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How to develop your own document class — our experience

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check so about coming from outside the tent
community really and what war on the experience of seeing some of these being used a latex a long time ago and have got that just came back for various reasons so that I'm not terribly technical compared to people here but I think what I want at is the existence of the outside and maybe even the different concepts of quot from this is that of talking about I know what related is going there and also the reason for writing which there specializing is and trying to
help people avoid pain and grief apparently you decided is 3 books of and the last 1 it was with a lot of publisher on and it was agonizing so I never been so we have published books and our aim is to stop people from the we've that is the said this is really so the the
tolerance of a baby in the later world that we use an awful lot of what other people have done it has been a wonderful experience it's nice to get give something back to where things are going the and because
you are much more technical and much more they later than I was 0 point giving you data here but what I want to emphasize is how things work for us the paper will be
aimed at people who or what for beginners which is so so we can sensibly stock of without being an expert would produce something very useful In this work on an answer I sent you an aggressive OntoCAT's about so solution which is about have had to do things and I will back very long answered and it was suggested the charging for paper so it will be turned into a paper but it will be aimed at beginners and haven't got too much experience of this sort of thing so there's no point reproducing at here and was the
securities that documentation is difficult and there are some of of the the 11th of documentation that's missing and the later companion addresses a lot of it with the sort of almost at higher levels still is missing that had to start you need some sort of overview of how things work so I would do some of that data in the written data that is not always working from there and you put it on a wiki or to put it in a book that a a vested interest you you certainly but may not be the best way and then there's bigger Christopher in it is worthwhile laughter what about the so the starting point is in 1991 and written about
it's in the system and this was written in later and I was lucky that I to die and it only the style of 1 of them and the interesting thing
about will come with an interesting thing was it was written in something Calstock format not just from systematic organization publications which can diffuse Aircraft Corporation in the sixties that web document things and this guy didn't like
bicycles will develop that format but what's interesting about this and that but the book also
consists of 2 pairs of everything every section this is exactly 2 pages and it has immediately title and then is a theme which is not very well I think know it it does my PC and I'm out of the wall and so this is so other remember that we're going back to the image of a book but this when using several different funds were using those funds and and you have to have a change of sectioning and instrument graph and in effect is the interesting thing about this is that while serving that form of things to pages long so graphical form as it has to fit into 2 pages and page breaks to consider it for everything you write an even embedded graphical almost every page with the rules of the so-called rules for stuff format is that every model which is too bad as was called an exhibit which is a graphic or a table so we're always going to preserve information in 2 ways of words and graphical or tabular format so that it's easier for people to uh to comprehend and this is something that's very useful and in terms of presenting material it helps you organize your stuff and have to say about what you're doing in different ways how how the reader will approaches and it breaks it down into manageable chunks so that so the reason to pitch model know I have read something that self contained in achieve something they can stop into the period and then on to the next what later and with a change of pace of change of of of of emphasis so it matches the way we processes material domestic child it works very well during inflation inputs don't think that position at
the top of the stop format is had a pair chapter 2 continents and what was
all that was that when he went to a subsection and you can have a normal section because everything is 2 pages long something if you have to have a subsection and continue to change right and so you end up with so the 2 very subsection but what changes is you have 8 . 2 is the main section of a document in this subsection titles is quite different from normal so we're doing things so the he did what was I
doing this for Addison-Wesley from remaining so you using we lose have
and words and stuff it was horrible that I talked about that and you you editions so sensible things seem to be too later so what was good about what they is much easier
to use it's getting easy config management and introduces possibly as as necessary and use properties like the next part of the users and the state of graphics so version workers did that as long
as the text that was not so this is a measure
of value to the stuff for me and you know this new even address the expected and the size of the company and talking with the presence of I assume that the sum of the off if you if you want to do things for nothing for me which is duty so as they with
of about 2 years ago of status of native unit 14 hundred lines of code and it has all the problems that allows from the the cat earlier while like such a Basque task at that stage all font-handling weird and you didn't have packages of many was 10 difficult indeed and I about state I had no knowledge of good and I still don't have any knowledge of the and worse don't want to know about the so we tried I said OK
that oftentimes that this is so in the lecture on class of the tragedy luncheon and try to could use a class from that but that's dreadful the and this is where
I with the um I contact with the use of of a virtual class that's completely wrong and maybe that had misunderstood but that advice is wrong for most people do not about and all classes of you
know what a all potent and I don't know how they interact with things and you don't even know what to do you know yeah you watch it from the so this is the for the
of the reuse of meaning it is is the lazy man's way that's what computer science and computing the you use what other people are much better than so led
to this wonderful I'm coming to it at all firstly as all the problems that I've encountered go away and stuff from pencil packages to huge amount and I still don't have to look at text very much and it looks like a normal program and I think that's crucial to acceptability of were later used ordinary programmers as opposed to static programs have been using and then I'm
going to build everything that we've done users work the people don't want all people take action in kind and it's a of students person a set of actions to do this with the world at all so thank you to everybody field can so the new style
of basically it's were did books so sometimes you talk to him and costlessly underlined the postponement of death not 300 which is manageable and those lines or almost trivial anyway that 34 over require packages so you have that you to use 5 150 lines of simple new demands which are really just using being something so that happen to remember what Parliament's options to graphics and stuff so you in graphical text file or whatever consists so after a while we shouldn't be there just means that and the only hard it really is that the act set code which what we want you
