Direct and reverse synchronization with SyncTeX

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Direct and reverse synchronization with SyncTeX
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In this presentation, we will focus on SyncTeX, a new synchronization technology now embedded into all the major TeX engines available in TeX–Live. This new design is extremely efficient and strong, such that old packages like pdfsync and srcltx, are now completely outdated. But this is not the only advantage: SyncTeX also brings pdf synchronization to the whole Unix world.
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choice this book is about seeing you already seen us in taking connection that works on Monday and Tuesday our of what would be talking about more precisely what's in there actually
I think that is available in you get constraint and in the next 6 slide distribution and also that but it is not activated by default all you have a new go online argument and and use the Trinity and if you use them to while I think that is activated and the incident field is the activated but let us see the context in which as there was created 1st there was a start of course and just and visual text is commercial software on my compress it is available on Windows that 8 claims to have the 1st engine to have invested in these 2 synchronized between the 2 inputs and 2 year old textures that is also a commercial software on Mac worse than it is by the time search it's a gas and the and the ability to synchronize the time between the taking in DVI out from the macro point of view and there is no also stated that page by Alexander the money with the author of the ship on the Windows platform and this that it also synchronized between the text all holes in the the year of ways of the of the good guys who were I I go over the route to the B and to synchronize the between from the PSL of to the the inputs and finally I won't be guessing which is a package that's on ideas by people on the Internet and 10 is taking each of can we have a lot to say about about between the textual and the use of a long fall Makris users because all the hidden was my 1st of all to in in society and I think about 2 this is the front and I want for 10 or this 10 contains a list you were so that our know how wanted to give you that makes extend things let us know that is to think about BSE and helping to work 1st given will undertake includes all this when have a filing and I number this is the incomplete call it 1 sponsor everything is called a types on this final and this is where it is and of groups of companies number and at some location in page this is the alkyl trickle in synchronization is just leave it entangled in the trickle and how this it was working in fact this link was made by a unique set what was the time this week help DEC wears a deck reads the includes 5 then passes the test 1 time and after all the other and also against the standard wrong and when there is nothing that several Masons about conditions in the baseline complies with paragraphs to the better resident pages and then when the edges of for each itself pages and the exact locations of the best in the battle of the fish is not only a achieve time but in the mean log data has come to the fore with what was going on and the not of the of of the 14th International Day so in order to try this information so that it imposes I had to use the time the and the information was stored in special moles and created automatically every man his every every time i but using a special his extreme inventions there are mainly due to problems with station the 1st problem is that of the Special to the least I can direct line but they do not breaking the kinds of in fact the layout of the document can be different whether while using all not the paleocene package this is exactly the problem that was a encoded by the selected that page and those for Special of 7 of the beginning of the the 2nd column and is that I PSN is not compatible with some excitement regions for example what was not compatible with the preview that it's a package and data you have to that end guessing some for correction to the sink in order to have both occasions work together but unfortunately these gentlefolk possible for all the applications of for useful thing this is the 2nd problem the the the subproblem concerning these these are staff the use in fact the link between the input and the output is not a one-to-one mapping inspectors and the mapping for what kind of it would you can have different also and additional the wants to support the insane interview where must choose the correct back thing which is not not so easy so let's see now how that addresses these
problems and out the best way to do this is to see you know and
this is a lot with the world was looking into an example of his the that he was example so let us call to an interesting page on this 1 for example and if I don't teach you OK you see in red the point where actually In the last part of the window you have page 46 which is not the interesting and here we have a lot of they're assigned to the of the and that just below the finding should we choose a man looked at this is that that what is the the blue region in fact it region is just an edge blocks and here work although age boxes but take creates you also have to the books and this is all information that seen very once the recalled that is not sufficient to synchronize that in fact there is also an additional information of reasoning in order to see think OK the good OK yes we can
see here you have the 2 numbers in front of each of the first one here 1 110 as the number it a unique number associated each part and the 2nd 1 is just like number but you can see that all the bookies share the same anniversaries 532 it's bigger than the 5 22 that was here why would this because those boxes when creating when I take the nicest 1 breaking mechanism they were pretty late too late so this information is useless for synchronization the OK this will be very small things understand something s and fortunately they also creates automatically kernels fall into what spacing and also not it is on those nodes are creating very early in the typesetting process so this is the formation of the hidden you got a different final factor here and here the last number is going so here I can use those nodes to synchronize what's what does the magic behind the scenes In fact sink take rights and no the refine the where there is many information useful to talk so as you see is a list
of all the fact that expires tools on in fast and each 1 is recorded with a unique number and is this number again defining who
we just the the attractive
quotient the yes interesting
BOF stock the and now let me the mean as OK this is
what information for instance of 5 law for example the magnification the uh the also standard different depending on who is using the log of the earth and then it for each stage there is a record here you starts 1 page number 1 and you can see that they have a 1 starts by you have the boats the 1st number is the time the 2nd number is in my number and I don't know exactly dimensions elected there was about pollution then the weeds the height and the depth of of the books you can see that inside the both there is an evolving what's inside and out of the box and then an h loves we that answers and not here inside the the lucky to correctly here you have the whole page faults in the speech books contains the term so let's see how the 2 past work together
groundbreaking of and yes yes then key careful here the G 4 to the dollar Matzka my notes now let's see something the here
agenda OK that's not
and no OK if this was not
interesting OK the false and this
is when you you can make a link between of missing that information with 1st what appears to be In the traditional but while this is not a concrete implementation this
see the concrete implementation in our I take my this is the thing and that it was because of the and they to have
