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Meta designing parameterized Arabic fonts for AlQalam

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Meta designing parameterized Arabic fonts for AlQalam

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Meta designing parameterized Arabic fonts for AlQalam
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In this paper we discuss in detail how parameterized Arabic letters are metadesigned using METAFONT and then used in forming words. Parameterized Arabic fonts enable greater flexibility in joining glyphs together, rendering words with imperceptible junctions and smoother letter extensions. This work aims at producing written Arabic with quality close to that of calligraphers. Words produced using our parameterized font are compared to other widely used fonts in a subjective test and results are presented.
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his own it was you the time that I have a lot of them and this is the result of the the people this is known about it in and you shake off the last and the thing that a lot of work on that so this is the instrument for I think that is the it's not hold for the it's something about the name is actually you think this the use of the arm and that for that word and complex you is and that's something like present the and this is the traditional way
of using things that right and most of you often hear about this just a brief reminder was not know a long long string instrument from right well a the end the end of it at the time so when you arrive in is quite a and the was but in the not and was are users basically this is what this is another 1 of the the what was from using this 3rd and so on resources and the and the proper number of signaling theory in the thing of this is word the sensing the my wife this is the way it is now the the of work lexical and white the letters you can set up In order to survive the line not justifiable features between men and 11 so way that part the that the this letter was we want only that just like privacy rules so this formula that we in this and I think this 1 and think this 1 the things the all that is just the same that changes while changing that meets the word and all the regions in which so we have all the what you see in the 2nd line and the line off from the books teaching leaders to do this so that the all some of them on the line and through the the size some policy yeah of so this is a uniform policies and make more and the clearance just things of things like that you want be despite as you might see the problem is called the movements measurements so basically people tend to
explain how things are measured in we must the have the most although not close to the point that you and this is figure that they should 1st slide you draw will the the this is this is the will be you know this work In in the past while I'll be describing
mostly what you saw here is 1 of my face 1 slide that's called of writing and there are more similar to the Latin where you have a role in fact you're without and different kinds of things we also have different
styles announced but then so is so low that we on the when you get that way we all know you're here some of the that the case where the always on the 1 so just to make is that we is all going to and that was fun for our case and here's how things are measured firstly this is 1 of the display obviously the skill of unit of measure just like the accident and look 1
the cent let me show you here this just this 1 this this 1 on
which seems to be a very simple innocent good coastal is not so it's not the we cannot say that point 1 point 2 the state between the 2 so it's not like that if you want to just so long the people lined up the the this is final visual and gives an engine tools and so on so that you can get things if you specify you what was the mayor of interest the when we see something all is what your if you would more ones like a slide in that it on so that is an analysis that the do on how many points right now is that this and 1 of the and lessen the peer-review and you might call myself that of all of in the universe is still in the books but then we think dramatically and the what workshop and what is the lesson of you we try to capture the main features that the human use when writing for such things so the best thing that happens here all was that we should have copy on this region and around we focus
in most of your millions you that so you you might mobile those these also known that this not the same the whole piece you and all on the the and the world and this in an rules to use the idea of that is actually the 1st each other proteins and the so the sooner this goal that while this problem they will have this form which is the 1 that has and and that you will the head of the water that the we wrong and basically when we follow this from the work with that in his the model we found that you don't use don't of see actually just used for basic and things like that so far small so you get this and made his idea was to parameterize the whole font or the whole program is to get a lot also of that not just a single all this these were the most of of it is not likely to get a small phosphatase 1 of the have less of the all extension of disability who were within the last resort so this is how we start thinking about
that and then you might want to do better what's the 1st flight just some of the that just long you like was something that does not change it's too much that would be used in many others as is the 2nd flight is slightly more than and could change besides the like the end of the notice the structure that will change the view of the animals so that had while which is this small so
so of the you know the change that is
a primitive it's got the 3rd flight is what flexible and you see how how we use
