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Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action

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Folding Spaces, Unfolding Action
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Shenzhen, China

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This paper describes my practice of installing holograms in unusual spaces. From this work I look at how viewer movement can be activated by the holographic image and the role that this plays in reading that image. The holographic images I create are multiplexed either with hand cut stencils or stereographic printing systems. The imagery captures experiences, relationships to unusual architecture and postcard like messages. The image space is restructured through the capturing, digital composition and multiplexing processes. Space takes on a poetic form, hinged by internal relationships as well as having symmetries to the viewing space. My project based research with design tools, image composition and installation is part of my PhD on holographic image design at the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory, (RMIT University). By analysing my project work, this paper investigates the potentials of holograms to fold and unfold the space of experience.