so what we you write book by by doing as little as possible we did was we relied on the class to do all the sense of all all sense of stuff as a realize having done that the reason starting to succeed because we were not trying to like you know and we rely on stuff that had been around for years and that'd be the of we didn't have to do the image that's developing at all the yeah and the
moment you have to change the the still didn't write from scratch if you have to change something new and copied and modified it as the possible another crucial that that that would be important as change as little as possible so this was
something more this is the the part that inhabited by producing properties that was quite right but instead of writing you only to the own 1 and just changed a tiny so this is the case so in exactly the same way as all the and that's this except produces slightly different market letters and uses it uses everything in the standard way so it's going to be a pair of perfectly easily and all instances of work and this is something I haven't models
where the life of the packages were and what the schools were the only clue meaning the DTX filed for this section where said this is the way moment to do this but you change the break with this is all and that is the only difference that you lost it suddenly thinking about another of complex compactness plan I this is what scientists have stopped works the so instead of J know what my programming career was based on you find something wrong and fix it and you if you can instead of writing mined from the movement to that so that if you don't do that anymore because you removed from the brain has seen what's whose among the available and and then you will have to use packages but by this minimum change approach and books work and even better you don't have to know where to start and that's going to be because I don't think it's documented anywhere where the books are after and what everybody has ever written in in all packages to as you and others and this is going to be
more broadly than if you use use this stuff on several starting off with the horrible Microsoft Word version of own now the position of the eighties but the idea of converting at hand tools so invested 75 dollars and Softlab's so this is impossible to say and automated student work something like this it would be possible there may be other than the software tools available in each of the but it is this is good enough for us the the
also of the section codons we're unfair and eventually found what worked and what did and the other thing that surprises between invented in areas that were going back to my post and an end for now compatible microprocessor 30 years ago as it's not something that seems to have very much now certainly the way some of the the heavy test of works is very much because there was no surprise that we're their different functions that arguments and then made use of 9 and that's only the other were line around afterward and magically eats but that's the way it works so then I of the
test that's an example I had but you also a book in the transceiver package which was a little memory and I had to change line from x equals 1 which indexing what to if X greater than even to what I can do that and I have to ask somebody how to do that because you have these potential programming and over the years and I could not do that so in terms of acceptability of alternate taking over you and you have to use what people want to use and you have to build on on on skills wants say what is normal for here and motivated to change your mind you know something about the difference and that that means that huge barrier composed to from in was a lot of these offers the world was founded in the reduced 1 of the few going out from the center of what was produced because see factor and he you know notes even if you read most of the languages so you have to you have that and it tags so they belong the set that you say that x equals 1 and tends not to be exploited in order to do so I'll be experienced at work yes work
very well but we did see differently based on 1 side stands the authors and 1 of the key things that you know it's just jealous thank you for not forcing the use of our software and thank you for that that in years later so we had to do a lot of new stuff for index but a lot of this has been done before but only 10 different DNS servers so tend to want to with the index and see that you can index is more sentimental squared books long to say which programs relating to have just a tiny American change where nightmares any of the system so that the things that work well for is In spite of its not being XML as a huge amount of semantic content in a context in the LaTeX source that you write the that those letters operate on the performance loss of interest arose and the difficult
but sustainable energy which again is used so it has been the best thing is that
it can have a lot of movement from from microsoft word if you potatoes and because the stock format is essentially graphical what has been table and you use lots of new packages uh we have also problems and in fact a study on just a small small which what would be
nice to have this is 1 thing the only 2 things I think that we lost a lot of work is annotations was not easy great deal to take somebody's food and like consonants and you have a comment here on output of that source paradigm works and wind and what software is receiving system and its relation to that is like this so that you can have
traverses blocking light will be also and 1 that is in fact and they composed of accepting or rejecting individual changes and it's not a difference and then what
the after what Stevens only of blowing winds the the 2 reactions that the are on XML but not quite like that which which the region is the latest so on using books and it is a dream and that really thank you you you you you you know you ruled all difference in our work of do there is a great great lead to the new these lines here you exclude the that you you you get ahead mitigation here yes there was a lot of the words in the year there will be was here movies like the all the through the year which is you know I'd like to add comments to the deal and have that end up back in the same way you know much about this in the view that this is due to the world it you you you regret and what do you do not part your so this approach and you'll be in the mall production so and you can can do with the the In this yeah and this is the last the like I am a beginner so that's going to make the cut and and you could flooded I thank you for your not in not the way and you can also just as you did very well as this is obvious the and than be if
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Titel How to develop your own document class — our experience
Serientitel The annual conference of the TeX Users Group (TUG 2008)
Teil 03
Anzahl der Teile 33
Autor Mansfield, Niall
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/30783
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsort Cork, Ireland

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract We recently started re–using LaTeX for large documents — professional computing books. Years ago (1987) I had personally used a LaTeX 2.09 custom class (although it wasn’t called a class file then) for a book I was writing. The class file was written by a colleague, because I found it impossible to understand the low–level TeX mechanisms needed then.In 2006 I wanted to use this class for a new book of my own, and also as the basis for all our camera–ready books submitted by other authors.I had the choice of converting it to a new .cls file, which much of the documentation suggests is the thing to do, or writing “add–on” .sty file for the standard book.cls. We decided to try the .sty approach, as there were several packages that seemed to do most of what we wanted. We found that the .sty approach was straightforward, and much easier than expected. The resulting style is much shorter, easier to understand and maintain, and is much more flexible than our old one — we can use most standard packages to add extra features with no effort, because we still provide all the hooks that add–on packages rely on.

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