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MathTran and TeX as a web service

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MathTran and TeX as a web service
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Cork, Ireland

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In 2006/7 I developed and set up the public MathTran web service. This was done with funding from JISC and the Open University. It provides translation of TeX–notation formulas into high–quality bitmaps. In April 2008 it served 48,000 images a day for a growing range of sites. After tuning, the server could provide about 2 million images a day. It takes about 10 milliseconds to process a small formula. MathTran images contain rich metadata, including the TeX source for the image and the dvi and log outputs due to that source. This makes it straightforward to edit and resize such images, or convert them to another format, such as SVG or PostScript. MathTran, used with JavaScript, makes it considerably easier to put mathematics on a web page. In particular, the author of the page does not need to install any special software, and does not have to store thousands of image files. The MathTran project is now focussed on the authoring of mathematical content. It has produced a prototype instant preview document editor. Funded by the 2008 Google Summer of Code, Christoph Hafemeister is developing JavaScript to provide autocompletion for commands and analysis of TeX errors, all integrated with an online help system embedded in the web page. Separate work is focussed on developing MathTran plugins for WYSIWYG editor web–page components. This talk will present progress and prospects. It will also discuss some of the broader implications for the TeX community and software, such as - People using TeX without installing TeX on their machine. - Help components for web pages. - Integration with third–party products. - Standards for TeX–notation mathematics. - Learning and teaching TeX.
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but this In case so this is not contact is where the and all the useful science good laughter and then and that 1 of the lowest and no sorry i need these methods to all is
the 1st of the the and ceramic
student this laptop and it's called that she controls but I'm concerned OK so
the thing is that you know the the idea is that in the UK and has enormous numbers of students in the last whose system must have something like a 2 a 3 factors using presentation the presentations years they say that a lot of calls right might in 10 years as an enormous number of people in and some other techniques but since May in my that hasn't been maltsters mathematical and for the last year the last 2 years and the next year we would continuation from a number of projects related to map on the way as part of that resulted in a shortfall in textiles in universities in text skills the united columns if and then come see me after was because out of those sorts of skills and the let's just go through the web browser is now a major application platform most software development going on on web pages on but ground and John Stuart the language of the Web I don't think many people use it it was for that reason and my Chinese 10 times that as a public web service but that can be traced sites and so on is expanding all macros 2nd useful life niece want and the there's is library is well so this this sort of thinking things moving on conference that I have and then I was amazing here I think that is the mother discussion on the rest of the stuff so you can get that so what do we have next
various so what is the matter and I've said all over the world it's very enjoyable of mind which is a C program that roughly speaking and the next step um energies quite widely you know the whole thing then is that a good chance is also in recent months and just a few good chance the Bush visit you should look at the chances for an interesting and will validate for your concept of web services and show you what web service can do 1 will so what do you think about mathematics you want a time that is very very and making think TTP requests the mass transit the need at times and in fact that you have to install anything on machine itself what graphs and and my returns type a PNG which is the time step by step the it's been rendered by the young he you also get a lot of the the typesetting so there's a typo was in the prize and again the depth of the image which is quite important 1 image so basically you have this sort of tackle 1 woman now we use a trick I hope it's not too controversial at that and
so I think it is not enough food to the 2nd an aspect to the concept of the material annotators want to a bit of a 2nd you starting up expensive the list time it so will so arithmetic it of efficient inference 50th of a 2nd to do not setting on a phase of the 2nd to start up so sensitive the virus started cost you increases the light this example so all of public matters and so that share a single long-lived instance tech is running on a machine that removes genes waiting for somebody to do something I am everybody shares for instance the and that's the way we avoid having to start something for every request it's very important for the performance of detectors just waiting that now so some of might never enough to behind the black that's what kinds of saying we can screw things up the right so the 1st 1 is that the worst experience that because it doesn't seem to make any check recently in a global change and whatever else commands In that has meaning beta so when somebody types and alpha equals still shows beta another 1 if you try to that has the form and the 3rd 1 is you might try to use CSA to get something you can not supposed to get get so you see that these are all sorts of ways of attacking the and of course the lesson is that the demons thinks everything's fine well anyway secure framework would supply statement definition saying the meaning of death somewhere where the user can get this and then on the here you ask the if you about the so in this town of and the is associated you know what I going to talk walls that was 1 of because of the money so so UNESCO the stamps is the mean of the mayor of manage it uh the you know OK so to get was the
right everything at 1 and underfunded custom programming environment where death means where I put the real testament and backslash France means so the user can get so on this example here the the bonds that from each the user's fractal model is the control sequence from where that without the backslash in front of it simply means the death primitives that we already know that where he was so we take all around and control sequences move somewhere far from yeah so the index of the President cannot they will be given by outside and have a custom environment that allows us to right here right here as the and the checks at the top of the century you and literature you have the and it the cases where is
the weighting but to receive a formula that stood of there will most games in that was areas the of subjected jackhammer to their messages about yeah the new read alignment brightens 1148 right that's changes you can see the right in the line and this national 33 can't was 1148 matter 33 some other people have been using it might not just made using and that's that's just the happy the way out of 33 5 43 starting occasionally has 3 stopped never work on that to make it better and is striking 640 so they can be used in that I have so many and it's all a single instance and the tragedies of industry line and global health often but he said with we get we understand interesting answers because of what happened the summary the so you can get the you don't yet have changed yesterday is that uh are well understood this kind of and and make sure that only 1 character which is I think allows you to access the so as long as the input string doesn't take no isn't OK so it is very difficult to the input string set of contains another it is something that is going on after a so you I I think it's secure and this is a case so anyway the let's go back to the surrealists
