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Beware! The Spork

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well I finally get a drink we the OK that's right that I have in my hand so our before I get started I want remind everyone who's not but immediately if not sooner but will be getting together at the Rock Bottom tonight after the conference that's on the North sold Avenue in Bethesda easy walk it's easier if you go out the back door but if you're not a tonight employee they were elected in back in the back door so be aware of that so the I hope this isn't too rambling a meandering they want to start with the story from back when I was really just out of just out of high school I suppose and of I have a friend named Dave and we didn't go out to eat a lot we didn't do lunch in those days but when they came over me said have got this great place we should go eat some lunch there alright so that new is I think the 1972 forward matter and we drove we drove off and
that he took me to this restaurant that he just discovered it turns out but then the 1
before but it was at Kentucky Fried Chicken from but those excited to find a KFC I think they're actually Kentucky Fried Chicken way back then this was actually excited of to find 1 and he partly what he always gets what essentially was on the menu and I going along for the ride of the right to get the same thing so have you can imagine all of the menu included but if you
are not then I can play on and do seen eating fried chicken it's probably not good for you the that that we had no I was young so these are also on the on the menu was this
thing little little bucket it's a perfect and they've said the 2 went really great together it's like it was like cream whipped cream and then some putting and some agreement the some little plastic like sprinkles on top of it when I when you that that hermetically sealed aluminum follow the could be led for oil in those days how hot up so it's OK and I want some chicken and I wanna of a little bucket for fair and and then this is the this is an artistic
rendering of me and from back in the days and I am I walked up to the to the counter and so excuse me may I please have a look and the and build
the woman behind the counter I don't think she was the chef and said here you go
and this is where I got phone-class for work does not equal to board
so it was and then
the so you
then I the so I want to
see in the back of my seat and I I ate my chickens In my part I I just I had a good talk about chicken and bar phosphate and whatever else talked about in those days the the that but only got by the whole sparked things the problem is those little time on there when you try to dig a piece sticking off of the also the breast they bend over and they don't do any good and then when you try each pathway it is leaves big streams of an inside the car so I left for a spoon and fork and I that in the sport and large did little complain that question but I didn't complain the and then I sat down and I ate like chicken and then the thing about it is I'm still talking about and I I would bring it up every once in a while whenever I thought that you know something kind of off was going on and II at that early age just out of high school and obviously new absolutely everything and so some things you really obvious to me and 1 1 is the that some any executive at KFC has been or will soon be fired over this because they didn't care about what I needed um and that that whole restaurant chain is going to go under but because they're not taking care of the customers very well the the but then I thought about similar actually add thing about some more info about 2 years ago the however this needs analysis I figured my needs were I the my chicken and then use but the my pa just as I told the chef of scarcity and I figured that their needs were to make me happy and and that's what I've been thinking about for the last 25 years and what I recently adjusted these the and I realize that might need to really were something to eat my chicken and PA favor and perhaps needs were actually not only to make the customer happy go ahead so I'll 0 then so far has been the across so sees needs are not just to make the customer happy but they're in business to make money and of course everybody who runs a business knows that 1 way to make money is to reduce your cost well you really make money away from a penny saved this study you know so I thought OK will will what this this actually means uh it means making the customer happy is and always the driving me they don't want to make a customer to unpack and that's how I want this book the OK it's a 1 utensil versus to utensils thing spread out over all the Kentucky Fried Chickens in the country this becomes a large savings KFC saves approximately 1 jillion dollars the year and I need those that but it's it I can see it as a as a lot of money this probably to some other conclusions the some in the executive can say got a huge bonus for this and and yes they they did all text books that you want how's and get back no actually the reason that I bring this up is is something that happened while I was actively engaged in the Jets community the reading my e-mails from the taxes and we got an e-mail from them from then the fact that the Duke University Press early this year is around April and yeah and that is for foreground with the I'm going to read this to you because I
think a mass is very important but it online vendor does not produce does not provide a great support for displays of the BIO L however the suggested that we use the element author notes but I feel the content we want to place in bio fits the definition of bio element better than all other notes we mainly publish humanities journals they contain will survive so I render suggest that replaced the biotech within back however it seemed like it would be best to keep the bio element within the contribute especially for multiple authors if we do
and a place in the Biozon back and wanting to be good to use the ID RID to connected to and and then the real kicker I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what advice you might have about making tagging decisions so this of course is the jury and our question you know how do we make our tagging decisions so I I just figured out this needs analysis thing I I figure i'd i'd take a look at the other than these needs were to tag her articles completely and properly and the vendors needs which of course we know now is not on % through is to make the customer happy and make or save money and so bend these needs become in the eyes the vendor to tag the articles so they will work and that you don't have to work worry about them anymore vendors needs become make the customer not too unhappy the the this book in do it this way we already know how to do that we have a sofware written for it and it will make you not to unhappy they probably didn't say that so we get to the point of advice people around telling us what to do with the content I may be 1 and but the vendors the aggregators random people immunity and everybody has an idea about how you should tag your data and advice on advice I'm not saying don't listen to these people sometimes tag it this way the work means tag it this way and it will work in my system and I would have to do any anything extra to make it work that's OK it could be OK because you want to get that article out the door and going on vacation but maybe it's not OK n this is where we really have to stop and think about what's important 10 decisions are always a dialog some time it's a dialog between 2 people who work together sometimes it's a dialog in your head sometimes a dialog that wakes you up to in the morning and it's it's good to have someone around to make these have these tagging dialogs with there could be of a person who really is not afraid to tell you that you're wrong I have at least 1 of these people might he in it and I think they really enjoy it it well we have what you have to understand is the needs driving both sides of the choice your needs and the person giving you the advice and I think I'm getting near the end you need to decide what's best for your content and 1 of the reasons we need to define and decide what's best for your content is because we've heard a lot over the last 2 days about how content is a commodity content is the thing that you're going to fields your business and or which content properly tagged is the thing that you're going to build your RDF or from so you can discover within those articles the all maintenance so your content this a commodity it's worth it to get it right and it's worth it to get it right the when you come across 1 of these issues it have a dialog with yourself have the dialog with your neighbors have a dialog on line on the Jets lists or at this wiki that's going to be hosted hopefully at the University of Michigan in don't get score and that's all I have I wanna thank you all for coming just come this year I have had a
wonderful time and even to the point where I think we should do it again next year I couldn't be convinced that 3 days ago in case you're wondering whether bending was left out in the wind the 2 answers are in the slides later in this paper the 1 1 from me and once from Wendell so you can read those when
you get to this when better read so thank you up and help you have want a safe trip home
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Titel Beware! The Spork
Serientitel JATS-Con 2012
Teil 16
Anzahl der Teile 16
Autor Beck, Jeffrey
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung 3.0 Unported:
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DOI 10.5446/30577
Herausgeber River Valley TV
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsjahr 2012
Produktionsort Washington, D.C.

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Advice, advice, advice. There is so much advice on how to use the JATS. And everyone seems to have an opinion about how you should deal with your content.

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