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Advances in digital holography

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Advances in digital holography

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Advances in digital holography
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Shenzhen, China

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In the article are described the latest Geola’s inventions rising the digital holography development to a new level, which allows mass-manufacture of large size digital holograms – i-Lumograms, as well as manufacture of colour reflection holograms for security applications. All that became possible by developing a full range of necessary holographic machinery that includes digital laserless life scenes imaging equipments, digital holographic printers and copying machines where our new copying method is implemented. Described printing and copying machinery works with pulsed colour lasers. All Geola machinery exists as working laboratory equipment and is used by us for continuous digital holograms printing. Image creation, hologram printing and copying processes can, and usually are, completely separated geographically. Colour reflection holograms usage as auto-stereoscopic projection displays for 3D gaming and home cinema applications is described, as well as digital holograms manufacture using mobile phone as a holographic imaging devise.