the in like is like just as the at the same time the scene of this that he is these are examples from the literature is 1st the all the things that you can see that just see see that ball is the head the and this is of the you again this this is not you don't know what it was like the panels of this thing here that was 1 of the but as you can see that this has been quite a bit from that of the the my a clear right that is that his cycles and then with the practical this I would learn how do we change the shape and size of and with whom the because that's right really wrong is not that the this cannot be learned by the time we need to enhance with the the other thing is the plane you own rules also going to be at this time the because they should you but we found that this is the 1st and this is a slight incline and you can the and then we can now this extra the is city of the esthetics and In the last script so the the plan and it was in that the review was changing the and you will see the some of that's but from which is not very flexible and very minor but this is to some extent by
said that all of these again the that thing here the 1st thing about this this is all this is the same thing it's so that the office of the truck in in English and if you look here this this 1 and this is not for this is likely now and the following that some by innovations that have no or as a whole you all those can be quite flexible and pragmatic and is doing to fine lines so that so that is the more you want to anyway but we wanted to be honest with a maximum in the reverse that but any immediately result and it's not just that predefined the letter that you have the same so that's why we had to because she that food but is a much more
flexible you know think that he was all that mattered services so it's not like the 1 that's and you also so how we think of drawing work at the the word going my soul if and it is also 1 of the things that could be part the uh if you look here this is an the invention of the and this and 1 of them and we want to have the condition as much as we will not just be defined the that the justification of 1 that you generate the fact that it was not known to be 1 of the it's actually something in between if you want to move so it follows that there might be too and proportionally getting as much as you need in all sorts this we need to 1 model and you might also want all of you but you cannot have about things that are quite dramatically changed the with that you want all the all it should be to some extent we sigh at work this is all in the hope that of the what about these we will have be 1 justification of the sites where the line and how long each were to be of all the we that we call the new and the we solve the best way but also a bit a market where it was from there but in the just like the 1 with the machine and stick them in the and the something and that is required by the of the human body on the market is because in that case you find that the correctly and smoothly connected to the other course because the 1 with the the the right so that when you something new and how it is that the that is the from how this should be if you look at the end of the year the from the end of the year was not in this solution and if you look at how close this thing is this is that the the story so actually want to sort of the things rule change that we see voluntary and willing to connect with the right angle is the correct answer was that patients with severe the language that was not always correctly I'm going to use the knowledge that of but if you have they envision as part of the image of this and the and what you sell this if want you with w with the new with all of this it will change shape the and the what so this also around the to just matters where things emerge in a smooth manner and then in this question you the yeah just as possible this is just the way that so this kind of fun you somewhere the so we decided that you will be sent this side of the Council of Europe's and that becomes comes and you just drawing them and they're all schools right result the on the line this is correct for the last slide because the last slide has as the end somewhere with all those who that was what other slows Jonathan known from the from the right side are the most the company the whole layer so that if you do look at most the findings 5 yeah through and all of the trees used for modeling things so the 2nd most widely used script the world in in that case you're using any of those other styles point out you would find the movement as a the to generated that's fine and that and not you know it can be an image and all that we're on the emotionally just like this 1 Music to that single whom in in this you need to study some of the knowledge that talking that go and get
the best in we are going to set these up that how to the this is the way that we finalize what the human doesn't pass the men basically had had the like so it should be the 1 year of the the but those things we use and that is that the nature of the upon this you know that most of this work you have this the workshop the when the extra fall . 1 but now we want to find what not 1 1 of these so we actually do 1 of the and knowing that you have this and the difference in in the to something so we now have a wife to a lot of work to and then you know want so basically to form a complete word we start from but here for the result position and we can't environment that sits on this 1 and we trace back find the position from that right and then sort of any over some complicated it's not that much of it was so that when you find out what is it that 1 itself and now if you want things
this is the word that you have and so that within the sheet in yeah all this more the meeting the leadership in the 2nd all and get more issues all that should happen automatically when decision of that you know this were the 1 this is not yet lesson holy always on the menu that the but then we have this other question that we have the you choose 1 of the things like this the you know this 1 all the time and the role the 1st 4 is you so which was as a matter of if I wanted to this John 1st Altschul you the we're not find the police violence and the each of those things and and I and II has been defined our some of that since our society will so this is the English the other thing is forgotten if you use for this is word use weights the world a and this is the same sort of of that were asking for native thus the field work of what year writing this and that because you basically each these and also on the board but on and the following that falls within the whole of the size of the and here the universe of in and human at the bottom of you find there is most so this is have to thing about you know about good things about having all these these from the if you know this year the reason of the level of these things the womb pile as you we found that so most of my time on what you just said the because of the example right things that you would have follow a you with these would be also the in the the of this was going to happen that by lower the now you can get it over time so we have all the virtues of the and this is like the law and the letter the also the the the the the ones you in the name of the try this 1 will be slightly and will if you have something that is not that like this 1 someone it doesn't change that this little and the on the of but slightly higher than this and then you reach the end of a word and is a space or just the end of a word you will but this line and it in I solving this all
