Data mining: Role of TeX files?

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Data mining: Role of TeX files?
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Now a days most of the journals accepts TeX files from authors. Journals submits pdf files of the article or abstract of the article on the web site. User wants to search for typical word, concept in the repository. Is it possible to faster the search because of availability of the TeX files? Since TeX files are structured documents. We can extract most of the important words from the document and make it available to user in forms of groups of related words. This will make user to search faster and get the required document in minimum time.
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document now we can assume those who understand this wall can find 1 rule so there is no if you have 70 per cent matching features improvise well known together the set of this and all this kind of rules be some experiment the other media model get some groups and those little standard visited and 70 % form when he was In the tubules embodiment and it did so it's only can have some destiny for the native now if the have 10 minutes some pretty strong morning is dopamine in the dead we haven't we can take in the last of the present active and that because of this and and you can see that the process a gave
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