better synchronization the this spot is maybe
just doesn't work area as expected that our which to explore to so here's the beginning I use obsolete to work here on the top
you have a recall that wants to the word and it is exactly the same amount the top and the bottom of the tree you can build on the text and on the opposite direction and effective in the area of the common here you have the end of the comments here this is the final what what the this as a limitations but if I tried to find these the OK I found the genes
you have to use uh at the top and the bottom but they she charter synchronized from the PDF OK doesn't work here just because uh there world different content getting the double s is the gasses so I have to take this into account in order to synchronize in there none this is that it is not a complete but it was quite well it is the these are much better than the rough implementation of a sink fixable it's going back to where
it is envisioned so
I syntax in the life are all this stuff to use our last year facts where you know you will take time told that's got to implement using the word into a the and last year is sent me an e-mail and had a 1st attempt to support civilization to that is that is not that told me about it asked me to write it if you were to support this fully at cited work completely unusable so I learned you to go but Pascal and and make changes and after after many nights I I had no emotion that are submitted to the effect of this that there was used and that the agreed that it would be easier for new law then Jordan to the entire batch from a pdf and translated into something that this technique and dense and make it work with the data in return it's a new change file and fully at that time I didn't know what was changed and so on and what was in there helps over to what change find myself and we ended up in that the actual decline implementation the more detail about this implementation know that point we can save 1st that this is a segmentation implementation all the same pixels are straight different files in each finds time a full 1 task 1st you have memory management remember that the synthetic must recall the funding and the line number so we need memory in this task we declare the extra memory then we have to deal with this very what was the main thing is that when they should be copied here so what should be in the all this is not a complicated said that I had to most all the technical to recognize that the use of a call concern buyers and then finally seems very different weather depending on the deck and union the 2nd point of the implementation and also the
mitogens I mean the same text is meant to be shared by all of the energy so it's not really about the people who have quantities of synthetic and here think and the same piece of code in the so that you have to a shared gold and actually all those interconnected called his together into 1 object we had absolutely no called lies in the engines whose the 2nd point is that the syntax of must not break the thinking process that it is an idol so it must be possible to men to build the engines with and that without for example imagine that they're the ones that the future if this feature interactions think that things might be broken so you have to give up the USA and also at the same that we should have had some can't reader and at the same time chasing its muscle possible to build engine without David nutrition and once they don't have that so that you know to use it and not only do with and actually this is on but in make sign in I Ireland to make
make clients have to so we can see that in the they're not only we look at this is the major 5 to build to extent and they out only the locations where there's this is a method to deal with if it and if you don't know want that just replaced with think that but we don't think that we will build and you have meiji that comes in that that have same contain anything directly to finally not finding the next day because of the a wholesome
qualities or centric intervals in a room the that is not a sinc library that I will concede this is just a call that extracted from mind and again you where I use a C library that is actually in decades but it is also embedded in so much PDF symmetric PDS these electric were on Windows users as well the although is crystal something and it is we have to use a bully who have supported of the insects these sent me an e-mail and a couple of weeks ago and he said the care so I was frustrated because on Windows Nokia thing was not supporting guessing so I want hot and I try and turn it into a year sinks supported so much of and I and so this is a very good at I have good news for you but also then lose the values is that the that the getting is dead and the good news is that thing that's in there and in fact I was sent and I think that's the also library and to this and you good you have made actual that and of course I think my to from infamous to another method is simply to pass this empirical at least you register was there was US and minus 1 half of the 1 and on the common line of then you have the text opened fire that you can possibly as regular expressions and actually all steps and then me do this intercultural just because some of all for all and some people don't have to get it was buildings that a fruitful within some user really want to use that commands instead of so much of but in fact when it and so what I fear of worked well to visit finally this is not correct method of this in the bottom of the posterior mean factor that there is now a new command line tool syntax is there is an intermediate control of it in the text at the end of the year if you were a text editor always ask scene take to to ask the yes you were to view its own replication and now he's at the at the time it was in the next version of then with the signature of the synchronization might be possible on any of Bush's provided that the syntactic correctness be finally let us summarize have you been if it's also that or it's more precise were more concerned about more precise OK and the the fact that it's a deeply embedded in the state and gene and this variability is no longer a special also no program of Latin breaking not comment that it incurred by the parties normal back useful summarizing and as a side effect of this is the same for GDI and you have this no difference between them and it doesn't rely on and that's all format so you know how have to manage the technical playing and map was later Mechanical context and finally it is much more easier from this Lopez that's the 1 who rated the distinctive also library
finally uh what comes next 1st are the column number work in the input signals was delivered to you by the finding and the line number of what about what about problem I when the have it might be useful for our lives the questions were there is no word but in fact I'm afraid this is something that is difficult to implement the because data does not know nothing about the column of so I'm afraid potentials of the rich media adapted the rock In our readers but my so this is something I want support it and also due to the fact that United might you I demonstrated that you can survive with words with current called already so this is a root of 1 so in the 2nd 1 is of use of the synthetic debt In fact we show their indices the output side we have all the dimensions of the boxes and in particular that we have the depth of the boxes so I used you make use of PDF of the in that the embedded into question you can have a better alignment alignment using gets out of the box is given by this and for the period there are many many overseas to say but it is thought well started and I'll
OK I'm not grateful to all our observed to give to detect
client my to do this gene at least 2 people have to contact with and we were very rarely patients and efficient and the family the while and to the so you
can you can hear the move along the and thank