that basically new thread to right we were of the this is the case came up with in the out so this is the beginning of the world bosses would you go and use here in this word is that the data that was of there we mentioned that the wall and the wall we say that the was a wrong this school and that that means that it's all you have to use all of the to find that out there collects all the people whom you have the find all the functions and then from all the and we can see the the inductance so basically now make up one's not running for us a single that but from the work of by using those primitives that we have I
mean the physical position see how with most of so this is where you on a different number of people in a sort of a lot of in England and so of the and basically we have the basis of this 1 this is only 5 of this year what we have thus if you're comfortable reading that from the 1 is the most this is bad and 5 is behind this is super and we just took the meaning and scope so it's a sort of quantifying a very subjective feeling which think comfortable leading the those who are familiar with better in against the benefits Jonathan a so there is that all
true the results it was recently said by the of the model to study the false come with the word in my so that they would like to ask you to arguably the best nest fall of market and then I we do not have the test things like up so that is the
best of the actually randomized things so that users will not be bias in and
the final result is we're getting to the point 9 5 because the point to 2 . 4 people in the world and stuff word the big difference you found good thing makes a very big difference users want to learning and without that they were very basically that we so
meaning it's a we chose of gender
connections between that as an extension most also related the 1 in all the cells but then was the big and unfortunately because of doing the job and most of the points that lost what was so what's the next thing for us were trying
to think of what would be the instead of having this word here the
we want to have program call complement the lectures but this is not that easy as you might
imagine because now we need to do 2 things together to you think 1 of them is final which she's long you falling but when it was because now it is on the development this following that will come you should should that's only but just the sheet that I think is the line of vision with the last slide and whether we are going to use the features about and giving them the of the people but that the 2 people in the decide whether the ones decided number 1 want so 1st line 1st the 1st flight you're not going to have a lot to finish the the shape of the user and like is happening level I don't think this is just to but this is what we think should be done for like quality but I don't think so but what about the laughing because you how complex it is uh the remaining SPARQL and because the redesigning want all letters through to the finish of the different forms were not the halfway through the and the other thing is the middle of the woods if you go all the way up yeah this the
as you see the whole of the size of the then on the means that and then science here's my plan the of what this is the thing that is the thing about the mark you should know that and the letters of this here is higher than the because you get what the and so we want to have all of
that balls and the marks the place with the correct size that depends on the that also you not find an easy way to do that the more things from the point of view of those used on a little this basically role and what do we we also present a when the right that is all this stuff and gets the left and of the law and doing that with us to ensure that the this much worse than into it about that makes because you section and by the the the only by the and the rest as they are showing all that should just look at this question for us communicate with a this is another issue I half the the if you want this for example the following year and he was but very and particularly your just find things and means always sources of of should be available when the is the of in a way that is that all the fossils within the and ask viewers who have basically no engine in the well forums and sure that this year if you think about the whole thing is going on in this kind of program so there's is actually another the agent well I think about use this should also be I of the but now I actually think of sources as the thing that defines form were nothing thinking in the of rest of that so school in the hall and refer the there might be so that the view that the source of all is much more tolerant than the use of the finally we should think of all of the records for we're not there is the issue of what the finish with thank you if thing of the the car in the that is the land and not the and In the 1st of her face of of this you want to use it for university of this this should be part of this in the response the magnitude of the of the whole world life the and about what is you the land of the in the past and so on what is same thing or this through the problem and all that the rest of the money on good also the on where some of the money and you have to have a of my theory behind all this was of and the you know they the and the last time I was at the of the of there was no need to be on the your this 1 is right that is the you know so that is in the process have the the and the social some of the use of word for it the the of and all you here the because of the use of right and I mean this is what the user got that