes too large from 1st 1 . 2 phosphates very small and time is only the center don't but I will have circles black and white and squares diamonds essentials tree angles of course the left and right triangles as well and elliptical shapes and rectangles and so on and all these will be available in 6 sizes and my forms even if they are not encoded in unique so if all the
operators and related Syngenta symbols I tried to have a consistent look all over some of these shapes and I don't like in other not forms they often like to uh look to stacked and they visibly fall apart and I try to have a consistent shape throughout and and In particular the circle shapes I think are much much too large and many of them all forms a fake states that in our the shapes are too big or too large and the sticks formed and country I'm off I think got it utterance utterly wrong I think such a and 0 plus circle plants should look just as large as a class with a circle around it not with much larger circle um actually we're at the test this data about Cambrian often that you could see how the shapes look in Cumbria and I think I think in the the back other on the back of the week the and page 3 of a cover the there's some circle I think there are much too large and and you have all of these so it was a time yes this is how large operators yes this is how this president and Cumbria the basics binary operators to large and a 6 and that should cause the with the organization of lives and stick so I don't know which is which OK on
about arrows of to bring us of course will often narrows just the basic strip with all the other off symbols but I think the arrowhead should really match somehow you text font and the obvious candidate to define an area had upon those little french quotation marks leukemias the so I took that from anion as a model of what it change to the logic and about the error that's really do match Minion and look quite anionic now and the other remark is that of the basic which of errors is taking too small and many more fonts so the basic error is too narrow to have room for all those embellishments that appear on other areas and I think the basic error should be wide enough so you don't have to change the metrics to have all these are other areas of course it couldn't have a wide areas as well the basic size to be consistent throughout and then of course are diagonal
and happened Don areas actually the arrowhead is different for up and down arrows threat than from left out right arrows and also different in diagonal arrows think you can't notice that here that you turn the arrow around you could see it but my remain remark here is that the diagonal of shapes of In my opinion too large in many forms on the left is shown computer model
with the left to right the upper and to diagnose errors over there and on the right this my designed for Minion and computer model and the diagonal arrows obviously drawn in a square and she had try to draw them rather a circle and the think it looks much better normally the diagonal arrows look much too large in computer models I think Sara negated symbols
and then the original meaning and the fish that are not equal which is included in the original Minion I think the Flanders is just too much of to sloped and then the negation slashes also too short the completely redesigned the symbol and Minion and this
has the advantage that I could keep the same slope all over the negated symbols of course with some obvious exceptions in the bottom where couldn't keep the slow yeah try to have the same slope than the symbol doesn't look negation of all it looks like a new symbol but not like negated symbol and I also with the size of the delegations splash I could keep the same size for many symbols for more stacked symbols so I need to change the to larger size so again I get more consistency although the fonts and the most of the negated symbolists look clearly like negated symbols while when I have the slashes then follow the last line I would have to apply a different slope than this gets more confusing and then
some characters and original minions on usable format so the italic new you and the the on different at all in minions Greek and that's Latin and of course then were it doesn't make a difference so it's OK uh recognizable of course that not the need 2 different shapes so completely redesigned these so now
of the new new new on you and minion of looks like this and the the this like this and matching to got round to the of course leader Matching Grant W and of course the mathematicians do
like some very strange letters to and I think I've seen it in use in 203 of 9 after but of course every enough fonts need metaphor need to have those last the and here again and I try to model it as closely as possible on Minion you could see a time
of the Dominion letters are used to model the bias of the upon so in the beginning is taken from the upright on the go and you have a loop in the bottom of from the floppy and here that's taken from the a bit and change and of course he it's taken from the the to being have still not completely satisfied with the look of that European the bottom but at least a metric suffix for this character and maybe could change the shape of this later on and of course the depth of the burden descended years taken from the Telegraph so it's really mad many in all aspects of as good as possible the yet
another issue is the asterisk and I think it should also match the text font of course it should be should always have this form so it should always be a six-pointed star on and notify point thought anything else and of course it should have a 1 vertical stroke and to prostitutes when the reason why mathematicians have this predella action for 6 . it the risk this of course handwriting because handwriting you could do like this and 5 . explores and handwriting as not doable that he sees that really should be 6 point always the of course to match Minion I model it on the deck and double dagger and of course
the additional I the most you can guess the rest use the same shape as well so the circled asterisk and big operator which is also the added informed think it's not a unique characters yet I'm not sure the OK but it has to be in the book on the the topography do come and I thank you OK this OK this other you in topography version of already we have yes OK
and so this is the example from the that its companion With shown in many math fonts and his computer modern and then in the
this is how it looks and minion f to go back again for example in computer monitor think B and information sign a bit to vote it's not that visible here but in many books on that really looks through blotchy on the page and this is mainly and again in
in math and do that the 1st sample of Fourier and utopia but the footpad utopias another font assigned by a and therefore for the the just let Minion and utopia was the son and Fourier was signed by some French thank you to the against Minion virtually
and my haven't worked enough on the kerning yet and so it could be improved in some places what I do have
the basic size of these mustache characters but had in the larger sizes so being in computer modern it's too large and the it's too
small and of course having to work yet on the alphabet so that's just from the hours advance on script font there you have some more samples
from test to to have test not put the attacker and the sample file from the same as math package but I think it's time for questions and you could look at samples during class the questions man OK thank you if I do and I
you think of the hand out the thing at the right time and kind of 1 in after the last thing the and
the things we have out there or not the kind you know the the the the the the the the at the time of the year and that he would not be willing to the the coming here in the that the and on
2 of and so have some of the real to the kind of time and on this it is a one-off and we know that this is
the amount of the the last and the people of I like the way they are and not just at the end of the year the the well and I have added so all obvious variations or will at all obvious variations in the Private Use Area so for example you get except for some areas and decodes the left to right vision and of course I have the right to left version of double additions whether it makes sense and so on by double diagonal and echoes with up to here it's a double had diagonal areas which isn't the true as well all the about sizes of big operators and of the thesis on the images and so on I did have a symbol for the greatest common device and the least common multiple which goes into us well new kind of delimiter the and so on and so on and so on some small of therefore for example for the circle symbols I will have a circle class with a wide range so that the class doesn't touch a circle also in the true and so on so I'm trying to add all the and not characters I could
think of that yes you the the the the OK and and the rest of the world that it so I do have an agreement with Adobe not circuit license formed and I am a license to use the name in the dominion is a trademark of the various systems or just the trademark and used by permission it and and and they had already assumed that the day if the
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Titel Minion Math — The Design of a New Math Font Family
Serientitel The annual conference of the TeX Users Group (TUG 2008)
Teil 13
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Autor Küster, Johannes
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DOI 10.5446/30790
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Cork, Ireland

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract “Minion Math” is a set of mathematical fonts I have developed over the past 6 years. Designed as an add–on package to the Adobe MinionPro fonts, it consists of 20 OpenType fonts (4 weights, times 5 optical sizes). In future releases it will cover the complete Unicode math symbols, and more. In the design I tried to avoid all flaws and shortcomings of other math fonts, with the aim of creating the most comprehensive and versatile set of math fonts to date. In this presentation, I will talk about the design principles for Minion Math, and the design decisions I took. I will also show many samples of the fonts and will compare them to other math fonts as well.

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