did so that's the program of our people ask me dutiful and I say well I will as soon as you ask your version and the bank that of the 2009 still make secure due to various making latex secures the homework magnets move on a bit of an inner race through it can be assumed that the next thing in the US
fooled bullets and it's expanding
users on and this is a very different side effect so what is the return and 1 I think this is of broad interest labial we will not have Macy's could be the victim the source and the man the currently uses and galactic technician long time in the next full characters that part of my own reaches 5 so things that idea well I guess the problems which the and the man and you should know about astronomy user but there's a motive is the using existing technology to read the whole file this time and if the token has to be you mom we say OK let's make it do something like a small thing you most schools in information and if we get some who becomes 1 of the moms will were ceramics that under just get this and say that it can be solved fairly using this technology is already some species single text the so to speak of is also instrumental track it's a cat programs and 59 extension will solve the problem and also see you the to and this
is another sign which use necessarily so the next time I don't go you don't worry about the well known at the time we have had and where this OK I guess this only again this is this line not of the Python code friends and very interested this is what they're interested in there want something and this scientists in the ass it's the
wrong OK this is half of my webpage laughter the so using the rocks and images arrivals has ordered except you need to put in this there and if you want to have it as a text math and also as you want to use that some of those regions used grounds so we will mentioned my future proof this because you only that you need like that mainly exact formula and going to get so let's move on this
means that for the 1st this you you know all about Fastrak inside the setting actually in images at that moment Jerry uh not nonetheless a maximum capacity reserving about 1 million a month men goods that union what is the and I think this the the
no transcriptase doesn't have difficulty you can get the jobs that from every right maybe should we can OK
let's just show you a few because we want to demonstrations so
and the need OK so you see on the phone on the top so let's just type away and you see that outside and it created the the this the the same what can I maximal goes about how to submit so let's go to the index of questions here so the equations the there are generated on the fly we can put this question here and aces attempt the here we go material here and again I can type and other types things happen and so on change the equation could foresee no no so this is something used communities and I think this is something that the universities women's but some resources in so this last because summary so we've got a this proof of
concept it's here so this is done with you again that such as you call you get and again it's going to be the started the so we can make a lot in these last August the will demonstrate this so that it's this also I think the final thing I want to use them and you yes
that is audible the and that's this system and this is not mostly crystal at monsters live on the views of so it's perhaps nationalism out and it's not going say will get a list of all the commands of a given that and say that we want alpha so let us up navigated you see that for
a given that the class of half of the technical reasons are going to be make him we make this a bit and then if you want to in and a beta beta access the then we find a decent
I so this is just a nice
I think somebody has not use before and if you go back to this 1 here you see a other
little help system complete with an index so here's the greek letters for example in the next and this is what resulted it might be the smartest in OK so when that when we
get the information here we can also
so here we start up and I need to include
information on the right hand side and always mounds so let's move on to see what else to go with this
this is the block is was looking at
and I'm racing against time so slides and the last
time this is our structure of using a lot of people
and questions yes and and I think this was
actually I just showed was completion and I
think when we want in those conditions that we want to align text and this is 1 shared syntax and semantics out of the initial 1 system and there's a way not really like somebody said learners on whereas the memory of Sept works or whatever without having to make the font I wanted to be the same environment across so we got that and this is actually a later Fredo they had 3 1997 apparently will be having an effective interactive health system that's what I want to produce answer to Tech works things and the final thing is what's the next States have with without so at the
university thank won't see you but I believe that they wanted to put resources into this because they have sciences students mediated mathematics and then state of the art into their forms of so there are resources there I 1 of the things what is quite interesting I think it's copied and excellent symbolist which you can get
an online version of that of the applied and everybody was together getting the health information together is actually responsible for web based online set rules which I think is the goal of the community I repeat my final thing which is that I'm looking to basically from this whole thing I don't get proper cover in terms because that's uses a special city got tech skills and you just do consulting work for the University of Waterloo in interesting text and what Python or Javascript skills quantities because us the University of Chicago argument general considerations now have that rest thank you yes to that have of the French and I have here is a community and I find it you uh the various theories out of the the here the end of the year but we have to we have found that we have and will be the sum of no question in France I a single new security related version of which you know you have a lot of time but I don't believe there's a chance to do some of the work of a system of of all words in the numerator what do have to all of the data and the there was actually a bit of these and call this from structures of the and the the the this makes you think that this was the 1st to the loss on the set of all points in the a commercial and what I think it is possible I think something's may have the change in you might get absolutely everything gets to eliminate the ones with mathematics so that you get the idea I think that this 1 will have to do the and I would like the technical program is that they are actually these new platforms secure platform and if you cannot cope with this fuel and on the homes of the last because this will platforms thus innocently here who know that in the a